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The Secret

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This is about a princess named Lyra and about how all her life she has never had any friends her age. Once she turned sixteen things started to be different. All her life her parents had always been busy with royal king and queen things but sense she turned 16 they never even showed up for breakfast. One day her parents finally decided to tell Lyra what was going on but when she found out the news she was shocked.

Romance / Fantasy
Annabell Daniels
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As a kid growing up I never had any friends. The closest to a friend that I have is my caretaker Andy. I don’t go to school, or even leave the gates of the castle. I have never been in town either because mom says it’s dangerous, I don’t know why though. Maybe because I’m the princess… soon to be queen. “Lyra breakfast is ready,” Andy called from the kitchen. Lyra quickly ran down the stairs and got hit with an immediate smell of French toast, bacon, and eggs. “ There you are, I thought you might be up there all day” Andy laughed handing Lyra her plate of food. “ Thanks,” Lyra said taking a bite of bacon. “ where’s mum and dad?” Lyra asked not surprised. They haven’t shown up for breakfast in the past few weeks. “ There busy Lyra, but they promised to be here for lunch” said Andy putting a pot of tea on the stove. “ Yeah whatever,” said Lyra quickly getting up. “ I’m heading down to the pond,” Lyra called already out of the kitchen. She ran upstairs grabbed her journal and quickly through on her coat and shoes. The pond was Lyra’s favorite spot. It was the place where she could feel relaxed and happy. Lyra could sit there for hours not giving a care in the world.

Dear diary,
I already expected my parents to not show up to breakfast, but they promised they would try to see me more. I just wish I had a normal life and do things that normal sixteen year olds do. I mean let’s face it, if I’m going to be crowned queen soon I might as well start being apart of stuff. Anyway I haven’t seen Maggie in awhile and I might go check up on her. I have nothing else to do so maybe I might help her plant some new flowers.

Lyra closed her journal and headed back to the castle. “Hey Andy have you seen Maggie?” Lyra asked putting down her journal. “Umm I think she might be outside” Said Andy. Lyra headed outside to the garden and saw Maggie watering some of the flowers. “Hey kiddo, whatcha doin,” said Maggie standing up. “I don’t know, I’m bored and upset,” said Lyra sounding grumpy. “Why you upset”
“Because mom said she would try to hang out with me more, I feel like I’m alone all the time,”
“What are you talkin bout, you got Andy and I to talk too,” said Maggie grabbing some flower seeds. “Yeah I guess, anyway can I help?”
“You want to help plant flower seeds!?” Said Maggie looking surprised. Lyra put on some gloves and started digging some tiny wholes. Once they were done planting Lyra headed back up to the castle to get ready for lunch. She went up to her room and put on a black long sleeved turtleneck and a plaid skirt. She went downstairs and felt her heart leap when she saw her parents outside at the table sitting with Andy. “Hi mom, hi dad” she said with a smile on her face.
“Hello darling” said Elizabeth(her mother) Lyra sat down and got a plate of sales and some fruit. “ Are you gonna tell her,” said Andy quietly. Arthur and Elizabeth looked at each other nervously. “Tell me what,” said Lyra now eager to know. “ Well, um we have to discuss something with you” said Elizabeth looking down. “ And you might not be happy with it”
“Just tell me!”

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