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Chapter 22: Should have went for the Burger

Xavier was hugging and kissing and being lost in love playful as the two men and a couple staff and Eric loaded the van filled with the order. They deemed it only fair since she stayed late and did almost all the work herself, and will have to set everything up her self along with who ever came to help unload the racks. “Before I forget I made these for you. There’s about fifty in their I don’t know if you going to run into anyone else besides the guys and they can just give them to their parents.” Xavier said with a seep smile handing over their invites. “Thank you sweetheart.” She said with a big smile. “Weird honesty moment?” She said looking up at him. HE looked down shaking his head to hear with a smile. Knowing how she only says those kind of things when she’s opening up to him..

“It feels weird to invite them to my wedding. Our wedding.” She said correcting herself. “After all the last couple years of being friends with them, and almost my whole life with their parents it feels wrong not too. It’s almost like my heart made me be obligated to invite them, but my head was telling me maybe not. I don’t want it to be weird for them. I Sure as hell don’t want it to feel weird for you. Are you sure you are ok with this? I could always tell the guys it’s just didn’t feel appropriate.” Jessie said. “Baby, I am fine with this. I know they were at one point basically your family, and I know how important of a role they have played in your life, that ultimately lead you to me. You can invite anyone you want to hell the more the merrier. I want the whole world to witness you tying yourself to me for the rest of our lives. Let the whole world see you become permanently mine.” He said playing with her hands forehead resting on hers looking in her eyes. “You know when you get sweet like that it makes me think maybe five more weeks is just too long.” HE laughed at her. “Wedding chapels all over the world babe, court house is about twenty minute walk from here. Open at 9am. “HE said playfully.

“Ya well as tempting as it sounds to do that and have our parents kill us both for not being able to be there, I have a meeting.” She said playfully. “Mrs. Graves we’re ready.” Xavier had the worlds biggest smile looking at the three men in front of her, as she looked at him a little confused. “IS this your doing?” She asked looking at him. “Nope that was all me I was sure to remind them before you went all the way to Atheo for your meeting, and all those partners to be informed of your name.” Eric said hand covering his evil happy smile. Looking at Xavier who is just smiling deeply at him. “Dude I love you so much right now.” Xavier said looking at him. “I know.” Eric said chuckling to himself. “Have a safe trip Mrs. Graves.” Eric said laughing his way back into the kitchen shutting the door behind him.

“Man I love the sound of you wearing my name. Rather have you screaming my name but this is just as good.” Xavier said as he opened the door for her to get in the car. “I got this man. Just know if anything happens to her the next time you see me on tv will because of what I will do to you on the news.” He told the driver with a serious look. “Yes sir.” The driver stuttered out in a weak voice. “Have a safe and productive trip my love. You don’t have to hurry back, but don’t forget you are mine tonight, you going to be mine a couple times over if you going to be looking this good.” He said nipping on her neck. “Challenge accepted.” She said kissing him deeply getting in the car.” Shutting the door. He waited for her to get all the way around the corner to text her. I miss you already come back :,( . Shaking her head she texted back. Go get your hours in so we can have the weekend to ourselves. That’s the great thing about being boss. Eric and Jessie always had the weekend off unless a special order or catering order came through. They rotated the workers so they were given two weekends off a month they just had to pick which ones they wanted and right it on the board on the door which had the current month and the next month coming on it. They had promoted three of the six people they had working right now, and planned on hiring fifteen more so they could all rotate catering jobs too.

The drive went by quickly because she was texting Niki, and Kiley the whole time. Kiley was curious about Ryder. So the girls mostly spent the time talking about what all the guys were like. They made sure to tell him about his track record, so she’s not walking in blind. Also made sure to tell him what a wonderful funny, kind, loyal, and trusting man he is and how she could benefit form just giving him a chance if he can get his head out of his ass and find the courage to ask her out. Pulling up there a group of men probably interns rushing to help her. The drivers and extra man whispered to all of them ad they just shook their head in agreement. “Right this way Mrs. Graves. Will take you where your requested to be.” One of them said helping push racks as she took two herself.

There were thirty racks. She stopped the last ten racks. “Those were on the house, I would like those to go to the break room.” She said as she pushed the button to close the doors with a smile. All the guys looked around with a big smile. Getting onto the floor. No one was I their just yet. So they helped her put the food in all of the tables that surrounded the room Making look so inviting, the set up was wonderful she went into the one of the coolers and brought out four pitchers of sweet teas with small hint of peach just like her boys from home loved. “Oh before I forget this box is just for you guys only as a thank you for helping me.” She said as they all smiled. As all five of their bosses walked in.

“There’s one of our favorite girls.” Gio said coming up for a hug and forehead kiss. “It smells so good in here.” Leo said repeating the same gesture walking over to get a drink. “I miss your food so much when your gone.” Tony said mouth full of food, again repeating the same gesture. “Did you guys help her?” Mateo turned after getting his hug to the interns in a threatening tone. “They were so wonderful. I am so thankful you guys have such smart and loyal workers, t’s a rare quality to have. Thank you boys. In fact if I ever have to come back and cater for you again, I will not do so with out each and every single one of them. Including the ones who set up in the break room for me. You remember that next time you order they are ALL on my personal list.” She said crossing her arms looking around the room. “Well looks like you boys just got promoted, because we are not losing the best chef in the state.” Tony said flatly. “Everything looks wonderful thank you so much for doing this it means a lot to us.” Dimitri said walking up to her. HE was scared to get next to her for making her feel odd. She could see it in his face she hated making him not feel like the rest of the guys in his own basically second home. She realize if she was going to give that friendship a second chance she can’t punish him by leaving him out, and he was well aware of the fact that friendly was all he was going to receive nothing more will come of it. So she hugged him, just as she did the others. Making his whole day, he looked down with a smile. “Thanks.” He whispered to her.

“I just we got a lot of people riding on us to be civil friends it’s not right to leave you hanging out anymore. You know what this is and so do I were grown adults D. It’s not hard to be nice to each other.” She said with a shrug. “Mrs. Graves we’re all done here is there anything else you need?” The name made everybody stop what they were doing and looking at the intern who spoke up like they were about to gut him right where he stood. Taking a deep breath he got scared. “No thank you my dear you guys were wonderful. I will find you if I need you though please take this racks all back and make sure they get returned for me please.” “What did you call her?” Leo asked mouth still opened. “Oh well her partner at he shop told the driver her name was Mrs. Graves.” HE answered back knowing he was somehow in trouble. “Please just call me Jessie. Guys calm down that was Eric way of joking around with me. Although I guess I should get used to that name. It’s got a nice ring to it.” She said lost in her own world with a smile.

“Oh well I’m sorry thank you Jessie gentle if that will be all.” They asked. “Your dismissed you three stay and be helpful during this meeting all three of you take notes and make sure to help serve around to everyone.” Mateo said strictly. Mrs. Graves, Dimitri scoffed to himself she needs to correct that to Mrs. Moretti he thought to himself. The other guys did not like that either. “Oh before I forget, Xavier was sweet enough to remind me to give these to you guys and for the other one for your parents.” Jessie said with excitement. They opened it with their mouths dropped open. “Your seriously getting married in like almost five weeks?” Gio asked. “How nice of Beast to make sure we got this now, it would have been something not to get something like this delivered in any other way besides personally.” Leo said hiding the sarcasm. “You look amazing.” Tony said looking at the picture. Dimitri sucked in his breath reading the words felt like a knife in the heart, but seeing her that beautiful with the pricks arms wrapped around what was meant to be his just felt like that’s what ripped his heart out. She was so incredibly beautiful in the picture he had to take a minute to gather his words to form out of his mouth.

“You guys can just text the number and tell me if you’re bringing a date. So it helps me order food.” Jessie said. “We wouldn’t miss this for the world would guys?” Dimitri said in voice only they could recognize. They all nodded in agreement showing how happy they were for her, knowing they had a lot of things to do in apparently very little time. The door opened wide and filled quickly with men of all ages in suits with their assistants. The woman complained about the sugar they would have to work off later, the men just moaned in happiness. “Moretti how did you get Alderman’s products this early.” The man closer to his age asked wit a plate of like four different pastries and the tea with him and his male assistant both on cloud nine. “Well some of your guys statements in your proposals and so we invited a special guest to help us answer our questions and some of yours we brought in Ms. Jessenia Alderman, and you all know she never shows up empty handed. Gentlemen this is our personal friend Ms. Alderman. Please go as she goes around to introduce yourselves. We will begin in a few minutes as you settle in your files are in front of you to go over also before we start.

The meeting went on for awhile but felt like it flew by. Jessie had read through three contracts underlining the problems with them and than making notes on them as well. “SO gentlemen we know what we’re asking can be a lot and is a big risk but it is definitely one worth taking.” She had to give it to the man he was great with words and presentations, and whoever drew this contract up was a master of word play. These prices we’re ridiculous. “So Jess, what do you think?” “ I think whoever wrote this contract deserves an award, this is the best contract I’ve ever seen written with amendments and clauses written backwards to go in your favor. I am going ot be very blunt with you sir. See I was asked her for nothing but honesty and that’s what you’re all going to get. I think this is personally insulting I mean you could have at least bought everyone here dinner before you screwed them this bad. Your numbers are to high and over half these things are rendered useless who is your chef who is requesting these things?” She said taking a breath.

“I don’t know what kind of place you think your opening food wise but it is no restaurant. You guys are going for the wrong equipment, the wrong products, some of these things you have on this menu is illegal to have or even grow in this country and that is including some of the protein powders they are trying to get inside of the drinks. If you back this plans with this menu, and half the items on this list you will be fined in so many charges you will probably have to shut down two of your medium sized companies and lay off about another two thousand state wide. Also the menu is a joke and gross. You clearly don’t understand how mixing of food works.” Jessie said. “Personally I’m a little insulted to be brought down for this cruel joke your pulling to day.” Everyone looking at the man who walked in trying to get them as backers.

“Why would you not research the items on the menu and the equipment needed, before coming in here today.” An older man asked annoyed at his presents. “Well we, had no idea they were banned. We were told we would just have to special order them from out of the country to start growing in the garden here.” He spoke up nervous. “Why the hell would you think that we would accept full responisbilty and liability of any fines or charges that would fall upon the business and the farm gardens? Do you even understand what we do here?” Dimitri roared at him. Security came around him. “See this man out.” Mateo told them sternly. “Well men that was a waste of a good morning, I do apologize.” Gio said standing up.

“You speak for your damn self I the food was well worth the trip.” Another stood up going for more his helper right there with him. “No for me it was watching a beautiful baker call out that little piss stain, did you see his face once he realized he was caught.” Another older man said laughing with a couple of others. “This was defiantly what I need this week.” One man said laughing so hard he even had a tear coming off his eye. “You’re incredible kid.” Another one said to her. “Well since one proposal failed how about another.” A man same age as her said his eyes locked on her for at least ten minutes now completely lost in thought. “What you got Davis?” “Ms. Alderman.” HE said flatly. “I’m afraid we’re going to need more.” Gio said. “I mean MS. Alderman. If you guys want to open a place. We get one and Ms. Alderman gets full control and reigns of it. Can you think of anything better than that? Especially here, hell she would own this town again in weeks. Just like with Craves only this time better because it would be twice as big as a bakery would be connected doing separate things.” Davis said looking around the room. “That sounds perfect that is a plan I would back up how much would you want or need Ms. Alderman?”

They all looked at her excitedly. “Well unfortunately gentleman I just took ownership with a partner just last night and I have no plans on leaving my home, or my little family in West Wick I’m sorry to disappoint you. I am already running one shop and I just don’t have it in my heart to come all the way back here to a city that my heart just aint in, and go back to dong what I was doing. Thank you so much for the offer, and thank you for your business. I have no issue coming to help you guys out like today every now and than, but that’s as far as my services go.” She said standing up. “I do believe I have completed what I have sought out to do. If you excuse me it is growing late and I have someone waiting for me back home.” They all stood up shaking her hand and thanking her for her time. She hugged the guys Dimitri followed her out. “You know it’s still a little early it’s about twelve how opposed would you be to grabbing a cheeseburger from our old place? I hate to send you back with out lunch you know almost two hour drive back and all.” He asked looking at her as they were almost out of the elevator. “No I think I better get back I am getting tired and all the compliments has inflated my ego so bad I need to go now while I can still get threw the door.” They laughed a little bit walking out the door.

“Well if you’re sure.” Dimitri said getting the door for her. “Hey I really just want to thank you for coming all the way up here and helping us out. Really appreciate it. You know we work really hard on this place so it really just means the world to us, and I guess mainly me. Don’t worry I will remember to give the invite to my parents.” He said the last part sadly. “I know it might not be easy for you with all that right now, but I really like how we can be so grown up about this. Maybe you did change for the better.” She said tapping his hand on the door as she got in the car. The guy s came down to see her off knowing Dimitri maybe having a difficult time. HE car drove down the road they all starred at it while talking.

That’s when Dimitris heart slammed through his chest as he watched a drunk driver racing through around the corner driving on the wrong side of the road and slammed right into Jessies car, right into her door. Never have the guys moved so fast in all their years of life as Gio had the emergency dispatch on the line. Dimitri had managed to get Jess out of the car and Tony took out the driver. Both cars were now on a small fire, otherwise they would have left them be until help arrived. Dimitri stayed with her all the way to the hospital, in the ambulance. It wasn’t until they took her in the back that Dimitri pulled out his phone called his parents quickly. Being a little scarred he needed some encouraging words for the next two calls he had to make.

By the third ring he picked up. “Boy you better have a good reason for calling. You know I’m working.” Callan said with that tone only he spoke so well. “Cal.” Dimitri said a little choked up. “What’s going on Dimitri?” HE asked a little concerned. “Jessie was in a car accident by a drunk driver slamming into her door we’re at the general hospital in Atheo and they just took her like we just got here. They said their going to be awhile doing a lot of test they maybe done by the time you get here. I just needed you to know. I also need one thing from you while I have you on the phone.” “What do you need?” Dimitri took a deep breath.

“I ugh, Jessie cell phone is just destroyed and I was hoping you could give Xavier’s number because I know how much it would mean to her to have you both here. I think it’s my place to call him and let him know I saw everything Callan and I just really wished I hadn’t.” HE said crying silently. “Ya, but than who would have helped my baby than Moretti? Thank you so much for the call and all the other stuff. I will text you the number now. Are you sure you don’t want me to just tell him?” “No it’s ok, we need to adults with each other because I think were both aware that neither one of us is going anywhere.” Dimitri said. Cal nodded his head. “OK, than I’ll be there very soon. If you leave I understand.” “I’m not leaving Cal.” Dimitri said with no room open for argument. “Than I’ll see you there kid.” Cal hung and text Xavier’s number to Dimitri. “The boys got some balls I’ll give him that. Lets go get Jennifer and head out it’s about an hour and a half away the way she drives. They both chuckled getting up to leave.

The fourth ring he picked up. Everyone was at the ring training still, the guys all brought their partners leaving Ryder sparring with Xavier he answered his phone with curiosity. “Moretti?” He asked in a question catching his breath. “Xavier.” He said again a little choked up. “Where’s my girl Dimitri?” He said in a growl putting it on speaker phone for the group to hear. “I put her in a car, she was going back home the guys and I were talking on the street watching her drive away. This car turned the corner full speed on the wrong side of the road the man was drunk, he slammed right into her door. I got her out Tony go the driver out both cars had caught on fire a little bit. I’ve been with her this whole time we just got to the general hospital about ten minutes ago they took her. They will be awhile by the time you get here they maybe just getting done they told me it would be a long while. Her phone is destroyed I do have her purse so I filled all her paper work out she’s got fucking everything in this thing.” HE chuckled lightly. “I go your number from Cal who is already on his way. I’m not leaving until I see her, so I guess I’ll see your clan when you get here.” He said leaving no room for arguing.

“Fine. You better call me though if anything comes up or changes. Look I know you only called me for her.” HE hesitated. “But thank you. Thank you for getting her out, and thank you for getting her there, and being there when she wouldn’t me, and I couldn’t.” HE said Xavier’s heart in his throat if Dimitri was choked up just calling him up; than what she just went through and what we saw is not a good thing. “Let’s go.” HE said grabbing his crap quickly and getting into the car. “Lexi use Axel’s keys and please get into my house and grab her some clothes, bra underwear shoes brush all that crap. Please. Than meet us there.” “Ok, Niki and Jaxon got into Axel’s car to go with them. Ryder was already in the driver’s seat of Xavier’s truck hand reaching for his keys which he gladly gave to him. Noah and Eric already drove off heading to the freeway.

They got there in less than an hour, breaking every traffic violation along the way. Which scarred them a little more when they saw Callan and both Xaviers parents talking to the doctors. While the Atheo boys and parents waited on the sides giving them some privacy. Xavier walked right up like a man on a mission he was huge in every possible and scared the shit out of the doctor when he approached him. “Ho wis she what’s going on? Can we see her?” “I-i-I I’m sorry son but that information is for family only. Like I told that group over there you’ll just have to wait.” “I’M NOT WAITING FOR SHIT! Now you tell me what’s going on with my fiance now!” Xavier roared at the man. “Ok, she’s fine she has a concussion some bruises and cuts from the things shattering around her. She is fine she just can’t look at and tv or computer or phone screens for a day or so, and she will have a very strong headache.” The doctor managed to say without pissing himself.

“What about the her driver?” “HE just has a broken arm and some bruising.” Xavier looked at the nurse next to the doctor who was also scarred of him. “I want everything Jessie and that man is going to nee or has done charged to me. Go get this card saved on file and you bring it right back.” He told her sternly. “Y-y-eess ssir Mr. Graves. Everyone knew who they all were. Walking up to Dimitri who meet him a couple steps away he just stretched out his hand. “Than you Moretti.” “It wasn’t for you Graves.” “I know, still thankful. That’s my whole world laying in that bed.” “I know what that feels like.” Both men just nodding both eyes watered up, both in love strongly with someone who they couldn’t help. “I was going to pay for the driver.” Dimitri said. “Don’t worry about it.” Xavier said. “There is one thing I need to know, that you failed to tell me.” “What’s that. “What happened to the drunk driver?” Xavier asked he was furious. “Well they can’t find him, they think either he fled or went to another hospital we were to busy trying to get the fire down, and get them out.” Dimitri said. Xavier just nodded his head.

The guys just looked around at each other and their dad’s. They knew exactly where he was, and were going to make sure he wouldn’t be breathing for long. It felt like days were passing them by. Lexi had popped up clinging to Axel on his lap. She did give her love to the Atheo boys, and their families even her father popped in. She was not leaving Axel though, who was not complaining just holding her tightly and being there. Another hour came along when the nurse came back with his card. “She is awake, we’ll take the parents and you back their first sir, we only four in at a time. I have my doubts that you will leave the room at all so I guess three at time than .” She said as she started showing everyone to the room. “Hey baby.” She whispered out softly. Still sore in her chest and lungs. “You scared the shit out of me.” He said coming over to her getting on his knees still hovering over her.. Tears filling his eyes looking at her laying all helpless.

“Hey daddies. Hey mama.” She said with a smile sitting up a little more. “So crazy thing I totally crushed it at that meeting right. Than Dimitri’s like let’s go to the burger place down the road you know the opposite way of where I was about to go, he didn’t want me to go back home almost two hour drive without having lunch. I was like now I’m good, because honestly just wanted to go home and have a shower. Than I literally got crushed just going home. I should have just went for the burger.” She said with a light chuckle. Rubbing on Xaviers face who was just smiling at her. “There was no way you were going to know this could have happened” Xavier said. “I am really ok I’m just super duper sore for a couple days I get to go home in like an hour. I just can’t work for like a week. Better call my boss so he doesn’t have a bitch fit.” She said with a giggle. “I can hear you slab of road meat, you better keep your banged up ass out of my kitchen.” She heard Eric holler at her from the hall. Making the whole hall go up in laughter.

“Oh God how many of them are out there? Apparently both Atheo and West Wick number five fighters plus their families. It’s ok all ten of us are going around to the pediatric wing signing things for the kids before we leave in the next hour I guess turns out we got a big fan base here.” Xavier said with a smile. Everyone came and went and finally it was Dimitri’s turn walking in to see Xavier sitting on her side of the bed. “You know baby I didn’t think I have to see you in a hospital unless it was popping out our babies.” He said with a deep smile. “Yeah, one thing at a time there rocky.” She joked. “I used to think the same thing. You scared the crap out of me Jess.” Dimitri said catching their attention. ’You know I’m starting to think me being alone or just being in Atheo period is just like a giant omen. D this is the second time you totally saved my ass in this town. I don’t even know how to start to thank you. I’m just so sorry you had to see it and you stayed with me. Thank you so much.” Jessie said as she motioned him over for a hug.

“I feel responsible because I put you in that car Jess. I saw everything I never felt so helpless, there’s was nothing I could do or knew how to do to help you. I’ll always be here for you.” Dimitri said. “I know D and I well we thank you for that truly. Next time I promise to go for the burger first.” Jessie said playfully. “See what happens the first time you pass up free food.” Dimitri said flinging a sticker at her making all three of them laugh. “I got to go. I think it’s best. I just couldn’t leave without seeing in any other way than the last time I saw you.” HE said looking deep into her eyes. She just nodded her head. “Thank you.” Xavier said reaching his hand one last time. He shook it, but they both knew it meant nothing in the end it was just a civil thing for her. She had been through enough for one day. HE walked out as the doctor walked in ready to be discharged?” HE asked with a smile. Xavier held Jessie close. ”Yes sir we are.” HE said kissing her on the head.

The phone started ringing Dimitri answered it he was already to his car that was now in the parking lot. “Hello.” “Hey man so is she discharged yet?” Mateo asked. “Yeah the doctor was walking in with the papers as I left the room. She should be home with the damn beast in about a little over two hours depending on traffic. Are you guys there our little toy for the evening?” Dimitri asked curiously. “Yes, and you need to hurry up and get her soon, you’ will be quiet interested in the story the man has to tell. He’s not just any drunk man. He is a drunk man, but Dimitri this was no accident you need to get here.” Mateo said flatly. “Sto arrivando proprio ora fratello. Preparatelo per me.” Dimitri hung up, making his way quickly to find out what the hell this asshole thought he was doing hurting his woman. Soon, soon she will be back where she belongs. He thought gripping the steering wheel just a little tighter.

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