The Executive Falls Apart

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Chapter 38


The days went by at a snail-pace. As the days stretched into weeks, I realized touring was getting harder and harder for me to do. When I started in this business, it was just me and I had no one to care for. I could be crazy and as wild as I wanted to be, but that all changed when Blaire told me she was pregnant with Maddie and had no father for her child. My whole outlook on life changed. I had two people to look out for. Now, I have three.

I missed my kids and my wife so much. Even though I talked to them every day, it wasn't enough. There was that never-ending feeling of guilt for leaving them behind. After the recent events, I didn't feel one hundred percent comfortable about leaving Blaire at home or her going to work. I felt helpless since all of the suspects were cleared. I was back at square one and didn't know who to trust. So, I tried to convince her to come on tour with me with the kids but she refused. I understood her reluctance. The road isn't for a 1-year-old and a 7-year-old.

It's only been few weeks, but it feels like forever since I've seen their smiling faces. I just wished I was on my way to L.A. so I can finally see them. I love touring though despite the fact I can't always be with my family. I love performing and the effect my music has on people. My fans and the crowd gave me so much love. I gave my all on that stage in New Orleans. I did a quick meet and greet with my fans. I wanted to sleep, but I couldn't disappoint them.

After I left the venue, I didn't want to hang out or do anything. I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was get to my hotel and go to sleep. When I walked into my room, the last thing I expected was to see Blaire half-naked on the ground fighting Gabrielle. Blaire was like the She-Hulk how she smashed in the girl's head. I knew she was going to kill her if I didn't call for Drew and Nick to help me stop her. Blaire blacked out again. It was liked she was possessed and nothing we said or did could stop her. She was fighting me and Drew too. We both had to hold her down with all of our strength to get her to finally stop and calm down.

She finally did and explained everything that happened. It was hard to comprehend that Gabrielle and Angela were the stalkers. A long time ago, Gabrielle admitted that she was attracted to me, but she never acted on it. Angela would always say that I'm fine all the, but I didn't think much of that either. The only time I got weird vibes from Angela was the day I went back to the office to get a handle on those false stores that were out. I was so determined that it was Anastasia I didn't think it could be anyone else. I should have looked into her and all of my other employees.

After we explained the situation to the authorities, I was a bit nervous. I just knew Blaire was going to get arrested too and I thank God, she wasn't. Gabrielle was taken to the hospital in police custody for her broken nose and concussion. According to my lawyers and new information that Alex found, we have a solid case against both of them. We can finally put this behind us. I refuse to let anything else happen to my family. I don't care what I have to do and who I have to kill, no one was messing with us again.

I finished up with my calls and got in bed to cuddle up with my wife. She was knocked out. She didn't even move when I got in the bed and pulled her into my arms. As I watched Blaire slept peacefully, I couldn't help but feel like I'm a failure. Once again, I didn't protect her. I hated to see that bruise on her face. She's too beautiful for that. I'm just happy it wasn't worse and she knows how to defend herself.

It took a while, but I fell asleep. When I woke up alone in bed, I got up and looked around for Blaire. I found her on the balcony drinking coffee and eating some type of pastry. I bent down and kissed her forehead. She looked up and frowned then she smiled.

"I know you did not just kiss me with your bad morning breath," she teased.

"Whatever, Bee." I laughed. "You know you love me, morning breath and all."

"I guess." She smiled.

I focused on her bruised cheek. It was almost purple.

"Anyway, you doing okay? You're not in pain or anything?"

"I'm fine. It just looks worse than it is. She got two good hits, but I'm good. Anyway, I'm going to stay with you until Sunday night. I go back home early Monday morning. So, what's your schedule?"

"I'm relaxing today. Then I'm flying to Houston early in the morning. I have soundcheck and then my show. I have to do a club appearance. Sunday and Monday I'm off. Then I have Dallas then Oklahoma City after that," I said.

"I'm tired from just hearing that. Then you somehow make time to call us every day. Baby, I hope you are getting enough rest. I don't want you to overdo it," she said with a hint of worry in her voice.

I loved how she cared about me so much. I do get my rest. I have a lot of downtime since I don't hang out, party, and drink like I used to do.

"I do. I do my shows and go back to my room. Well, I'm going to get cleaned up. Then we can go do something fun today," I said.

She smiled and I went back inside. I made sure to brush my teeth first, and then I took a long shower and got dressed. When I came into the bedroom, she was already dressed. She was talking on the phone. Then I heard my little girl's voice and smiled.

"Mommy, can I speak to daddy now?" Maddie asked.

"Sure, baby. He's right here," Blaire said, handing me the phone.

"Hey, Maddie Baddie," I said playfully.

"Daddy, you know I hate that name. I'm a big girl. I'm in second grade now. I don't have time for baby stuff."

Blaire was over there giggling. I was shaking my head. This child is too much.

Pray for me when she becomes a teenager.

"Okay, Madison. I won't call you that anymore. Well, Mommy and I have to go. I promise to call you tonight before bedtime. I love you," I said.

"It's so not fair that mommy gets to see you and I don't," she complained.

"Get your kid," Blaire said to me as she shook her head.

"I know, but we will see each other in 12 days. I'll do whatever you want, okay. Be good and hug your brother for me," I said.

"I will. Bye, daddy. I love you and you too, mommy."

"Bye honey, I love you," Blaire said.

We all said bye again and hung up. I noticed Blaire's bruise was covered up. She didn't wear a lot of makeup, but she still looked natural and pretty with it. I grabbed her hand and told her I was ready to go. I just wanted to get some good Creole and Cajun cuisine and check out a few sights. It's been a while since I've been here. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities.

I grabbed my phone, wallet, and jacket. It was a bit cool. We headed to the elevators. Once inside the elevator, Blaire wrapped her arms around me.

"So, we are going to see the city without Drew or Nick?" she asked.

"Yes. We will be fine. Gabrielle is in the prison hospital and Angela's crazy ass just got arrested. We have no one else to bother us," I said seriously.

"Obviously, I don't have a problem protecting myself. I killed someone and I almost killed Gabrielle and hurt Anastasia... When I get that angry I just can't control myself. I think something is wrong with me," she said softly.

The elevator doors opened before I could respond. I put my arms around her and we headed to the lobby. I hated that she felt that way. Nothing was wrong with her. Anyone under the same circumstances would have done the same thing. She defended herself against some lunatics that have harmed her either physically, mentally, or emotionally. She lowered her head and I gently put it back up.

"Nothing is wrong with you. You did what you had to do. Don't feel bad. Let's not even think about it anymore. It's over," I whispered in her ear.

"Okay," she mumbled.

I kissed her unbruised cheek and guided her outside. We walked to the streetcar and barely caught it before it took off. I wanted to go to the world-famous, Cafe Du Monde for some beignets and coffee. We finally made it and it was packed. We got our food and found a place to sit. A few people recognized us. but they didn't approach us. They just smiled, waved, or took a quick picture from a distance. I volunteered and took a few pictures with a few families and ladies that were fangirling. I appreciate my fans, so I never had a problem showing love back.

We went to the aquarium and got something to eat. Then we got some daiquiris and headed back to the hotel. I was eager to get back to our suite to make love to my wife. She was about to get this work. It's been too long since I had her moaning my name.

When we got in the room, I backed her up against the wall. I kissed her neck and worked my way up to her jaw as I rubbed over her hips and butt. She pulled me in for a deep kiss and bit down on my lip and then she pulled away.

"You sure you can keep up with me? You just had a show," she said with a smirk.

I knew what she was doing. Every once and while she got bratty and bold, but she was going to learn to today about questioning my skills and stamina.

"Bend over," I demanded.

"You ain't my boss or daddy,” she challenged.

I turned her around and smacked her ass hard. She gasped and then whimpered when I smacked it again. Then I bent her over and pulled her pants and panties down to her ankles. I got down on my knees and kissed her round cheeks and then slapped them again.

"You talking that sh!t tonight, I see," I said, smacking her pussy.

"Av!" she moaned.

I opened her up and plunged my tongue in her core, indulging in her sweet nectar. Her legs began to shake as I sucked and kissed her sensitive bud. Her moans and cries increased. She was trying to get away from me, but I wasn’t having that. So, I pulled her close and tightened my grip on her thighs. I beat my tongue on her clit until she screamed my name.

"Count it!" I demanded.

"One," she moaned.

She knew to expect at least four more, maybe five if she kept being stubborn. I got up and dragged her to the couch. I pulled her on top of me and watched her take me inch by inch. She rolled her hips and bounced up and down on me. Her voice became raspy and low filled with lust. I knew she was almost there, so I met her hips, diving deeper and deeper.

"Mmhmm... yes, daddy... two," she groaned.

I pulled her off of me and made her turn around. I gently kissed her back as I guided her back down on me. I pumped into her vigorously, pulling out screams. I grabbed her breast, caressing the tender flesh as she was soaking me up. She threw that ass back faster and harder and I was on the edge. I wanted to find my release with her as I grabbed her hips and slammed her down and up on me over and over again until I exploded.

"Ugh! Yes!... Avery!... Three!" she screamed, squirting all over me.

"I need at least two more, Bee," I said, kissing her back.

"Two more?... I- Can I get some water?" she panted.

I laughed and got up. I went to get my baby some fluids because she had a long night ahead of her. After she sucked down two water bottles, I carried her to the bathroom to clean her up. Then I was ready for more. We continued to go at it, only taking breaks to rehydrate and refuel. After her sixth orgasm, she passed out. I probably was going to regret it during my show the next day, but I didn't care. I missed her and I needed to be with her in every way.

While she was sleeping peacefully, I FaceTimed my kids. They're so happy and talkative. It really made my day seeing their bright and happy faces. I couldn't wait to see them in person. Blaire was still asleep. So, I started packing since I had to get up so early. Kai called and told me she wanted to talk to me. I got dressed and left a note for Bee. Then I went downstairs to her room. She didn't seem unhappy, so I guess it wasn't anything bad.

"Hey, Kai!" I smiled.

"Hey! You all cheesing because yo boo is here." She laughed. "Anyway, I have good news. All of your shows are sold out!"

"That's great. And the bad news. There's always bad news."

"Well, none for you. I just got off the phone with Dante. Gabrielle plans to plead guilty. Angela pled no contest to the charges against her. So, I don't think there will be a trial. I didn't know they were that crazy and no one picked up on it. Anyway, you and Bee don't have to worry about anything. They told me they have everything handled. You finally got your perfect life back."

"Thanks. I'm glad that's over. My life is pretty perfect," I said playfully.

"Don't gloat. Go on and be with your boo and work on that baby. All I know is you better name her after me. Just make sure you save enough energy for your show tomorrow though,"

"I'll give you a middle name. Blaire is knocked out anyway. So, I have no choice but to chill," I said, walking to the door.

I went back to my room and Blaire was still asleep. I put in that work and it was lights out for her. I wasn't tired just hungry. I ordered some food. I ate while I watched a movie. Then she finally woke up. She smiled and limped to the bathroom.

I tore that pussy up.

I heard the water and about half an hour later she was back in one of my t-shirts. She sat in front of me.

"I want to talk to you about something important," she said.

I sat up and turned off the tv. I hope this conversation wasn't going to be like that few we had.

"Sure. What's on your mind?" I asked.

"Ever since we came back from Foots Cay, I've been going to a lot of therapy and I've been thinking about us. I feel like we have this fresh start again. Since we are doing so good, I think I'm finally ready to try again. I canceled my next appointment with Dr. Andrews. The birth control is still in my system, so it won't happen right away. When you get back from your tour we can make more beautiful babies." She smiled.

I couldn't stop smiling. This was the best news ever. I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me. I kissed her deeply. After that kiss, we pulled apart for some air. She smiled as I looked lovingly into her beautiful brown eyes.

"You have no idea how happy you made me. I'm so grateful that I have you. I'll support you no matter the outcome," I said, rubbing her hips.

"I know. That's why I love you."

"I love you more... As much as I want to go another round, I have a long day tomorrow."

"I wasn't going to let you, anyway. I could barely walk to the bathroom. You probably destroyed my walls."

"That's what you get for talking all that sh!t. You were all big and bad until I had you screaming my name like you caught the Holy Ghost in church." I grinned.

"Shut up," she pouted.

I kissed her and moved her so she was laying next to me. I turned the tv back on and we cuddle as we watched a Marvel movie. I wish every day could be like this. I'm so happy she's here and I appreciate all the sacrifices she's made for me. I have the best wife and the world. In a state of pure bliss, we fell asleep in each other's arms.
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