The Executive Falls Apart

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Chapter 6


I felt helpless when I saw my wife's limp body in Nick's arm. It seemed like everything was happening in slow motion as he handed her to the medical staff. My heart was racing and all I wanted to do was scream and demand for someone to do something, to save her, but I couldn't move or speak. The energy I had left was used to keep myself upright. It took everything in me not to break down when I saw them working on her.

"Oh my God! You are Profit... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to bother you. I'm really sorry to hear about your daughter. You are in my prayers," a middle-aged Black lady said.

Her words pulled me back into reality. I lived in a bubble most of the time. Even dealing with the worst situation in my life all eyes were on me everywhere I went. I gave her a fake smile and walked toward Nick and Blaire. We were trailing after her as the medical staff took her into a triage room. We tried to go inside, but we were stopped.

"I'm sorry, but you can't come in here," the nurse said.

"This is her husband. She's pregnant. Please let him see her," Nick begged.

"I'm not supposed to, but I love your music. Come on. Just be quiet," she said.

I went in and stood in the corner as they worked on her. She looked bad. She just had a robe loosely draped over her and her hair was still wet. It was hard seeing my wife exposed like that. Nick was right her whole body was red and irritated. Her heart monitor was beeping slower and slower. Then the machine started beating frantically. I saw the panic on everyone's face. I didn't know what was going on, but it didn't look good.

Come on Blaire, you have to make it. You can't leave me.

I chanted that over and over in my head. She had to make it. The nurse that allowed me to stay came over to me.

"I'm sorry, but you really have to leave. Once we get her stable I'll personally come and get you," she said, guiding me out.

I just stood there staring at the door, hoping the nurse would come back any second. It seemed to take forever. Minutes felt like hours. Then she finally came in with a sad look on her face.

"Dr. Brown will be out to talk to you. They are going to take her to ICU. I'm sorry," she said.

I sighed heavily. I assumed that our twins were gone. I tried to keep it together. I was in a busy hallway and I knew that people recognized me because I was in the media all day. They were probably secretly taking pictures or recording me at this point. A doctor came out who I assumed was Dr. Brown and told me to follow him. We went to an office and he closed the door behind me.

"I'm sad to say but your wife is in a coma-like state. We don't know why or how long she'll be in this state. Her brain scans aren't showing that anything is wrong. She's very dehydrated and showing signs of extreme exhaustion. Her blood pressure was low at one point and then it was very high. Did she ever have preeclampsia with any of her other pregnancies?" he explained.

"No. She's always been healthy. Her doctor was worried about her being anemic and he told her to take it easy," I said.

"Okay. I will look further into her medical records. I had some other concerns. She has some bruising on her wrist. It seems like she or someone scrubbed her skin very harshly. It was very inflamed and we had put some ointment on her skin-,"

"What? Why? No! Is she going to be okay?" I interrupted him.

"Yes, with some rest and time. She'll be fine... I need to know more information so I can help her. Do you have any idea what happened to her?"

"Our daughter was kidnapped from her school today. We just got her back maybe two hours ago. She's actually in this hospital. I just think that was too much for my wife to take. My bodyguard said he found her passed out in the shower. Are you sure she's going to be okay? Are my babies okay?" I said nervously.

"That explains a lot. Her body must have shut down from all the stress. She should be fine. Baby B is doing fine too. Baby A's heart rate is not where I'd like it to be. I am sorry but I'm not sure if one of the babies will make it through the night. We are going to keep a close watch and see if anything changes in the next couple of hours. I know it is very difficult to have your pregnant wife and daughter in the hospital at the same time. I want you to take care of yourself and talk to our counselor. If you need anything please let me know."

I hoped that he was wrong about one of the twins not making it. I didn't even understand how that was possible for one baby to be okay and not the other. I just wanted to be with my wife.

"Can I see her?" I asked.

"Sure. One of the nurses will direct you to her room," he said.

He stood up and placed his hand on my back before he left. I went back to the nurse station and found the nurse that was being so helpful. She personally took me to Blaire's room. She gave me her extension to contact her if I needed anything. I found out her name is Andria. She said she'll try to get Blaire and Madison in the same room or at least on the same floor. I was thankful for all her help. When this was all over I am going to hook her up.

Seeing Blaire laying there hooked up to all those machines was hard for me. I never thought I would ever experience this. My wife was only 34 and was rarely sick. I can't even remember the last time she had a cold. She didn't look sick. She just looked like she was sleeping. I kissed her lips and her hand. Then I kissed her belly. I placed her hand in mine, softly caressing her soft skin. I leaned in closer to her.

"Baby, please wake up. I can't do this without you. I love you more than anything in this world. You have to fight and keep our babies safe," I whispered.

I sat down and texted Blaire's parents, brothers, and my parents and told them about Blaire's condition. Brandy said she was on her way. Then my dad called.

"Hey, dad."

"Can you meet me in the lobby? It's after visiting hours and they wouldn't let me come up."

I felt torn because I didn't want to leave Blaire. I didn't want to be away from Madison and Aiden. I wanted my family close to me. If they were with me I can protect them and keep them safe. I decided to wait until Brandy came up then I'd go get my dad.

"As soon as her mom comes, I'll be there," I said.

"Okay, son."

As soon as I hung up with my dad. My phone buzzed again. It was a text from Nick. He just wanted to me know that he and Andrew were outside of Maddie's room to keep her safe and that made me feel better. Brandy came up and she went straight to Blaire. She kissed her daughter as she wept.

"Is she going to be okay? Are the babies okay?" she asked.

"They said she'll most likely be okay but they are not sure if one of the babies will survive," I answered.

"I can't believe all this is happening. She doesn't deserve this... All of this stress isn't good for her. I saw you and that girl on tv. You better not be cheating on my daughter again," she said harshly.

"I'm not. I love my wife and my family... I got to go get my dad. I'll be back.”

She scoffed at me and returned her attention back to Blaire. I didn't like the fact that my mother-in-law thought I would do anything to hurt Blaire again. We are, well, we're close. She was always in my corner. She even encouraged Blaire to forgive me and give me another chance. I decided not to let her opinion of me bother me when I know I didn't do anything wrong.

I went to meet my dad. He looked angry like he would kill anyone that said anything to him. I told the security guard that he was my father so he let him come up with me. We were in the elevator on our way to Blaire's room.

"You know who did this?" he asked.

"No. I have no clue. I don't have enemies like that. The only person I don't mess with is Future but that's some industry bullish!t. I don't know who could have done this,” I said.

"What about Blaire?"

"She doesn't have any enemies. You know her. Everybody loves her.”

"What's about that girl you are messing with?"

"I'm not messing with her! I don't cheat on my wife," I spat.

The elevator doors opened and I walked away from him pissed. I made one mistake and now everyone thinks I'm a cheater. When I walked in, Brandy was asleep. Blake was sitting next to his sister and holding a sleeping Aiden.

"They are bringing Maddie up here in a few minutes. Dad is with her," Blake said.

"Thanks, Blake. Take ma home. She's been up all day. I got him," I said, reaching for Aiden.

"Okay, man. I'm sorry about today. I wish I could stay, but I got a game tomorrow. Tell Bebe that I love her," he said.

“I understood. Thanks for coming and I’ll tell her.”

He nodded and then helped his mom get up and headed to the door. Then Brenton, my father-in-law, and the two medical employees came in with Maddie. She was still asleep. They rolled her bed close to Blaire's. I felt relieved to have them both here.. Nick and Andrew were posted outside. I knew they were tired. I was exhausted. I told them to go home. My dad said that he'd watch them and told me to go to sleep. I didn't want to but I was shutting down. My body couldn’t take one more second without sleep, so I sat in the chair and nodded off.

When I woke up. I heard Maddie's voice. She was talking to my dad. Aiden was drinking a bottle of milk. When she saw me and smiled.

"Daddy!" she shrieked.

I got up and hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead.

"Hey, princess. How are you feeling?" I asked.

"I was really scared, but I'm okay now.” She smiled. Then she looked at Blaire. “Why is mommy still sleeping?"

"She was so worried about you that she became very tired. So, she has to sleep for a long time to get better," I explained.

"I know. She was crying a lot. I heard her."

I didn't know what she was talking about. I figured she must still be confused from all that happened yesterday.

"Do you remember anything? Do you know who took you?" I asked.

"Yes. The lady looked like Auntie Stephanie. She said she was her friend and she was going to take me to her. She was nice she gave me candy. Then she put something over my face and drove me somewhere. We were in the car for a long time. Then I heard a man. He said he wasn't going to hurt me if I was a good girl and mommy was going to come and get me soon. I heard mommy crying. Then they took me away. Then I woke up and saw Papa with Aiden and you and mommy sleeping," she recalled.

"What do you mean you heard mommy? Mommy was with me."

My dad looked at me with a strange look.

"She was there, daddy. I didn't see her, but I heard her crying," she said.

I had so many thoughts swarming in my head. I wondered if this was the real reason Blaire left or maybe Maddie was confused.

"Are you sure you didn't hear mommy on the phone?" I asked.

"I don't know. I just heard her voice. I couldn’t see," she said.

Before I could say anything else, a new Doctor came in with three other medical staff. She introduced herself and checked on Madison and then Blaire.

"We are going to take Mrs. Rowland to get another scan and ultrasound," Dr. Andrews said.

They rolled Blaire out of the room and Aiden began to cry. I tried to calm him down and told him mommy would be right back. With Aiden finally calming down, my dad pulled me aside.

"Somebody that Blaire knows did this. The person called her and that's why she left like that. I think that person did something to her," he whispered.

I wasn't sure. My dad always thought the worst and was a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Blaire didn't have enemies. It had to be someone from my past or my dad's or it could have been random. People are always plotting for a come up.

"I don't know dad. It could have been random. With our company getting that big deal a few weeks ago, it could be anyone. This stuff happens more than we think," I reasoned.

"I don't care who it was. I'm going to handle it," he said bitterly.

As I was about to respond, Jen walked toward us. She took Aiden from me as she went to see her granddaughter. Then my father and I went back into the room. I didn't want to talk about what happened and who was behind. At the moment there wasn’t much I could do. I’m just glad that my family was safe.

I took a much-needed shower and got dressed. Thankful that my assistant, Myles, bought us clothes. Then I went to the nurse station to check on Blaire. I stretched and waited for any word on Blaire. About 15 minutes later, Dr. Andrews walked toward me. She pulled me aside to talk privately.

"Is my wife okay? Are the babies good?" I asked.

"Well... I have good news and bad news," she hesitated.

"Good news first, please. The last 24 hours have been rough," I said.

"Your wife is doing better. She moved a bit and is out of a comatose state, but she's still fatigued. I gave her something to keep her sleep under the circumstances," she said.

I kind of knew what the circumstances were, but I still hoped that I was wrong.

"And the bad news?" I asked.

"Unfortunately one of the babies didn't survive. There wasn't a heartbeat. Since they are in separate sacs and it's still early we will just keep an eye on her. She might pass the deceased fetus and tissue or it might gradually resorb over time. I am very sorry for your loss," she said.


I couldn't believe this. We lost one of the twins. I didn't know what to do or how to feel. I don't even know how Blaire would handle this when she finds out. I was just tired of hearing bad news and experiencing so many hardships and trials.
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