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Solo assassins become double in a terribly seductive, horror show. Tempting and violent are oh so attractive. ---- Harry and Finley are both assassins but neither of them knows of each other's secret. Finley works at a strip club on the side to lay low, keeping an ear out for things but she enjoys the confidence and sexual environment. Seduction flows through her veins to the point it was violent. When Harry walks in one day she tries to stay away from him but the taste was so tempting. Harry Styles was different and the feeling of his body was enough to last a lifetime. She was a tease that left Harry on the edge of his seat. he came back every single night to watch her. She was different and he couldn't figure it out. Until one night when they ended up at the same place to kill the same man Orders are just orders until you start to put the pieces together. It's a dangerous affection darling.

Romance / Action
Age Rating:


Welcome to seduction. Come along for the ride.

Basic warnings:

This book will have dark themes such as alcohol and drugs, violence and lots of smut. Chapters with sensitive topics will be distributed with warnings.

We all have kinks but you’re not obligated to enjoy everything. If there’s something you don’t like that’s completely okay but please don’t shame it!

This story is a little different to what I usually write and I’m so excited about this one!

I’ve decide to take on the challenge and have two books up and updating regularly. (School is slow right now and when I’m not doing work I’m devoted to writing so I think things should be fine)

My wattpad is Tpwksammyyy and this story is posted on there as well with pictures of the protagonists.

Please remember to always ask for verbal consent. If it’s not a yes then back off respectively. To everyone reading this it’s okay to say no and if they can’t take your statement seriously get out of that relationship no matter how hard it may be. That’s not love or care, it’s violent. Please never do thinks you’re not comfortable with.

Happy reading

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