The Executive Falls Apart

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Chapter 31


I was on cloud nine as I made my way to my office. Everything seemed to be going back to normal. My kids were doing good and adjusting well to being in New York. The situation with Anastasia seemed to be almost handled. My marriage was back on track. Making love to my husband was wonderful and beautiful even with a few snags. My therapist, Jackie, told me to expect moments where it may be uncomfortable or hard and to communicate with him when anything that bothers me during sex.

Everything he did to me was amazing, an expression of our love, bond, and intimacy. I felt so connected and even more in love with him. It was so good that I cried. I was so happy that overcame my fears. I realized how much I missed him and how much we needed that. There was only one tense and uncomfortable moment. When he was hovering over me, it briefly bought back the terrible memories of what Henry did and I panicked. I just know, for now, Av can't be on top and that's fine because we have so many other options. Despite that little hiccup, I felt good and nothing was going to dampen my day.

I went into Avery's office, well, my office too. We shared one at the New York location. I usually only came to New York for important meetings, our annual fundraiser gala, holiday party, and the biannual meetings with all of our employees. I thought it was a waste of space for me to have an office of my own that would only be used only a few times a year.

I logged into the computer and looked at my schedule. I had four meetings today. One with an investor, two with the marketing team, and one with our manufacturing and merchandising team for our clothing line. I'm usually hands-on with everything but with my recent absence, I had to leave it all to Misha and David to handle. They did a great job, but I can tell they're relieved that I'm back. Avery hasn't done anything these past few months since he's been focusing on me and his music. I had to step up for him too.

I ran into David on my way to the conference room. I smiled at him and he returned it.

"I see all is good again. You are glowing," he commented.

"Yes." I blushed.

"I told you it would work out. You two are meant to be. Don't ever let anyone tear apart what you two have."

"I know. Thanks again for letting us crash at your place."

"We're family. And family always look out for each other. Now, let's get this money." He grinned.

I nodded and followed him into the conference room. The meeting went well and I got everything I wanted as usual. The second meeting was boring. I can't even recall what it was about. I was happy when it was over because it was lunchtime. I decided to order food and eat alone in our office. After my food arrived, I received a message from Avery.

Av: Hey, Honey Bee. I won't be able to get Maddie today from school. I told Drew. I'm going to hang out with Aubrey so we can start working on this track. He's out here and I'm going to his place to chill. Call me if you need anything. I'm serious about number 5. I love you.

Me: I know, baby. I wish I could cum all over your face right now.

Av: Damn, Bee. Don't do that to me. I can make that happen right now. Aubrey can wait.

I blushed at how eager he was to pleasure me again.

Me: Later. Have fun. I love you.

It was cool that he and Aubrey were working together. After everything that happened, I wasn't sure if they would remain friends. After I put my phone down, I continued eating. After I was done, I did some work as I waited for my next meeting at two. Then my phone buzzed again. I looked down and saw it was from an unknown number.

Unknown: Do you know where your husband is? Do you trust him? You know deep down that he wants me.

I felt violated that some crazy person had access to me. Now I knew how Avery felt for the past three months. This was a bit disturbing. I knew it was her.

Me: Anastasia, stop playing on my phone. Your little games are not working. Are you contacting me to get your check or a deal? If not, leave me and my husband the hell alone.

Unknown: Shut up, bitch. You won't sound so confident when I take your man.

I was so mad I almost wanted the throw my phone across the room. Whenever I get a chance to see her in person, I'm going to beat that ass, pregnant or not. I was losing my cool, and this was the wrong place. I had to calm myself down and take a few deep breaths. I wasn't going to respond to her anymore. I blocked the number and called Avery. He wasn't answering, so I kept calling back to back, still with no answer. Then I called Aubrey and he didn't answer either. Now that I thought about it. It didn't make sense for Avery to go to Aubrey's place to work on music when we have a professional-grade studio in our penthouse. Between the messages and Avery not picking up, I was losing it. If Avery was lying to me, he had hell to pay.

I thought hard about how I could get in contact with Avery or Aubrey or even a way to track them down. Then my temporary assistant, Zachary, came in, with a few files.

"Mrs. Rowland, I'm sorry to interrupt you but these two documents need your signature. Just a reminder your next meeting is in 15 minutes," he said.

I took the files from him and thanked him. He was about to leave I raised my hand to stop him.

"I'm not going to be able to make the next two meetings. An emergency came up. Can you please tell David I'll be out of the office for the rest of the day?" I said.

"Sure, Mrs. Rowland. I hope everything is okay," he said before leaving my office.

I quickly looked at the documents and signed them. Then it came to me. Alex would know how to track Avery. So I called him. He answered on the first ring.

"Mrs. Rowland, how can I be of service?" he asked.

"Hey, Alex. Can you track down my husband? He's not answering his phone and I'm really worried. This stalker situation has me wondering if something bad happened to him," I said, pretending to cry.

"Don't cry. Don't worry. I am on it. Just give me a few minutes and I'll send you the address of his latest signal."

"Thank you so much. I hope he's okay." I sniffled.

"No problem."

A few moments went by and all I could hear was his keyboard tapping.

"Okay, got it. I just sent you the address. Please, don't go alone. Be careful, okay?" he warned.

"I will and thank you so much."

I hung up and checked the address. It was close to Times Square. I got up and grabbed the bag and headed toward the elevator. I ignored everyone on my way to my car. I got in determined to find out what my husband was up to. I kept calling him and he still wasn't answering.

He better be dead!

I pulled up to the valet and gave the young gentlemen my keys. He smiled at me and directed me to the concierge. I approached the young lady at the desk.

"I'm Blaire Rowland. I'm here to see Aubrey Graham," I said.

She looked at me and smiled as if she recognized me.

"It's nice to meet you. I'm really sorry, but he's not having any visitors right now," she said.

"It's really important. It's regarding my husband. With everything going on I- just-" I said covering my face and pretended I was devastated.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I know you have been through so much... I guess he wouldn't mind seeing a dear friend in need. I'll personally let you up. Just give me a second. This will be our secret because I can lose my job."

"I know. Thank you so much. I promise I won't tell him how I got up there." I sniffled.

She nodded and told another coworker that she was stepping away. Then she took me to the private elevator and told me which floor to get off at. I hugged her and thanked her again. On the elevator ride up. I got ready to confront them. The elevator doors opened and I walked down the long hallway to the only door on this floor. I banged on the door like I was the police. A few moments went by and then the door finally opened. It was Aubrey and he looked like he saw a ghost.

"What- what are you doing here?" he asked.

"I've been calling all day and didn't get an answer, so I came by to check on my husband. He's okay, right?"

"How did- Well, he's not here. He said he had something to take care of," he stammered.

"I know ever since we met, you found it so easy to lie to me, but I'm not stupid and I am not that naive girl anymore! I know he's here, so move out of my way!" I snapped.

I tried to push him aside, but he held me in place.

"Just leave, Bee. I promise you that I'll explain everything when the time is right," he whispered in my ear.

I knew that he was hiding something major from me. I struggled in his arms and tried my hardest to break free, but he wouldn't let me move an inch.

"Avery! Avery James Rowland! Bring your high yellow ass here right now!" I yelled.

"Blaire, you need to calm down," Aubrey whispered.

I was so done with Aubrey, so I kneed him in his balls and broke free from him. I ran toward the living area and I saw them, Anastasia and Avery sitting on the couch next to each other. I couldn't believe he was sitting there with this crazy girl like nothing ever happened. I exuded anger that was a potent burning fire. Then everything went black. I couldn't see, hear, or feel. It was as if I had no control over my senses and body.

The next thing I knew, I was choking the life out of Anastasia as Aubrey and Avery were trying to pull me off of her. They finally did and I managed to kick her a few times before Avery dragged me into the kitchen. He had me in a tighter grip than Aubrey did.

"Get off of me! You are a liar!" I yelled.

"I'm not letting you go until you calm the f*ck down! You almost killed her. She's pregnant, Blaire," he spat

"I hate you!" I spat.

"No, you don't. Honey Bee, trust me. You know me. You know how I feel about you. You know I wouldn't hurt you. It's not what you think. All of this was a setup. The pictures, the social media posts, the concert, finding out about you and Aubrey was all a setup. She's told me the truth and who's behind all of it," he explained.

Avery's eyes were pleading with me to believe him. Honestly, I believed him, but I was so angry that I was on a warpath. Seeing her and all the pain she has caused me, I snapped. I just wanted to hurt her as much as she hurt me and my family. I stopped struggling in his arms and relaxed a bit.

"Start talking then!" I seethed.

He opened his mouth then he stopped. I glanced back and saw her standing there.

"I'll tell her," she said.

Aubrey came in and stood in front of her.

"I think you should go. I don't think you can handle another ass-whipping" Aubrey said to her.

"No, I want to hear the truth from her mouth," I said.

Aubrey went to get her water and some ice for her injuries. I saw how red and bruised her neck and leg was and I felt guilty knowing she was pregnant. If anything happened to her baby, I don't think I could ever forgive myself. She sat down at the dining table and gently applied the ice to her leg. Avery still wouldn't let me go. I guess he knew me too well. She looked up at me then she closed her eyes as if she was thinking of what to say. Then she opened her eyes again and sighed.

"First, I want to apologize for what happened at the bachelor party and your wedding. I was told that your marriage was fake and it was only for business. I was attracted to Profit and I just thought that we could be more than that. I realized I was wrong and I'm sorry for hurting you," she said softly.

"How could you do that to another woman and on her wedding day? You have no idea how hurt and embarrassed I was. The happiest day of my life turned into a real-life nightmare. I was devastated for months... Then when I was going through hell, you tried to hurt me again. My daughter was kidnapped and the man that did it abused me and tried to kill me. Then your trifling ass was publicly flirting and being all extra nasty with my husband. You made me look stupid in front of the world. You put my husband's dick out there for the world to see. The never-ending text messages. You even texted me today to bait me. You wanted me to see you with my husband. I've never done anything to you. Forced or not, what you did was evil and hurtful. If you weren't pregnant, I'd kill your ass," I spat.

Avery's hold got stronger. She shrunk back into her seat and began to cry.

"I never sent you any messages. I never sent your husband any messages. You have to believe me. All I did was pose for the pictures that got sent to TMZ, I danced on him at the concert, and made those posts about Profit and I being together and released the pictures. But all that was because Future told me to do it. He manipulated me. He told me if I loved him that I would do those things for us and that we'd be a family. I'm carrying his child and I did it for my family. He wanted to get back at Profit for the beef they had and messing up his money and other deals. He was angry and embarrassed after what Profit said and just wanted him to look bad so people wouldn't work with him. We weren't trying to cause you two any physical harm. We just wanted to ruin his reputation. He sent the text about Drake and Blaire being together. And the fake story about you being pregnant by Drake. He did it all to hurt Profit and that's it. I swear that's it. Now I've been sued. I have a restraining order against me and I might be facing jail time or time in a psych ward. I'm not crazy. I may be stupid for believing my man, but I'm not a crazy stalker. Everyone hates me. I can't go anywhere without people throwing money at me or calling me a homewrecker. I just want all of this to stop. I begged Drake to help me, so I could clear things up. I'll delete everything I've done and publicly apologize. I swear," she pleaded.

It was shocking to know what Future was willing to do to get revenge and she was stupid enough to follow along. What had me puzzled was who was sending those other messages.

"Alright. You have until the end of today to issue an apology. And next time stop listening to a man with more baby mamas than fingers. You will be just another one... This is not a threat but a promise. If you ever try some crap like this again, I'll kill you myself. Now get out of here right now before I do something I'll regret," I warned.

She got up quickly and limped away. Aubrey followed behind her.

"You can let me go now," I said rolling my eyes.

"Not until you promise not to hit me."

"I promise," I lied.

He let me go and I slapped him across his face.

"Damn it, Blaire," he said, touching the sore spot on his face.

"You should have told me what you were up to."

"I didn't know this was going to happen. I came over here and there she was. I know I should have answered, but I was in shock from what she told me. I'm sorry, Bee."

He pulled me closer to me rubbing on my butt. He planted small kisses on my cheek and lips. I couldn't stay mad at him.

"You forgive me, right?" he asked as he kissed and nipped at my neck.

"Mhmm," I moaned.

God, I love this man.

"Live porn in my kitchen!" Aubrey said, interrupting us.

He was rubbing his hands together with a wide grin across his face. I walked over to Aubrey and punched him in his shoulder. He mumbled and walked away.

"You know you're crazy, right? I'm turned on though." Avery smiled.

"Shut up! Let's go home. You have a lot of a making up to do," I said, grabbing his hand and walking toward the door.
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