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Chapter 16: Papa's &Dads

It’s been a good two weeks since the ugly incident with Chloe and Dimitri, true to her word. She has not accepted any of the hundreds of calls for pastries even though Ms. Ellie has accepted the orders Jess did make them but refused to go cater for them she sent the other staff below her. It was almost the end of her shift when the door opened to bring forward Mr. Moretti, Mr. Russo, Mr. Vitale, Mr. Lorenzo, and Mr. Damico. All looking around the place walking up to the young energetic girl cashier behind the counter. “Good afternoon gentlemen, what can I get for you today?” She asked happily until the bell jingled on the door again. “What the hell are you old assholes doing in here?” Cal laughed out loud holding his hand out to shake. Gabe right behind him. “We’re here to settle a problem with a certain little baker in the back. What are you doing doing out so early of the afternoon.” “It’s my time off went with new bestie here down the gym to work out with some of the local heros around here. You probably know them by now they whooped all y’all sons ass, hell he’s the one who broke Dimitri’s streak.” Cal said smirking. The other guys just went in an up roar of laughter.

“Ya I heard about that boy was so pist threw himself in a gym for like three days straight although I think it was the interaction with someone eels that left him in there. Boy can be dumb as a bag of rocks at times. I’m still hoping they can work it all out though.” Mr. Moretti said scratching the back of his head. “Hold that thought men.” He added. “Forgive us for being so loud and rude. Yes you can help us by grabbing A certain woman back there by her ear if need be and drag her ass out here so she can explain to all of us why the hell she’d turning down jobs in Atheo, and making our phones ring off the damn hook.” HE said polietley. “Well be over there waiting and would love five sweet teas while we do, how about you two will you please join us?” Mr. Russo added. “Make it seven.” Gabe said nodding along. Cal looked at Gabe. “What the hell why not?” “Alright this should be fun.” Cal said making Gabe look at him kindly.

Jessie put all the seven sweet teas, and made them herself because she knows just how they like them. “Good almost evening you handsome gentlemen. How are you doing today. You may have to wait to start your speech my good sirs for I should probably go get another set of pants, because I have a good feeling your about to chew my ass right out of these.” Jessie leaving Gabe, Mr. Vitale, Mr. Russo, but most of all her dad to bust out laughing to the point tears came out of their eyes. The door bell jingled again leaving Xavier and her five other boys looking beat come on all smile softly at her.

“Hey baby Could we get five lightly peached up sweet teas over at my normal table. Honey we so dead you going to have to drive us home. Xavier said resting his head on her should bending quite a ways down to reach her. “Sure thing first how about I introduce you to some special people. These are the first five men to take me seriously and give me my start in my career other than you daddy.” Jessie said. “So guys I would like you to meet. MR. Taivan Lorenzo he is Giovanni’s dad.” They waved he nodded with a smile. Mr. Marcello Russo Tony’s dad. They waved he nodded. “Mr. Vincent Vitale.” “Obviously Leo’s dad it’s like looking at his twin. Nice to meet you sir.” Noah said respectfully making everyone laugh.

Mr. Dante Damico Mateo’s daddy.” She said sweetly leaving him to nodded and wink at her. “This is Mr. Armando Moretti. Dimitri’s father.” HE gave a slight respectful nod. “These are my little family here This is Noah Bentley your all familiar with him.” They all nodded. “This is Ryder James, over there is Jaxon Brooks. This is Axel Graves he is actually Alexia’s boyfriend.” The look on their faces altered a little but the smile was real. They were finally putting faces of the men who seemed to keep getting in their kids way. Dante and Armando gave each other a knowing look. “This is my axel cousins, and my boyfriend Xavier Graves.” “You’re the one they call the beast right?” Marcello asked. “Yes sir I am.” Xavier replied back tucking Jessie into his side. These men rubbed him the wrong way. The other guys were hearing all sorts of warning bells going off in their heads being near these men.

“Ya, boy yo look the part. Heard you gave my boy a hell of a beat down. I actually saw a video of it. Got to say you didn’t look to happy when it was all over.” Armando said sitting back in his chair trying to read him. “I wasn’t. I didn’t think it was affair fight. He couldn’t keep his head in the game, leaving him open to the disadvantage. That’s not an honorable win sir.” “I agree with you there. You are different than I had you pegged but not by much. Besides any guy lucky enough to be with our little cookie here, has got to be a real upstage guy.” Armando said. “Same for you and our little firecracker Lexi.” Hw added looking at Axel.

“Guess it must run in the family than.” Vincent said kindly. “I would hope so I did my best with the boy.” Gabe said laughing all the men looked to him and smile. “Sorry let me introduce myself. I’m Gabriel Graves I’m Xavier’s father, and our little cupcakes future father in law.” Gabe said giving Armando and Dante a look. Cal smirking at them too. He may be semi friends with these gentlemen but when it comes down to it he’s backing Gabe. “Sure is.” Cal said patting him on the back. “Well she is young we will see ho wit all pans out. After all that was my title not long ago, who knows what could happen. As long as your happy love bug that’s all we want for you.” Armando said holding her gently. These men were always so great to her, holding special place in her heart.

“Ok well it was great to meet you but baby we dying for a drink and a long sit.” Xavier said pecking her lips. “Ok I’ll be right there. “Daddies, and Papa’s I will be right back in about less than ten minutes for you to scold me I promise.” She said running over to make the drinks having Eric send them over. “Jessie were clocked off they got it back there.” Eric hollered from across the room. Hey dad, hi dad, hello nice gentlemen.” The yelled back Hi to Eric remembering meeting them at the luncheon.

“Ok now what did you drive two hours to yell at me for?” Jessie asked drinking her tea. “Well we want to know why we are getting angry phone calls about why you are not catering to the what’d you always call them the rich bitches society all over Atheo.” Vincent asked crossing his arms. “I have no idea with why they are calling you papa Vinny. Was there a problem with the food? No one contacted us.” “No no the food is fine in fact the can even tell it’s yours, what’s not you is the delivery people who do not have your’s or that sweet kid’s over there touch. It’s just not the same kiddo.” Taivan said.

“Now don’t get it wrong those kids you got running this place right now they are very respectful and try their hardest, but face it Jessenia you know what these people want, and how they like it done. They have a respect for you. Not these kids. No matter what these kids do even if they follow directions to down to the T it will always be wrong. Than to see their faces of disappointment of all their hard work being under appreciated is heart breaking.” Marcello said. “Well if they know I’m cooking the food what’s the big deal? I am there through the food, if they want my products , than they need to accept the fact that I won’t always be the one to deliver it, they got what they asked for. They will always find something to complain about anyway we all know that’s not going to change. What’s the difference.” Jess asked getting a little irritated.

“I think what they are trying to say baby girl is that you know that’s how they are. You know how to handle those people because you are strong, and have done it before. So as their boss the person who works just over them, are you ok with those people treating your people who don’t now how to handle anyone like that? We don’t have those kinds of people in this town baby. They always come back with a fake smile wanting to crawl up in their bed and end the damn day quickly. That’s not like you to roll over and let people wallk on and dance your workers honey. That’s not who you are. I think that’s what they getting at.” Gabe said sitting back with one hand on his rink on the table and the other on his lap looking her deep in the eye. The other men nodding along. “Well put.” Dante said.

“Why did you quit catering yourself baby?” Callan asked crossing his arms and leaning on the table. “Well I never kept secrets from y’all before. I guess and papa Mando I say this with love I swear I do. I just needed a break away from just one time going there and not having the shit show talk with Chloe everytime. The last time was the last straw, I had just tried getting Dimitri to stop trying to get us back together because I’m not going to be able to be friends with him if he can’t let up. I have so much love and respect for all of you so I try to keep as civil as I can with him. I still love all your sons. But I’m just not in love with any of them. Once he found I moved in with Xavier just before the luncheon he blew his gasket a little.” She said yaking a deep breath.

“Than Chloe who I swear could be a walking plague she is just everywhere I go when I go down there. I can’t stand her snide comments, and always in my face, she actually paid people to trip me and all kinds of other stupid shit dad. This girl don’t let up she’s about as relentless as your son. Anyway she told me about how much in love they are together and I keep making it hard on them whenever I come in to town. So I want him to be happy so I promised to keep my distance. I’m no tone to go back on word.” Taking a deep breath.

“So I took myself out of a very complicated problem it would only make sense to do this. I mean he must love her at least a little I mean he gave us up for her, or at least four real times I’m aware of. I just wanted to give her a fair chance like she begged for. I know it’s important to her because she threw me away for it too. I just want one to be happy. I don’t know why they can’t let me be that? SO I need he break away that’s the whole point of moving here.”

“I know my boy done put a bad hurting a new type of something awful. He is paying that price everyday you ain’t with him. Believe me on that. HE punishes himself enough, even by my standards. I am forever sorry to you for that you know that’s not how I raised him. I know how much crow you must be eating everytime you make any type of communication or what not out of respect for our boys, and us an dwe love you even that much more for it, becasu ewe know that’s who you are and never wan you to change that because that is the good this ugly world need more of.” Armando said covering her hand with his.

“But my sweet baby girl that woman done lied to you. Dimitri may have done bad things with her she was so pist off when she found the engagement ring she found him with wasn’t for her. She did everything in her power to get you to leave him. Not like he left her much ammunition she made sure all the damage was already done. He has been telling her everyday to leave him since you been gone. HE has done nothing but push her away. In fact he filed a restraining order on her last time he saw you said he had enough of her stalking, and still trying to drug him. The only problem they had with that is they can’t seem to find Chloe to serve her the papers. She hasn’t checked in with her parents which isn’t shocking hell girl used to go off for years without a word and come back like nothing changed or happened. So we think she finally got the message.” Armando said. The other guys shaking their heads in agreement.

“If those were your only problems than my dear you have no real problems anymore. Besides you know what gets to me. Since when does Jessenia Alderman let anyone run her out of town it feels as if you’ve done that twice now dear. That is not you, our woman here would stand her ground and tell my son to andare a farsi scopare. Why are you running form a life you seem to keep drifting back to? Do you think maybe you have some attachments there besides us? You say you are done with that chapter with Dimitri but are you certain that is true if you two keep finding yourselves in those moments for those talks you run from so much. He says if he reaches to touch you, you cower away why is this Jess, are you scared of feeling something your mind does not wan you to feel? Are you sure you are done with him in those ways?” Armando asked still looking deep in her eyes.

“I am sure I am done. I keep getting in those spots because he keeps putting me in them I do not like it. It’s uncomfortable. I don’t feel that way for him. I’m not running from anything. I am running towards my future. This.” She said point at the table and than spreading her hands to show everything around them. “This town, this place, this job, and that incredible man. I am running to that at warp speed. I can’t believe it took me so long to get here, but I finally got here. I can’t see my future being with anyone other than that amazing man over there. Look the reason I won’t let Dimitri reach out to me is because honestly one he has no need, and I know it’s going to mean more to him than a simple hug would be. Second the way he snapped at Chloe, than the way he snapped at me it honestly scared me I know everyone said he changed, I didn’t know who that man was but I aint going to be dumb enough to find out. Something wasn’t ok with that. I still think it’s best if I stay away from the city for a little while. I got away from all that crap for a reason papa Mando.” Jessie said hoping that people will finally get it.

“We understand where you coming from love. Especially with all the things going on with your mom we know it wasn’t easy for you when you ran into her at the lunch thing. We all know how bad she can get. Cal is truly a Saint among men. You know our ol ladies will always be there for you. If you need someone to talk to.” Marcello said. Knowing how much Jessie loved Gigi, and Vivy. “Actually Gabe’s wife is who I actually call mom, I go to her for everything and text or call her almost daily, but I appreciate the love I really do I know you guys are coming from a good place an dare just checking in on me I’m sorry people are lashing out on you guys.” Jessie said hanging her head down a little bit.

“Don’t you apologize for one damn thing baby girl I have been telling people well if she aint there but sent food maybe you dropping down on that social ladder.” Vincent said with a deep chuckle. “YA this little cazzo, got everybody running around trying to find what they doing wrong stirred a whole bunch of crap he and Vivy , just laughing watching everyone go nuts. Meanwhile I get yelled at by Camilla to come talk you and fix this mess. Dante said. “I don’t know what you guys are talking about I call Cal and ask what you wan me to say and we agreed to say fuck off and ask Jessie than.” Taivon said. Making everyone especially Call and Gabe laugh so hard they were leaning in their chairs.

The guys got up to say goodbye to everyone. “Baby you ready to go or do would you like to stick around for a while longer?” Xavier asked wrapping his arms around her waist squatting down to her eye level. “It’s ok, you must be tired. Why don’t you go ahead and head home young man we can take her home, you live just down this way ya?” Armando asked. She loved that even after all these years here their accent so strong you even hear it in their sons. “No actually I live with Xavier we live close by.” Everyman beside Gabe and Cal mouth’s dropped.

“Davvero? Sei pronto per questo? Questa era la tua scelta giusta, la tua unica. Non l’hai fatto perché sei stato costretto a farlo, giusto? Dante asked. “No this was my choice, this is what I want. It’s been almost of year of knowing each other, and it feels right. You know very well no on ecan make me do something I don’t wan tot do or not ready for.” Jessie said happily with her arms around Xavier’s waist standing up next to him. HE was just so huge in comparison and everyday she swore e just got bigger. “Of course baby, they know that That’s why even after almost two years you could never do that with Dimitri. When somethings right or wrong you will feel it in your bones with everything you have in you. Those are the times where you grab the right ones and hold on tight with everything you got and never let it go. Unless years later and becomes toxic like your other than you need to toss that shit back.” Call said everyone laughing deeply.

“Well if we all just going to be speaking honestly and I got the people who at least makes the most sense in front of here’s the honest truth from the outsiders perception and not as her father. I think it’s everyone back at home who has a problem with Jessie not being with Dimitri anymore. They know how much he cares for her, even after that mess with Chloe and they just got used to them being them and they have it in their heads that they should be together because most of that crazy ass we all know the ones have made those same types of mistakes and just swept it under the rug and stayed with them anyway because divorce is not an option where we from right men?” “No sir it is not. You make a woman you wife, she should be your life. You job to make sure she is loved, happy, and healthy same for the woman to her husband. You make promise forever not until the road gets blocked. The cheating was not a thing real men do to their woman.” Marcello said. All of them nodding.

“Even though it happens all the time. They just got so used to it, that it’s the city who has a problem with Jessie and Dimitri. Not Jess she is basically doing everything she can besides wearing a sandwich card box saying I don’t want to be here. It’s not her not being sure if she still fawning for a cheating ex. It’s the people asking. They are not sure because it puts their faults in their own relationships under examination and a lot of them are not liking what they see anymore.” Callan said flatly. “Well spoken.” Taivon said. “This is why we get along so well with each other. You speak truth, and from the heart and core. I still wish we could have shared grandchildren together. Like I said no one knows what the future holds. Just please my dear do not keep us from it.” Armando said as he hugged her tightly. “”I promise I won’t I am always forever grateful for you. Always being so good to me.” She hugged them all. And walked out with Xavier as they went home to eat shower and sleep exactly in that order.

The older men all shook Gabe’s hand and Cal and asked to get together again they enjoyed the company. To which they happily agreed and waved them off. “So I known them for years and they always been decent guys, so why does my gut tell me this is just something that’s going to leave to some fucked up shit?” CAL asked Gabe. Gabe looked at him. “Did you see the way Dante and Armando looked at my Axel and boy I swear they don’t know who they fucking with. Jealous because their sons are with their right hands at the end of the night while they girls happily with their men that’s what that is. Nothing else. That little boy thinking her going to be getting my daughter in law, and my grand babies. That’s the sad truth of it dude he said it himself he had that title until your dumb ass son had to be a Casanova with the city slut.” Gabe said venting out his rant. “That man definitely going to be doing some shady shit. You watch.” Gabe said as they got in Cal’s car and left.

It was about ten a.m. , Jessie just finished washing and cleaning up everything she used to make pot roast in her crock pot setting the timer to turn its self off about six hours from than. “Baby you doing anything today?” Xavier asked her. “Nope I am staying home and relaxing. You?” “The guys are watching some game at Ryders, but I planned on staying in and just eating most of the day. He said as he lifted his hands under her dress and ripped her panties in half quickly before she could say anything he had her legs wrapped around his waist. Kissing her deeply making his way down her neck. Nibbling playfully on her breast. He sat down with her back facing the way as he sat down he lifted her hips and legs straight around his shoulders so his face was in her core and her back was leaning and supported by the living room wall.

Her moans were getting louder and filling the room as he start licking, sucking, and eating her like a starving man at a buffet using his two fingers to thrust her as he sucked and licked her clit to the point where she was seeing stars. “OH… awe fuck ugh daddy.” She said right when the front door opened up and all the guys came in. “Hey man Ryder’s tv fucking up we going to watch it here, of shit damn boy.” Jaxon said. “Damn bro like how strong is them shoulders holy hell.” Ryder said. “Get the fuck out of this room now!” Xavier growled. “It’s ok baby they couldn’t see nothing but your head in my dress. It’s fine we should learn to start locking that door though.” She said turning red. “WOuldn’t help mother fuckers all somehow got keys.” Xavier said shaking his head and wiping his face. “How about we leave them in here with their game and we go in our room and finish what we started?” HE said pushing a hair behind her ear. How about you kick the out after dinner and you join me in the shower and the bed for cuddles? “I’ll take what I can get.” XAiver said.

“Go take a nap baby you’re going to need it I’ll peel and cut the potatoes soon and you can finish it all when you get back up ok?” HE kissed her deeply the taste and smell of her still on his mouth into hers. “Ok daddy.” She purred.. “Don’t say shit like that when you leaving me with them assholes baby.” Xavier said with a chuckle shaking his head slightly. She walked into their room and shut the door to take a good nap. “IS it safe and decent to come in. Sorry man I thought one of us would have texted you we was coming we will next time, we didn’t meant to embarrass her or anything.” Jaxon said kindly. “It’s fine. Ryder seems to only want to come when I’m eating and she’s about to anyway like clock work every motha fucking time what is that bro thought we was close man?” Xavier said tossing up his hands in the what the hell gesture. “Don’t blame me because you can never lock a door put a tie on it or some shit a little fucking light or something.” Ryder said in his defense. “ So he suppose to flip his porch light on in his own house when the an trying to get some.” Axel asked laughing at Ryder’s stupidity as he turned on the football game.

“So Lexi got a call today from some lawyers and real-estate people from Fire Diamond Industries who are think of looking ot branch out and sense she and her firm handle most of the businesses and properties they wan tot know if they can come down and speak with her and Jed about touring around and scouting for possible places and what hey would need to do here or in the other towns and cities over to maybe get started it’s not for sure or settled but they want to come in and look around. I think it’s a giant head game they may open up town close to here but the rest of those guys won’t be directly here knowing how it would make Jessenia feel.” Axel said.

“Well I guess we just got ot wait and see and play it by ear than. I did not get a good feeling from their dads today man they hate you two.” Oh said with a chuckle. “Well ya we the ones fucking and gonna wife up the same girl their boys got a hard on for.” Axel said popping another chip in his mouth. “Nice bro really you should write for hallmark.” Xavier said stealing a chip form his bag. “I know huh?” Axel said with a wink. “HE aint wrong though that’s the only problem they have with you two that and besides we whipped they ass.” Jaxon added proudly. “When do you think they going to flat out challenge us?” Axel said. “Honestly soon, I think it’s going to be one of those pay per view challenges too media aint going to let this shit go like last time, we the only ones to beat all of them and break their streak they went back home and no one besides us has come up to their challenge yet. So we need to be on our game.

“Eh that means you three too. I know the seem like they cool with us because that’s what they want Cupcake to see, and make it easy on her, but they going to be challenging you three too. You know why because you are three other reasons why she here with me where she belong. She told them already that you guys are her family, that and breaking their streak you know damn well whether they show it or not them Italians are going to be making a vendetta for all of us. You know you can feel it.” Xavier said. “It won’t be a group challenge either. It’ll be one on one challenges too. They think better that way well all except Dimitri which probably won’t happen again.” Noah said. They all got quite looking around at each other. “I’m ready.” Ryder said knowing what he’s getting into. “Me too.” Jaxon said with a smile. “You know I’m always down because I literally run that shit.” Noah said smirking. “Bitches need to bring a hell of a lot more than they did last time. So do we.” Axel said nodding along. “We just need to ends this.” Xavier said and the rest nodded along.

The day went quick and just as promised when the guys finished helping clean up dinner Xavier had no problem throwing his brothers the hell out of the house. Jessie only laughed as she slowly started to leave a trail of clothes behind her leading to the bathroom. Xavier waisted no time stripping his clothes off and walking even quicker when he heard that water come on. HE washed her hair and they took their time washing their body from head to toe. Kissing deeply she couldn’t help but be turned on she dropped down to her knees and took him in her mouth a little deeper than she normally could, the taste of his fresh clean juicy dick in her mouth drove her wild with need she used her hand to twist and pump him as she worked him over. “Holy fuck Baby!!!” HE said getting his fingers tangled in her hair. “I aint going to last long you going to keep working your dick this good Baby!!. HE said but she kept at it until he lost control and starting controlling her head and pace. HE pulled out quickly and told her to open her mouth and tick out her tongue which she happy did looking him dead in the eyes, as he shot his white cum ribbon all over her face dripping down to her chest where she took her hands and slowly started to rub her self. He was a little shakey in a small bit of a haze but he cleaned her up and dried her off only to pick her naked body back up and take her to their bed.

Laying her on the bed he took one leg and draped it over his shoulder and stretched the other one out to his left and her right. He lost all control as he was going into her so deep so hard she could feel his balls smacking her each time. The sensation between that and the fact that his lips are to dancing with hers as the both moan and groan and cry out here and there, he was just not able to get enough as he used two of his fingers to help him stretch her even more flicking and playing with her clit is what did her in. It always puts her in ahigh she never knew she could be on before. She didn’t how amazing sex could really be. But it was always so much better when some one can make love to you the way only her beast can.

She finally cried out, legs quacking as she finally got her long waited release. Xavier still not down with her got off the bed and stood down towards the end he drug her down to wear her ass was almost rolling off it. HE took both legs and place them straight into the air. As he used them to control her as he lifted her up a little each time he thrusted deeply. Everytime she thinks she can’t take no more he goes and does some shit like this to prove her theory wrong. “Fuck baby you always so, wet, so tight for daddy. You feel so good. CAN you come with me baby?” HE growled Every naughty word that comes from his mouth was just another push closer to the edge. “Xavier she whimpered. “You can cum now. That’s it baby milk your dick dry. Of fuck Jessie. HE growled loudly.

He reached for a towel and cleaned her up only to turn her on her side and held her close to him spooning her. He took the covers and pulled it over them. “Xavier. I hope you know or can understand how much you truly mean to me. I’m sorry the Dimitri thing and his family pop up so much. I just need you to know how much I love you and how lucky I am to be able to lay her and be with the most beautiful human I’ve ever met.” He laughed. “I will never forget your face when you told me that line for the first time.” He said laughing in to her neck as she still plays with his hands. “ I know baby. You know I’m ok with it. It’s weird for sure though. It’s ok though I think it’s sexy as fuck you stand up for us everytime. I hope you realize how much I love you, and understand I know what I have and never plan to let it go.” “ I know.” She whispered softly. As they both drifted off to sleep.

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