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The Voice of silence

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First day: An awkward day

"Close your eyes and focus on dark. Don't speak anything and listen to your heart. What you will hear is my voice, because I am within you. I am yours and you are mine. I am in your silence and you are my voice."
Darkness, total darkness, and those words. That face in front of me. "You..."
"Shh..." His finger traced my lips and he giggled. He tilted his face having a smirk plastered, that smirk I hated the most. It seemed beautiful as 'hello!' But in reality, it leaves me sad as it is a goodbye smirk.
"Don't go!" I tried to say.

Then what? He vanished.

I opened my eyes with a little gasp as My dog pulled my ponytail.
I maintained to save my hair from getting whole saliva spa.
It always happens when I fall asleep on the edge of the bed.
I stood up looking through my room while my puppy stared at me as I was a ghost.
My room was untouched as always except for my bed. with white walls, a white floor, and a white bed. That's all enough for giving the feel of 'you are dead'.

I fed my puppy with his pedigree and made myself clean.
I brushed my hair after getting it all done.
I saw a mirror and it hurts sometimes seeing myself alone.
"You deserve to be alone"
Who cares?
My hand unintentionally held my phone which nearly flew towards the mirror breaking it into pieces.
I felt light holding empty bad and making my way to hell where every monster is waiting to roast me.
I walk 4 km to reach school. I am so lucky to have a home nearest to my college.

It was the first day of the new session and there were screams of students who completely have forgotten being in the discipline.
I walked towards the main door through the parking lot where the crowd used to form up just to see filthy fights and scenes.
I wasn't noticed and I made my chance to rush towards the hallway of my batch.
"Look who's here." No. 1 female ass spoke earning looks.

Still, How can I think my day would pass without arrogant asses trying to take my attention.
"Oh, I entirely thought that she have gone disappeared." No. 2 female ass spoke.

I didn't even give them a look or glance and made my way straight forward to my classroom door.
"I wish to get disappeared"
Opening the door, I abruptly tumbled upon a muscular body.
Now what!
I was dug into a chest feeling pain in my nose. The chest is hard. I instantly looked into his dark eyes.
I pulled back and our voices met each other's ears at the same time saying, 'Sorry'.
"Are you okay?" Again Same at the same time.
He chuckled a little bit. His voice was calm which was not too high nor flat. It was calm as water and melodious with a sweet tone. His accent was weird for me as he spoke with no style, just straightforward.
He scanned me from tip to toe and a smirk appeared on his face while my was as usual, 'Blank'.

He dug his one of hands behind his neck and showed his uneasiness with a smile still plastered on his face.
"Well, people show their first exposure by saying hi or shaking hands but I didn't know that my first exposure to this new world would be like tripping over someone and saying sorry as the first word."
I remained silent but without hesitation, I moved my hand forward.
He paused with his movements as his eyes landed on my hand.
He deliberately held my hand and shook it a little. He looked nervous. I smiled wide tilting my head while my hand shook his.
He gleamed and broke the silence, "one thing more, don't just stand there in front of the door. Come in. You may get tripped over again by someone else."
There was no one in class except for us as it was free time, where they would be? Of course, roaming around.
I nodded smiling like a stupid and made my way to my seat.
In sudden, the bell rang and the wild group of animals started bursting inside the rooms.
He came towards me and gestured for me to move so he can sit by my side.
I felt a little awkward but instantly I noticed there were no seats left as everyone was present.
My bad.
I moved and he sat next to me grinning like a 'Stupid'.
There were thousands of questions in my mind.
Well, forget them.
He was looking at the front where Our 'Miss Teacher' was giving a lecture, it was about 'You have grown up so improve yourself session' in the name of 'Introduction session'.
I scoffed under my breath.

I looked at my blank notebook ignoring the person beside me. He was sure handsome but 'Who cares?'
Point 1, Never fall for a handsome and beautiful person especially when he smiles.

He looked at me from the corner of his eyes while I rest assured.

"Hey," He spoke in a lower tone keeping his eyes still at the front.
I didn't reply and simply nodded which is now has become my signature look. He is talking with me this time but soon he will become like others and will judge me.

"Aren't you bored?" He spoke in a sleepy tone.
I didn't reply.
I was about to fall asleep while he uttered again which sounded like gibberish. It was like, 'whz yo ur aim'
I looked at him with a confused look.

"I said, what's your name?"

I looked straight and closed my notebook showing him my name written over the cover.

He looked at me with concern and smiled.

"Ellison" He mumbled.

(Did I ask?)

I looked at the front without giving any facial expression.

Why he is taking interest in me?

This first day of my college is getting worse.
How life turns its tables? Why?
Firstly, you are showered with happiness and secondly, you are left with no reason to be happy.

"You may not have someone in my place. You won't give my place to anyone neither I let you do."
"Is that so? Why you are so sure?"
"It's Magic, my Magic", He murmured in my ear.

It's hard to forget, It's hard.

The bell rang loudly bringing me to the realization that this time is to go to lunch break.
But I don't want to go.
I remained settled on my seat as I try to choose whether to go or not.

"Hey, aren't you coming?" Ellison spoke in my head.
I looked at the person who just broke my meditation. He stood beside me looking straight at my face.
I stood up ignoring him and made my way to the canteen.
Ellison's P.O.V

This girl seemed tough. In her eyes, there is alot of sadness, there's alot to acknowledge about her. She didn't even paid me attention since after that handshake.

I followed her to the canteen without being noticed by her. Maybe I was noticed but she ignored.

Entering the canteen, I followed her, she took sandwich and a juice can while I took the same.
I still followed her to the table knowing that she would get irritated.
I sat infront of her on round table.
How longer will be she able to avoid me?
She closed her eyes while Nibbling on her sandwich, still trying to avoid me.
I copied her.

Suddenly she stood up to leave While I watched her leaving.

But what was to happen?
She was stopped by a group of 'Rude girls' in the name oF "CoOl GiRls". One of those girls messed her hair by brushing them and then she pushed her.
I expected her to fight back but she stood up ignoring them and moved passed away from her.
But do bullies let their prey pass away easily? No.
That same rude girl pulled her from hair Then seemed to as speaking something gibberish.
Everyone was watching show which wasn't a right sort of thing.
I need to do something.
I stood up Leading my way to them holding my juice can in my hand and I tumbled over that rude girl making her fall over the ground with Having juice spilled all over her back.
Nice move.
Those other three girls looked at me while I returned a glare.
I am not that something kind of hero but still what is wrong in stopping something wrong from happening.
The girl I saved just now was vanished.
Huh? Didn't I impresse her?
The rude girl got up and looked at me in anger. "oH god, what's your problem?"
"oh, I didn't see you were in my way. It's the problem of your hight lady. "
"you! " She shouted.
"yes, Me. Control your saliva first."
I pushed her gently and moved pass her..

I don't know why I did that today but yeah, I think I have to be some kind of hero for that girl.
Nobody would have imagined first day full of awkwardness that you might meet someone who ignores you alot, but you try to have attention.

At night.

I reminisced the happenings of today. After messing up with that rude girl, I went to the classroom where I tried to have conversations with that girl but all I got was blank face.
She's prettier than I thought.
Brown eyes, brown wavy hair and a sparkle in her eyes.

Step 1. Completed. Find and observe your target.

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