The desire to live my life and a few more

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While Cindy a girl who loves art dreams of becoming an actress her dreams are crushed by her dictative father who wants her to become a doctor. In her already troubled life her troubles are increased when two boys fall in love with her. With all that trauma in her life few of her criminal class mates make her drug addict. Will she be able to overcome all these troubles and follow her dream if becoming an actress

Romance / Mystery
Infinite Art
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Speaking my heart out

Really Cindy I asked you to dissect that from not to slice it up. Is that what you are going to do to your patients! slice them up when they come to you for operations.

Well I am sorry ma'am Alice but the knife was just so sharp mumbled Cindy.
Oh I see maybe you want a butter knife to dissect a frog. You should have called me if you were having troubles instead of mincing the frog up.
Thankfully the bell rang and the class was over.
Cindy rushed out of the room and sat down on a bench holding her head between her hands.
Hey you alright? Cindy looked up and saw her class fellow standing in front of her looking at her with kind expressions.
Yup she replied with a sigh.
Surely you haven't taken ma'am Alice's words to heart every one knows she is one big bully said Mike in a comforting tone.
Well it's not her I feel quite sorry for the frog though said Cindy.
Now Cindy wasn't the sort of girl who would cry out her troubles to everyone but their was something in Mike's expression that made her trust him so she decided to open up to him. Taking a deep breath in she said Mike the thing is that I never wanted to join med school.
Never wanted to join med school! exclaimed Mike with do much emotion that for a moment Cindy thought that she had committed a sin by not wanting to join the med school. She thought that Mike was too touchy on the subject of medical and she would hurt his feelings by going on so she just sat quietly.
Mike broke the silence and said then why did you join med school?
It's like that said Cindy my dad is a soldier and my mother died when I was seven and my brother was 2 ever since then my dad has imposed his decisions upon us. I have never been allowed to take a decision myself but I was determined that I would choose my career myself I wanted to become an actress. I was scared that dad won't approve of my idea so I decided to sign up for acting classes without telling him but just then my brother got sick and my father came home and he asked me about my studies. I had no choice but to tell him that I wanted to become an actress. Upon hearing this he justshrugged his shoulders and said i want you to become a doctor Ipleaded and cried tried to prove my self with reasoning but he just turned a deaf ear to me and that's how I ended up here.
That's really sad Cindy but ever since you have no choice but to become a doctor you should focus on your studies or else you'll regret wasting this timein your professional life. If you need any sort of help in making notes or doing homework I'll help you out said Mike in a matter of fact voice.
At this point Cindy with the greatest effort suppressed the desire to slap him. She just nodded her head and got up.
After every thing I told him all he has to say is that I should focus on my studies murmured Cindy under her breath.
It was time to attend the next class but Cindy felt that she didn't have the nerves for that so she just walked toward a quiet corner.

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