The Executive Falls Apart

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Chapter 32


Anastasia's explanation felt surreal. At first, I was angry with her, but after hearing her out I had a smidge of sympathy for her. She seemed to be remorseful, but I still wasn't going to let her off easily. She played her role too. She and Future had to face consequences for what they did. I knew Future and I had some words that lead me to not wanting to work with him, but I never thought he had that much animosity against me that it would lead to all of this.

Anastasia promised that she would fix it. I wasn't sure how she could, but I hoped that everything would finally go back to normal. So, I could go home to my wife with this issue somewhat resolved, but Blaire showing up was the last thing I expected. She was enraged and I knew she was going to do some damage. I wasn't surprised how violent and hostile she behaved. I understood where her anger was coming from. Months of pent-up frustration can do that to a person. Blaire has been through more in a few months than most people in a lifetime. As she attacked Anastasia, it was like she was processed. I don't even think she realized that she was crying, cussing, and screaming.

In the 11 years that I've known her, this was the second time I've ever seen her like that. Blaire's usually very calm and collected, but when she gets like that it's not much you can do to stop her but restrain her. Her brother Brent warned me how she can just blackout. Once she almost killed Bryce over something he did that was extremely hurtful and stupid when they were younger. Just as he described, I saw that side of her. Blaire could have easily killed her. Aubrey and I were able to quickly restrain her and diffuse the situation. It was a good thing that Anastasia's injuries were minor.

I was just thankful that it didn't get as bad as it could have gotten. Up until Anastasia confessed what really happened, I would have gladly watched my wife beat her up. Of course, if she wasn't pregnant. All this time I hated Anastasia. Though she didn't do everything like harass me via text messages, what she did was inexcusable. Her actions were harmful. What Anastasia and Future did cause a lot of damage to my relationship with my wife, my friendship with Aubrey, and my reputation. I hoped that it was the end but unfortunately, I still didn't know who was behind the other text messages.

After everything was cleared up and Bee and I made up, I walked her to her car. I got in my car and sat there for a while. I had so much to process. It bothered me that I couldn't figure it out as I was driving home. It was all I could think about. I hated I didn't know who this person was and it didn't seem like there would be an end to it. I knew it was someone that knew us both. She obviously wanted to be with me and wanted me to leave my wife, but that was never going to happen.

After a long drive, I finally made it home. As I walked in the door I heard Blaire's voice.

"Yeah... he's here now... I know... Again, I'm so sorry for my behavior... Okay... Bye," she said as she walked toward me.

She put her phone in her skirt pocket and wrapped her arms around my waist.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey. You took a while to get here. Are you okay? What happened?" she asked with a bit of worry in her voice.

"I guess I took the long way home... Who were you on the phone with?"

"Aubrey. He called to check on us. Anyway, I just want to apologize to you. I was out of control and I shouldn't have put my hands on you or him. Even though what Anastasia did was wrong, I was wrong to put my hands on her too," she said, lowering her head.

"I'm not mad at you. I know you and I understand why you reacted like that. If I was in your shoes I would have reacted the same way," I said, rubbing her back.

She looked up at me a smiled a little. I headed toward the couch and sat down. I placed her on my lap. I enjoyed having her in my arms. It was something about her warmth and the feel of her soft curves and smooth skin. It felt like home, a piece of heaven right here on Earth. We laid there in our few moments of true peace. Then my mind began to wonder. I thought about what she said earlier. She said that she received messages too when she was talking to Anastasia. I figured maybe the number was the same and it might help us narrow it down.

"Bee, you said you got some messages today. Can I see them?"

She stood up and grabbed her phone out of her pocket. She went through her phone and handed it to me. As I read the messages, I realized this person was more delusional than I thought. Now I understood why Blaire went crazy like that. She thought Anastasia sent those messages and finding us together pissed her off and made her snap. I grabbed my phone and compared the numbers and they were the same.

I read all the other messages and they seemed to come from two different people. I noticed that the messages about Drake and Blaire were from a different number also. There were other numbers too but this was a huge step forward. I was even more eager to find out who was behind this and to end it. I sent a text to Alex to let him know that it wasn't Anastasia and to keep looking into it.

Blaire sat on the couch and started looking at the TV. My phone rang and it was my mom. I was happy to finally get a chance to talk to her. I haven't really talked to her or anyone else lately. I've been so focused on my music and my wife.

"Hey, mom," I said.

"Hey, son. I was just checking on you. I haven't talked to you or seen you in so long. It's quite sad because we finally live in the same city and I still can't see my son. At least I get to see my grandchildren more often."

"Mom, you don't have to guilt-trip me. I know. Things have been crazy and I've been focusing on my music. I have a deadline I have to make."

"I know baby. It's been crazy. I can't even believe what's going on in the blogs. I should cut that crazy stalker girl myself. Anyway, I just miss you... Oh, and tell Blaire that I'll watch the kids this weekend. They are doing good. Besides, you two need some time alone to work on your marriage," she lectured.

"Okay, mom. I miss you too. Just so you know my marriage is fine."

"I'm sorry, but it's not. You both have been through a lot. Your wife has been through so much. It's going to take some time for you two to get back to how it was, okay? All I'm saying is just be patient, understanding, loving, and tender with her."

"You know I will. Well, mom please kiss my kids for me and tell them that I love them. I love you too. Tell pops the same. Talk to you soon."

"I will and I love you too."

I hung up and smiled. It was nice talking with my mom. She made me see that I really need to look out for my wife even more. Things have been absolutely crazy these last three months. I just wanted my family to be secure and happy again. I noticed that Blaire was too quiet, so I glanced over at her. She was knocked out. She looked so peaceful and beautiful. I guess today's events wore her out. I got up and gently took off her heels. I picked her up and carried her to our bedroom. I didn't bother to undress her. I just put the cover over her and gently kissed her forehead.

I went to the kitchen and made myself something to eat. I also poured a drink to take the edge off from all the events of the day. I went to the living room to watch some TV. As I was channel surfing the news caught my eye. I haven't really watched the news. I've been pretty ignorant about the world's events lately.

After the news came on an entertainment show came on. Of course, I saw a picture of myself and my wife as one of the highlighting stories. I was curious to know what the public thought about me ever since Blaire wrote that statement on her Instagram account. I refused to check any of my comments or notifications. Then it went to commercial and I went to pour another drink. I came back and it was a story about me.

"Rapper and CEO, Profit, and wife, Blaire Rowland, were telling the truth after all. Model, Anastasia Bravo, who Profit was rumored to be having an affair with just released a statement stating that those accusations were false. She says: 'I want to apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Rowland. My baby is not his and we are not having an affair. I'll admit that I did pursue him, but he told me that he's a happily married man. Many things were not what they seemed. My accounts were hacked. The pictures of us engaging in a sexual act were from years ago before they were married and were obviously put out there to harm his reputation as well as mine. The recent video of me proudly showing off my baby bump was taken out of context. Again, I am truly sorry about what happened. I want everyone to know that I've learned from my mistakes and I've changed and my only focus is on raising my child. I would like privacy as I move on from the terrible misunderstanding and ordeal.' This statement is after Blaire Rowland, released her statement dispelling the affair and addressing the pictures," the reporter said.

I could even finish hearing him when my phone and Blaire's phone started buzzing, dinging, and ringing like crazy. Kai was calling, so I picked up immediately.

"How did you get her to publicly apologize and admit there wasn't an affair?" she asked.

"I didn't. Blaire had a lot to do with it," I said.

I wasn't going to tell her what really happened, but Blaire did indeed tell her to issue a public apology or else.

"What? Really? I told you she should have her own PR firm. My girl is bad! Hopefully, this will end everything. I know you both must feel relieved."

"I am. Even though she wasn't completely honest about everything, I hope that they will leave me alone. I'm tired of all this sh!t," I complained.

"I know. It's behind us now. Well, let's focus on your album and upcoming tour. I'll call you later. Get some rest bro and please tell Blaire to call me when she gets a chance."

"Will do."

I ended the call and checked my messages. Most of the messages were from my family and close friends. They are were just checking on us and making sure that we were alright. I really appreciated that. After going through every message and some emails, I realized it was kind of late. Blaire was still asleep and she hasn't eaten anything probably since lunch. I got up and started making her something to eat. I decided on something simple like spaghetti carbonara. I used my mom's recipe and I had the place smelling good.

I was tossed the pasta in the sauce and I felt hands grab my butt. I was a little startled at first. I turned around and kissed my wife on her soft full lips. She was in one of my shirts and I hoped no panties.

"It smells delicious. I miss you cooking for me," she said with a wide smile.

"Thanks. Have a seat at the dining table. It's almost done, my love."

She smiled again and headed toward the living room. She grabbed her phone off the coffee table went to the dining room. I grabbed our plates and forks and sat them down in front of her. Then I went back to the kitchen and grabbed two glasses and a bottle of wine. I sat down and began to eat. I looked up and noticed that Blaire hasn't touched her food and was deeply engaged in her phone.

"Bee, you need to eat. I slaved over the stove and gave up my personal chef, butler, and all of my maids for you," I said jovially.

She finally looked up and smiled. Then she grabbed her fork but never took a bite.

"I know, baby. I'll always be grateful that you gave up your life of luxury to have a somewhat normal life with me. Anyway, it's just I can't believe she actually did it. Half of it is lies but still, she apologized. I really hope this is finally done. Oh, and just so you know that other hoe that texted me today is getting her block knocked off when I catch her and no one is going to stop me. I don't play when it comes to my man and family, she said, putting her phone down.

My dick twitched and I wanted to grab her and dick her down on top of the table. I don't know why I get so turned on when she gets defensive, jealous, and mad like that. She started eating and moaned in pleasure and I almost lost control.

"Keep talking and moaning like that and daddy is going have to teach you a lesson," I threatened.

Her eyes got wide and she quickly covered her mouth. Then she took a gulp of her wine. After she was done she smiled. I knew she wanted me to act on my threat.

"You and that daddy kink mess. You better be happy that I love you," she teased.

"Yeah, I love you too. But you like it- do you still like it? I don't want to push you."

"I do. I just don't want you on top and I don't want my hands or arms restrained. Anything else, I'm down for."

"Okay. I don't want to do anything to make you uncomfortable."

"I know, Av... You can do something right now," she said as she hopped on the dining table.

“Oh, really?”

She nodded and spread her legs wide across the table and just like I hoped, her beautiful pussy was bare and glistening under the light. I loved having my Bee back. I couldn’t wait to indulge in her.

"Touch it just how I like it, ” I demanded.

She knew I loved to watch her play with herself while she stared intensely into my eyes. It made me so hard to watch her hypnotized by pleasure. She slid her fingers into her dripping core. Our eyes locked as she went in and out, making it wetter and wetter.

“Mmm... Like this, Av?” she moaned as she picked up the pace.

“Yes, Honey Bee. Just like that and you better not cum.”

“Mhmm. Yes, daddy... I promise,” she whimpered.

I could watch her like this all day. She licked her full lips, struggling to maintain eye contact with me. She arched her back as she changed the tempo. She was holding it for me and I wasn’t going to withhold pleasure from my baby any longer.

“Cum for me, Bee.”

She vigorously massaged her clit and moaned out my name when she hit her peak. Still staring into my eyes, her breathing increased and she shook as she rode her orgasm. It was the most beautiful thing to see the pleasure, satisfaction, and confidence all over her face.

“You are so beautiful... You want to wrap them pretty lips around this?” I said, grabbing my dick.

She bit her bottom lip and I knew I was right. I was praying that we had at least one condom in this house. I was about to beat the breaks off her pussy. This morning was unexpected, it just happened and we both weren't thinking. I know she's not mentally and emotionally ready to have another child even though I wish we could start trying right now.
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