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Chapter 12: The long day &Blind date

The next morning Xavier reached over and the spot next to him was emptied and cold. Looking around quickly as he called out for Jessie but the whole house was cold and quiet. Going into the kitchen he saw a note on the coffee pot that was still warm with a note on it. Good morning handsome. I didn’t have ethe heart to wake you. I wen tto work, so I have a feeling I’ll be seeing you soon enough. Have a great day babe. Love you bunches. She sent with a smiley face sticking it’s tongue out at home. Making him smile deeply. He went to hurry to get dressed in a rush to get his day started with the kiss and hug he couldn’t have when he woke up. She wasn’t getting off that easy he thought to himself. Grabbing his gym bag opening the door he bumped into someone he wasn’t expecting.

“Woo. Ugh Good morning Dad” He caught himself before he said Cal. “You alright?” Cal said looking at Xavier as he knew he scared the hell out of him which left Call chuckling a bit. “Ya just wasn’t expecting anyone I was actually on the way to the café, turns out your daughter snuck out on me this morning. You want to come join me for some sugary breakfast?” Xavier asked with a big smile. He really loved spending time with Cal he was just like one of the guys but with more of funny twist. “Ya, that sounds good. How did she sneak by your big ass? How hard do you sleep boy? Man there was some mornings she moved around like a bull in a glass shop.” HE said chuckling. “I’ll follow you there un just a second I just wanted to tell you something before I broke the news to Jessie.” Cal said scratching the back of his neck.

“What’s up there pop? You ok?” Xavier asked a little confused since when would he tell him anything over telling Jessie first as close as they are. “Ya I just I bought a shop that was up for sell her in town and I’m selling the one in town, but ugh I need her to sign some papers because I put everything I own and have in her name the day she graduated college about four almost five years ago because she’s almost 27.” “Well that sounds great she’ll be so excited. Why didn’t you tell her everything is in her name though?” Xaiver asked.

“Well see I was always nervous her mother would come after any of what I worked hard for if we ever got divorced; and seeing as how I told her last night I’m leaving and filing for divorce I feel pretty smart. Since we both have amazing lawyers this will go quick. I’m paying extra just for it to do exactly that.” “You are divorcing Jessie’s mom?” Xavier said with his mouth hung open. “Yup, I had enough with same toxic shit, taking a page out of my baby’s book, and cutting out the toxic and starting some where new. I have this great feeling about you Xavier so when you guys start giving me grandbabies I want to be close to see them and be involved.” Cal shrugged walking to his car.

“Well you getting ahead of me but that would be great we would love if you were closer. Love it even more now we don’t have to worry about talking to Lily. I mean that with respect though really I do.” “Awe hell Xav I know what a crazy uptight ass she is I can’t stand talking to her anymore either.” Cal said laughing. “Now I just got to tell Jessie and make her feel like it’s not her fault, or get her worked up.” Cal said looking down at the ground. “when you going to tell her?” “Well no time like the present I need these papers sign and she going to ask why, and she deserves to know so might as well get to it.” HE said getting in the car and pulling out leaving Xavier getting in his truck still in shock just trying to get to his woman.

HE walked in to see his Noah and Axel sitting around not only his dad but Cal. “Eh man I ordered for you. It’ll be out in a second they just going to bring it all together.” Axel said still smiling. “Lexi already leave?” Ya, she got a box of random treats seems the owner Mr. Johnson coming in later to check some of the papers for a client that apparently is moving here.” Axel added handing Xavier his sweet tea with a hint of peach. Xavier looked at Cal. “Would that have anything to do with you there dad?” “That’s all because of me. My besties Gab here is also here turns our your mama has a friend in real estate, and their next door neighbor is moving so we going to meet his son we meet with him in about an hour.” Cal said. Noah and Axel looked at everyone around the table a little confused.

“Ok guys here are all your treats. Hey baby.” Jessie said as Eric helped her put the items down, leaning in to kiss him. Xavier pulled her into his lap to hold her close for a moment. “Don’t ever leave the house like that on me again. Always wake me up baby.” He growled in her ear. “I promise I will try.” She teased. “So daddy what brings you to town what you got going on today. Jessie asked happily. Xavier and Callan and Gabe looked at each other. Cal shrugged took a deep breath and looked up at her and smiled.

“Well baby funny thing. See When you graduated college. I wanted to make sure if anything was to happen to me you would be ok, so everything or property I own is actually in your name. I’m buying the mechanic shop here in town also going in your name, and a house next door to your most likely future in laws here. So I’m selling the shop in Atheo to move her to be closer to you. I also made sure to put everything in your name so your mother couldn’t take it from you if we ever got divorced which we are as of last night currently doing I left your mom.” Cal said calmly.

“You’re divorcing mom. She asked softly. “Oh god it’s not because I disowned her yesterday is it?” Jessie asked holding her chest a little bit. “It is partly because of that but in only of the same you feel is the same I feel about her. She’s bitter, she’s mean, she’s never satisfied with anything. She never talks to you but at you than makes you feel about this big. Baby I’m done with just shitting all over both of us it’s time to get on with our lives to greater things.” Cal said putting his hand over hers to calm her down. “Did she think we did this like plotting against her?” JEs asked.

“She sure did. That’s just her own issue though. Anyway since everything is yours need your signature to sell and buy some properties here darling. Only thing I have is my car, clothes, and all your photos in the house. I told her to keep the rest since there’s no prenup we split everything down the line 50/50. Luckily my business account is under your name also, plus a bonus saving’s account I put in a locked agreement in both our names she can’t touch thanks to the contract I signed with bank. She has to get your permission to access my half. Without it she’s not entitled to shit. When I opened that account I told her it was a savings funds just for you and had her sign a contract also with the bank that without your consent even under death, or divorce or any other legal actions they try to present themselves. I think I got about two hundred fifty thousand in that one. About one hundred and seventy-five thousand. I’m not going after her secret savings account that I full rights too she can have that.” Cal said.

“Wow it’s scary how prepared you are. For something that could have happened. I don’t even have a will yet.” Jessie said getting nervous about her future. “Don’t worry honey there’s plenty of time. Which is something us guys don’t have right now so please sign on the highlighted parts and we got to get going.” Gabe said handing her all the forms and a pin. She did what was asked as they left and new customers came in. “I got this you just take a minute.” Eric said going to the counter with a smile talking to some frantic guy in a suit looking a bit lost.

“Are you ok cupcake?” Noah asked rubbing his hand on her arm with concern and sympathy. “It’s just I disowned my mama last night, and my dads leaving her and moving closer to me. It almost feels a little mean, but right. It’s like why didn’t I do this years ago? Look at you guys, or this place, look at everything I’ve been missing and for what to spend almost everyday being this tall for no real reason? All this time happiness was about what a whole two hours away?” She said with a sarcastic chuckle. “It’s ok baby everything happens for a reason, you got here to us when you were suppose to.” Xavier said kissing her on the forehead. “You really think so?” “Yes I do.” HE said his lips smashing against hers.

“Hey bae this young man is looking for you to place a huge order for a cartering thing.” Eric hollered. “It nevers ends now Mr. Johnson outed me” Jes said the guys laughing at her. “Well you are the best there sis.” Axel said moaning into the last bite he has of his beignets.” Leaving powdered sugar everywhere. She laughed as she threw a napkin at him.

“Yes honey what can I do for you?” “Are you Jessenia Alderman?” “Yes I am.” She smiled feeling a little nervous. “OH THANK GOD you have no idea how long I’ve been trying to find you all morning. I work for the Fire Diamond Industries and they are having the yearly gala for the company and all it’s clients, and other company partners. We need someone to handle making all the sweets including the cake. All five bosses won’t accept anyone other than you they have already met and fired fifteen bakeries let me tell you doll they were absolute garbage compared to what you served for the Johnson event. So with money being no object I just need to know what you’ll be making, when it will be coming, and how much will it cost.” HE said smiling holding up his corporate company card.

“Well now see that’s just the thing I know your bosses very well but I’m not sure if we will be taking the job.” The man in the suit face paled. “W-w-what do you mean your not taking the jo. Oh please you got to take it. I will get on my hands and knees and beg.” HE said as he dropped down pulling on the bottom of her dress. “Please Ms. Alderman you have to take it I can’t lose this job.” Xavier was quick to his feet pulling the suit of his woman, “I’m going to need you to step back and keep your hands to yourself. You are are making my girlfriend very uncomfortable and I’m not feeling to big about you my self.” Xavier said turning to look at Jessie.

“Baby girl what’s the problem I’ve never heard you turn any one away before. What ’s the problem with these guys. It’s Dimitri and the other guys company they run in Atheo. I know the other guys love my food, I now they think I’m the best I just don’t know if one Ms. Ellie will say yes, and two if I want to take this on and go all the way back to my old home to do this. There are going to be a lot of familiar faces I don’t really want to be seeing.” Jessie said.

“You can’t pass up a job because of one crazy ex baby. You have a great reputation going for you. You don’t want people to start questioning it now right? You say the other guys are still good to you, could you really hurt their feelings like that? After all the time knowing them are you going to let them down like that for one person? You’re better than that baby I know you are. If you are truly happy here and really over everything back from home this shouldn’t be a hard decision.” “It’s not like any of that honey it’s just one thing that worries me.” “What? What worries you.” “Dimitri bruised not only me but he also placed his hands on Chloe it made me nervous I’ve never seen him act or do that before. What If he drinks at that party and hurts me again? HE’s a big guy no matter how fast or quick I could be I can never beat him if he ever tried anything worse.” She said looking down sadly.

“You think I would honestly ever give that prick any chance to hurt you? I promise I will protect you. OK the guys and I will go with you and Eric to deliver set up and come straight back home we don’t even have to stay. Alright? Or you know you could refuse and have it get out that you past up on that company and have everyone in Atheo came searching for you to get the answer to why. Think about all the press vans showing up now.” He said using his hand to help her visualize at the window. “Ok fine, I’ll do it! I’ll take the job. Just this once.” She said in a flat tone.

“Oh thank you so much.” The suit said squeezing her close. “You have no idea how fired I was if I couldn’t get you to agree. It was come here and get you or don’t come back. Ok great so it’s for this Friday there is no theme, however black red and some silver I guess would be it. If you can do some flames and diamonds would be great if possible. We have about close to seven hundred rounding to the lowest coming.”He said as if it was no big deal.

“You need me to bake a cake and a bunch of other goodies with four days for up to seven hundred people?” Jessie asked in a are you serious tone. Eric looked at him like he had two heads. “Well we are sending the vans to come pick it up about 12p.m. don’t worry we just need you there to set it up. Everything she be done and handled by about three.” He said trying to make it sound better. The boys and I will help in every way we can if Ms. Ellie says yes.” Axel says standing by her. Noah nodding along. “We don’t fight until the day after anyway.” Noah said. “I’ll give everyone the workout off.” We can do a little longer each day this week and have a small one Friday morning and drive you up there by afternoon.” Noah added. “Thank you baby. “Eric said kissing him deeply.

Eric got off the phone with Ms. Ellie who agreed to take the job and was starting to call the other hands for help sice it was only four days away and they would still need the daily bake goods. And other other orders for the coming weekend which have been more and more lately. “Ok here is a list of what my bosses have asked for.” Eric looked at it. “It seems the moon and a couple unicorns, and some virgin sacrifices are missing from it.” HE added causing everyone to chuckle. “Alright let’s add this up first I need payment before I start putting any labor into this.” Jessie said.

“Ok leaving the damage at fifty-eight thousand seven hundred twenty-five and fifty cents.” She said with a straight face. “Worth every penny.” He said as his phone rang. “Hello. Yes sir Mr. Russo I have found her. Yes sir I placed the order. No Mr. Lorenzo she was not happy about it at all. Yes Mr. Vitale I gave her whatever she asked for. No Mr.Russo her very large boyfriend actually talked her into it. No I.” “Give me that damn thing.” Jessie said taking the phone. “Four days! Four damn days Tony do you hate me so much?” She said as she put on speaker. “It’s not because we hate you it’s because we love you and that magically touch you have with food.” “YA come on there sweetness you know how much everyone will rant and rave for your beautiful work. Please come through we wan tit to be nice this year it’s our first year running the place. You know what that means for us.” “Oh just shut it Leo flattery gets you no where with me you know that.” Jessie added. “So are you going to take us on please Jess, you know how much we’d love your support. We get were not your favorite group of guys anymore but you know you’re still one of our favorite girls right?”

“Fuck you and your guilt trip Gio. Yes I took your damn job you guy scan personally thank Xavier for that by the way. Your grand total was almost sixty grand I hope you know that. Could have gotten it cheaper through Craves just saying.” “Please that pastry chef they got to replace you is a half hack.” Tony said flatley never been one to give false credit. Ok thank you we will see you hopefully Friday at 2p.m. Party starts than also. You are more than welcomed to stay.” Leo added hopefully. “NO that’s ok I just want to drop off your shit and leave. So see you Friday and if I find out you were mean or rude to his messenger I will personally see to it you regret you have no idea the crazy kind of power I still have for a town I no longer live in.” Jessie said as she hung up on them.

“The kid in the suit was handed his recipet with his jaw still opened. “Never have I ever heard any one talk to them like that and have them be totally o with it. They just bended backwards for you. That was amazing his eyes said bugging out of his head. Thank you.” HE said running his head through his hair. “YA they need to just get bent and fuck themselves this week I’ll be happy to let them know that later. Thank you sir but your done. You should start heading back.” Jessie said with a smile.

“That’s my girl.” Xavier said with a deep smile and kiss. “We’re out too by the way. I’m proud of you.” He said as he left. As the guys got to their cars. Noah started laughing. “What’s so funny to you.” Axel said. “Beast gets to the guys he just increase their work and changed their Friday day plans before fight night to be bakery setup crew.” Noah said laughing.” “YA have fun with that.” Axel said getting into his car. “Damn it.” Xavier said.

Once they got to the ring Xavier told Jaxon and Ryder what happened. “Ya man I don’t mind doing that to make her feel safer about her work.” Jaxon said. “Ya me either anything for our little cupcake, and churro man. We always down to help we love them like family. We got you man. We have to wear anything special though?” Ryder said. “I was actually thinking if we can just wear all black like common staff.” “So you want us to wear all black in a room where black is one of the them colors being this dark skinned you sure people going to even see us?” Axel said making everyone laughing hard. “You know what I mean man come on don’t bust my nuts.” Xavier said. Chuckling back. He heard a bunch fines and agreements coming around them as they went of to start out their training. “Hey man can we spar for a few I wanted to talk to you real quick.” Jaxon said.

Xavier met him in the sparring ring. “So I ugh had a little favor of my own to ask you. I kind of got this blind date set up by my cousin because I owe her a favor and I really don’t want to go because I don’t find anything interesting about her, but I thought maybe if you and Jessie went with us maybe there would be more to talk about and I would not be so like judge mental and remind myself not to be an ass because I don’t want to be there.” Jaxon said. “What is it about this girl that repeals you so bad/” HE said dodging a hit from Jaxon.

“That’s the things man, I feel like she only pushed for this because of what I do, and who we are. I even asked if we could double instead with a friend she got all excited I told her that and he and his girlfriend would be joining us. She was so excited she was kind of getting the wrong idea she started talking about lining up a friend for you but I corrected her like seven times so don’t worry. I just I thin she to basic ring bunny type. I don’t want that shit man.” Jaxon said hands on his his fingers pressing his nose in aggravation. “Than why you doing all this?” Beast asked him looking at him weird hands up in a confused state.

“Well my cousin owes a huge favor and she found out we related and apparently this girl follows the circuit. I owe my cousin a big favor so I’m obligated to go on one ONE date. So I figured if I’m going to be put with a high maintenance probably slutty ass princess, might ass well bring people I actually like and respect to support me through it. You know I love you and Jessie. Jessie will make her part of the evening and conversation. Lexi would just put her in her place wit a bunch of attitude, and Eric well you know that could be a coin toss on either better or worse than Lexi no one ever really knows with them two. Please.” “When is it?” It’s tomorrow night. I’ll pay for everything. We going to that sappy romantic steak house with the roof top dining area an dall them candles about twenty minutes from your place. She’s meeting us there.” “You won’t even pick the girl up man?” Xavier said as they finished their whole routine packing up there stuff walking out to the parking lot since it was already about almost five p.m.

“Hell no, I aint spending anymore time with this girl than I have to. She needs to be happy with the time and free food she getting. I promised I would make it as romantic as I could to my cousin Kelly.” “I miss Kelly send my love to her next time you call and chew her ass out for the bad date is she still with that Todd guy?” “Yup they got hitched in Vegas last month. Were all happy for her.” Jaxons phone was ringing. “Speak of the ring bunny demon.” Jaxon said causing a light laugh coming from Xavier.

“Hello. Yes Mindy ya hi. No everything is all set up tomorrow at the restaurant in fact I’ll meet you there at five. No I don’t think that’s too early. Yes I do have things to do later. No, no, no I don’t need to hear about your friend you got lined up because I told you seven times already he has a girlfriend. I don’t know what type of guys you think we are but we don’t cheat on the women we claim, so you need to tell you friend to stay because if you show up with anyone else besides you than me and my two friends are just going to leave. Yes I am going to be like that because the two people you meeting tomorrow both the guy and the girl are close friends of mine and if you just going to disrespect all three of us than we can forget all of this right now. Ya ok that’s what I thought. Don’t you bring nobody tomorrow or we just walking out without talking to you at all. See you than bye.” Jaxon said and rudely hung up.

“Damn man, sometimes I really love you and feel bad for you. You get the most tricked out females. Even Ryder don’t get it that bad. Did you tell her it was the one with all the scars up I his face that make all her friends bounce out.” “Eh man that aint even funny. You know I love you and you raggedy ass face. More important you got a fucking ten loving on you from head to toe. Plus according to Ryder Ms. Cupcake has no problem sitting on top of all them scars.” He said earning a nudge in the ribs from Xavier. “hey no don’t feel bad I told him he could have walked back in on Eric and Noah again that shit done scar me for life. Haven’t let a girl go down on me since.” They both chuckled got in the car and went home.

The next night came too quickly for poor Jaxon who took a deep breath and let it out. “Thank you so much cupcake for being here with me in these trying times.” HE said as he hugged tight to Jessie as they waited to tell the hostess his name. “ I’m here too man.” Xavier said looking around the place. “Yes but you know I love you boo.” HE said with a wink. “Table for Brooks, another member of the party will be joining shortly.” “Yes , right here says you wanted a rooftop table?” “Yup.” “Right this way. She said swaying her hips in front of Jaxon while they all followed behind her.

“Anything to start you off with too drink? Just three sweet teas please.” HE said flatly as she returned with them she grazed his arm. “Anything else I can do for you?” She purred. “You can leave.” HE said flatly. She scoffed at him tossing her back going back down stairs. “Aren’t you just mister popular?” Jessie said. “Only for desperation apparently. So tell me Jessie what planet are you form and are there more of your kind, because the chicks down here are buck ass crazy. What happened to decency, modesty, being humble, and kind where are that go?” HE asked. “You know me and my kind were wondering the same thing with you men. We were left wondering some things too. Like why the hell you wearing a belt if you pants are hanging off you butt showing your boxers anyway like what the hell is that about? Or holding out doors or chairs or standing when reach the table. Having nice civil conversations that aren’t about leading up to sex later that night. That road is a two way street my love and let me tell you after being broke down on that street a lot I can honestly say not only does it gets better, when it does you see it was all worth it.” She said as Xavier kissed the back of her hand.

“Look if you give this an honest shot all night I can set you up with someone I think might just work for you.” “What the hell cupcake you been holding out on me all this time? I thought we was close.” Jaxon asked shocked. “Well I got two friends who are just now ready to date after both having bad break ups.” “Hold up how long were they together?” He asked. “About two years.” “How long ago they split.” “Eight months.” “Why they break up?” “Well he just asked her to move in, she said yes but before she could actually do anything to take that next step, his side chick he had for the last six months of their relationship came up them on their anniversary dinner and told him she was two months pregnant, she wasn’t sure who’s it was he needed to go down for a DNA test and whoever the father was going to pay for her abortion. Turns out though it wasn’t his.” Jessie said shrugging his shoulders.

“Damn why you girls got the most fucked up stories I mean like seriously Lexi got some shady stories, your friend, hell even you.” “Ok now that’s enough of that why don’t you get this night over with before we start those conversations.” Xavier said with a laugh. “Oh wow I think your date is here.” Jessie said. “Where the fuck the rest of her clothes?” Xavier asked. Mindy came up wearing a dress that was definitely a size to small popping her boobs up to stick what she thought was as seductive manner in a very deep dark grey with some bright green colors flowing through patterns. It went up to mid thigh. Left Jaxon in disgust knowing there wan’t left much to the imagination. It caught the attention of some mens eyes as they looked at her lustfully. She had her long deep crimson hair curled at the ends.

“Hi I’m Mindy.” She tried to purr in a seductive voice. Jessie kicked Jaxon and Xavier in the shin to stand and greet her. “I’m Jaxon Brooks. Please let me introduce you to Xavier Graves and his woman Jessenia Alderman.” “Oh, hello. She said nodding her head to greet them. As Jaxon helped her in the chair she whispered. “I thought you would have brought Axel, or Ryder?” “Nope I brought the best two people I know if your not comfortable with that the door is over there.” He said nicely. “Oh no, I didn’t mean to be offensive or anything like that. Forgive me that’s not what I meant at all.” She said apologizing.

“So Mindy what do you do?” Jessie asked sweetly. “I work as a receptionist at H&H accounting firm in the next Bentin next town over to the East.” She said smiling than looking at her menu. When the waiter came to take their order he started with Jessie. “I would like a New York steak cooked well done, the green salad with Italian dressing on the side, and can I please French fries for the side vegetable. Thank you.” She said handing the menu back with a smile. Mindy gave her a weird look. “I would like the chicken Caesar please I’m watching my carbs and don’t to start poking out.” She said in judging tone that no one didn’t miss as she looked at Jessie. “I want the same as her, because it sounds more appealing than eating like a damn rabbit.” Xavier said rudely back with a smile. “I want the same thing as her too. Sounds bomb as hell.” Jaxon said with a big smile. “Would any of you like dessert?” “No thank you.” Mindy said. “No thanks for us either, I made tiramisu bar cake at home.” Jessie said.

“For real you couldn’t bring me any?” Jaxon said. “I love you so much right now.” Xavier said. “What is that?” Mindy asked confused. “It’s more of an Italian cake that is mostly made of lady fingers, coffee liquor, a little rum, cinnamon and some other tasty things.” Jessie said excitedly talking about it she loved talking about baking it was truly more of a passion than a job. “Wow lot work up over making cake.” Mindy said in rude tone. “What do you do again?” “I’m the head baker over at Sweet Temptations owned by Ms. Ellie Whitman downtown.” “Oh ya, the guys go nuts for your little treats. Wait so your like the Jessie Alderman who ran Craves?” “Ya, but i’m happier just doing baking instead the whole menu.” Jessie said happily.

“Never met anyone who could talk so passionate about baking.” Mindy said in a bored tone. As their food arrived. “I didn’t mean to bore you, sorry.” She said as she quietly ate he food. “You don’t have to be sorry baby it’s sexy as hell when you hear someone talking like that. To know that actually have or do something that makes them kind of come alive and you see that sparkle in their eye it’s probably one of the most sexiest thing a woman can wear besides an honest smile.” Xavier said kissing her lips sweetly. “I know that’s right. I love a good woman who has something that brings out that type of spark. That’s hot as fuck. That and a woman who can eat. You need something to hold on to. You can’t keep back with your baby at home bingeing on the couch on lazy days with a girl who scared of carbs.” Jaxon said in an honest and mocking tone.

“So Cindy.” “It’s Mindy.” She said back. “Ya, sure. What ugh what do you do in your free time?” Xavier asked. She got an annoyed look on her face. “I like to go shopping with the girls, make sure our girl days. Like to go out dancing. My girlfriends and I never miss one of your guy fight nights we are huge fans. Maybe we can meet up with the rest of your guys crew mates?” She said rubbing her hand on his arm. Making Xavier started choking on his food as the idea grossed him out. “Ya not likely besides only claimed and chained women or men are allowed back there.” “Well that seems like a simple little fix, besides maybe we can all just go out for drinks or something?”

“Believe it or not we go out and drink if we go drinking it’s at one of our houses and when we plan on staying sleeping over there. We work way too damn hard on our bodies to go be dumb with them out and about drinking ourselves stupid to where we don’t know how we got home. That’s tacky as shit.” Jaxon said giving her hand back and off his arm. “I have yet to meet a woman yet who I’d like to claim. I need a woman with more sense of purposes or hobbies other than shopping, and partying every other weekend, and thinks a plain salad is meal.” He said rudely looking her dead in the eye. Her face got red but she just smiled and let it go.

“Jessie and the guys finished their plates at the same time. “I can’t believe you ate the whole thing more power to ya girl I could never be able to do that.” “I’m done with this.” Jaxon mumbled. “Check.” When the waiter came Xavier asked for two of them so he could pay. “Baby why don’t you let pay or at least half it. You know it’s ok to treat you every now and than too.” She said hugging on his arm. “Ugh huh, When we out I get the check you can repay me by that cake waiting at home I can’t wait to start licking that up off of you.” He said playfully as they paid and walked out. Mindy didn’t even look at the bill. Which for some reason bugged Jaxon. Mindy and Jessie were standing next to each other while the guys were talking about something.

“Girl I don’t know how you do it. I know I never could.” “Do what? Jessie’s patience wearing thin. “You know be able to be with that, that man is like triple your size. Does he get back pain with you being so small.” They both kind of laughed because that part looked to be true even though it wasn’t “No, but he is the greatest man I ever met.” “He look scary as hell. You know what it work for him to especially in that ring.” “Ya it does.” She nodded.

“So are you scared about you know looking that?” “Looking like what?” She said curiously. “All plain like that. You putting away those carbs, and calories, you read for fun. You don’t show any of your assets. How do you plan on keeping a man like that when you out here looking like this?” That instantly pist her off. “Well easy because this is what guys like them are looking for. Simple as that any one with half a brain knows that.” She said plainly.

“What’s that suppose to mean.” Mindy said getting attitude. “Do you know what Jaxon and the rest of the ring calls girls like you and your friends? You’re called ing bunnies. That means you guys are the easy sluts in the arena who are always trying to sleep with fighters. Since you have no self respect you guys normally just take what you can get because all the fighters don’t want to touch you because they think your gross. You have no meat so they can’t have the kind of sexy they like. You too worried about your hair and nails to know of any actual importance going on in the world. Guys don’t like that. They want someone who can hold an adult conversation. They like smart people. Who don’t go around leaving nothing to the imagination. They don’t like other guys looking at what’s theirs and can’t respect a woman who if they jump will popout of their dress that’s not sexy for people of our age, I mean hello you ain’t twenty anymore.” Jessie said tiliting her head with sarcasim.

“You little fucking bitch. How dare you call me ring bunny. You don’t know shit about the men in that ring. Your dumbass couldn’t turn a man on with a switch you fugly little whore.” Mindy said stepping up to Jessie. “I aint fugly you the one who looking more caked up than anything in my shop. Plus I aint no whore I got a man who I didn’t have to beg for. You desperate slut. You over talking about the only thing you care to do is shop, party, and get on guys at the ring. Only thing you missing is a bottled water being that damn thirsty. You can try all you want but you guys will never be claimed or chained by any man in that ring. That can’t stand your type. They bitch about you guys touching them all the time the sanitize themselves every time you do. You too stupid to notice.” Mindy took this moment as the guys came walking up behind her to slap Jessie hard across the face. Jessie face turn to the side by the impact.

Jessie took he fist and hit her in the face causing her to fall on the floor and her sky high heels to both break. Busted lip and nose bleeding. “Don’t put your hands up on me again me bitch, or it could be the last damn thing you do.” Jessie said. “You crazy bitch. “Damn that was sexy as fuck. Jaxon said as he and Xavier came up to Jessie checking her hand asking if she ok. “What the fuck Jaxon didn’t you just see what she did to me and you’re not going to do anything?” “I saw you insult her for about almost twenty minutes than saw you slap her across her face. That hit you took was called self defense. Who the fuck is just going to stand there and let someone slap them. Girl honestly you dumb as hell. You dressed as a fucking slut, and I can’t stand to talk to you for another minute. Fucking ring bunnies I swear man.” Jaxon shaking his head looking Xavier.

“You just call me a damn ring bunny?” “Told you, you stupid sack of shit. Just grab your shit and get gone. Jaxon thank you for a nice evening this bitch aside. I apologize she a basic bitch and I will have my friend call you by this weekend.” Thank you cupcake you know I need a real woman and not jokes like this.” Jaxon said point to Mindy. “Fuck all of you tired asses. Mindy said holding her nose as she limped in her broken shoes. “Ya, ya good night Cindy.” Xavier said. “It’s Mindy asshole.” “Whatever Lindsey.” Xavier said helping Jessie to the car. Jaxon got in his car and looked up confused at his passenger window. “What the hell you think you doing?” HE asked mIndy who was trying to open the door. “Tryign to get in so you can take me home.” She said dumbly. “I aint taking your dumb ass home. I told you have a ride here and back. I know your ass better call lyft, taxi, uber, or one of your other ring bunny friends you getting your nasty ass up in my car. I think the fuck not. After the way you treated my friends, me, hell even yourself I don’t ever want to hear form you or of you again. You the date from hell. HE said as he started the car and left.

“What the fuck?” She said as she was still holding her nose back pulling out her phone getting a ride as Xavier drove the two in the truck couldn’t contain their laughter. “Seriously baby are you ok? Hows you face?” “I feel great. It’s been a hell of a week and it’s not even over yet. Can we just go home and have a shower wash this night off us?” YA baby were closer to mine let’s do it.” HE said bring her hand to his lips.

Once they got home and undressed each other in the shower, and Xavier washed her hair, than their bodies. Xavier found Jessie on her knees in front of him. “Baby what you doing?” HE said getting hard and hopeful. “I can feel you a little tense about what happened back there and I am going to help my man with his tension. She said as she teased the tip of his dick with her tongues as some precum was starting to gather up. She slowly stroked him a couple of times before she took him in her mouth. Being much more than the can take She was sure to use her hands twisting his now slick hard on causing him to see stars as she was sucking his soul out of his body through his dick. She worked him over good as he started groan and moaning crying out for her. “MM Damn baby you drive me fucking nuts. Look how good you work daddy’s dick baby girl.” HE said as his hands were laced in her hair as he forfeited complete control. That was until he say her hand go to just over her clit, rubbing it making her moan and viberate through him.

“OH fuck yeah baby.” HE said as he started controlling the pace with his finger still in her hair as he moved her up an d down on his dick thrusting into her mouth. “Yes baby work my fucking juicy clit get us both there baby. Give it to me.” Once those words came out of his mouth they both came hard. She swallowed like the good girl she wanted to be his weak and shakey still were able to lift her up dry them both off and lay them down naked to cuddle. HE pulled her on to him as he snuggled her close to his chest on his side. “I love you Xavier I’m lucky to have you.” “I love you baby. I’m forever thankful to have you.” Lost in each other made sleep come easier than they did.

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