The Mark of Amulii (Completed)

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Young adulthood is all about change and self-discovery, but what if that takes a terrifying twist? Alex finds that out first-hand when he’s forced to move from the city to the untamed wilds of Alberta his senior year of high school. His life goes from mundane to strange when he meets a wild man named Amulii while out hiking along the lake near his new house. He’s huge, unkempt, and doesn’t speak much English, but he takes an immediate interest in the high schooler he’d been watching from afar. What starts as an uneasy friendship quickly escalates the moment Amulii gives Alex a blood-colored necklace. The young man realizes he’s in over his head as his new boyfriend becomes more dangerous and uncontrollable. To make matters worse, a horrifying change takes hold and his life quickly spirals out of control. Amulii had been keeping something important a secret. Something that puts Alex’s life and family in danger.

Romance / Other
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Author's Notes:

I am currently in the process of making final revisions for this story before sending it out to an editor. If you notice mistakes as you read, please let me know.

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