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Chapter 23: A Mothers Act

Walking through the door it was just enough light to make everything out in the special little torture room they have been using a lot lately. They actually had two people down there this time. The drunk man who hit Jessie and Raul the driver. Than on the right side they had the man who wasted their time today in the meeting. Knowing the contract was an odd one they planned on getting all kinds of answers tonight. They just weren’t sure just how quickly they wanted to end this after all they did deserve what they were getting.

“So I hear you have information you wan tot barter with for your life. Well now see that all depends on the information you provide. That goes for you too Martin. I just wan you to know if you fail to provide me with truthful answers it won’t be just you suffering. Don’t get me wrong you will suffer greatly. However I am a forgiving man and they are reasonable men if you provide us with truthful answers you will in fact be rewarded. You both know we are men known to keep our word. No?” Dimitri said his accent coming through a little thicker.

“So than who wants to show and tell first?” Leo asked clapping his hands and keeping them close to his chest in an excited manner. “How about the man who thought it would be a good idea to get loaded and take the wrong way afternoon drive?” Gio said. Holding a knife up to his face and nicked his cheek a little to see little drip bits of blood. “What is your name?” Mateo asked. “Ian. My name is Ian.” He said scared with his hands in chains hanging over his head. His legs in chains around his ankles, as well as his little cell mate Martin. “So Ian, do you wan to tell us why you smashed into our sweet little Jessies car today?” Leo asked. “I was paid to do it. I just knew with the state’s by laws recently if I could prove the accident to be a DUI than I would serve a short sentence of less than a year.” HE said almost crying. “Who paid you to do it. Why did they want to hurt her?” “I don’t know why. She didn’t tell me. Her name was I don’t know something that went with some damn flower.” He yelled as Leo held a cattle prod to his manhood than to his nipples.

“It was… it was poppy, no . Iris. No, no. It was. AWW!” He yelled as Leo prodded Ian right directly to his nipple. Leaving a burn bruise. “LILY! HER NAME WAS LILY!” He screamed as Leo brought the little taser to his manhood through his pants. The guys all stopped and dropped everything in their hands and starred at him for a moment. “What did she say when she came to implore your services?” Tony asked. They all gathered closer to him with nothing in their hands just trying to hear him better. “She just said she was trying to stop some girl form making a stupid choice and see reason. I wasn’t suppose to do any fatal damage and no one was suppose to find out to this extent.” He said. As each guy took two deep punches on the man.

“Do you have any evidence of what you’re saying is true?” Mateo asked. “Take my phone. Everything you need is in there I record all my conversations, the texts and emails. Everything is in there.” The man sobbed. Taking the phone out of the bag of things they confiscated form him. Dimitri and Tony quickly looking through everything form Jennifer. Growing even more angry as they uncovered everything her mother had sent. Lily had hired him to cause physical harm to Jessenia in hopes to not only prevent or prolong her upcoming nuptials but to try to persuade her to break her radio silence with her. It seems that Lily was starting to clawing at straws to piece her broken family back together everything but change her ways that is.

Looking at each other and the others nodding that he was right. “So you were going to hospitalized an innocent woman for basically blood money is this what I am understanding?” Mateo asked in shock that any mother could do this to their kid. Whether they were supposedly grown or not how could you be so willing to hurt your own child? They never had a problem with their parents and their approval or love though, not like how Jessie has her whole life. This was an all time low even for Lily, this was by far the worse thing she has ever done to her. They did not Beast either, but they would never cause her physical harm just to make sure she couldn’t walk down the aisle.

They gathered around and looked at each other. “I think we need to keep little Ian alive until we can bring Ms. Lily down here.” Gio said with an evil look to his face. “Are we really going to bring her here, you know once she gets down here what will happen.” Leo pointed out. “We need to show this phone to our parents and see where they want to go from there. Maybe we should leave her fate up to them. She is after all their friend maybe they should be the one to clean up this mess. Let’s just see what they want to do before we pursue Ian any further he being the only witness we have for all this.” Dimitri said. “We can the grizzly brothers keep eye on him.” Mateo said looking around cracking his neck. “Ok, now that, that is settled. Let’s make our way to guest number two.” Tony said playfully.

“Guest number two goes by the name of Martin and hails all the way from the farther up north ways about a good solid three hours from here of Atheo in the city of Dover Springs. Martin is a one of the CEO’s of a company that is about to go completely belly up over night as we withdraw every little shiny penny for a sy little play they thought we wouldn’t notice being completely illegal in every way shape or form. So tell us Martin why did you think this would have been a good move to make on us?” Tony asked in the same T.V. host voice. “I didn’t think it would be a big deal if some of the ingredients were illegal. The chef had made some comments about it but in the end of the argument we didn’t think anyone would really look that closely into the meals to know the difference we already have two other restaurants doing the same thing and no one has even batted an eye to notice even the health inspectors hasn’t noticed. We just thought it would be the same thing here. It really didn’t seem that big of deal.” HE said with tears silently coming off his face.

“Do you know why, you don’t think it’s that big of deal? It’s because dear Martin this time you were trying to make sure we accepted full responsibility for everything you would have been busted for had you been or gotten caught.” Gio said flatly. “You know the funny thing about all this is, once we withdraw our investments from you guys you still need to pay back the loan you had borrowed from us. So once the authorities find out about your illegal use of products, your co-workers will literally be going to jail and still working off debt that will probably take them about two life sentences a piece to pay back.” Dimitri said. “The great news for us is we hold no liability to those projects we made sure to check before coming in here.” Leo said. “So the real question is, is there anything else we need to know from you?” Tony asked him using his finger to mimic a him thinking hard. “That’s al I know I swear.” Martin said wide eyed.

“Well seeing as you cooperated with us well enough and we no longer have time to put you through what you really have coming to you, for you see a more important task has just came up. We’re going to have end this all quickly.” Mateo said with a small smile. “Tony.” Dimitri said. Tony pulled the gun straight between Martins eyes and pulled the trigger so fast it was literally in a blink of an eye. “The Grizzly boys are almost are almost here they said they got clean up and will watch over numb nuts here, they got a whole crew to watch hi around the clock so we are good.” Leo said. “Let’s go it’s time to call our family to dinner.” Gio said as they made their way outside each calling their own parents.

“Xavier baby you have got to stop I am ok. The doctor was just over reacting I am perfectly fine.” Jessie said. “You really think you going to lie to me babe? Don’t make me pick up my phone there is about a dozen people in that thing that will come down here and put new holes in your pants and panites form the ass chewing you will receive if you even think about getting up to go to work.” Xavier said laughing deeply. “OK well how about I just go down there to the interviews and that’s it. Just we need help there baby you know that. Can’t you just call Eric and propose that idea you can drop me off, go put in your hours for the ring, and when your done I will go with you straight home and do nothing but chill and rest and be lazy together. Just interviews that’s all.” Xavier looked at her. That actually didn’t sound bad. He knew she would get stir crazy a little bit. It’s hard to stay away from your job, when you love it, and put so much into it.

“Fine, I’ll call him right now, but if he says no it’s no.” Xavier said with his serious face. “OK. She said happily. Picking up the phone on the third ring. “Hello big bobs whore house you got the dough I got the hoe?” Eric sang happily. Making Xavier smile and tried to fight back his laughter. “I swear only you man.” HE chuckled. “Hey Jessie has something she wants me to ask you.” “Well ask away my little buttercup.” HE said pleasantly. “She wants to go to work and do the interviews with you, and some little paper work, while I get my hours in at the ring. Honestly man I would feel more comfortable if she was around someone who could watch out for her while I’m there also. It won’t be for long, and she’s going nuts with guilt of everything falling upon you. I know you guys need help so getting more people on board right now may not be a bad thing.” Xavier said. Eric silently thinking to himself. “Even when she’s not around she’s still the smart one, damn brilliant bitch. Ya bring her in tomorrow, but the first time I find her in the kitchen I’m spanking her with my spatula.” HE warned. “If you were any other guy I swear to god I would burry you for that comment.” Xavier said shaking his head. “Ya, well I’m special and you love it and me you beautiful beast now I have to go I will see you both tomorrow. What they hell you think you doing? I know you did not just walk up in this house with all that damn mud up on them shoes you better take that sweet ass back outside.” HE heard Eric yelling at Noah who was grumbling back like a child in trouble. Xavier laughing shaking his head hanging up the phone.

“Well?” She asked with excitement. “He said he will see you with your beautiful beast tomorrow, and if he catches you in the kitchen he will spank you with the spatula.” Jessie just looked at him blankly. “He’ll do it too.” She commented. “I have no doubt.” He said back before they started laughing into each other. “So let’s finish making out this invitations. We’re almost done anyway.” She said reaching back for the clip board. “You are sure you are ok, about still having it in couple weeks. You feeling any worse right?” HE asked getting worried. “ I am fine you damn worry wart. I swear. This is what I want. The bruises will have faded and the soreness will be fine.” She said leaning forward a little to rest her forehead to his.

He was lost in the happy moment until his phone started ringing. “Huh, I don’t know this number. Hello.” He answered in his deep husky voice. “Hi, I am looking to speak with Xavier Graves. I got his number from Mr. Bentley.” “Fucking Devil.” Xavier mumbled through the phone. “This him.” HE said flatly. “OK hi, I’m Trevon Nelson and I am a reporter a local paper, and a sports magazine. Both of my bosses we’re wondering if you would be able to be open to an interview with your bride to be? It would be just simple interview about the upcoming nuptials and your career, it’s not very often we see a power couple around the parts.” Jessie face was shocked. “Fucking Noah, I’m going to kill him.” Xavier said covering the mouth part of the phone. “You could, or you could get even?” Jessie suggested. “I love you so much.” Xavier said smashing his face to hers. “You know what Trevon. I don’t know if that is going to be a big read. How about you run another idea past your boss. What would you do if I could give you interviews of four power couples, and a pyro?” Xavier asked with a smile ear to ear. “Oh my god are you serious do you think the rest of your group and their partners would sit down with me for that? You have no idea what that could mean for me sir, I mean no one has ever been able to get direct interviews with any of you that wasn’t televised to be the first one to get one this big, you have no idea what that would mean for me Mr. Graves.” “Call me Xavier and go ahead and see if you can get the green light from your boss, than you call me back and whatever day you need you got it. The only catch is it has to be at my woman’s café Sweet Temptations for all of us well be there together. You can talk to us separately though. I will expect a call from you by tomorrow. Have a good night Trevon.” Xavier said as he hung up the phone.

“You know the girls and guys are probably going to kill you for dragging them through this don’t you.” I’m ok with that after all the shit those boys have drug me through they have this coming.” He said playing with her hands. “The girls done nothing to you though or Eric.” She argued back. “Ok we both know Eric would eat this up. Secondly they need to get use to the attention if you guys are serious about us because whether you like it or not you all in the spotlight now, well for different reasons, you guys are all at the top of your game in your fields, and you with men who the same at theirs. Baby we all busted our asses to get where we are today, let’s be proud of it together.” Xavier said rubbing her cheek.

They heard a knocking as the door opened. “Hey you guys it’s just me.” “In here Kiley.” Xavier hollered back. She sat at on the chair facing away from the door. “I was close by and just wanted to check on you,. I was getting a little worried . SO do you need any help with anything?” “We are actually just writing out the invites and my hand writing sucks so if you want to help address these out and I’ll just stuff them that would be great.” Xavier said. “Thank you for thinking of me so what’s been new with you?” “Well work is great. I actually have been texting the Ryder friend of yours. He’s funny. “Ya he is quiet the character.” Jessie said laughing. “He’s an ass, but all in all he s a good guy.” Xavier admitted.

The door flew oened and slammed shut. He walked right into the room sweating and panting. Pacing for a couple of seconds. “Ok. OK alright you were right. Are you happy now?” Ryder said starring at Jessie who was starring back looking confused. “You were right about everything. I don’t like the idea of being single anymore. I hate it. You were right about Kiley too. She’s fucking incredible, and all I do is make an ass out of myself whenever I’m having any type of communication or contact with her. SO please could you just tell me what to do or say to get her to go on a date with me and just put me out of my misery.” Ryder asked. Looking down. “Dude, did you run here? Why you so out of breath and gross?” Xavier asked raising an eyebrow. “That is not the advice I was hoping for. I went for a jog two hours ago trying to clear her of my mind to work through what I could possibly say to someone as smart as she is, and I just got frustrated and ended up here, because I can’t do this alone.” He said with a big breathe of defeat. “Well I always thought honesty was the best policy. What do you think?” Jessie asked looking at Kiley.

“Well if I were you I would just get to the point and ask her. We both know we hate people who play all those stupid games like honestly who’s got time for all that?” Kiley asked looking Ryder dead in the eye with that killer smile he loved so much. The woman he can’t shake from his head standing right in front of him, as he babbled and had a verbal, emotional, and mental break down. Once again feeling like he was making an ass out of himself. “You know the making an ass out of myself in front of you list just keeps on growing doesn’t it. Might as well go for broke. Kiley you want to go steady with me?” Ryder asked. “GO steady? Dude this isn’t tenth grade in the fifties.” Xaiver said laughing hard enough to bend himself over a little bit. Jessie smacking him in the chest. “Stop it.” She snapped to him. “Yes honey.” HE said with a smile and small kiss to her cheek.

“How about we go out to dinner after we write out these invites and if that goes well we can talk about it?” She offered. “That would be great but can I just stuff them, because my writing sucks, I think your whole class would pick on me bad.” Ryder said scratching the back of his head making them all laugh. They started their task and laughed and talked the whole way through it. Jessie was relaxed and happy. Xavier was so content in the moment knowing what Ryder was going through, hell all the guy’s have been there. It was such a cool thing for him to be able to see it unfold in front of him, but he will still be making fun of him for it later, with the rest of the group. They finished their little job, and Kiley took the invites out to drop in the mail box as they went on their way to the diner for their dinner date. While Xavier took Jessie to bed and cuddled with her watching the predator movie marathon.

“I can’t believe she would stoop this low and do this to her. Her own blood.” Aria said as she and the rest of their women had tears just falling off their face, while the ten men around them held such a hatred they have not felt before. “Why would she think this would bring Jessie or even Cal back to her?” Vincent asked. “This has to be the stupidest thing she has ever done, and we have all been around to see some of her doosies.” Gigi said. “Give me five minutes alone with her. I can’t believe she would try such crazy shit on our girl. This bitch don’t know who she dealing with.” Vivy said in a growl. “We actually we’re hoping you guys would deal with her, no matter how mad we are. We just think it would I don’t know mean more to you guys to handle her” Dimitri said. All the guys looking at their parents waiting to see what they wanted to do about Lily.

“ You boys did the right thing.” Armando said sternly looking them over. “You leave her to your fathers.” Camilla said with such a hurtful voice. Everyone looked at her. “She is no friend or kin to us you guys need to take her to you r little spot along with her rat, and end this.” Aria said trying to surpress her anger. All the women looking to their men to handle this for them. They just looked down and understood what they needed to do, to ease their hurt. Anger just radiating off of all of them. They were starting to look forward to what they had planned for her after all it’s been awhile since they made their way down to that room. All Armando knew was he hoped Lily was enjoying whatever she was doing at the moment because she was about to start paying up for all the crimes against her as a mother, but would the justice ever be enough to undo everything that vile woman has done over the years to their poor girl.

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