My Centuria Alpha

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He owns the most famous chains of hotels. She owns the most luxurious car store in the city. They meet on the most unexpected day. The day she was getting married. The same day he finds she’s his mate, and she finds they betrayed her. Running behind her, he tries to stop her. Just for her to slip away from his grasp. But that won’t stop the notorious Alpha from getting his hands on her. He is not only possessive but also someone who has lived enough to let his one and only Luna slip away from his life. The Alpha will bend the rules just for her. So the headstrong, stubborn and heartbroken girl will say yes once again. Meet the most respected man of the city, Jude Andrei McCarthy, the Alpha of the city. And Bianca Everly Jennings, the girl with the heart of a racer. The Luna of the Centuria Alpha.

Romance / Erotica
Silver Taurus
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|1.| Broken Heart




“EVERLY, YOU WILL BE LATE FOR YOUR WEDDING!” my stepmother yelled uncontrollably.



“BIANCA EVERLY JENNINGS!” she continued yelling.

The engine car roared as I pressed hard on the gas pedal. Then, with a smile on my face, I wave at my stepmother, who by now was boiling mad. Then, deciding to take her for a ride, I shut the door.

“Tell her she can go and fucking get ready. I don’t need her around me,” I ordered at one of the security guards that stood close. His eyebrow raised under his thick Aviator sunglasses.

Pressing the gas pedal hard, I leave the premises. I laughed as I watched my stepmother yelling through the rearview mirror. She needs to get laid. Don’t get me wrong, she is my stepmother, but she can be annoying. And it’s not like we are on the best of terms.

Gripping the steering wheel, I make a turn and speed up the highway.

The warm sun graced my Ivory skin as I drifted from side to side on the long highway. The beauty I was riding was the latest Lamborghini Urus, the new sports car I had acquired for my store. My father recently bought the one-of-a-kind car as a wedding gift. I have to say it’s a hell of a gift. But, unfortunately, I am planning to sell it. Don’t get me wrong. I am thankful he had given it as a gift. But my plans were others. Just like every other car, I can get my delicate hands on.

It may sound like I’m interested in money, but the truth is told, that’s the least of my interest. As the most luxurious car store owner in California, all I want is to be known.

Living in a society where werewolves and humans coexist is kind of hard. Not only because we have to keep our race a secret, but because, as a hybrid, I am judged. Yes, assume because I’m different. Other wolves see me differently as they should, while my wolf Ivy just ignores them. But for now, the worse is that I broke another rule by marrying a human and someone who isn’t my mate.

Yes, Jonathan London Smith, the owner of the top ten petroleum companies and my college love. Jonathan and I have been together for the past six years. Reason? I had still not found my mate; I don’t even think I have one. I have passed the age where you get your mate. I’m twenty-eight and no mate. I have traveled enough to know there is no one out there for me. So Jonathan proposed to me a year ago, and today was our wedding day. Yet, I was riding my new car on the highway when I got ready in reality.

My eyes drifted towards the dashboard. I still had three more hours before my wedding, enough time to ride this beauty around the city. Stopping by the red lights, my eyes motioned to the side. The latest Cadillac Escalade Platinum stood next to mine. Slowly I graced the rim of my Gucci sunglasses, pulling them down slightly. Isn’t this the car I recently sold?

Amazed to see one of my cars, I smiled. Two weeks ago, I sold a black Cadillac Escalade to a client. His name was anonymous, so I’m still unaware who the buyer was. But knowing it’s in excellent hands was enough. Gripping the steering wheel, I honk and part ways.

“I can’t believe it! You’re so late!” my stepmother repeated for the fifth time in the last ten minutes.

“I’m not late; everyone else is just early.” That was my motto. One I always said a lot, especially when clients became impatient.

Rolling my eyes in defeat, I wait patiently as the security guard opens the door. Then, getting down from my favorite Rolls Royce, I head inside the grand hotel. Jonathan and I had decided to have our ceremony and reception in one of the top hotels in California.

The Grand Luna’s Hotel. The name was stupid and not to my taste. All I knew about the rumors was that Luna’s chain hotels belong to an Alpha. Who? I didn’t know, and I didn’t care. For fuck’s sake, I didn’t even know who the Alpha of our pack was.

Living with humans has somehow rubbed on me. As every day passed by, I felt more human and less a wolf. Finally, holding the white, long dress, I step into the foyer. My nerves finally kicked in.

Plastering a smile on my face, I hurried. We were an hour late, but isn’t the bride always late?

Finally reaching the hall where our ceremony was held, my stepmother started fixing my dress. From far I could see the reporters, little rascals who only seek juicy news.

“There you are!” the cheerful voice of my best friend Tatiana reached my ears. A bright smile and tearful eyes greeted me.

“Don’t start, Tatiana,” I ordered, growling. Instead, Tatiana rolled her eyes and waved her arms in the air as she finally hugged me.

“I can’t help it,” she said, chuckling as a sob leaves her lips.

Fine was what I wanted to say, but my mouth stopped moving. A sudden restlessness reached my mind. My wolf was becoming impatient, but why? What was making her feel like this?

“Everly, are you alright?” my best friend asked, but my mind was somewhere else. My wolf whined in my head. What was wrong?

The white double doors creaked as my assistant peeked outside. My head snapped up. I didn’t have time to waste on stupid feelings. I was about to get married, for christ’s sake, even if it wasn’t with my mate. I was the happiest of women.

My father approached me while reprimanding me. Kissing him on the cheek, I patted his arm.

“It’s time; let’s not make the guest wait,” I smiled brightly.

But my smile was gone once I reached the front. The bouquet of white roses dropped to the white marble floor as a single tear slid down my face. Gasps became numb as my eyes stayed glued on my fiance.

“WHAT’S THE MEANING OF THIS, JONATHAN?” my father yelled as a small vein popped on his wrinkled forehead. I could see he was controlling his wolf.

Eyes glued to the front, I started feeling nauseated. Were my eyes deceived?

Standing before me was my so-called friend Maxime with an enormous belly and a pregnancy test that said Jonathan was the father. My hands moved to my mouth. My stomach made flips as the cups of scotch I had earlier threatened to escape.

“Everly,” my fiance whispered, but I raised my hand.

Laughter slipped from my lips. Jonathan looked taken aback by my reaction. Lifting my head, I stared at him.

A guilty look crossed his pale face. That was the confirmation I needed.

Hiccupping a sob, I turn and run out of the hall. Mouth covered and embarrassed. I left the place.

My heartfelt shredded into pieces. This indescribable pain squeezed on my chest. I heard my stepmother’s and best friend’s voices as I choked up and burst into tears. How could he betray me like that?

Running towards the elevator, I impatiently pressed the button. I needed to escape, to shift and run away. Finally, hearing the arriving ping, I stepped in but tripped on my dress, falling on my knees. A stinging sensation made me realize I was hurt. But I didn’t care. All I wanted was to run away from this pain, from this bad dream, and lie.

Crouching in a corner, I ripped my dress. The anger I was feeling was enough to make me try to kill him. If he weren’t a human, I would have killed him there. But, instead, have my way with him.

Reaching the lobby, I stood up, and with my head bow, I ran out of the elevator. Accidentally, I bumped into someone.

“I-I’m sorry,” my voice cracked as I apologized. Then, not caring who the person was, I continued running to my car. Thankfully, my guards were still there.

Taking my shoes off, I ran down the small entrance steps. Everyone looked my way curiously. Yes, look at the runaway bride who just found out they cheated on her.

“OPEN THE DOOR!” I ordered angrily. I could feel my wolf wanting to shift. The farther I was right now, the better it would be. All I needed was to be far and calm down.

Hearing the security guards give out orders. One of them opened the doors. Taking a step, a hand reaches for my arm. Pissed, I turned around. Please don’t tell me it was Jonathan. My blurry eyes turned to look at the person. A mountain of a man with a worried look stared down at me. An intoxicating aura caught me off guard. Making me yank my arm from his touch, I backed away.

Tears still slid down my snotty face. Using the back of my hand, I clean my face. I would bet my eyes looked like a raccoon. All smudgy and awful.

The man didn’t utter a word. He just stared down at me. His eyes searching for something that I couldn’t understand. What was this stranger even thinking?

“Fuck off,” I ordered and got into the car. Trying to close the door, the man puts his enormous yet manicured hand over the door frame. What the fuck was his problem? “What the hell!” I angrily spat.

Not budging, I become annoyed and do what no one would expect. I pulled out my 9mm Winchester Magnum handgun. The cold silver handle felt familiar in my hand. Pointing it to his forehead, the man’s eyes widened.

Low growls reached my ears. Peering behind him, several security guards surrounded him. Their anger was evident on their faces. My eyes focused back on the man in front of me.

“Now close the fucking door, or I will be sure to fuck your brain.” Then, raising both hands in surrender, he backed away slowly and steadily.

Lowering my gun, he slams the door. His glare didn’t go unnoticed. Did he really get angry? No one asked him to stop me.

Finally, giving out the order to leave, we zoom into the traffic. My car and three other black SUVs followed behind.

“Where, Ma’am?” my head of security asked. His eyebrows furrowed in worry.

“Let’s head to my house in Santa Barbara,” I whispered, leaning my head on my knees. Then, hugging them tightly, I let a sob out. How could he have done that to me? Didn’t he say he only loved me?

Feeling depressed, I let my tears fall down the face I would later regret seeing in a mirror.

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