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Chapter 20: The Next Day

The next morning Xavier looking all over the place but could not find Jessie. “Babe?” He looked up at the fridge and saw the note. “Tried to wake you, you were sleeping hard. I was going to be late, but I know I’ll see you soon. Love Jessie.” HE couldn’t believe he slept that hard. Nor could he believe she was able to get up that early, so much for wishful thinking of she would have taken the day off, but that wasn’t like her. He gathered the rest of his things to head to the ring, after he went to the café. Walking up to the café the other four guys must have read his mind they all looked at each other. “How she doing man?” Axel asked. “Don’t know she took off before I got up apparently I slept so hard she couldn’t get me up.” Xavier said rubbing his arm. Standing straight up stretching a little feeling his back.

“Damn man weren’t tired or anything were ya.” Jaxon said with a chuckle. They opened the door. Only in their true fashion except Lexi was in the back rocking an apron and flour in her hair and some of her clothes, singing and rocking out. Jessie singing like a angelic Rockstar. “Don’t you know I’m still standing, better than I ever did. Looking like a true survivor. Feeling like a little kid. Ya I’m still standing after all this time. Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind. I’m still standing.” Jessie sang. Eric, and Lexi in unison. “”Ya, ya , ya.” Breaking out laughing with each other even the two extra employees in the back spinning each other around. “Oh, people.” The younger man said in humorous tone.

“Good morning, good looking.” Eric said coming around with a tray full of breakfast sandwiches, scones, muffins, and a couple of cream horns. Jessie came with a tray full of drinks. Xavier pulled her into his lap. Noticing she had covered up her face in cover up this morning, she didn’t wear make up that often, she never cared for it; but when she did she was still a knock out. “Thought we talked, about you skipping out on me. How you feeling today baby?” He asked holding her close but making her look at him. “I’m great. Seriously I’m fine. I just need to keep on doing me honey.” She said quietly just between them. “I know baby.” The door swinging open wasn’t even as loud as the voice of who was behind it.

“Where the hell is my baby!” A very angry man hollered. Xavier and the others slummed down a little bit. They knew they were in trouble. “Does anyone want to tell me why Gabe and I get a phone call from Armando god damn Moretti asking how my baby girl’s face is looking since his damn boy had to rip some damn drunkard off her?” Callan said in angrily calm tone. Gabe looking like he was going to kill all of them. “I understand her not calling me, hell I can understand Xavier not calling me, because he did manage to text me last night to call him this morning. What about you other dip nuts?” Gabe asked the other guys smacking Axel behind the head. “Daddy, I’m fine really.” “It’s not ok. It’s never going to be ok to me for a man to put his hands on any woman let alone my daughter.” Callan said in a growl. “Really though. I’m fine it could have been a lot worse but it wasn’t I’m just, I want to move past it and I was going to call you on my lunch break I swear. I didn’t think Dimitri would beat me to it.” Jessie mumbled the last part.

“Ok, I just wanted to check on you. See you myself.” He said taking his hand and holding her face up to him, noticing the make up, making him grow even angrier. HE just let out a loud sigh. There was nothing he could do, and he let out his rant. Looking at Gabe who took a deep breath, looking back with a nod. Gabe came up and gave her a hug and kiss on the forehead. “We got to run. Just checking up on you kiddos.” Gabe said. “Love you bunches love bug.” Cal said a kiss on her forehead. Lexi handing them their drinks on the way out. Cal stopped looking at her. “I added the damn sugar this time, daddy Cal. One time, one damn time never going to live it down.” She said walking over to kiss Axel.

“Well don’t you look festive. What did the office say when you said you weren’t coming in.” Axel asked smacking her lightly on the butt. “Oh, ya. Guess I should call them huh?” Lexi said pulling out her phone. Considering she’s the main boss at the firm she called her secretary Dean Peterson. “Lexi, where are you?” “What do you mean Dean, don’t you think the real question is where are you?” “Lexi the office just opened for us, you have no clients, no court dates today. Are you coming in?” “Yes I am coming in but only for a couple hours. I’m at Ms. Ellies.” “Please bring me a latte, and a muffin.” Dean practically begged. “Fine. I’ll be seeing you soon.” Lexi said shaking her self off. “I need a milky way latte and two of any muffins, and oh hey Noah could you get me a couple tickets to your guys next fight?” “How many were you looking for, and for when?” “The next fight nigh there at home field I guess. I need about twelve. Got a bunch of fan boys begging like a damn dog for a bone. I also need you guys to sign these I made these up and bought frames for them.”

It was about twelve pictures where they stood with each guy all together. “This is really sweet of you to do Lexi why the big occasion?” Noah asked as he finished signing the last one. “Well I always like to give my workers a little I’m thankful for you present. So being the only female in the building I figured couldn’t get them candles, although I did a couple months ago and they have used them it was cute and nice. This time I wanted to give them something more their shot of whiskey.” “Don’t you mean cup of tea?” Jaxon asked. “Not if you have to work or be around Lexi.” Eric and Jessie said in unison. Making everyone laugh. “Hey. I would resent that if I could cook better.” She said mouth full of muffin. “I gotta run I love you all.” She said with a quick kiss to Axel. Everyone waving her off. Soon after they all got up and left too. On the their way to their cars they came across five men who still gave them a weird vibe. “Boys.” they said nicely. “How is our girl, we just need to know before we walk in there if we should take a minute.” “Well she has a bruise on her face. She actually wore make up today. As beautiful as she is with it, you can tell what it that means.” Xavier said in a respectful and hurt voice. “I’m just happy that’s the worse of it because you never really know some of our wives have been through similar things except it would be a fractured or broken wrist or arm, and or bruising all over the stomach and face.” Taivan said. They all looked down and cringed in memories.

“Jessie is still a little shook up about it but she has already put it past her, You missed the verbal lashings of Callan and my father though. She is all warmed for you all too.” Xavier said with a laugh, as the rest of them deeply smiled. “I guess we should say congratulations to you for proposing to our Jessie, but I think we will just let you know if you hurt our girls, you will regret it with everything in you.” Dante said. They all just stood here and stared at Axel and Xavier making sure the message got across. “We understand. They never have to worry with us.”

“You know I have a question I always wondered but kept forgetting to ask Jessie and Lexi. Did they learn their Italian you guys growing up around you guys?” Ryder asked they all wondered that. Everytime any one of them or their wives spoke to them they were always so quick to answer. “Well yes and no. See they always picked up on little things we would say often or more of. However they didn’t really take off and run with it until they started to develop feelings for Mateo, and Dimitri, they studied for hours and practiced all the time for almost five months and than it was just pouring out of them. They thought the language itself was so beautiful, and they wanted to be able to talk to the us and all the family back home in Italy thinking maybe one day we would all be real family and they could teach it to their kids.” Armando said sadly, smiling remember how proud and excited all of the guys and them as parents were they would embrace their culture to make the boys happy.

“I thought Lexi was never together with Mateo?” Noah asked. “Officially no, but they were always together you could see something there if you were blind they always had a way of like a magnetic always coming together even when sometimes she would try to push away.” Dante said proudly. “Like clock work never fails, at some point they would always gravitate back to one another. It so strange to have them gone now.” Marcello said with a sigh and huff. “Well we will not hold you guy s up for your training great job on the fights with our boys never had they had such good match of strength and wit. It was a great fight all of you.” Vincent said which all of them meant from the heart they liked that their boys had competition in the rings just not with the affairs of the heart.

“Thank you sir.” Xavier said. As they all left. The door opening wide with a jingle. Jessie’s back was turned and she stood up looking at Eric who had been staring at them behind her. “I feel a dark ominous force that is here to verbally lash me until defeated.” She said looking at Eric. “It’s more than one.” Eric nodded. “It’s the them aint it?” Eric nodded with a smirk. Always having a gift for knowing who’s around her without having to see their faces she was never wrong. “Hey papas would you like tea’s or coffees before you sit me down?” “Three teas, and two coffees for Dante, and Taivan.” “Yes papa Vincent.” She said grabbing them and walking to the table.

“Well papas you all look well it’s starting to get cold out what can I do for you lovely gentlemen today?” “L’adulazione non ti porterà dove la bambina. Ora, perché non ci hai chiamato?” Armand asked as they all crossed their arms. “It’s not flattery if it’s truth. I didn’t call you because I was still coming to terms with it I would have called you today or maybe even tomorrow or at least would have text you, I just needed time for it to set in. You know longer than what maybe twelve hours it’s been. Plus I had no doubt in my mind that tyour boys would have told you. They would of have to right, I mean it’s your guys connections with the police department. Didn’t they take that man there after words?” They knew they had to be careful, they couldn’t let her know what really happening to him.

“Naturalmente,. Avevamo solo bisogno di sentirlo da te. Sai che non è stato facile ricevere una chiamata del genere.” Vincent said. “Il ragazzo si è rasato preoccupato per te. Si sentono tutti così orribili.” Marcello added. “Dimitri il massimo che si sente così terribile. Possiamo chiederti un favore dolce ragazza. Vuoi per favore basta chiamare e dirgli se stai bene? Please just one phone call you two have started to text again yes? I just as a father it’s hard to watch your kids suffer when they have no control over the situations they are in. Please they worry as we worry.” Armando asked her in a pleading voice. “I will papa Mando I promise I was going to around my lunch time anyway.” She said plainly. The guys all looked a little shocked.”

“You were?” Dante asked. “Well ya, We are trying to be civil friends, what kind friend or decent human being doesn’t call someone who help her from a bad situation just the day before. Actually, do you think you could give him this?” Jessie said bringing out a small box. “It’s a small tiramisu cake I remember how much he used to love them, and thought it would be nice. I also used the good liquor. It would be a lot easier than getting a courier.” She asked nicely. “ I’d be happy to but don’t you think it would be better coming from you personally?” Armando asked pushing his luck. “Well I guess so but I honestly not ready to go back there anytime so soon. Besides I am a little tied up see Xavier is picking me up today to go look at the venues we’re picking one out today and the invitations should be made up and sent out by this weekend so be sure to save the date. I have to get back to work, thank you for coming to see me. I love you all. She said coming around to hug all of them from the back, and placing a kiss to their cheek. “Guida al sicuro. Manda il mio amore alla signora e ai ragazzi.” She said walking back to the back to start finishing orders.

They sat back in the limo as the driver drove them back to Atheo. “She made him his favorite cake and still managed to put the fudge, white, strawberry, and red velvet jumbos cupcakes with your boys names in them. Armando said laughing looking into the box taking them out as they were individual sealed containers. They guys all smiled at the sweet gesture taking each of their kids huge cupcake. “She is something else, poor baby. Callan was fit to be tied when he called me up after he talked to Dimitri this morning.” Taivan said. “Ya that guilt must have been eating away at him to call Callan.” Dante said.

“Well he did anger Callan a little saying he thought Xavier would have told him already, but maybe he was just to concerned with keeping her calm.” Armando said with a light laugh. “The boy got game I’ll give him that. No one saw this coming but I’ll be damned if this horrible event didn’t give my boy his foot back in that door.” He added. “How can she be safe with a man with his reputation like the drunkard said, he can’t keep her safe.” Marcello said bitterly. “Ya but neither can we. We all feel from his side on this. Like we said before. All of our women have suffered at lest once from our choices and actions. This was no one’s fault but that deranged man. Not Xaviers.” Armando said flatly, he didn’t like that boy but he would not condemn him for this either. They all nodded. Picking up his phone he called his son.

“Hey papa.” “What are you doing?” Armando asked him. “I’m at the spot me and the boys are about to go in and finish what I started yesterday. What’s going on?” “Me and the others are about an hour away, we are coming back from West Wick, we went to see Jessie, Lexi was already gone.” Armando said back. “How she? Can you send me a picture of how she looks? Is she ok?” Dimitri asked in rushed out sentences. “She’s fine son, she is fine. You know how strong she is. Hold on. Vincent said he sent you a picture of her when she wasn’t looking.” Armando said. He could hear his son going through his phone looking happily at the smile beaming off her face, until he realized what she was wearing and could still see a light purple redness.

“She’s wearing make up.” He said bitterly. “She was.” “Still looking like my angel though.” Dimitri said mostly to himself. “She actually sent me back with some little tokens of her affection.” “She did what?” Dimitri asked not understanding. “She made the guys their favorite jumbo cupcakes, and made your favorite personalized cake.” Dimitri smile. She really did that for us?” “Yup and she has informed me that she will be calling on her lunch break I wanted to give you a heads up because you know how early she goes in she should be calling soon. Make sure your aware of your phone, and your little guest.” Armando said. “Don’t worry dad I got this, I’m not happy about how it happened, but I do believe I just got the edge back.” HE smiled as he hung up the phone. “Let’s do this.” Dimitri said as they made their way down the secret part of the shed.

“Wake him up.” Mateo said. Leo walking over to the man who was strung up by chains on both hands hanging above his head, as well as his feet. He had duct tape on his mouth. Leo decided to take the edge of the corner and pull quickly. Making the man scream out in pain and a couple of drops of blood started to form randomly upon his mouth area. “What do you want?” The drunkard asked. “Well you are to be punished for your crimes.” Gio said with a little amusement. “What crimes?” “You put your filthy hands on my woman yesterday.” Dimitri growled at himin voice that was more twisted than anything he’s ever heard making him cower away as far as could.

“I never touched your woman. I only reminded that beast’s woman a lesson in how to talk to a man.” He said back looking at them confused. “She does not belong to that damn boy. That’s my woman!!” Dimitri roared back at him back handing him so hard his ring scratched deeply across his cheek. The man knowing he was going to be coming out of this alive, so might as well taunt the man who clearly was obsessed with the woman about to marry another. Watching the fights between the Reaper and the Beast, when he would taunt him he would hurry the job maybe he could be able to go quicker as well if not at least he’d get to him mentally.

“IS she aware of that she seems pretty clinged up monster of a man. Wearing his ring, probably screaming his name right now too probably. Was she the one who got away for you? Does it bother you to know that he might not be just a beast in the ring but also a beast at tearing that probably tight little pussy up? She was quiet the looker as I recalled as she hit that ground yesterday.” Earning himself a couple punches more to the face hearing the crack in his nose on the second blood gushing out. Stepping back Gio took the knives and started slowly skinning one arm off carefully making sure to do it slowly as Mateo was doing the other arm. Leo was making a new masterpiece using fire tools to burn new designs into his back. Once they were done. Dimitri had them. Gauze him up with a sealent that numbed the arms to wear they wear wrapped and no pain could be felt. He had him unchained. He knew to guys who loved the company of other men, they were huge men, who craved using bad people as they personal little play toys. He had called them in and took the chains down putting him down on his knees in a padded area on the floor connecting the chains to the locks on the ground. Mateo and Leo made sure to cut his pants and underwear off.

“You could have a had a simple death, but you wanted to talk about people using my angels temple, so now you will know what it is to be a little toy. I suggest you sit still this will not feel good. He put on gloves and placed small little censors to his penis. “What are you doing?” HE asked nervously. “Well this little device is created to send electric currents and not in any pleasure way either.” Gio said laughing. “We also have two special guest one o which will put that little mouth of your to a different use, since you want to talk so much crap. They two men built like mountains came in. They normally came and helped clean up their messes and in deep debt to the boys and their families.

“What’s going on boss?” “We ahd him STD tested last night came back clean. This is the prick that took it upon himself to put his hands on one of your queens. He talks to much do with him what your dark fantasies wishes as long as you clean this up when your done. Well be outside for awhile than we will leave. Lube is right there next to the chain locks.” The two guys looked at each other and smiled deeply. Taking off their shirts. “What they hell do you think your doing?” The drunk man said. “Your right boss he does talk to much.” One said darkly. These two men were twisted in their way of thinking, but only did as they were told.

The five men took their leave shutting the shed behind them. That was for sure not something they wanted to witness. Yet they could still here everything, as they were just drinking in the top section of the shed. “You talk to damn much, you little bitch let’s get that mouth to better use. Open up wide, you little slut. He jammed his dick in his mouth, that’s right bitch suck it, take it deep back to that little throat.” HE growled as he got pleasure in making the man take his nine inches deep to his throat.” The drunk ard could fight back with his arms a little numb still, he decided to take a bite on him, only to get the shock flowing through his penis causing him to scream alittle bit making the vibrations flow through his mouth around the man who is violating his mouth. All of a sudden he felt two fingers rubbing some type of goo around his asshole. “You better take a deep breathe because I’m about to make this little asshole my size. Hope you can handle about almost ten inches pounding this little ass into the ground.” The bigger of the two said as he shoved his lubed up dick straight into the mans asshole.

“That’s right take like the dirty little bitch you are.” The man pounding him from behind said. The man had tears just rolling off his face his muffled screams as he was getting choked and gagged from his mouth, electrocuted on his dick, and having to feel his ass start to bleed. “What’s that he’s saying?” The one form behind asked. “I think this filthy little bitch said he wants it deeper.” The one fucking his face said. The man from the back took both his numbed arms and used them to help pound him harder into him. “Oh ya, man that’s it, keep it up. I’m about to choke him out for sure. You better swallow every bit of this load to you little prick.” He warned with a knife coming up to his throat. Both men released into him. Making that man cry loudly to himself in the pain his body was now feeling as they both pulled out.

“Look at that, you didn’t do the job that well we’re still rock hard. Guess you going to have the job again you little slut. Walking ot their bag they took a dildo controlled by a remote, lubed it up and shoved it in his ass. Making him cry even hard in pain, as they had cranked it up to a powerful speed to make sure he stayed slowly bleeding out. The feeling in one arm came back as the burning feeling was coming to from being skinned off. “Which arm can you feel.” The littler one said. Taking his right arm as he spit on his dick well it aint going to stroke itself. HE said holding a knife back up. “That’s right now sit on your back legs while you still taking that dick deep in your ass, as you clean this dick off. Well come on you whore it aint going to suck itself.” HE barked at the scared man. Sitting on his back legs made the dildo go even deeper at such a crazy speed he thought his insides were being ripped in circles. Tasting the blood and left over cum off this mans dick, he wasn’t like the one before he made him suck his balls and rub his dick all over his face and around his mouth.

“Oh you like don’t you. Look at this little slut so thirsty for it. You like it don’t you, tell us how much you love this.” HE said looking the guy straight in the eye holding a gun straight between his eyes. “Tell us.” HE said rubbing his dick all over his face. Tears falling down he sobbed. “I like it.” He stuttered and sobbed. “Tell us how bad you these dicks to cum all over you thirsty ass.” “I want you to cum all over me.” BEG FOR IT!! He growled both of them getting close. “I want it please give it to me.” HE sobbed. “Open you r mouth stick out your tongue.” He did as he was told as they both shot their loads all over his face and body. Soon as the dripped their last drop onto him he shot him between the eyes. “Well let’s get this shit cleaned up.” That’s exactly what they did.

“The second they heard the gun shot up the stairs they knew the job was done and they should leave. Dimitri’s phone started ringing. Knowing the number he couldn’t pick up fast enough. “Hello.” He answered calmly, even though his heart was beating rapidly. “Dimitri?” Jessie asked. “Hey Jessie how are you feeling?” HE asked with concern. “I’m doing really good. How are you?” She asked you could even hear the happiness in her voice. “I’m doing ok, I’d be lying saying I wasn’t worried about you after last night though.” “Seriously D, I am fine. I sent your dad with a little thank you. I’m sorry I couldn’t bring it myself. I need just a couple more days before I go back there. Also I am booked up for a couple days. So I just wanted to be sure to call and once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for me yesterday. I really don’t even know how to thank you for something like that.” Jessie said lost in her own head.

“You don’t have to thank me for doing something anyone would have done. It’s amazing after all these years you still don’t know what you truly mean to me do you? I would never stand aside and let you get hurt like that Jessie.” “I know D, I know.” Jessie said. “So anyway I got what I wanted out of you yesterday.” Dimitri said. “I didn’t give you anything?” She said in a confused tone. “You not only let me stand by you , you gave me a hug. That’s all you could give me, that I would truly want. Besides knowing your safe.” Dimitri said with a smile feeling her blush through the phone. “So anyway keeping this conversation on the friend level, what are you doing today?” He asked the guys all waving him off getting in their cars driving home.

“Well I am on my lunch break. I had to take it late today as we got so backed up, so I’m actually off in about hour. Than Xavier’s going to pick me up we have to go look at three venues today and pick one out. So we can get the invites, made and sent out this weekend we only got about five weeks left.” Jessie said happily. “Was that… was that too much?” She asked. Dimitri took a deep breath in if he was going to get closer to her to change her mind. He would have to eat crow and go along with it. “No, it’s fine. I’m happy for you that is something to be excited for. Can I ask you one question though?” HE asked. “Sure.” “Why the rush. You know if you would wait until even January you could have snow making everything looking like a wonderland. I know how much you love the fall, why not wait a few more months and get the wedding you really want?” Dimitri asked.

“I do love the fall, but in the end I just don’t want to wait. The way Xavier said things to me when he asked me in the first place made me realize I don’t need the perfect wedding I thought of when from back than. I want the marriage. I don’t want to keep waiting to take the next step into what I have been waiting for, when I have it right in front of me. I know that probably doesn’t make any sense.” “It makes sense. I just don’t see why you can’t have both. If he loves you as much as you say he does, than why are you cheating yourself out of this? I know it’s you who picked date, Jessie and that man is so wrapped he’ll go without whatever your heart desires. I just wondered if maybe you have thought about his feelings I mean it’s his wedding to right? Is his parents ok with the rush. I mean this is just because you love him right? You rushing the date this fast kind of puts the though tout there maybe you are to be expecting?” Dimitri asked smiling to himself knowing he’s planting that seed of doubt way down in there.

“Well I think he’s excited he’s been bouncing off the walls since I picked it. I’ve never seen a man so happy. I know this right. I am not pregnant either you twat. I’m still happily on the shot. This is something we both are ready for. So the only question I have left for you is do I send you an invite?” She asked nervously. “Would you want me there? I know Xavier is not my biggest fan.” He said with a chuckle. “He actually was the one to bring it up, knowing how close your family is too me, he didn’t ask me if I wanted you there. Xavier said I know how close you are to the Morettis, and I feel that the choice of if he gets invited or not should be up to Dimitri. So D why don’t you think about it and let me know. “Send the invite. There’s no way I can not see you, ya know?” Dimitri asked. “I never thought I would be receiving an invite to your wedding that I wasn’t in.” Dimitri said shaking his head knowing if Chloe never happened they would be happily married already in his head. “I know D. Well I gotta go some more things to do before Xavier get’s here. This was nice talking to you again being friends again. It was nice. Have a good night Dimitri.” Jessie said. “I loved this. I missed us just being us. Have fun Jessie. Goodnight.”

Walking around the last venue it was in an open part of the field filled with trees leading to the forests, and than to the side you could see all the streets to the town. It was huge. Plenty of room for a make shift dance floor, tables to eat for a reception. The open area would have an arch that would surrounded in fairy lights and flowers, as would the reception area. It was perfection going over all the things they could do with the city planner for the permit. “I love it, what you think babe.” Xavier said happily. “I think it’s truly perfect, all those details down to the T that’s what I want. Except we will to rent some bathrooms. And outside portable sinks.” “Ya I knew I forgot something. Get that down too.” Xavier told the man.

“We will also need security, and police around to be available. I don’t want no one without an invitation or name on the list to be able to get in. No paparazzi, or nosey ass reporters should be able to walk in and start taking pictures, and harassing the guest or my bride.” Xavier said pulling her closely leaning down to kiss her lovingly. His happiness was contagious. “You ok?” HE asked a little curious. “It’s just a thought dawned on me today, and I don’t know it kind of got me thinking I guess.” “What’s this thought that clouds my love minds. No better yet, who is the evil one who put it there?” He asked playfully nipping on her lower jaw.

“Well I called Dimitri to tell him thank you once again and tell him his papa had his cake. I also told hi what you said about the invite and he says he want to be there.” She said looking at his chest. “I’m sure he does.” He mumbled. “HE also asked why I wasn’t waiting for the fall. Asking why was I rushing, if I was pregnant, and it was a different question that through me for a second.” She said looking up at him. His poker face was great because he was trying not to show his irritation. “Which question would that be?” HE asked rubbing the back of his hand on her cheek in a soft loving manner, looking happily in her eyes. “He told me he knew I picked the date, but asked me if you were honestly happy with it, if this is something you want.” She took a deep breath.

“Than I started to wonder he made sense you know no one ever asks the groom what he wants. What he would like. I was just worried if maybe you might feel like you I might have rushed you. Maybe you had a different vision o f how your big day should be too?” Jessie said feeling guilty. “Baby, it warms my heart to know you’re so worried about my feelings on our big day; but baby you got it all wrong. I am so excited to be able to marry you it’s insane. I would do it right here, right now. I don’t feel rushed. I don’t know if you noticed but we have done all this planning together. Choice by choice in fact I think I have made more decisions than you.” HE said rubbing his nose against hers playfully making them both smile. “I am perfectly content in everything happening around us and I am thrilled to be able to watch you walk down this little aisle right there, and make my promises to love you until the our last breath and even than after that.” He said leaning in.

“We’re ok. Stop worrying if I ever have a problem I will come to your face and let you know just as I expect you to do. Never let anyone else’s words doubt anything about us. No one else knows where we are other than you and me. Ok? Thank you so much for thinking of my feelings baby, but I am perfectly happy. Are you? Is this one of those cold feet moments?” HE asked playfully with a little concern. “Well you know I’m always a little cold, but I can’t wait to be wrapped up underneath you as you make love to me as Mrs. Xavier Graves.” She said as she purred the name out. “Mmm Jessenia Graves that got a ring to it, I like the way it sounds.” He said kissing her deeply.

Hearing a cough at the city person with them helping them get permits for everything. “Oh sorry.” Jessie said turning red. “It’s perfectly fine I understand.” HE said waving it off. “We’re taking this one. All the things we just went over make it happen fill out the forms for us to sign to get the permits. For December 11th for all day long I need the decorators to be able to come early to make this happens and the clean up crew will be coming in late form the next town over.” HE said with authority. “Yes Mr. Graves I will make it happen. I will see you two by tomorrow.” He said as he walked away.

Getting Jessie into the car and buckling her in. She sat happily singing along with the radio. Xavier loved when she did this. The peacefulness just flowing off her brought him peace. It was the things she said earlier that got to him. That damn Dimitri planting seeds of doubts in her head like that. It was the way that was done that left him realizing just how sneaky this man really was, using guilt over him as a weapon was a new low. He wouldn’t let no one make his woman feel bad about them. He made a mental note to make sure she knew that at the end of the day no matter what happened before she would know they were good, happy, and he loved her. Game on Dimitri, sorry to say for him it won’t be played for very long, not with his Jessie.”

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