Intoxicate Me

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Esma Rivers refused to be a married to some one she didn't love. She left home and is now struggling to survive but refuses to let some one else write her story. Her life is about turn upside down when she runs into a hard body belonging to the CEO August Wright. He is a ruthless business man with a dark past and only eyes for Esma. She refuses to acknowledge him, while constantly pushing him away. Not ready to see what it is in front of her eyes. What will be in store for the both of them?

Romance / Other
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“Crap...CRAP!” flinging the envelope away I cursed under my breath. Another rejection letter. The weight on my chest, was getting heavier.

How was I going to get through this month with out making any more money. Rubbing my face I walked into my kitchen in search of my guilty pleasure. Where was it, landing on the package I smirked. Yes, my sweet relief, greedily I snagged the bag of strawberry wafers and stuffed one in my mouth.

I had no idea what I was going to do. My feet led me to my worn out beige couch and flopped down onto it, wafer bag in hand. I had been here 6 months already and had no job offers. I was running out of money quickly.

Each interview ended the same with a simple, “we will let you know,”.

Was I doing something wrong?

Furrowing my brow, I shook my head, no. I was doing my best with the experience I had. Which was none. I had been born into wealth and I had lost it over a refusal to marry a stranger.

I was going to find a job to be able to stay here for my brother and for myself. Our funds were running low and I knew we would be in trouble if this kept up. We left our home, well I left and he followed. I was tired of being a the daughter that could not live up to the expectations of my parents. I would not marry for the sake of money and I was okay with being out here on my own. They cut all ties with me when I left the home. I knew they spoke to my brother, but they refused to talk to me still. I was the one who turned her back on family for freedom. I wanted to be able to live my life with out a stupid title. I was a trophy to them and I had no interest in it.

Running through all my options, I thought them over. I needed to find a job asap, I was officially desperate. I couldn’t let us go back to our home, so that was not an option. I could find a rich man and let him pay for everything. Chuckling, knowing it would be a miracle in one to find even find a man who wanted me let alone was stable in his own life I let that go.

Opening up my phone to check my email, I scanned through to see if any one had responded to me. Frowning at the lack of answers, I stood up and flung my phone onto the couch. I was going to get dressed and look for something. This city was big and there had to be something for me to do, even if I was a waitress, I would take anything at this point.

Showering and throwing on a shirt and jeans, I brushed my hair and clipped it up. Glancing at myself in the wall mirror, I felt proud of my body. I was a bigger girl, there was no flat stomach for me and it was okay, I was happy with myself. The clothes I wore made me feel comfortable. While I didn’t fit the standard body type of living in this city I was finally me.

Texting my brother, I let him know my plans for the day while shoving my feet into my slip on shoes and made my way out the door, to go find a job.

Keeping my head low, I made my way to the subway. It was nice out side, the air was crisp while the sun gave off just enough warmth to not need a coat. Spring was my favorite season. It made the air feel fresh with everything that blossomed around.

Lost in my thoughts, I slammed into something hard.

“Shi-” falling back on to my butt, I looked up at what I knocked into.

Towering above me, was a god. Fluffed Onyx hair brushed away from his face, while honey eyes glared at me. Wearing a navy blue suit that fit him so well, it had to have been made just for him. He dripped luxury and he was the worst kind of man to knock into. Men who looked like this were egotistical and had found women like me below them in many ways.

“I am so sorry,” stammering I got up and dusted myself off. My heart skipped a beat, I couldn’t afford to pay for any damage to his attire. Scoffing he turned away and walked off. Typical. Frowning I scurried down the steps, I was trying to not miss the train.

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