The Impact of Her - Season One

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Chapter Fifteen, Season One - Pirates (c)

I stopped my guards from taking any step further. “Gentlemen,” I quickly stopped them, putting my arm in front of them. “Kindly step out of the room.”

“But Your Highness--” the head guard tried to block my command.

I turned to them, “Step out of the room. We’ll be fine.”

The guards looked at each other and everyone in the room. With no other choice, they sighed and put away their swords, walking out of the room.

“Now,” the pirate began a new sentence as I turned back to him, hearing the door close behind me. “Let’s get to the negotiation.”

“I’ve already negotiated my part, good sir,” I changed my tone from being careful to a firm one, determined not to be intimidated by the pirate. “I have no one behind right now. I’ll give you anything you want. Just let go of Her Majesty and her ladies,” I repeated.

He smirked at my statement. “You have some nerves to stand up to pirates while being outnumbered,” he snickered, pointing the knife at me. “Are you sure you’re willing to give anything that I want?”

“Yes,” I answered without hesitation.

He chuckled, letting silence take over the room for a few seconds. “All right, I’ll let your mother and her handmaidens go in exchange…” he tapped his knife on his chin, probably thinking of what he could ask of me. “In exchange… for you,” he pointed at me, grinning his evil grin.

“No!” Mother suddenly shouted.

“Quiet!” he tugged again on Mother’s hair, this time tighter. “Your son is already bargaining for your freedom and you dare interrupt our conversation?!”

“Robert, please,” Mother continued to call out to me, keeping her voice from breaking. “You don’t have to do this. Let them take me, get off the ship.”

“Aww, what a sweet moment between mother and son. It’s disgusting,” he remarked, making him and his companions laugh. “So, what’s it going to be, Your Highness? Your head or hers?” he threatened as he put the knife close to my mother’s neck once more.

“Please, good sir. I’ll surrender myself as long as you let my mother and her ladies out of the room,” I repeated, desperation in my voice.

He sighed, looking frustrated with what I wanted.

“You can’t have me if my mother and her ladies aren’t let out of this room with their lives,” I continued. “I’m already alone. There’s nothing I can do to fight back.”

He chuckled, smirking in the end. A few more seconds of staring at each other passed when he finally said, “Fine.” He then turned to the other pirates, “Let them go.”

The pirates slowly put their swords down and stepped away from the ladies, giving them some leeway to run and head behind me.

“Now, my mother.”

I could tell that he hesitated upon letting my mother go. I could tell that he wanted two monarchs within his grasp but I won’t allow that to happen. I’d rather have myself be taken by them than Mother.

James can have another heir with her. I’m replaceable.

He groaned, throwing his head back. He then shoved Mother towards me and I was quick to catch her in my arms, her ladies screaming in shock. “Now, keep your end of the bargain, Your Highness,” he teased, pointing his knife at me.

I quickly helped Mother stand, never lifting my gaze on the pirate. “Mother, are you all right?” I asked, checking her whole being.

“Robert, you don’t have to do this,” she begged.

“Leave the ship, get off right now if you have to,” words came rushing out of my mouth, not wanting her to stay in this room any longer.

“Robert, please.”

“Ladies, take Her Majesty away from here,” I commanded, handing her over to her handmaidens.

“Robert, no!” Mother began to scream, fighting against her ladies who were struggling to get her out.

“I’ll be all right, Mother, I pro-- Ugh!” I fell face-first to the floor before I could finish my sentence. Something hit the back of my head, causing me to feel dizzy. I tried to lift my head, groaning out of agony but a foot stepped on top of my head.

“Robert! Robert!” Mother screamed from the top of her lungs. She’s already outside but her faint scream echoed throughout the halls of the ship.

The pirate cackled behind me, heavy footsteps headed towards me. A pair of boots stopped in front of my face and suddenly, my head was lifted, a hand having a tight grip on my hair. “Such a hero, aren’t you?” he mocked, shoving my face back onto the floor.

“Ugh…” I groaned.

“You’re a foolish one, did you know that?” he asked. Some of the pirates looted the whole room for treasure and one tied my hands. “You could’ve left the ship with your life, rule your precious kingdom but nooo. You decided to meddle with my affairs!” He kicked my abdomen, making me curl and moan in pain.

He knelt beside me and turned me around, making me face him, “And if you seriously think I’ll let your mother leave this ship with her life, you’re wrong.” He moved closer, pulling his knife out once more. “As for you… I’ll be having a bit of fun with you.”

Before I knew it, three men held me in place as he opened my shirt, revealing my chest. “Don’t you worry,” he smirked, noticing the built-up panic in my eyes. “This would be over before you even know it.”

“AAHH!” I shouted in pain as the tip of the knife ran over my chest. He was showing no sign of stopping this torture, completely enjoying every moment of my pain. He had a smug look on his face, his fellow pirates laughed at me, calling me weak. The torture felt like it wasn’t going to end until we heard a big wail by the window of the room.

Everyone stopped moving. Whatever it is they were doing, they stopped immediately. Another wail was heard and this time, it was getting closer and closer to where we are. The pirate stood up and walked up to the window, trying to see what’s making the sound.

Without warning, the side of the ship in our room was suddenly torn apart, making everyone fall onto the floor because of the force. As the wooden part was removed, I saw that one of the big sea creatures ate it. The very sigh of that was enough to make the pirates run, except for the ones holding me and their leader.

When his companions left him in the room, he shouted, “Cowards!”

As the sea creatures showed another attack on our side of the ship, he pulled out his sword but was kicked back when guards from the top deck swung into the room from up above. The men holding me tried to run but they were captured by more guards.

A few seconds later, James swung into the room as well and he’s in no mood to show any kind of mercy.

He started walking forward as the pirate leader started scooting backward on his ass, afraid for his life. James caught sight of me and what he has done to me.

He looked at the pirate leader with a deadly stare. “How dare you put a scar on my son?” Not giving the pirate leader any time to reply, he kicked him in the face, sliding him closer to me. James walked over to him, grabbing him by the collar. “I’ve done everything to make sure war doesn’t leave anything on his skin and you have the audacity to do such a thing?!” he started punching him, letting out all of his anger.

“Robert?!” I heard Mother running in. Then, I could feel myself getting dizzy as the room started spinning. My head was pulsing and I began to breathe heavily. I looked down at my chest and blood was continuously dripping to the floor. Robert!” Mother ran to me and put my head on her lap, untying the rope from my hands. She looked up and screamed, “James!”

“Mother…” was all I could utter before succumbing to darkness, my eyes slowly shut close.

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