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Chapter 19: Can you stay with me

It was now the day to go dress shopping Jessie couldn’t wait. Xavier loved seeing her this happy, he also decided to take the guys except Eric to a store about forty minutes from Atheo to get their measurements they decided on a nice royal dark blue that was beautiful and stood out with her eyes, in Xaviers opinion. Also both of their favorite color besides a nice dark grey and silver. They both were just glowing getting excited of the time coming quicker and quicker.

“We still have so much to do.” Jessie said as Xavier came and place his arms loosely around her. “Divide and conquer baby, have faith. Tomorrow Eric will go and put in the order for all the flowers he should us two days ago. Monday we get to go see the three places Jaxon said would be perfect. The caterer sent over the list of food we can pick tomorrow as well. You got plenty of time for the cake. Everything else will fall into place as well. I promise.” Xavier said placing a sweet kiss from his lips to hers.

“This is a little crazy to be so over the moon for someone you know for almost a year, and to be married at you six month anniversary, but I swear somehow my soul has known you so much longer.” “I know.” HE said smiling down at her. “It’s just that you have no idea how hard each night I prayed for you. I waited so long to get here, I just I’m thankful for everything that has ever happened to me to get me to be at this point right here with you now.” She was beat red. “I don’t even know what I can I have that’s so great for you, I can’t give you anything you can’t get yourself. I don’t even know what to give a man who already has everything.” She said looking down.

Taking his finger and lifting her chin up to look him in the eyes. “I have nothing without you. All that noise about money and fame those are things to fade away. You give me everything. You don’t cower away from me out of fear, like everyone else. You respect me, my work, my family, and my choices better than that you stand by me to support me through all of those. You are without a doubt the best cook I have ever had, so I know I get to be well kept man.” They both laughed at that a little. “You already transformed this house into a home before you officially moved in. You gave me a second dad who honestly I don’t know if I could not see in my life anymore either. You gave my friends who are my brothers real happiness with your friends you brought into their lives. You can give me the only thing I ever wanted or craved for, you can give us a family.” HE said rubbing his hand on her cheek tenderly, trying to make sure she knew and understood everything he was saying to her. Just how much she meant to him.

This woman shook him to his very soul. This man shook her to beyond her core. “You are my entire world Jessie. I love you.” “I love you too, my sexy beast.” She said making him smash his lips one last time before he smashed her lips to his. There was the honk outside. “Call me if anything happens.” “I will.” Lexi had come to get her and meet Eric, Niki, Xavier’s mother, and Kiley Evans. Kiley is another friend she met her who teaches kindergarten. Everybody loved her she was sweet, yet she had a feisty side, she was exactly like Jessie she knew how to stand her ground and not take any shit from anyone, but also knew when to pull back. Kiley like Niki had just moved on over her feelings when her boyfriend of two years decided one morning he didn’t want to be with her anymore. His whole family and she was crushed having grown so close to each other. He got over pretty well seeing as he was sleeping with someone else for the last month and half of their relationship.

“Drive safe girls have fun, send me pictures.” Xavier said. The girls smiling and waving him off. There wasn’t very many bridal stores around and the only real option they had was to go to Atheo. Luckily Xavier and the boys weren’t to far away. Dimitri and all the guys have been texting with the girls back and forth just light and funny pictures nothing out of suspicion. It even made their guys laugh hard. Everyone was just trying to get along with every one. Even though she had cut out her mother she still had all five of her mothers friends who would randomly call to check in on her. Especially Aria. The papas were still going to drop by at least once every two weeks. She has’t told them herself about the engagement, but thanks to the media and Dimitri’s crew she was sure they already knew.

“There’s my girls.” Mama Jen said taking them both in. “Hell how can I help you?” The sales associate came bright and perky eager to get started, this was surely this woman’s element. “I actually called ahead for an appointment for Alderman.” “OH WOW! You are the lucky women who snagged all those guys from West Wick. Good for you. Ok so I have saved four rooms, for you all. I have pulled all of the dresses we have available in the color choice and even for the Mother of the bride and groom. Where are the mothers?” She asked happily. “Right here.” Jessenia said happily hugging on to Jennifers arm making her blush deeply. Taking a deep look at Jessie. “Ok well mama, we are going to start with you first. Let’s hop to it.” She said taking Jen to the back changing room with four dresses hanging in there. All simple and elegant. Mostly just breath taking. “I don’t need to try to try the rest on, I’m taking this one.” Jen said as she walked out in a strapless Dark Blue dress that flowed very little at the bottom with a matching halfway jacket that came up to her ribs.

“Damn mama you look great!” Eric yelled catching the attention of the store making everyone giggle. Jennifer blushed I’ll just get changed. “Ok so we need to know if the maid of honor’s dress is going to be the same style as the rest of the bridesmaids?” The sales associate asked. “Well do you guys want to be in matching dresses, I only want you to wear this color, the style is up t you guys.” Jessie said. “I would like to match.” Lexi said. “Yes we’re going to match because we’ll all sexy as hell.” Niki said proudly.” “We all built the same so yes would.” Kiley agreed.

“I found it this is what their wearing. Eric said walking up with four Royal dark blue dresses that were halter tops, sweetheart styled around the chest, and hugged their curves in just the hour glass shapes they had and also opened up just a little to be able to spin openly while twirling on the dance floor. “GO put these on. Chop chop quick like a bunny.” The girls all just laughing at him as well as the assistant. When they all came back out, they were indeed happy. They looked so beautiful. “Now see we can all work this well.” Niki said popping her hips playfully. Jennifer snapped a picture of all of three girls together and one of each of them apart and sent it to Xavier.

Xavier smiled happily at his phone looking at all the pictures his mama sent him. HE changed the one of her smiling in her mother of the groom dress to her in his contact. All the guys are dressed up in the tuxes trying to make sure they fit just right everything but the ties on. “What’s got you smiling so big on that phone. IS Jessie sending you naughty pictures as she trying on them dresses.” Axel asked. Earing a playful push she hasn’t tried any on yet, she got everyone else done first. Come look at this. Noah your man picked their dresses they look great.” Xavier said as the guys came and looked at the phone.

“Damn they look fine as hell.” Jaxon said looking a little with his mouth opened a little to long. “You got some drool there bro.” Noah said playfully. “I can’t wait to get her out of that thing.” Axel mumbled to himself. “Hey whose that girl?” Jason asked. “Oh that’s Kiley Evans she’s a teacher for the kindergarten class at the school in town. Jessie’s grown close to her over the time she’s been here too, you know part of that epic smart people club Jaxon’s convinced is at the shop. She’s part of that spill the tea group too. Actually Ryder she’s the one you going to be walking down the aisle with.” “Damn man if she’s wearing that thing, I will run her down that aisle.” Ryder said honestly trying to remember to breathe looking at her. “I meant in the wedding. You’re her escort down the aisle you freaking twat.” Xavier said making everyone laughed at him.

“SO is she single or do you think she needs a date?” Ryder asked hopefully. “She actually came around my place last week, while Jessies was working just missed her ya know. She was giving me back some of the books we lent her. She asked me to ask Jessie I she can set her up for a date for the wedding actually or just in general. She even asked me if I knew anyone who I could set her up with who wasn’t a man whore. I asked her to wait, because I wanted to see if you wanted to take her. I really don’t want you taking some one night stand to my wedding or in any of our pictures man. I thought it would be nice if the wedding party all went together I pitched that idea to her and she is for it if you are even gave me her number to give to you.” Xavier said pulling the paper out of his wallet. It honestly was Jessies idea, once I told her I might have to ban your plus one option in the worry of what chick you would have put in our pictures.” Xavier said with a dep shiver. Everyone laughing in agreement.

“Damn man she is beautiful, what’s her story?” Ryder asked still looking at her picture on his phone. “Well now see this comes back to fucking Axels theory of the wronged woman’s club.” HE said scratching the back of his head. “Alright so she was with this guy for two years because apparently that’s the mark when all of these men truly start to show that ass. He just came home they have been living together at this point maybe five months, she is close to his family seeing as she doesn’t have one herself her parents who were both single children only had her and died about a year apart from cancer four years ago. Well her boyfriend came home and said he didn’t wan tot be with her anymore and she needed to move. Being the smart woman that she was she saved her apartment that was on a year contract anyway. Well the family and her was hurt and devastated that her could just toss her out until they figured he had side piece for just over a month and half. So that was about almost eight months back, now she is ready to get back out there. Don’t fuck this up Ryder she’s a good person.” Xavier said flatly.

“You serious she said she is willing to go out with me?” Ryder asked a little shocked. “She said she was ready to try.” Xavier said. “I love you bro I do, but that girl is way out of your league man you just jumping in the same boat us the rest of us. Lexi says this girl got her degree in childhood education and all those teacher qualifications. Not only that she got a business degree to she can to marketing and finance.” Axel said shaking his head. “See why are these hot girls crazy smart, like when did this become a thing?” Jaxon yelled proving his point. Making the all guys and the tailors all laugh. “We are done here guys let’s go get some food there’s a burger place next door.” Xavier said. They all went to get changed pay and leave.

By the fourth dress Jessie was finally happy. She hated the ruffles, the fru fru type fluffy style that looked like feathers. She was in a halter top style matching the girls dresses as well as the sweetheart chest outline that went along with her hour glass figure. And puffs out just a little all the way down to her feet, it wasn’t a bright white, but not an off white but perfectly in the middle. Adding the vail Eric took a step back. “You’re beautiful.” Everyone all saying in agreement happy things as Jessie stood there, than stood in shock when she heard six voices she didn’t not expect to hear.

“That is you dress piccolo mia.” Aria said. “Sembri un bell’angelo, mia cara.” Gigi said happily. All the five women getting misty eyed. Looking at Jessie just beaming happily in the wedding dress. “Non ho mai visto un’altra sposa che ti porta una candela.” Camilla added kissing her fore head. “Il tuo uomo fortunato non sarà in grado di tenere gli occhi o le mani lontano da te, ragazza mia.” Vivy added. “You can’t be seriously thinking of taking this one, are you?” Asked Lily. “all these beautiful dresses and you choose the most plain thing in the store.” Lily said with a scoff.

“This bead work and lace is anything but plain, and with this beautiful child in it plain will be the furthest thing that this dress will be labeled.” Jennifer said standing up standing next to Jessie happily. “Well that is your opinion and your entitled to it.” “Lily, what is your problem, she is glowing.” Aria said in confusion she was really surprised and her long time friend in fact they all were. The girls knew she was hard on Jessie but in the last couple of months she was damn right cruel to her. They needed Jessie to come home and be back in their families where they believed she belonged. That was never going to happen with Lily still being a bitter bitch, maybe Callan was on to something when he cut her loose so she can be forced to learn to better herself. Maybe it was time to do the same.

“My problem is this beneath her. This whole thing is a joke, you really couln’t even pick up the phone to tell me you think your getting married I had to hear it on a play back reel on a talk show those words coming from that damn boy’s mouth, about getting married to you. Do you have any idea the drama your going to cause when you call this whole thing off. I don’t know why it’s taking you this long to see he isn’t right for you. I don’t know why you got to drag everyone through a whole circus show just to have to call it off later.” Lily snapped at her.

“Well Lily you weren’t told personally because it’s none of your business. It’s not like your invited or wanted there or here anyway. You can keep thinking those things all to yourself all you want whatever helps you sleep at night. The only thing circus related to any of this is just you standing there being a clown. Now what are you even doing in here?” “We were just out having a little girls day shopping around and saw you in the window, looking so beautiful this though is my favorite in fact I will buy it for you.” Aria said happily clapping her hands together. “You can’t be serious Ari.” Lily said. “I’m sorry to disappoint you ladies but everything today has already been purchased. I am under strict orders to ring up anything Ms. Alderman’s heart desires or even touches for longer than ten minutes.”

“By who?” Jessie asked everyone else curious of the same thing, except for Jennifer. “By a Mr. Xavier Graves he said if there is an issue with that from you Ms. Alderman he’ll be happy to come down and take it up with you but to remind you it will also be a very public setting.” She smirked. Making Jessie and her wedding party all smile and laugh, and the Atheo family cringe. “How nice, of you groom. Jessenia.” Camilla tried to say respectfully. “Well I did raise my baby right.” Jennifer said wrapping her arms around Jessie should earning a big smile of love from her.

“And I’m assuming you’re his mother?” Lily asked with malice. “Yes I proudly am. I’m assuming you are whats that word you used Jes, the bitter manipulative egg donor. I heard al about you and the colorful things you been saying about our kids. Now I don’t know what your problem is honey whether it’s something stuck in your ass or something that needs to be up your ass but you ain’t going to come in here insulting any of babies anymore. Now I think it’s best f you leave. You other ladies who don’t have any hatefulness towards my Jessie are more than welcomed to stay. But you, ugh honey you gotta go.” Jennifer said pushing Jessie behind her a little bit in mama bear mode.

“I just don’t understand how you all can support this mistake. It’ll be only a matter time before you realize just how badly you have fucked your life and be crawling back to me to fix, and it will be just another damn problem from you on my plate Jessenia. Just one time can’t you just not be a damn burden and do what your told?” Lily snapped at her.

“I don’t know who the hell you think your talking to but I know it aint me. Last I checked I never crawled to you for one damn thing. I always knew better than to come to you for support, that’s like jumping off a cliff to stay more alive. Now do me a favor and leave I don’t want or need you here. This is not a mistake I am making. Unlike you I have a man who loves me, loves me enough to want to stay with me, because I am a good person. Now this is my dress we are done here thank you everyone for your beautiful words, and for being here to make this special for me. Of course it wouldn’t be memorable if Lily here wasn’t here to try to ruin it like she has every other special moment of life.” Jessie said walking off to change.

“Well you heard my daughter charge the four brides maids dresses, my mother’s dress, and the dress she had from the vail to the shoes were taking it all.” Jennifer said with a big smile. It was a pleasure meeting you ladies but I think it’s best if we left.” She added. Everyone else gathering their things. Walking to the front counter making sure the dates for pick up were set.

The Ladies of Atheo walked out of the shop. “How can those words have ever left your mouth is beyond me.” Gigi said as they all gathered around upset at Lily as she is starting to ruin everything being so damn hateful. “What? Excuse me if one of us had to tell her the truth.” Lily said rolling her eyes. “It wasn’t the truth, Lils you were just being bitter scorned woman.” Vivy said. “I never thought I’d see the day where you messed up so badly with her that she would ever speak to you in such a way let alone cut you out. Now after listening to you I don’t blame here.” Camilla said appalled. “You know what Lily over the years you make us uncomfortable with you snide comments about your own daughter all the time. You never said one good or nice thing about here. We have been friends almost thirty years, never one nice thing. This is heart breaking. You always make us feel bad for her. It’s terrible not to have love for your child how can you not have no love for her?” Aria asked using her hand gestures to make her point.

“We love that girl, she is so amazing. She and Lexi made our boys become men. They help them become the men their father’s can be proud of. Everyone sees her for what she truly is except you. sei un sacco di cose odiose, gelose, anche una cagna; ma tu non sei una vera madre.” Aria said as she pushed past Lily and walked away to leave the outside strip mall area. With the rest of the ladies right behind her. Lily walked down the street couldn’t help but thinking to herself how over sensitive the whole world has become. It wasn’t her fault her friends couldn’t see the truth. She didn’t waste her time with the coddling, she always pushed because without them being pushed they will never know just how far they can really go.

Lexi got called in back to work so Eric was going to give Jessie a ride back. Everyone else had left. Eric and Jessie were laughing drinking their shakes. When his phone rang. “ERIC HERNANDEZ WHY THE HELL IS YOUR GRANDMA CALLING US SAYIN GYOU FORGOT HER??!!” They heard his father roar in the phone. “Because…I…might have.” He answered. “YOU ARE ONLY twenty-five minutes away from here and you can’t remember to go get her and take her home? You get your ass over there now before I meet you back at Noahs and whoop your ass boy.” HE said father yelled as he hung up the phone. “So I have to go up a little more north form here and take grandma home I forgot all about her. Are you ok calling Xavier and getting a ride form him. I know they are just eating right now.” Eric asked feeling bad. “NO ya it’s ok go I understand.” She hugged Eric as he left.

Jessenia pulled out her phone and got to Xavier number and just before she could hit the call button a man stood in front of her. “YOU! You ar ethe one engaged to that damn beast right?” HE asked angrily. That man has costed me a lot of money in his last five fights. No one can be undefeated this long. I lost thousands of dollars because of him!” The man snapped stepping closer to her smelling like a walking brewery. “you making careless bets, against him is not his faut but yours. You need to be more responsible. No one else but you made those bets but you.” She snapped back stepping back, there wasn’t very many people around at this point and she couldn’t reach her taser in time. She was having trouble getting into her purse from behind her back so he wouldn’t see her. “You little fucking bitch. What you say to me?” HE said as his balled up fist hit her straight across the cheek. He her head turned and she lost her balanced she was about to fall, and managed to hit the ground when he came around to slap her square across the cheek. He went to stand over her, but was yanked off. Another man came and was punching into him so fast and badly the blood was everywhere around them. Her vision was a little hazy just for a moment she was able to make out six figures.

“Figlio di puttana. Pensi di poter mettere le mani sporche su ciò che è mio. ti ammazzerò. Piccolo stronzo madre.” Dimitri roared at the man. The group was walking by hoping to get a glimpse of Jessie and Lexi, but this was never what they thought they would run into. They thought she left about thirty minutes ago like their mothers did. Their hearts breaking looking at her trying to get herself up. All of them knew they couldn’t touch her it would just further Dimitri’s inner beast. “Dimitri enough! We got this. We will take him where he needs to be and he’ll be waiting for you there, right now she needs you.” Giovanni said getting his attention. Looking up Dimitri saw her and no matter how fast he moved it just didn’t feel fats enough.

“Jessie, hey love your alright let me help you, nice and slow.” Dimitri said lifting her keeping her close to him, scared she would fall. They both could feel how shook up she was coming to terms of what just happened. “Thank you so much D.She said hugging around his waist mainly for support. He set her down on a long bench like seat and kept her still tucked into him. “Where did the guys go?” “They took care of the prick who did this to you. Don’t worry it wouldn’t be an issue you won’t have to hear or see him ever again. I’m here for you.” “Thank you for doing what you did. I can’t believe that just happened. C-c-c-a-n-n you please hand me my phone. I need to.” She couldn’t finish because she couldn’t control the sobbing. He new what she wanted to do. HE didn’t wan tot do it, but at this point in time he has to or it’ll ruin everything.

“HE took her phone and pushed call. “Hey baby, I miss you what are you doing?” He could feel the smile on Xaviers face feel the love in his voice this was not a call he was proud to make. This was the one time he was not happy to be the man about to change that tone of love, to panic and worry. “I didn’t know you cared so much for there beast truly it warms my heart.” “What the hell are you doing with my womans phone Moretti?” The guy s all gathered around Xavier on the other side. “Ain’t no one calling to fight with you Xavier lose the attitude. The boys and I were walking around the strip mall, and Eric we saw Eric and Jessie, but Eric had to leave in a hurry. We watch her take out her phone she was about to call you for a ride I guess. Your number was on the screen when I picked it up. Anyway a drunk man came yelling at her because he bets against you in the fights of yours but you won, so she told him some witty insults about being more responsible and he hit her to the almost the ground the slap is what pushed her to the floor. We rushed as fast as we could but she is shooken up badly. She needs you here Xavier where are you?” Dimitri asked. AS much as it killed him to say those words he has to one because at this point in time it was the truth, and two it was part of the plan. Just not the Jessie getting hurt part.

“I’ll be there in twenty minutes where are you?” We are out front you will be able to see us no one is parked in front of us lots of empty spaces we are not going to move form here. We will be waiting unless you just want me to take her home?” “NO! I will be there soon I’m already half way there.” Xavier said hanging up heart felt like it dropped yet he could feel it beating in his damn throat the guys followed in their own cars.

“Your beast is coming.” Dimitri said with a small smile to Jessena thinking that him being this close might be making her feel uncomfortable he went to stand up to stand next to her. She quickly placed a hand on his shirt. “D. Can you. Can you just sit with me. Can you stay with me until he gets here please. If it’s not going to bother you, or if you have something else to do.” He cut her off. “I am not leaving you Jessie. I just know how you felt about me being so close.” HE said sadly. “Well right now can we just be two friends who just had something really bad happen and just be next to each other?” “Well that’s exactly what we are. That’s exactly what happened. I won’t ever leave you Jessie until you tell me to. I am so sorry I couldn’t get to you sooner. I feel like I failed you, I hate seeing that happen, and also the fact that it happened at all. I am so sorry Jessie.” He said eyes getting a little teary.

Five cars whipped right in front of them in a matte of seconds With five huge guys surrounding them. Xavier quickly taking his love into his arms and sitting her on him as she wrapped her legs around his neck, silently crying into his neck. HE pulled her back, moving her loose hair out of her face to look at her. Lightly caressing her face as not to put no pressure on it he checked her over. “Where is he?” Xavier asked looking at Dimitri with a look that even scared him for a moment. “My boys took care of him. She won’t have to see him again.” Dimitri said with so much more questions behind that. The guys all looking at each other but over looking it because they too are worried that they might have physically killed him. “I’m sorry I couldn’t get there sooner.” Dimitri said hanging his head feel ashamed of himself.

“I’m thankful you were able to get here at all.” Xavier said strongly. Rocking her a little bit to calm her down. “Seriously thank you big time form all of us. We all know we all love her here in different ways, so in all the different ways we seriously thank you. Ryder said as they all shook his hand. “I think it’s best to get her home. Noah, Eric is going to be very upset about this. Don’t let him please. This was unavoidable. The man was intoxicated and dangerous he was just out for a fight. Being pist at the world. Don’t let this bring him down.” Dimitri said. The guys all shocked at the words coming from his mouth. Wondering if he is just a great actor, or if he is willing to let up. Xavier stood up about to carry her to the car. “Wait.” She said as she wiggled down.

Running up for a quick hug around Dimitri’s waist. “ HE hugged her back with a light iss to her head. “Thank you D.” She said wiping her face. “Anything for you love.” He said low enough only for her to hear. He used to always tell her that, to make her smile when they were being silly.” She coughed out a laugh and walked back to Xavier wrapping one arm around his waist. He picked her up placing a light sweet kiss to her lips, buckling her in and shutting the door. Everyone else had already got in the cars and left. Xavier stood infront of Dimitri. HE held out his hand, Dimitri took it. “I know how hard it must have been to call me and tell me to come here, but thank you for not only helping her, but for understanding enough to know she needed me. I know that wasn’t an easy thing to do for you. Thank you.” HE said taking his arm back from him. “There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her.” Dimitri said honestly. “Except let her go though right?” Xavier asked looking at him long enough to get his answer and walk into the truck and leave. Taking his woman home to take care of her in every way she needed.

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