The Executive Falls Apart

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Chapter 3


Denial. Fear. Suffering. Those were the words that came to mind. It felt like something had shattered my bones, it was so painful and heavy. So heavy that the air felt agonizingly thick and difficult to process. I found it impossible to believe that someone took my little girl from me. I couldn't comprehend why anyone would want to do that. You see these types of situations on the news or in movies, but you never think it will happen to you. I did everything to protect my family, especially my little girl. While the seconds drew on it became more apparent that I failed her.

Madison wasn't my biological child but she's been mine since she was in her mother's womb. I supported Blaire throughout her pregnancy. I knew she needed me after her boyfriend was murdered. From that point on, I did anything in my power to make sure that they were okay. I even stopped whatever I was doing this get her whenever she had a craving or needed anything. I just wanted to be with her and support her because honestly, I love her.

I have loved Blaire since that day we made love in New York. I was attracted to her since the day we met in Los Angeles. I'll love her forever. No matter what I did or how many women I dated or slept with, I couldn't get over Blaire. She had this hold me on. I just thank God every day that she's my wife.

Seeing my wife so fragile, so broken was killing me. I don't even understand how we got here. Today started as one of the best days of my life. I found out that my beautiful wife is carrying my twins. I was so happy to know that we were going to have two more children. I always wanted to have a whole bunch of kids and I'm glad I'm having them with the love of my life.

All that happiness went down the drain when I saw myself on TMZ during my wife's OBGYN appointment. They tried to make it look like I was cheating on my wife. I wasn't cheating on her. I know I messed up in the past, but I would never hurt her again.

When we were getting married the first time, I had a wild bachelor party at my condo in Las Vegas. My boy Drake threw it for me. He had some fine females, strippers, and so much liquor. There were drugs there too, but I stopped all that for my daughter. I was having a really good time. I got too drunk. Everyone was hyping me up to smoke and take pills too so, I ended up getting high.

There was this one chick who was on me hard all night. I tried to be nice, but I ignored her most of the night. Most of that night was a blur. The last thing I remember was getting my dick sucked and then I came hard. Then I came to my senses. When I realized it wasn't Blaire, I pushed her off me. I felt terrible. I hated myself for letting it happen. I hope this was something that would never come to light, but it did.

I did what I thought was right at the time. I thought keeping it from Blaire was the only way to deal with it. I told her not to tell anyone about it. I found out her name and bribed her with some money and got her some connects in the industry to shut her up. I thought it worked. Then Anastasia showed up at my rehearsal dinner with Future. Her presence made me nervous. That was the beginning of the end of my friendship with Future. I still wonder if he knew about what happened between me and Anastasia.

The next day right before it was time to start the ceremony she sent Blaire pictures of her giving me head. I don't even recall her taking those pictures. Everything happened so fast that night. Blaire was so upset. I've never seen her like that before. She was violent and slapped the hell out of me. She left me. It took me over a year to get her back.

Since then Anastasia has randomly tried to hit me up. I shut it down and told her I was with Blaire. I thought I was done with her for good. Until I ran into her at this industry party a week ago in downtown Atlanta. She was all in my face and was a bit too touchy. I didn't want to make a scene so I just smiled and pretended to listen to her and then I walked away. Now there's a picture of Anastasia and me in every blog, entertainment show, and magazine and it didn't look good. If I would have known that someone was going to take a picture and spin it that way, I would have never entertained her.

I knew Blaire was pissed, but she didn't show it. That's not her. She keeps things in until she can't anymore then she loses it. With this delicate pregnancy, I didn't want her to be stressed out. So, I called my publicist, Kai, and anyone I could think of to tell them to fix this immediately. I had my people reach out to her to tell her to leave me the fu*k alone.

None of that drama compared to hearing that someone took my daughter. We didn't have any enemies. My beef with Future was just industry bullsh!t. We weren't coming for each other's family like that even though he was trying to get at my wife. I didn't like that so I had let him know I didn't tolerate any disrespect toward my family. I might have been considered the pretty boy of Hip Hop and Rap, but I was all about my business. I may articulate well, but I'm no punk or pushover. I had no problem handling anyone or anything.

I was about to handle that incompetent school and make sure everyone gets fired. When I arrived, I was irate. I don't think I ever been this angry. I cussed everyone out. I was mad that she was in that stupid school anyway. Blaire should have listened to me when I told her we should have put her in private school. Maybe she'd still be here and safe.

It took three police officers, two FBI agents, and my mother-in-law, Brandy to calm me down. After I was calm, I was able to answer questions from the detectives and agents. I told them all that I knew and to leave my wife alone, she didn't need to be bothered. After that was done, I realized that my wife really needed me. She was just standing there crying as she held our son. She looked so detached from the world. Then she approached one of the FBI agents.

“One of my employees just told me that someone is threatening our office in New York. They asked for 100 million dollars. I think it's related," she said to him.

"Thanks for letting me know, Mrs. Rowland. We will contact the agents there," he said.

At that point, I didn't think anything else could get worst. I was trying not to cry. I couldn't show any weakness. I had to be strong for my wife.

"I'll give it to them right now. I'll give them money if they bring my baby girl back without a scratch," I sniffled.

"Okay, sir. We will do whatever it takes to bring her back to you," the agent said

“What's your name?”


“I got the money. My security team and their connects know what’s going on and they are doing the work. I know you have a job to do but I rather do it myself.”

“I understand your concerns, but we are doing everything we can. Trust us. We will get her back. I advise you not to pay the ransom until we get proof of life.”

“If anything happens to my daughter, I'm burning this city down. You got it?” I warned.

He nodded and then I went go check on my wife and son. I held Blaire in my arms and she just broke down. I tried to comfort her, but I knew nothing I could say or do would make her feel better. I knew this was too much for her. I was really worried about our twins so, I suggested that she go home and rest. Then she started going off and blaming me for this. She claimed that my career and my beef with Future caused this. It was like she was turning against me. I didn't know what to do.

Brandy told us to stop fighting each other and get some air. I went outside and sat on the bench. She asked for the keys to sit down in the car. At first, I thought she was trying to go home, but she said she just needed to get away from everyone. She sat in the car for a while looking at her phone. My phone started to go crazy. It was out in the media that Madison was kidnapped. My mom was calling me.

"Ave, please... please tell me this is a joke! My grandbaby was not kidnapped," she sobbed.

"I'm sorry, mom. But it's true. Someone pretended to be Stephanie and took her right out of this school. I don't even know why this is happening.”

I heard my mom's sobs and it hurt. I heard my dad talking in the background. Then he got on the phone.

"I'm on my way right now. I'm going to kill whoever has my granddaughter!" he spat.

I knew he meant it. My dad used to live that life. He pushed weapons and moved weight when I was a child, but he never got caught. No one would have guessed that he lived that type of lifestyle since he graduated with a Masters in Accounting from NYU. When my mom left him, he left that life behind him to get her back. He went legit and started his own business. It wasn't easy. We went without a lot of needs. I remember going to bed hungry a few times. We struggled for a while before he became successful.

I was so pissed I couldn't even talk my dad down. If he wanted to kill these niggas I was ready to be by his side with him.

"Okay, dad. Just let me know when you land."

"We are going to get her back. Stay strong for Blaire."

He hung up and I looked over at Blaire in the car. I saw the distress on her face. Then my truck started to back up. She couldn’t be by herself, not now. I shot up and ran toward the car.

"Blaire! Blaire. Where are you going?!" I yelled.

“Home,” she said.

She didn’t even look at me. My gut was telling me that she wasn’t going home. I couldn’t stop her. She just drove off like a madwoman. Agent Lewis noticed and ran to me.

"Where is she going?" he asked.

"She said home, but I honestly don't know," I replied.

"Get in contact with her. I think the kidnapper told her to go somewhere," he said.

I called her back to back. She wasn't picking up. I was legit about to lose it. I wanted to chase her but I had no car and I couldn’t leave. I left her text messages but she wasn't responding. Her mom came outside with my son.

"Where's Blaire?" she asked.

"She just drove off," I said.

Brandy started to tear up. She handed Aiden to me and started to call Blaire. She still wasn't picking up. I was starting to get even more worried. I called my new bodyguard, Nick, to go check the house. I was hoping that she went home. Brandy was still on the phone. Then her brothers, Brent and Bryce pulled up.

"Where's Blaire?" they both asked at the same time.

"I don't know. She's not answering my calls. I hope she went home. She's pregnant and I think this was too much for her," I said hopefully.

Brent grabbed Aiden from me. They went to their mom to try to calm her down. Agent Lewis pulled me aside again.

"Was she on the phone?" he asked.

"Yes, we both were. People have been calling us all day. My wife is pregnant and it's pretty delicate right now. Today has been hard on us. I think she went home and I just asked someone to go check on her,” I replied.

"Okay. Has she's been acting strange today or the past few days?"

"No. Under these circumstances, I'm surprised she hasn't lost it.”

He nodded and wrote some notes down. I stood there thinking about Blaire and my day. Everything about today was strange. I understand wanting to get away, but I couldn't believe that she would just leave like that. I was worried but I just hoped that she was trying to cool off. Today was probably the worst day of her life and she's had some bad days. She lost her boyfriend to senseless murder and she was almost raped and was beaten by her former employer. Not to mention how I hurt her and embarrassed her on what was supposed to be our wedding day.

My phone was rung and I hoped it was her, but it was from a blocked number. Agent Lewis noticed and told me to put it on speaker when I answered. I nervously pushed the green button.

"If you want your daughter back and unharmed, send 100 million dollars to the given account," the robotic voice said.

Then I got a message with an account number.

"Once the money is sent. We will give you the location to pick up your daughter," the voice continued.

Then I got a video of Madison sitting in a chair in an empty room with a black cover over her head. She was swinging her legs and it didn't look like she was harmed.

"You have 3 hours to give us the money. Goodbye.”

The phone went dead silent. I had the money. I had Kidnapping & Ransom Insurance to cover things like this. You had to in this industry. I never thought I would need it, but I'm glad I have it. Even if I had to give up every penny I was going to do it for her. I wasn't going to put my daughter's life in any more danger. I was about to call my accountant, Debra, to send the money. Lewis stopped me.

"Wait! This might be a trick," he said.

"I don't care! I'm sending them the money. This is my child's life!" I spat.

I pulled out of his reach and called Debra. I told her what was going on and told her to sent the money to the account I was given. She said it would take about an hour to get it to them due to the given time frame. I instantly felt relieved. Lewis wasn't happy with my decision, but I didn't care. I just want my daughter back. I'll take care of the people that did this later.

I called Blaire and she still wasn't answering. Then I got a text from her and I felt relieved. She told me she was taking a drive to get herself calm because it was too much for her she’d be home soon. I told her that the people called and we were sending the money. I didn't get a response and that bothered me.

Now it was a waiting game. I was waiting for my people to send the money to these people and get the location to get my daughter. I went inside the school and updated Brandy, Bryce, and Brent. They felt better that I heard from Blaire. I hoped Madison would be safe soon.
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