Accepting the unexpected

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When unexpected events happen to Sarah during her summer holiday, how will she react to them?. This story revolves around Sarah, a young muslim woman. It defines her daily struggles and thoughts throughout her daily life. But is Sarah brave enough to embrace those unexpected events?

Romance / Adventure
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I'm not a planner

I'm not a planner

I felt an intense pain in my eyes. Shifting my weight to my right side, I looked up and saw the white beam of light seeping through the curtains.

I murmmered to myself “not again”.

During summer vacations, I usually tend to stay up late on those discord servers but I have never experienced such a headache in my life and I knew my mom was to blame for.

I walked to the bathroom slowly, not even looking around. Just when I stepped my foot inside, I heard my mom yell “Good afternoon Sarah, why didn’t you do the dishes last night?, Anyways go eat something and do it now!".

I sighed as I knew that this day was not going any better.

Looking at my phone screen now it reads 10:00pm, I wasn’t exactly sleepy so I decided to watch some netflix. I put on ertugrul and continued popping salty sunflower seeds in my mouth.

Suddenly in the dark room,I see a figure in front of me. I sighed and lowered my laptop screen. It was my brother Ali. I can say we get along pretty well but never spend much time together since he’s 27 ,making him 7 years older than me.

"Come I need to talk to all of you now” he said. I looked back at him and gave him a nod.

I quickly made my way behind him downstairs to see my other two siblings Yara and Yaseen sitting on the couch. I stood in front of them and frowned saying “What’s this about?”.

All I heard was silence.

I may not be the most patient person on this planet especially not after leaving that show on pause. I stood up.

“Sarah, sit down, we are going to plan a trip” Ali said.

Suddenly,Yara jumped out and started screaming “There’s no way on earth that you are saying the truth, I’m going to ask Mama!”.

I heard my mom behind me say “No it’s true, I gave Ali my savings so you can plan by yourselves. You guys have not been on a holiday for a long time. Go get some air, alright?”.

I turned my neck around and asked “So, are you not coming with us?”

“No, I’m staying here. I also need some air” she replied with faint giggles.

I kept staring at the two monsters in front of me. Yara and Yaseen, the family twins. Although they were two years younger than me, I kept wondering if I was responsible enough to take care of them. I turned my eyes back to Ali and he was scrolling through his laptop.

“Everyone, look at this,” he said.

He pointed to a country in central Asia and we all shared confused looks on our faces. Ali started laughing and said we are going to Azerbaijan. As far as I recall, I did very well in geography but I literally have zero knowledge about this country. That made me even more excited for the visit.

Yaseen yawned and replied “Ali it’s almost midnight, why are you calling us now?”.

Ali replied “Simple, pack your things now because we are catching the morning flight tomorrow”.

Yaseen and Yara looked at each and yelled “Now!?”.

Ali replied “ Yes I mean, now”.

I sighed and walked upstairs. Guess I will have to complete my episode on the plane. I wasn’t even sure If I will be able to sleep tonight.

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