The Executive Falls Apart

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Chapter 21


The traffic snaked in two lanes and then a complete stop. The flashing lights from the work crew indicated that the road was closed up ahead. I slapped the steering wheel in anger. I didn't need this right now. I should have made it to my wife minutes ago. When the opportunity arose, I quickly made a u-turn almost hitting the gray sedan in front of me. I sped off trying to find the fastest detour to my house. With my horrible luck, I had run into another road closure due to construction. I couldn't believe this.


Why in the hell were they doing all this construction today?

As I made another illegal I-turn, all I could think about was Blaire. I prayed that she was safe and away from any harm. Finally, I was back on route to our home. The mere minutes felt like hours. When I finally made it to our house, I pulled up on the grass to get as close to the door as I could. I ran in not even thinking that someone could attack me.

I rushed toward the back of the house, tripping a little as I called for my wife. Then I heard the gunshots, three to be exact. My heart just stopped. I frantically looked all over the house for Blaire. The deafening silence was killing me. I bolted upstairs, praying that I wasn't going to find my pregnant wife shot or worse, dead.

Our bedroom doors were so severely damaged that one of the doors was off its hinges. I ran in there and saw Blaire first just standing there. I felt instant relief, knowing that she was okay. My emotions were high and I just started to cry. I regretted not being there for her. I was beating myself up on how I continued to fail my wife. I didn't protect her from all of the things she's endured.

Then I noticed his body on the floor. That's when it all became clear. Henry was the one that was watching her and broke into our house. Guilt took over me as I realized I left my pregnant wife to deal with this sick bastard alone. I was angry with myself, angry that I didn't get to make him suffer and kill him myself for all that he's done to my family.

Blaire should've never had to know what it's like to take a life even when justified. She had experienced so much pain in her life. She didn't deserve any of this. I stared at her to make sure she was unharmed. Her eyes were bloodshot red and puffy. Her hair was a mess and her clothes were disheveled and stretched out. I could tell she put up a good fight. She still had my gun pointed at him, waiting for him to come back from the dead. I cautiously walked toward and took the gun out of her hand, put the safety back on, and placed it on the bed. Then I pulled her close to me.

"Baby, are you okay?" I asked.

She looked at me but she didn't respond. It was like talking to a wall.

"Blaire, did he hurt you?"

I examined her face, hands, arms to see if she has any wounds, cuts, or bruises. She had blood on her hands, but I could find where it originated from. So far, she seemed to be okay. I gently rubbed her belly praying that our baby was okay. She didn't react at all to my touch. She just stood there looking at his body. I didn't want her to look at that anymore.

"Look at me, Blaire. Baby, say something. I'll tell the cops that I did this, okay? Come on, Bee. Can you hear me? Say something, please," I begged.

I was ready to go to jail for her if I had to. It was like she came back to life. She turned her attention to me and wrapped her arms around me.

"I can't let you do that. It was self-defense. He was going to kill me. He said that he killed the guards," she whispered.

It made sense why no one stopped him from getting in. I never imagined that he would kill someone. He didn't even seem that he was strong enough to do that. The fact that he overpowered three guys and possibly killed them made me realize that we were dealing with a psychopath. I understood why Blaire didn't want to tell anyone that he was behind all of this. She feared he would harm her and our children.

"Blaire, I can't-."I begged.

Then my father came in and stopped my train of thought. He looked around shaking his head at the scene. He bent down to check Henry for a pulse. He stood up and glanced over at Blaire.

"He's dead," Dad confirmed.

My father has killed people. He always told me that it haunts you for the rest of your life even when the person deserved it. He never wished that on anyone, especially his family. I saw how hurt he was to see his daughter-in-law like this. He came over to us and embraced Blaire.

"Are you okay? He didn't hurt you or the baby?" he asked.

Blaire didn't respond. She just cried into his arms. I felt terrible. The guilt was plaguing me almost making me feel sick. I heard the sirens of police cars. That's when my dad notified me that he called the FBI on his way here. He placed the gun next to Henry's body. Then we prepared to put our hands where they could be seen, make no sudden movements, or have anything in our possession that could resemble a weapon. As Black men, this was the norm even when we were the victims or innocent.

When he heard someone calling for Blaire, my father yelled that she was in the bedroom. Two police officers, Agent Lewis, and Agent Mitchel came in with guns drawn. We kept our hands up until they secured the scene and then placed their weapons down.

Agent Mitchel went straight up to Blaire as the officers called in the situation over their radios. Agent Mitchel put her arms around Blaire. She told her if she was going to be okay. Then she guided my wife downstairs. I wanted to follow her but Agent Lewis stopped me. My dad went with Blaire instead. More cops came in to examine the scene. Agent Lewis told me to follow him. We were in the hallway in front of my son's nursery.

"Can you tell me what happened?" he asked.

At first, I was going to say I did it, but there wasn't a reason to lie. Well, at least not about this. I knew for sure that I wasn't going to let them know that my father was looking for Henry. It wouldn't have made sense for me to cover for her because Blaire had every right to defend herself. I sighed as I recalled everything.

"My wife called me less than an hour ago and told me that she felt like someone was watching her. As I was on the phone she told me someone was in the house. I rushed home. When I got here I heard three shots fired. I found Henry shot on the floor in my bedroom. My wife was shaking in fear. He has hurt her before," I explained.

"What's the victim's relationship to your wife?" he asked.

I was pissed. I almost wanted to punch him in his face. Nothing about Davidson made him qualify as a victim. He deserved to be killed. He has hurt too many people. Trash like him didn't even deserve to breathe air on this Earth.

"He's not a victim! He came to my house to harm my wife and unborn child," I spat.

"I'm sorry. Can you please answer the question? How did he know your wife?" he said more sympathetically.

"He was her boss in Los Angeles a little over a decade ago. He tried to rape her and he physically assaulted her. He was sent to jail. The other day my wife confessed that he kidnapped our daughter and raped her. She didn't want to tell anyone because she was scared. He told her he would kill her, our kids, and me as well. She said that he even admitted to killing our guards," I stated.

Agent Lewis stopped writing notes from my given statement and got on his radio. He asked if they found any other victims. About a few minutes later, one of the officers or agents confirmed that they found two dead in a vehicle and one male in critical condition in the backyard. My stomach started to churn. They didn't deserve that. All they did was try to protect my family. He looked up at me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"I'm so sorry. Mitchel and I knew it was somebody that she knew, but we weren't sure who. We didn't have any real leads. I'm sorry we couldn't do more. I wish you would have told us as soon as you learned about all of this," he said frustrated.

Maybe I should have spoken up. Maybe we wouldn't be in this situation right now.

"I wasn't sure what to do... All that matters is she's safe now." I reassured him.

"Thank you for your statement. I'm glad your children were not here to witness any of this. I'm happy that she was able to defend herself. She's one of the lucky ones. You should go to her. After she gets checked out by the paramedics and we're done interviewing her, please take her away for a while," he suggested.

I nodded. I planned on getting away from Atlanta for a while anyway. I followed him downstairs. I didn't see my wife, but I saw my father talking to Agent Mitchel. Dad pointed at the front door so I went outside. I wasn't prepared to see the unfolding scene. There was yellow tape all around our house; several investigators, officers, and agents walking all around my property. Our neighbors had gathered around with worried expressions. The News vans and other spectators gathered around. Even a helicopter was flying around our house. The entire scene was like something out of a movie. I couldn't believe this was happening to us.

I didn't care what was going on, my only concern was finding my wife. I glanced over at the ambulance and saw the paramedics working on her. I ran over to her worried that something was wrong. I couldn't lose her. One of the paramedics tried to stop me.

"I'm her husband!" I yelled.

He stepped aside and let me get in the ambulance. There was a middle-aged EMT that was taking her vitals and asking her questions. The EMT looked up at me with a sympathetic expression.

"We're going to take her to the hospital to check on the baby and make sure she's alright. She has some bruising on her stomach," she said, helping my wife get inside.

I was eager to go. My baby and my wife had to be okay. I didn't understand why we weren't leaving.

"Let's go now," I demanded.

They nodded and got ready to take her. Blaire laid down on the gurney. She looked exhausted. She reached for me and closed her eyes. I was freaking out. She couldn't leave me like this.

"Open your eyes, baby," I pled.

She slowly opened her eyes and gave a weak smile.

"I'm not dying, baby. I am just exhausted. My body is sore and my head is killing me. I just want to close my eyes for a minute, okay?... I'm not going anywhere,” she whispered.

I kissed her hands and I noticed bruises on her hand and dried blood on her fingertips. The ambulance turned on its sirens and took off. We didn't live too far from the hospital. We arrived shortly. Just being here bought back all these bad memories of that day Maddie was kidnapped.

They took my wife straight in to do an ultrasound. I sat there holding her hand nervously waiting to get any news. Then my phone buzzed and rang at the same time. My mother-in-law was calling me and I received multiple messages all at once. I quickly stepped out to answer Brandy's call.

"Avery, is she okay? Is the baby okay? I saw on the news that three people are dead at your house. Please tell me she's not one of them. Please?... I knew I shouldn't have left her alone," she sobbed.

I felt the same way. I should have stayed. I should have met my pride and anger get the best of me.

"Blaire is fine. We are at the hospital now, checking on the baby."

"Thank God! Text me where you are and I'll see you soon."


We hung up and I texted her the hospital information. As soon I was about to head back to Blaire, I got another message from another unknown number.

Unknown: Are you okay? I saw what happened on the news. I'm worried about you. I care about you. You mean so much to me. Please let me know if you are okay.

This person was getting more irritating and crazy. She kept sending messages from different numbers. Every time I blocked a number a new number popped up. I wasn't going to delete any of them because I'm going to report and find her crazy ass and make sure she gets locked up in an institution. But that the least of my problems right now. I put my phone away and headed back to my wife.

When I walked in the doctor stopped talking. I noticed that Blaire was crying. She had that glazed-over, zoned-out look again. I couldn't read the situation at all. The doctor didn't seem affected or emotional at all. I hoped this didn't mean what I think. I couldn't lose another baby. With all Blaire has been through, this would be too much for her to take. I slowly walked toward my beautiful wife, ready to support her no matter what. I haven't been there for her like I should have been and I vowed to change that immediately. She's my everything and I just wanted her to be okay.
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