The Executive Falls Apart

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Chapter 29


After demanding that Avery get his house in order, I went back into the booth and finished his song. I don't even know why I went back in, but it's something about music and singing that calms me down. I went beyond the harmonies and just sung whatever was on my mind, which was a lot. I was still dealing with killing someone, my miscarriages, the innocent deaths of two people, and my marriage that was on thin ice.

After I was done, I sat there and thought about this situation with Anastasia. At first, I didn't give it much thought because I was dealing with my own demons. I thought about the pictures, the video of her at Aubrey's concert, the stories that were out, and now her pregnancy. There had to be something for this girl to think she has or had something with my husband.

For the first time in a long time, I didn't fully trust my husband anymore. Avery constantly has women after him and he's gone a lot on the road traveling back and forth between Atlanta and New York. Sometimes I'm not sure if he can always turn them down. I haven't been able to do my duty as a wife and satisfy him sexually. We haven't had sex in almost 5 months. Avery loves sex and we went from having it a least twice a day, every day to not at all. I tried a few weeks ago, but I couldn't do it. So, I have just been avoiding him.

After talking to my therapist, I realized that avoiding him wasn't going to help us. She helped me realize that I shouldn't see sex as this terrible thing anymore and what Henry did to me wasn't sex, it was about power, control, and manipulation. So, I made arrangements for my sister-in-law to watch my kids and left work early to spend time with him and try to be intimate again.

All my plans went downhill when I saw that Anastasia's pregnant and claiming that my husband is the father. I just wanted him to be honest with me and put an end to it. I felt that he wasn't doing enough. This was going on for months. I felt violated and embarrassed again. The first time it was at my wedding and now it’s in front of the entire world. I just lost it and kicked him out. I knew it probably wasn't the best thing to do, but I just needed him to be out of my face for a while.

Instead of letting my emotions get the best of me, I went to get my kids. I just needed to see their cute little faces. I grabbed my purse and phone and locked up our place. I was blasting some music on the short drive. I pulled up in front of Stephanie's apartment thankful for finding a parking spot. The Doorman recognized me and let me up with no problem. I headed toward her door and knocked a few times. I could hear Aiden laughing and screaming. Finally, Steph opened the for with Aiden on her hip.

"I thought they were going to spend the night with me?" she asked with a confused gaze.

"Change of plans," I said, following her inside.

I took Aiden out of her arms and kissed his chubby little cheeks. Maddie saw me and ran up to and hugged me. We all made it to the kitchen. Stephanie got some water bottles for us. I put Aiden down he went back to his toys and Maddie followed him to keep an eye on him. Then I opened my bottled and took a sip.

"What did my brother do this time?" she asked.

"I don't want to talk about it in front of my kids," I said.

She grabbed her phone out of her jean pocket. I knew she was looking to see if she could figure it out herself. A few moments later, her eyes got wide and then angry.

"I can't believe this! I'm going to kill him when I see him... I don't think it's true but this keeps getting worse. I told him to get a handle on it at that concert... I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine how you are feeling about this," she said.

She came over to me and gave me a hug.

"I'm upset that it has gotten out of control like this, but I'm going to be okay. I've been through worse, literally.” I shrugged.

"You don't always have to act so strong, you know? Take some time to yourself and I'll watch my niece and nephew.”

"I'm fine. Besides, I miss them. I've been working a lot the past few days. I just want to spend the rest of my day with them."

"Okay. I'll help you get them packed up."

We packed up their things and Steph grabbed Aiden's car seat. We made it to the car and buckled up the kids. Then I hugged and thanked her again for watching them for me. I sat in the car for a few minutes wondering where to go because I didn't want to go back home.

"Mommy? Can we get some pizza? Auntie Stephanie promised that we'd get some pizza," she asked.

"Sure... How was school today?" I asked.

"Good. I still miss my old school. When are we going back home?"

"By Christmas. I promise."

"Yay! Thanks, mommy," she beamed.

I pulled off and headed to a pizzeria not too far from here. We ate and talked about our day. Whenever they asked about their daddy I told them that he was working and we probably wouldn't see him today. I hated lying to my kids, but I didn't like them seeing us at odds. After we ate, I took them to a toy store called Kidding Around. I let the kids play and pick whatever their little hearts desired.

It was close to closing time when we finally made it to the register to make our purchase. I loaded up the car with all of their toys and got my kids in the booster and car seats. Before I pulled off, I remembered to check my phone. I thought it was odd that it wasn't going off all day. I realized it was turned off. I turned it back on and checked my messages, voicemails, and emails.

My notifications for my social media accounts were overwhelming. I checked out a few comments. Most were sympathetic and few said I was stupid to continue to stay with a cheater. I really tried not to let it get to me. I usually didn't care what people thought about me because most of the time they were wrong. They didn't know my life. I wasn't going to dwell on the opinions of strangers. I put my phone down and was about to leave when my phone started to ring. It was Avery, but I wasn't in the mood to talk to him right now. Maybe if I ignored him he'll see how serious I'm am about him dealing with his situation.

I put the car in drive and started driving aimlessly. I didn't know where I was going and I didn't want to go home. I didn't know too many people out here. The only people that I know are related to Avery. I just needed a break from him and I knew if I went to his parents or his sister's place they would tell him my whereabouts. I could only think of one person that I trusted and that was David. I called him, hoping he'd pick up. He picked up on the second ring.

"Hello, Blaire. Is anything wrong?" he asked.

"Kind of... I didn't know how to say this.” I sighed.

"Say what? If you need anything, you know I'm here for you. So, what is it?"

"I don't have anywhere to go. Do you mind if my kids and I hang out with you for a few hours?" I asked nervously.

"Sure. I'm still at the same place. I'll see you soon,"

I hung up and looked up the directions to his place. As I was driving toward his house, I glanced back and noticed that my kids were asleep. I guess all that toy shopping wore them out. A few minutes later, I arrived at his fancy building in Lennox Hill. He was outside waiting for me. He signaled for me to open the door. I unlocked the door and he got in. He told me to drive around to the parking garage so I could park in his guest spot. After parking, he picked up Maddie as I picked up Aiden and his backpack. I followed him to the elevator and then to his penthouse.

He changed everything since the last time I've been over here. I guess after his divorce, he wanted something different. The color palette was much darker and more masculine. It was still nice though. He told me to follow him to the guest room. He put Maddie down on the bed and told me to find him in the kitchen. I put Aiden down, took off both of their shoes, and tucked them in bed. I kissed their foreheads and lowered the lights. Then I made my way to his kitchen. He had a bottle of wine out and two glasses.

"You look like you needed a drink. I saw the blogs. I hope you being here isn't a confirmation of those allegations," he said, pouring me a glass.

I took the glass from him and took a sip.

"No. He told me he's never slept with her. The pictures are real, but they are old, four years old to be exact. Do you want to know why I called off the wedding back then? Well, this is why. He had too much fun at his bachelor party. She had the nerve to show up at our rehearsal dinner and send pictures of her giving him head hours before my wedding. So, I left and I thought I was done with him for good. Somehow here I am married with two kids wondering if my husband has been lying to me all this time," I confessed.

I downed the glass of wine. He poured me another glass.

"I don't think Avery would do this to you. The man loves you. Everyone knows it. The fact that he made a public statement like that proves it. We all know Ave, he doesn't respond or address anything. He's done everything in his power to try to stop her. I honestly think she's obsessed or she wants money or fame. I think you should address it, especially while you have the world's sympathy. Use it to your benefit."

"Spoken like a true businessman," I scoffed as I picked up the wine bottle.

"Come on Blaire, I care about you two. You both are my family. I don't want you two to end up like me, divorced and miserable. You know I'm right. I started in PR... I think you had enough," he said, grabbing the bottle from me.

"I'll do it," I said, taking the bottle from him.

I poured myself another glass. I downed it and went to get my phone out of my purse. I sat on his soft leather couch and thought about what I wanted to say. Then David sat across from me.

"I would post a recent family picture. Show everyone that you both are still united," he suggested.

I nodded my head and found a picture of us baking together. Stephanie took it and she thought it looked like something straight out of a photoshoot or advertisement. It was so perfect. In the picture, Aiden and Madison were decorating cookies while Avery has his arms around my waist as we watched them. We took it in New York a few days after we got back from Atlanta. I loaded up the picture and thought about my statement. I wanted to just be honest about everything. So, I began writing my caption on Instagram.

BlaireKRowland: This is my beautiful family. My loving husband and our beautiful children. I'm very hurt about all of the lies out there about my husband. I've been silent for too long. Avery "Profit" Rowland is NOT involved with Anastasia Bravo and is NOT the father of her unborn child. The inappropriate pictures of Anastasia and Avery are real, but it's from 4 years ago. At his bachelor party, he made a mistake and engaged in ONE sexual act with her. She took pictures of it and sent the pictures to me on my wedding day to hurt me, which lead to our breakup. We obviously worked it out later and we are now happily married and have been for our entire marriage. She has been sending unsolicited messages, some even threatening to my husband for months. He has already addressed the lies, has a restraining order against her, and sued her and won, but she continues to harass us and make up false stories about him. I don't know why she wants to destroy my family and make it seem that she's in a relationship with my husband. If she wants fame, I own one of the most successful entertainment companies in the world. I'll gladly give her a deal. If it's money, I'm ready to pay her any amount of her request. I'll gladly pay for the DNA test to prove that my husband is not the father of her child. I have nothing against her I just want her to leave us alone. I hope that she can find happiness within herself, and get the help that she needs. We will not address her anymore and I hope everyone does the same. I also wanted to thank you all for the love, prayers, and support during my very difficult time.

After I finished typing, I showed it to David. He took his time reading it. Then he gave the phone back to me.

"I think it's perfect. I didn't know it was this bad. Why didn't you two come to me?" he asked

"I don't know.” I shrugged. “Avery was keeping it from me because of everything that was going on with me. He thought he could handle it on his own. I really hope this works.”

"This post should end it all. If not, she really has a problem and I'll personally make sure she's put away. Actually, I'll call a few associates and friends right now to get the ball rolling."

I thanked him. Then I looked over my post one more time. I tagged her and hit the share button. I hoped I was doing this was the right thing. I just wanted this all to end. I prayed my words didn't backfire on me. For the most part, I believed he was telling me the truth. I also didn't like how I acted around him. I know he's going through a lot and I should have been supportive instead of being impulsive and kicking him out. So, I decided to call my husband. He didn't answer so I texted him.

Me: I'm sorry about how I reacted. I know this ordeal has been hard for you. I should have been more supportive. I just wanted to let you know that the kids and I are safe and we are with David. It's late and the kids are sleeping, so I'll be home early in the morning. Please call me when you get a chance. I love you.

I waited for a response but nothing happened. I asked David if we could stay since I clearly had too much to drink to drive home. He said it wasn't a problem and offered me something to eat before I went to bed. We talked and snacked for a while. I was tired and we both had work in the morning, so I went to the guest room and got in the bed with my kids. I check my phone one more time and there still weren't any texts or calls from Av. I was a little disappointed. I went to sleep, hoping tomorrow would be a better day.
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