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Chapter 15: Goodbye Chloe

Saturday came in no time Jessie was just happy they had at least a few more days than last time to work a better variety for the luncheon she was dreading on going to. The vans came she and Eric hoped in and made their way to the luncheon. Xavier had arranged for a car to come for them to bring them to the ring. Thinking maybe she would like to circulate and see some of the old friends, if she had any, that would be there. This was an event she catered for the since got her degree when she was twenty-two almost a full five years ago. Her birthday just three weeks away. Exactly on her four month anniversary with Xavier.

It was still pretty early she had a few hours before she had to leave and they had set up and was almost finished with making the setting the decorations on the cake. Eric came up to her telling her everything was set looking excited at how elegant, and beautiful everything worked hard for looked and blended in so well with the fall theme they had going.

“Everything looks so wonderful.” Gigi said coming to hug the two hard workers. “I can see myself taking an extra mile walk on the tread mill tomorrow morning.” Vivy said also giving her love. “Oh you hush you know very Mr. Vitale would ravish you no matter what you weigh which is no where near even a buck five.” Jessie said to her causing everyone around to giggle in the fun. “As usual everything looks delicious and to die for her, I never understand how you do such art with food, my dear.” Camilla added. “That is because she is simply a genius. Brains, beauty, and quick wit. Our girl has got it all.” Aria said as she held her closely I have someone who came by just for a quick visit. He knew you were coming and just couldn’t resist, I told them not to worry about it because I know how much it will tickle you pink to see them.” Aria said smiling deeply. Making Jessie and Eric a little nervous.

That’s when Aria called them over. They were standing there handsome as hell in their age stood the other five father figures she grew to love and know. The first people besides her father to ever show any real faith and support in her the founders of Fire Diamond Industries. She could not stop the ear to ear smile and the tightness of each hug as she was passed through all five huge men. “Have you shrunk?” Mr. Russo asked. “You’re still a knock out kiddo.” Mr. Lorenzo added. “Your food is still the best thing I’ve ever eaten, sorry honey.” Mr. Vitale said kissing his wifes forehead. “It’s so good to see you little one.” “Always good to see you Mr.Damico.” She said squeezing her tightly. “Are you eating enough? You look a pale are you sure your getting enough rest? You know your father could always.” Jessie cut him off. “Mr. Moretti, I am fine. I eat perfect healthy and unhealthy diets, and I get plenty of rest. Actually my boyfriend makes sure I’m well taken care of. You all sound just like him right now it’s a little eerie.” She said with a slight shiver. Making them all smile at her.

“Does this boyfriend have a name?” Mr.Russo asked playfully. “With no doubt, no doubt you probably even know his social security number by now. Let’s not insult me by playing the I don’t know game.” Jessie said. “Well I don’t know I bet there is one thing they don’t know about him.” Eric looked at her with an evil smirk. “What would that be my good boy?” Mr. Vitale asked curiously. “Well she moved in with him. Yesterday.” Eric said as they group of old people looked a little taken back. “Are you ready for a step like that with this man so soon.” Mr. Moretti asked honestly just worried for her. “Yes I am it feels right. It’s been almost a whole year since we’ve been active. I mean you remember what it felt like when you realized you feel in love with these lovely ladies right?” Jessie asked looking around playing the empathy card.

“Like it was yesterday.” Mr. Damico said. “Well ya that’s only because even after all this time we still fall a little more each passing day.” Mr. Lorenzo said kissing the back of his wifes hand. “Ok well it is getting late and we have a car about to be on the way so even though I am so happy to see you. We really need to leave.” Jessie said hugging all of them back realizing how late it has gotten. Forgetting how much she truly missed the older men in her life. She promised herself to invite them out to the café being retired and still spends time with her dad once in awhile.

Walking to their car that was waiting for them she past the only person she honestly didn’t wan tot see especially so soon. Their in the parking lot was her mother. “Eric I’ll meet you in there just tell him to give a minute please.” Eric nodded a little confused he has never seen the devil in person. Jessie was starting to continue to walk past her but all hope failed.

“Really Jessenia? You are choosing to remain the childish game of pretending I don’t exist or the silent treatment.” Her mother snorted at her rolling her eyes. “Well you know what they say if you have nothing nice to say, it’s better to not say anything at all. Of course if you were to follow that advice you be a forever a mute. I’m not pretending you don’t exist. I have literally to say to you and I have no desire to talk to someone who has never anything to say that isn’t negative. If you’re so offended by that than that’s your issue and maybe you should find something to do about that because I could honestly care less. Now can you remove yourself from my way or is there another tantrum you would like to throw here in the parking lot?” She asked crossing her arms and tilting her head.

“You sound like an ungrateful brat. I tell you a couple of things you don’t want to hear, and you try to cut me out.” “NO you don’t you don’t get to go and lie and play that stupid ass victim game you play for your corrective criticism, or your tough love act. It’s not about you saying stupid shit I couldn’t hear. It’s about me telling you the truths you couldn’t handle. There is an event going on with people who may actually like you in there so that’s where you need to be; because right now your doing nothing but waste my time and I’m not missing Xavier fight because you can’t move your tight, uptight, manipulative, hateful ass out of my way. Bye Lily.” Jessie said as she pushed past her shoulder not putting up with her shit anymore. Almost twenty-seven years was enough.

They go to the ring and was able to see all the fights. Turns out the crew from Atheo did compete and won everyone they went up against. So did Xaviers crew. The beast v/s the hammer was a ten minute fight only because he beast was playing with him just to knock in his ego, every one hated hammer he couldn’t be in a group he was hated so much. After fighting with Xavier it doesn’t seem like hell be fighting or gloating for a few months. A security guard came up to them. “The men you are with would like you four to wait outside together for them they will be out shortly.” HE said as he escorted them outside.

“SO this is where you to used to trot around, it’s huge, and a little crazy.” Niki said laughing. “I have to go to the bathroom.” Lexi said. “Me too.” Niki said. “Ya me to. Are you going to be ok on your own?” Eric asked a little nervous. “Im a big girl I’ll be fine and right here besides you’ll be quick back.” Jessie said leaving Eric to hurry back in to get back quickly. “You look great woman.” Leo said giving her a quick hug and kiss to the forehead. “You spend a few hours with our parents and they are ready to kick us out of the will all over again.” Gio said with a wink and a smirk to go with his hug. “So what’d you think?” Mateo asked in his hug. “I’m proud of all you, you guys did so well.” She said in her hug to Tony.

“Even me?” Dimitri asked with his bag on his shoulder, hands in his hoodie. These guys get bulkier everytime she sees them. “Yes even you D.” She said causing his eyes to light up with a spark of life. The guys pretended to be talking to each other about business so Dimitri could say a word to her. “It’s good to see you here, I think I may have even seen you cheer for me for a second there. Could also be wishful thinking.” HE said looking down sadly. “I was cheering for all of you guys all five. D I’m not being some hateful spiteful person I keep telling you I forgive you I want nothing but the best for you. I honestly wish you nothing but happiness. I want nothing more than for all of you to succeed. There is no hate from me on my side of the fence.” She said throwing her hands up in surrender.

“That’s the thing though Jessie, you are the source of my happiness. Yet I can’t quiet seem to reach it. How can I succeed in my dreams if I keep waking up alone without that’s just an ever going nightmare. I can’t get over you. My heart won’t let me, my brain doesn’t even know how and it’s almost been a whole year. I can’t do this without you. I just can’t let you go.” “He said trying to reach out to her. “You’re relentless at times you know that. Even now you still can’t understand that magical two letter word of NO can you. Somedays I swear your just that prissy stuck up little boy getting mad when someone tells him no.” Jessie said shaking her head looking at him making sure he couldn’t touch her.

“If I recall, it was my relentless ways that help make you fall for me before. You know what they say if it the move works.” He said still trying to get closer making her back up a little more. “You need to stop D seriously.” She said holding her hand up to make him halt. “Tell me how you felt being at mom’s lunch thing today? How it felt to bundled up in all that love of the families here who truly miss you and yearn for you to come back and make us complete again the way things should be? Can you honestly say you didn’t wish to be back here just once.” Dimitri asked using that one hand to pull her in to look deep in her eyes to ask her that question. “You say your over me, you forgive me, if that’s the case why do you resist and fight back so much when I try to touch you?” He asked getting his body closer.

“I don’t want you to touch me because lately you scare the hell out of me your being aggressive and crowded myspace and it makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like it.” Jessie said yanking her arm back. At least it wasn’t so tight is would have left marks like last time. “I did like being around all of your guy’s family, but I never for a moment thought to myself I missed this place I was actually hoping ot invite them to the shop when they come to visit my dad. I don’t know what else I got to do to get through to you D. I’m not in love with you, I am in love with Xavier.” “You say that now but this phase will pass trust me.” Dimitri said trying to get closer again as she backed right into a set of arms that wrapped around her tightly the scent and feeling gave him off right away. The only person who body would ever react to in such a way. Xavier and everyone else coming around surrounding him. “The only phase around here was you Moretti. Now you need to step your little ass back because your making my woman uncomfortable and I don’t like it. You a grown as man when a woman says stop you need to act like a grown ass man and stop!”Xavier said.

“I was only telling her the truth, one of these days she will stop lying to herself and finally see the light I’ll be waiting with forgiveness and open arms, this won’t last. Jes will one day realize how much she’s missing out with everyone who’s waiting here for her.” Dimitri said with an evil smirk. “Funny she never mentioned anyone here form home every night sh elayin gnext to me curled up to me in my chest, in my arms. Most night’s crying my name. No one else even get’s in the mix. She didn’t mention any plans of our future moving back here as she unpacked all her shit in my house. Oh my bad baby our home.” He said kissing the top of her head. Making her turn red.

“I swear one day when we are all forced to be around each other it won’t feel like a giant pissing contest.” Jessie said shaking her head. “Look Dimitri I understand there will be lots of times where we are forced to be around each other but I would really like it if you would stop this. It needs to end. That’s it I’ve had enough you need to quit. Let’s go.” Jessie said as everyone just turned and walked away telling the others good evening and good job tonight. She walked a couple feet only to be blocked by Chloe Palmer. “You guys please just go to the car. I will be right there.” Jessie said. Lexi, Niki, and Eric right next to her. “Oh hell no we aint leaving with this fugly little trick.” “Niki stop it’s ok this wont take long and nothing is going to happen. Everyone but Lexi started to walk away just very slowly. “Lexi it’s alright.” Lexi just nodded and turned to leave.

Not knowing Dimitri and the boys could hear and see everything. “You just going to stand her blocking my way or you got something to say?” Jessie asked in a bored tone. “Don’t act like you better than me you shady ass, man stealing bitch. I just don’t get it for someone who is so over everything that happen you seem to be having a hard time letting Dimitri go you always seem to find a way to be alone with him or to talk to him. You keep dragging him through soom idiotic hoops like a damn dog on a leash. I’m just wondering when you tired ass is finally going to disappear for good so we can a fighting chance at our relationship.” Chloe said getting angry.

“HE loves me, and he can’t seem to let go of his first love I get that everyone still stays somewhat attached but you seem to be having way to much trouble letting him go. I see the way you are with him you can’t fucking lie to me. I know your just stringing him along. I know you don’t love him the way I do. There’s no way you could. If you were able to keep him in love with you as good as you thought you had it he wouldn’t have been under me. Sliding over my wet sweaty body. Craving my voice calling his name. You best believe it’s going to be me wearing his rock on my finger. If you would just stay in your lane and leave. No one misses you here they just miss food, because girls seem to think it’s ok to let themselves go once they get a man I mean look at you. You got with that freak show and you can could definitely stand to lose a few.” Chloe said with an evil smirk and fake sad voice.

Jessie couldn’t hold in the laugh. “Oh honey the things you tell yourself to be able to get out of bed each morning must be some damn words of miracles, here’s some tissue paper to wipe some of that extra shit off your mouth. You see my dear fake ass Clo you’re right about one thing I don’t love him, and I am happy with my sexy beast of a man who is most definitely a freak but only in our bed darling. It must be so hard to see all of us truly beautiful women with curves, because you know what they say always wanting what you can’t have. I swear happiness must be stored in the breast which must be why you don’t have any. I wish you nothing but the best with Dimitri, he must still want you if you seem to always be stalking him. So maybe you can tell your man to calm down than because I don’t like being cornered into trying to get back to him he’s all yours have at him. Oh wait he doesn’t want the side piece anymore. That seems like something you too should talk about being so in love and all. Don’t worry honey I’ll make sure I stay away form now on and I will be sure the next major clients we get to drive two hours away for the best, we will turn down so Mr. Dimitri Moretti can be happy with his Mrs. Chloe palmer Moretti I wish you well. You should think about backing up a bit desperate, jealous bitch is not a good look for you, or that mask you call a face.”

“DAAMNNN!!! “ Tony said. “Oh shit my bad.” Tony added. “You better get your muzzle and control your bitch back on the leash D.” Jessie said rolling her eyes at him. “Jess what, you know she’s full of shit.” Dimitri almost starting to come up to her. “That’s the thing D you both are so full of shit that’s why your eyes are brown. You both just need to stay away from. I will start doing the same.” Jessie said walking to Xaviers arms who lifted her happily into his lifted truck. “Let’s go home baby. That was hot. I can hear that tub calling our name.” HE purred at her as he buckled her in. Dimitri looked at Chloe in such a dark way she honestly felt scared.

“I tell you to stay away from me you follow me every where I go. I tell you to keep your slutty ass away from her, you pop every she goes when we finally get her here. You embarrass yourself at the Johnson Gala. You honestly thought you could get into my mothers Ladies of Atheo lunch today knowing over half those women can’t stand you. Hell you slept with half of either their husband, sons, or nephews. You got escorted off my parents property Do you have absolutely any shame at all, or did you flush that down the drain along when Jessie flushed the both of us. What’s it going to take to get through to you I don’t want you!!” Dimitri screamed at her hurting her wrist.

“Why can’t you just admit you want me. It’s so clear to everyone but you! You can’t see it because your so blinded by someone who keeps shoving you away. You need to finally cut her loose so we can finally be together. I know how much you love me. You don’t have to keep punishing us just because you feel bad.” Chloe said trying to reach out to hold him. It was very clear she was twisted when he saw Chloe paying the security guards an drandom drunk dudes during the fight to spill things on Jessie, trying to trip her, and other childish behavior if Xavier or the other guys would have saw what he did she would be a missing person. Guess that’s what it has to come to he thought to himself.

“You know what Chloe it’s clear you are never going to let this go. Boys I think we should take her back to the spot and celebrate this great win tonight.” The guys all smiled and nodded. Their fathers used to have a special spot where they eliminated those who stood against them. They have passed down the special spot to them to continue their legacy by any means necessary. This was one obstacle his father encouraged to get ride of when Jessie left in hopes she would return. Now seems as good as time as any.

“You’re honestly going to love this place clo, it’s everything but your name. In fact lots of people probably going to meet us there let’s hurry so we can get there first and open the door.” Dimitri said wrapping an arm around her waist to keep her close. Mateo texting the security guard to erase the tapes of her leaving with them. It felt good to have the whole city under their finger tips. They all thought. The drive was forty-five minutes out in the sticks to a little shack that looked like it could only hold about almost twenty people. “Are you sure this is the right place.” She asked in her snobby voice sure is.” Dimitri said happily. She just smiled brightly and clung to his arm.

Once you came into the door there was a hidden spot you had to open to lead you down the steps to a huge torture chamber. With every devices and weapon you could ever think of hanging on and through the walls and room. Now as a right of passage so to speak I have to blind fold you I don’t want you to get ahead of yourself and ruin all the fun were going to have to night.” Dimitri added as Mateo blind folded her and she got giddy with excitement. Once they made their way down there and turned on the lights she could hear the chains moving around. Getting her a little more excited. She felt her arms stretched out a little above her shoulders not quite as far as Jesus on the cross but half way there and positioned a little higher above the head.

“MMM daddy, tell me is this one of those BDSM clubs?” She asked biting her lip getting turned on. “Not even close you stupid bitch.” Leo laughed. “Don’t call me daddy either.” Dimitri added. Gio took the blindfold off. “It’s time for the fun. You see Chloe even though Dimitri did fool around with your pathetic ass. The main part of Jessie leaving was you, you started all this.” Gio said. “It’s such as shame you just couldn’t keep your ass in check like a good little whore your other two friends were.” Mateo said flatly. “You see tonight was the last straw Jessie is our family and you just fucked with the wrong family.” Tony said looking her dead in the eye. “You are nothing to anyone. You are only the girl guys call to get a quick fuck when the one they really want is not available. So actually you are just a whore who doesn’t get paid.” Leo said.

“The main thing that got you here tonight besides me finally snaping is you got Jessie to actually think I may have something still going on with you. You are the only thing besides that mutant who keep s putting his dirty scarred up paws all over what’s MINE AND ONLY MINE!!” He screamed in her face full of such maliced anger. “Not only that, oh no, not only that. You got her to say those magically words of she will not be accepting any more jobs here in her own home town because she doesn’t want to hurt a relationship that will never even exist between us. You took almost my every opportunity to get close to her that I had you almost destroyed my plans of getting her back luckily they are just set back. Unluckily for you, you won’t be here to see us get married and see her swollen with my child, and not that savaged fucking beast!” HE screamed in her face one more time.

See the boys know just how crazy Dimitri can be because they all can. It was all the training. They also knew how much Jess meant to him Which made her family, and their eyes only his, leaving her their sister. One way or another she will be family permanently that was one thing they all agreed on. Than it would be so much easier to get Lexi on bored for Mateo, however that can’ happen without Jessie to help lead her down the right way.

Gio tighten everything up so she could not get no wiggle room to be comfortable. “Now this may hurt just a little bit of a lot.” Tony laughed as he shoved an old grey bandana in her mouth making her gag a little. “Look guys can’t be the first time a man made her choke right?” Leo said making the rest of them laugh harder leaving tears starting to fall off a very scared and nervous Chloe. “These were the hands used to help hurt my beloved sister.” Mateo said as the stapled each finger to a bored he slid behind them on each hand so they laid palm facing forward. Mateo than stepped back. Tony took throwing knives and threw two into each palm of her hand. “Only four for the time first four times you raped Dimitri. IF I recalled you got mad because he called out Jessie name while you were raping him right?” He asked and removed the bandana enough for her to answer. She just started sobbing. “I asked you a question Ms.Palmer.”Tony said as he pushed his two palms down on both of the knives on the palms.

“YES!!! YES I got mad mad because he was still thinking of her. But that was only to hide the guilt of how much he enjoyed it.” “Really? You know each time you drugged him he would come running to us that was the worse sex he’s ever had that’s how he figured out it was you.” Leo said as he was laughing. “Even drugged up he knew what a lousy lay you were. That’s sad girl.” He added. Taking off her panties. Dimitri came up with an electrical small device that almost looked like a vibrator but it was made to severely cut and shock the victim. There were two actually.

Slipping on gloves Dimitri lubed up each of them and than made his way up to her. Getting nervous. “It’s best if you just relax because ethe more you clinch them more it will feel like it’s ripping right through you.” He said happily as he shoved the first one through her bottom, leaving her to scream in the pain. Than he laced the second one right in her womanhood. She screamed even louder as she felt like every part of her insides were being pulled out and ripped apart. Gio came along and held her mouth open. “Mateo this bitch is making too much noise giving me a headache. “Well let’s fix that.” AS he held the tongs and her tongue out as Gio still held her mouth opened and head still. While Tony took the knife that Mateo was holding over the fire for a clean cut and sliced her tongue straight off. Sealing it with a special cloth to help absorb the blood just for a while.

Leo grabbed the throwing knives and started to draw a bunch of tic tac toe pattens all over her thighs, about four of them. They each took turns throwings more knives, darts, branding irons playing each other. Gio ever being the artiest drew with the blades all over her stomach and arms. She had passed out when they chopped her arms and legs off and put them into a special grinder. Than took off her jaw and even teeth. Into the grinder too. They gave it to a special pin of pigs hidden outside. Once one of the pigs were done they made sure to shoot it dead. They buried Chloe about twelve feet down and placed the dead pig about six feet below ground, so six feet above her. SO if anyone ever came looking for anything special they would only find the pig and continue on elsewhere.

By the time they were all cleaned up it was already morning. “Man it’s been awhile since we did that.” Leo said stretching out. Smiling deeply at the beautiful sunrise before them. “Yup.” Gio said yawning. “I’ll see you twats later. I need sleep.” “Alright night guys.” Dimitri said Mateo rode back with him. So you wan tot start going over some plans on how to remove two very annoying blockades?” Mateo said his anger and rage of not being able to hold Lexi anymore killing him and driving him just as mad as Dimitri. “Already ahead of you. First step is I need Leo to start getting someone from legal and real-estate.” HE said mid yawing the last word. I think it’s time maybe we started expanded. He said with an evil grin. southward.

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