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Chapter 13: The divorce and The Next step.

It was now Friday. Jessie and her crew at the shop busted their asses to get all the goods ready and now they were in a van that would be pulling up in the service area in the back of Fire Diamonds Industries. The guys have been more than helpful as they all wore black and looked fine as hell, she stuck with a modest simple little black dress that Eric said every woman should always have. It didn’t leave over or under dressed, but standing next to all these handsome men, and dressed up women made her feel as about as sexy as one tooth okie.

“Ok guys let’s just set up and get the hell out of here. Xavier you and Ryder carry the cake its extremely heavy for being four tiered. Eric will assemble the other pieces as he and Axel get it over there. Once her starts putting it together he’ll only need one of you the other two come back here and help me and Noah with the rest we have four vans to unload and we can be quick. All the goods are on racks. So just grab a rack and hurry along. The room is right through there. We can do this in less than an hour. Let’s move team party already started.” “Woo.” Ryder said. “Sorry just got caught up in the moment.” He said helping Xavier grab the bottom two cakes as Eric and Axel grabbed the top two together. She made a huge edible gorgeous diamond that look like it was on fire. Making each layer of cake different popular flavors. She was on her tenth rack only about twenty more to go and they were done and gone she was on the opposite side of the room away from the guys they had spread out food tables where they wanted everything so they were just going along with the planners steps. “Everything looks amazing. “Tony said. As the rest of the guys came up agree kissing her on the head with a hug even Mateo who was smiling widely happy. They all worked hard to get here.

“Am I going to be the only one who doesn’t get a hug. Are you not proud of me too” Dimitri asked looking at her. “I am proud and happy for you.” She said sticking her hand out to shake. “I just don’t think it’d be the same kind of hug they gave coming from you.” Dimitri took her hand in his and shook it. “I’ll take whatever you’re willing to give. Thank you that means a lot. We all worked hard to be here.” “I know. I know how much this means for you guy and form the bottom of my heart. I am happy for you, proud of you, and wish you nothing but more success, happiness and growth here. Your work is really something I’m impressed. I mean that deeply for ALL of you.” She said looking at Dimitri last with a small smile.

“Thank you very much.” He said trying to hold himself back from throwing himself on her into another hug. They guys didn’t’ leave them alone but managed to turn away not to stare exactly them to make them awkward. “Look Jessie the last time I saw I was drunk and crazy not myself. You know that was not me. I just wanted to apologize for the hurt and concern I caused. I would never intentionally hurt you or mean to cause you harm. I’m so sorry.” “It’s not ok that it happened. However I do accept your apology, and would like to move on like it never happened. I just need you to know that the way you acted made me almost pass up this job completely. Until Xavier talked me into it. He’s always the sense of reason that man.” Jessie said happily. Making Dimitri cringe on the inside.

The guys came up to her all but Eric. “Hey baby Eric need you something about a fire diamond and some flames that need to be fixed.” Xavier said wrapping his hands around her waist. “Oh crap, I’m coming are you guys all done?” “Yes Cupcake we can leave as soon as you and my man are set.” Noah said. “You’re not going to stay?” Dimitri asked a litte hurt The rest of the guys looked a little sad.” “No this is your big night you don’t need me getting in the way of all your guy’s hard work and partners, and high end clients.” “Your half the reason we even got this far.” Mateo said sadly. “You got her because you deserved it, now go out there and keep that true.” She said hugging them all and shaking Dimitri’s hand. Quickly going across the crowded room to help Eric.

“Not to sound to rude but what are you guys doing here?” Mateo asked glaring a little at Axel who just brushed it off. “Well our cupcake need help form some strong people that stuff gets pretty damn heavy.” Ryder chuckled at him. “Well doesn’t she have more staff for that?” Dimitri asked. Taking a drink from his cup. “Her team busted their ass to make this in four days, and she still need to have something left for the shop, their all exhausted and the shop is actually being run by the owner and one other person because everyone else couldn’t stand up to make it in.” Noah added calmly. “Well we are sorry about that we will be sending a card with something extra for all their hard work. It taste amazing.” Tony said his mouth full of a cannoli.

“Not to mention you freaked her the fuck out.” Xavier said looking Dimitri dead in the eye. “I see that you tried correcting that though.” He added. “I guess I should thank you for your pep talk or we wouldn’t have half of this. I want you to know I’m thankful for what you did. That being said I was wondering when you planned on also backing the fuck off Jessenia?” “Now why the hell would I do that. That would seem a little pointless seeing as though I’m going to marry that woman.” Xavier said flatly.

“Really you think so? How do you think that’s going to go? She hates attention you drag with you everywhere you go? What happens when you try to do all those dad things with your kids, but their friends run off because they’re too scared of you? How you think she’s going to feel all the teachers, and parents judging you how you look, and what you do for a living. Do you really think that’s what she wants and needs? I’m amazed you don’t fucking bruise her when you touch her. Hell she even cut off her own mother because of all the damn things you put in her head. She was doing great before you came along no way in hell would she behave or act the way she did to her mom if you hadn’t paved the way in her mind. Do you honestly believe you’re the best thing for her? How deep do those damn scars really go? You got any PTSD shit that’s going to hurt her in the end all that damage going on the left side of you man gotta run deeper than skin. How do we know she’s safe with you?” Dimitri asked cockily

“She knows she safe with me because she always reaching and looking for me in the crowd. All that attention she hates falls away the second she sees me you know it too because you’ve seen it on her face. I don’t bruise her like some people in this area, because I know how to hold my woman and how she likes to be held. It’s a small as town you dumb ass every future parent and teacher any of my kids would have already met me hell I raise money for the school, and churches already. Don’t worry about my future babies with because I don’t plan to raise them to be a superficial future asshole. She was scared to take a job doing something she loves because of what you could possibly to do her like you did not too long ago. It ain’t me she’s scared of you need a mirror for that man. SO you need to take you and your loud mouth opinions else where because they don’t mean shit.” Xavier said taking a deep breath squaring up to Dimitri.

“You can’t get to me with all your bullshit about my appearance you prissy asshole. No I don’t have PTSD because I am proud of the way I look all the way through. My looking like this means someone else gets to wake up everyday still breathing and I did my god damn job so I wear this shit with pride.” Xavier said representing his face and left side. “I ain’t one of these little boys in books and movies whose going to question Jessies needs and future wants with me, because I can’t get past my insecurities get in my own way and lose her. I stand her supporting her trusting in her choices and continue to show her everyday why I am the best thing for her. Especially compared to you. Who so pathetically sad you are doing anything you can possibly think just to try to get her to look at you. You need to back off, and back down and you can keep her mother if you knew or respected her at all you would leave that thread alone. Enjoy your party. I need to get my girl home. She has a long week and could use a good massage and a nap.” Xavier said as he bumped past Dimitri shoulder to start walking by his family right behind him glaring at Dimitri.

“Ok we are ready were you guys nice to the guys?” Jessie asked. “Were we completely nice to the guys.” Axel said not lying. “Ok let’s go.” They got in the cars and went home after Jessie and Eric gave the guys special treats for helping. Xavier got Jessie home to his word gave her a good back and head massage and let her nap. Dimitri couldn’t enjoy the rest of the party as he imagined Xavier’s hands all over what was his. HE slowly started coming up with a plan. Smirking realizing how he could possibly get his Jessie back.

Earlier that day something else has been just as entertaining and mentally draining. Lily could not believe when she got a call from Mr. Johnson about a mediation date Friday to go over the divorce to finalize it. She really believed that he would have been out some where for some time and than come crawling back next week or so. He thought the same thing about Jessie but she’s still blocked every way possible. How could they do this to her. Lily and her lawyer now stood across Callan and Mr. Johnson.

“Ok so we have the house settled to be in Lily’s name as well as her car, and her secret account that she thinks my client does not know about. My client has took some pictures, his car, and his clothes. The only thing my client is asking for half the joint account funds to be divided equally and than we will be all settled.” Mr. Johnson said calmly. “No that’s not true what about the mechanic shop my client is entitled to half of the shop, and up to half the shops accounts.” Her lawyer said smugly.

“If you would and your client would know how to read a simple piece of paper you will notice two things one everything in Mr. Alderman’s will rolls over to Jessenia Alderman Your client receives nothing. The second thing you’ll notice is the shop is not in Mr. Alderman’s name but Jessenia’s name as well as all the financial accounts so your client is entitled to half of anything that is not legally owned by Callan. Only thing Callan owns is that house, and technically both cars. Seeing as he so generously left her two of those things I think it’s only smart to divide the joint account and settle this now. Or we could take this to court which will be on your own dime Mrs. Alderman where you will not only have to forfeit over half your secret account, your car and possible losing the home by having to sell and divide it, all your personal assets alone is worth more than what Mr. Alderman makes since he is not the owner of the shop but a simple employee you would subjected to pay monthly alimony until one of you becomes deceased, or Callan remarries. So how would you like to go about this Mrs. Alderman?” MR. Johnson asked with authority and his hands laced and on the papers in front of him.

“If you think you can seriously walk away from for good, I will sign those papers. Don’t you for a second think I will just forgive you so easily when you come running back.” She spat out with venom. “Lils I wouldn’t come crawling to you if the world was filled with piss and you lived in the only tree.” HE said as he singed them all and tossed them at her waiting for her to sign too. She glared at him trying to hide the outrage she felt and humiliation she felt about the one she loved for over thirty years dragging her through this damn circus. What a joke she thought to himself. There was no doubt in her mind he wouldn’t be able to even do better of a fraction than her. Once he sees how horrible it is out there for the singles market hell come crawling on his hands and knees. At least that’s what she convinced herself anyway.

The lawyers shook hands and told them they are now divorced. Finalized papers would be in the ail in a few weeks. Callan didn’t waist no time in sticking around the second his lawyer told him he was done he got up with out one or even look and left the building. Got in his car and left her there. She was in shock walking to her car he didn’t even look at her. Thirty fucking years of her life and not even a screw you nothing. Well that’s o it’s all just a matter of time. Her phone wrang to find one of her friends. Aria Moretti. “Hey Ari.” She said pleasantly. “So is it done, did that asshole actually sign those papers?” “Yup its over.” “Well don’t worry in time he’s going to realize what an old damn fool he is and come running like a dog with a tail between his legs. Now before you go to work I wanted to run something by you.” “What may that be?” “Well you know the Annual Ladies of Atheo luncheon I hold every year. Well I am making a trip down to my future daughter in laws quaint little bakery in the hickish no where town. To make her take the job of handling the treats. Everyone is raving about the still, since the Johnson event and I have to have the best.” “Well I think that’s a wonderful idea however I will not be making that trip with you. You know how pleased she is with me but I will see her at the luncheon than and put this ugly little mess behind me.” Lily said starting the car putting in her ear piece.

“Yes I’m actually taking the other mothers of Dimitri’s business partners a little emotional leverage if you will. I am going to do everything possible for her to realize just how much she belongs in the Moretti family. Everyone who’s anyone will be there and I know they will help along. I’m also please to announce it’ll be on that savage she’s playing with fight night in Atheo but Dimitri is not signing up neither are our other boys because they will be personally helping with the luncheon. It’s perfect. So tomorrow we will be making our way there so tea time you are on your own my love. Talk to you later I’m sorry for today, but it will all work out in the end. I know it.” “By Aria send love.” Lily phone hung up on it’s own as she went into work, and did her job until dinner time where she stayed working late.

Jessie, Lexi, and Eric were just grabbed by security to be brought back to the boys room as they grabbed their things to get ready. “Oh wait, I need to bring someone else with me is that ok?” “I am not allowed to tell you no, Ms. Jessie. I just am required to not let any bunnies in the back.” He said waiting. “Ok great hold on just one second she’s right there. I’m just going to grab her.

“Niki come were going to be going in the back now.” “Are you sure it’s ok for me being here. What if he changed his mind, or he was just joking.” Niki said about to run out of the building. It took every bit of energy she had to pop in here. “He is going to love you not suck it up were right here with you.” Jessie said taking her hand as the followed the security guard to the back.

After knocking Noah opened the door just to drag Eric in by the neck kissing him deeply pulling away to smile and greet everyone else. “Hello ladies, Eric. Oh wait a minute I don’t know this one.” Axel said wrapping his arms around Lexi. “Hey baby.” Jessie said as her beastly man came and scooped her up. “Everyone you did great tonight really it was so awesome to watch tonight I feel start struck. Oh I also brought a good friend of mine I hope that’s alright with you guys.” Jessie said. “Any friend of yours is surely welcomed right men?” Noah asked as he slapped Eric on the ass. “Hey! She’s our friend too.” Eric said. Making Lexi smile with pride nodding along. Everyone meet Nikayla Williams but everyone calls her Niki. Niki is the most sought out hair stylist in just about the whole state. She actually owns and operates Niki’s Miracles. In the ext town over just about actually twenty minutes away from your place Jaxon.” Jessie said nonchalantly to Jaxon wondering if he heard her he has been zoned out since she walked into the room.

Ryder elbowed Jaxon in side. “Sorry, what? I’m Jaxon it’s nice to meet you.” HE said kind of rushed up to shake her hand. “Hi, Niki. You did great tonight. Sorry for imposing like this I’m just hoping this isn’t weird for you.” She said quietly as the rest of the group went apart in their own conversations. “Why would it be weird or a problem?” Jaxon said smiling getting a little closer to her in her dark washed Jeans and beautiful yellow and orange top that covered her body yet highlighted her curves. She was just beautiful, he was wondering how someone this beautiful has just been twenty minutes from him this whole time and he never knew.

“I thought you knew? Ok well this is awkward than. See couple days ago Jes said you guys went on this blind date from hell. And you asked her to set you up with a friend she knew. I am that said friend. JEs thought it might be a good time to come meet you and see what you do so I could get a better sense of what I could possibly be getting into. I feel so bad now, I thought you knew I would be meeting you at least by some point. So I’m just going to take my foot out my mouth pick up some of the dignity I left at the door back there and go I’m so sorry.”

“Eh no wait. Please just give me a minute to grab my stuff. I didn’t know if Jessie was still going to hook me up or not she hasn’t said anything. This is so, so much better though. I’m really glad you came. If you give me one second we can ditch they ass and I would like to take you to dinner? If that’s ok?” “Are you sure you don’t have to. I mean you must have other plans or something right?” “Nope, not a damn thing but trying to get some of your time.” Jaxon said scratching the back of his head hoping that didn’t sound that cheesy. “Alright. I was actually really nervous this whole time so I’m sorry if something feels off I haven’t done this in awhile.” Niki said using hand gestures. “Ok we out. See you later fam.” Jaxon said. Niki hugged her friends good bye, and waved at the rest of the guys and walked out the door. “Jaxon lunged himself hugging Jessie and kissing her forehead. “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Jaxon said in a loud whisper holding his forehead to hers causing Xavier to shove him back laughing at him.

“Damn he shagged some major ass to get her far from us, think our bro got himself a crush at first sight. So why you got any more hidden angels in your pocket you want to give me sweetness?” Ryder asked. “If you’re being serious yes I actually do. I wan you to think about deeply though because I don’t want to dip and slip my friends.” Jessie said with a finger pointed to him. “I never heard that before I am so using that.” “Me too.” Eric and Noah said laughing. “Well we going to slip so we can dip.” Eric said leaving everyone laughing. “YA us too.” Axel said slapping Lexi ass as she stood up, earning a slap back.

Jessie and Xavier walked out with Ryder to Xavier’s truck he helped her in before he shut the door she heard Ryder. “Jess, I’m going to seriously think about and let you know next Saturday. I’ve been playing with the idea, but I’ll know soon. Thank you Jessie.” Ryder said with a smile. Xavier shut the door and hugged Ryder to hear him whisper. “You such a lucky man Xavier I’m seriously happy you got blessed man.” “Thanks, I know.” Xavier said smiling deeply.

Xavier listened to Jessie talk about the last book they read on Plato. Blown away by how truly smart, and thoughtful, kind, and humble. Beautiful, sexy, honest, talented and so many things all wrapped up in this small little woman beside him and he can’t figure out what he did to deserve her. HE wasn’t even sure how to be without her anymore. For over a month now they have basically been living together. It’s been almost two months of sleeping next to each other and spending every free moment at each others house. Maybe it was time to make it official and move in. The thought had stayed with him even when they laid down to go to sleep. Was she ready to leap into the next with him. Was she where he was at?

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