Intoxicate Me

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“So do you have any experience at all?”

“No, but I will prove myself if I am given the opportunity” the woman in front of me frowned. Her arms were folded across her chest, in a manner that made me nervous.

“Look, sweetheart, you have nothing to offer me.” my smile dropped, knowing this would be another rejection, “but I will give you this opportunity and let you show me that you are capable” Smiling wide, the relief flooded my system. I was going to make it.

“You can start tomorrow, be here at nine.” Nodding, I followed her lead and stood up. “I will have an apron for you and Nikki the other part timer will be here to train you on everything” “Okay, I will be here!” I exited and made my way out of the small coffee shop and back out on the street.

This day finally turned around.


“Are you following me?” the god looked at me. Shaking my head, I trudged behind him. It wasn’t my fault he was going to the same way as me.

“I will call the cops,” scoffing, I picked up the pace and went around him until I made it to the platform I needed. I didn’t need him making a scene.

Plugging a headphone in as I waited for the train, I sway to the beat.

Feeling a presence directly behind me I stiffened.

Some one pulled out my head phone, swinging around I was in defense mode. An o shaped my lips when I saw the man who I’d bumped into glaring at me.

“What?” I hissed, snatching my headphone from his hand.

“I asked you a question,” a smirk was plastered across his face.

“What do you need?”

Looking down at me he spoke again, “Whats your name?”Surprise flickered across my face. Narrowing my eyes at him I spoke harshly.

“Why? So you can let the police officer know? Go ahead, I did nothing wrong. It’s Esma.”

Shoving my earbud back in my ear, I turned away from him watching for my train to arrive. Looking back he still stood there, hands in his coat pockets.

When the train came, I was ready to rush on only to see how crowded it was. Stumbling inside I grabbed a bar and pressed against it, only to feel a warm body press against mine. Finding the culprit, I grimaced. One accident and he wouldn’t leave me alone.

“Get off” I clung to the bar trying to get away from him, “it’s crowded, I can’t move” the heat from him was unbearable, of course some one so attractive would be a creep. Why did this have to happen to me?

Scanning the area, he was right. Bodies were too close for comfort. Letting out a sigh, hoping the next stop would let out enough passengers so I could breath. I couldn’t breath with someone so attractive pressed against me. Slowly, I moved around the pole so he wasn’t pressed against me any more. Not realizing I had been holding my breath, I exhaled and closed my eyes while waiting for my stop to come. This was the only part of town, where I hadn’t looked for a job yet. It was a small area and consisted of mainly mom and pop shops.

Coming to a stop the overhead speaker let me know I had arrived. Rushing out the door, I didn’t look back, even though I was sure he was burning holes into my back with his gaze.

A sigh of relief escaped my lips, shaking off the uncomfortable atmosphere that had been created.

Following the crowd, I made my way outside and started my search. It didn’t take long before I found a help wanted sign. Stopping in front of the window, I looked up at the sign, I was at Christine’s Comfort and Coffee shop. This would be my last attempt before I had to give up and go back on my knees to my parents. I couldn’t afford that. I had to get this job, whatever it was. Entering the shop, I was hit with the smell of coffee and baked items. It smelt lovely.

“Hello welcome, what can I get you today?” an older woman greeted me with a motherly smile.

“I saw the help wanted sign and was hoping to get an interview” keeping my head high I looked at her with pleading eyes.


The time home was easier, there was no handsome man annoying me this time around. Finding a seat I made my way home to give my brother the news. My life was turning around.

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