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Chapter 25: Burn Witch Burn

“What do you think your doing Armando? Why the hell am I here?” Lily spat out angrily. “Do you really need to ask why Lily? Can you no think of one thing you have done, that could bring you here?” Armando asked her as the rest of the men gathered around her pist as hell with another man in a bag next to her in the same position she is in. “Stop talking in riddles and just get straight to the point what’s the meaning of all this?” She asked getting annoyed.

“Well you see Lils, you have done something to strongly upset our wives to the point where they have asked us to personally deal with you in any way we deem to see fit.” Vincent said with malice. “You not only angered the wives you have upset our boys. You have caused harm to everyone in our families. They want you to pay for what you’ve done.” Dante added. “I haven’t one damn thing to your families and you know it.” She roared back. “Oh but you have you have harmed them all emotionally and mentally, when you brought physical harm to your own daughter Lils, you know how close we all are to her you know how much she means to all of us, especially my son.” Armando growled back.

“Yes you know what you are right about that, tell Moretti even though I am still rooting for Dimitri to win over my daughter. Was she still important to her as he was plunging his way through the city slut? Just how many other girls was he screwing around with when he was with Jessie just so I know that I am not the liar when I told her it was just Chloe. You know just for my own personal benefit to know the real answers to those questions.” Lily argued back. Only to have Tavion hand go straight across her face. “You really think your in a place to pass judgment after what you’ve done?” He snapped at her. Looking back at hi in shock she looked as if he would just bust into flames.

“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.” She snapped back the answer rolling her eyes at the men in front of her. “Keep rolling your eyes cagna maybe you’ll find your brain back there.” Marcello said with much attitude. “Dante, if you would please show our guest to Ms. Lily.” Armando asked politely. Taking off the bag she sees a man who looks barely even alive with a beaten in, but she knew who he was. That damn Ian she said to herself. Looking up at the men. “Does he look familiar? If not maybe all these recordings, texts, and emails could jog your memory this is you no?” Marcello added. Lily eyes grew wide there was no way out of this. She was now very aware at just how alone she was. Knowing what these men do to people who got on the bad side of their families, she just never told Callan. She knew there was no way she was getting out of this alive anymore.

“Yes that’s me. I would do it again. Jessie will not listen to reason. That damn boy in that hick ass country fucking hole in the wall town is only going to drag her down and ruin her life. She needed to see reason before she made the biggest mistake of her life. People think more clearly when there is put in a spot to gain and get perspective. I knew she wouldn’t be in any real danger. She is fine. As far as I know it didn’t work anyway she is still going to marry that fucking beast boy in a few weeks and we need to find a way to stop it. Why can’t any of you realize what I am trying to do? Why won’t any of you just fucking HELP ME?!!!” She roared at them. “Questa stronza psicopatica è davvero pazza. Che diavolo c’è che non va in questa donna?” Vincent asked the other men looking at her than around to them.

“You, honestly think putting her in a position where she were to get physically hurt was going to solve anything. That’s really the best plan you could have come up with being as educated as you are. Knowing your daughter for almost twenty-eight years that’s what you came up?” Marcello asked her. Still in disbelief anyone could do that to their own kid. “I don’t understand how you are so calm about this. There was no way. NO DAMN WAY LILY! That you would know she would have been able to walk away with all her parts in the places they are suppose to be in. You could have killed her, you could have made her lose a limb, or internal bleeding. You know how many horrible things could have happened to her and you are just so at peace with this. How?” Dante asked her.

“You know what I don’t get you are her mother. HER MOTHER LILY! That may not mean much to you here but in our country, to our families that fucking means something. It is the most highest rank job anyone could ever have. You bring life into this world. You carry and grow a human person inside your womb for months literally being connect to another human being as they grow inside of you. Feeling every movement, and kick, even damn hiccups. You sacrifice your health and your body. You change your life style for months. You put your body through the most agony it will ever go through again risking your health and your body to pass a person straight through you. This little life clings to you, needs you, and stays attached to you always seeking the love, and approval. The guidance this little child deserves. Every child deserves. We as parents give these kids life so they could live it. No child is ever a mistake, or a burden, we all are here for a reason. How the hell could you put Jessie through everything you have done over the years, and than this and feel no regret, no remorse. Fuck there is no guilt at all in you is there all the wrong you have done to your own baby and you feel nothing? What are you a sociopath?” Taivon yelled at her still completely lost on how any woman ever could ever do this to their kid.

“Our kids are suppose to be better than us. It is our job to make and push them to be the better versions of themselves as we can get them. I can’t help it if I was the only willing to push her to her limits to keep her own her toes. She was successful because of me, and all the things I have done to and for her. I was the only one who didn’t coddle her whenever she got a hurt fucking feeling. All of you babied her too damn much. Hell you babied your boys too damn much. They grew into be spoiled ass grown man brats until Jessenia got ahold of them, so maybe it shouldn’t just be my parenting called into question but all of yours and your damn women too!” She yelled at them. Earning herself another slap to the face this time by Armando. “You can say and call us all the names you want you talk about our women and kids the way you did I will make sure you regret every single word that comes out of your demon ass mouth.” He hissed at her.

“I just got to know one thing. Why do you hate Jessenia so much she is smart, she is kind, she is beautiful, she is successful at everything she does. I think maybe you are jealous because she reminds you of everything you were and or wanted to be. I don’t think you wanted to be a mother I think you got stuck with being a mother. The greatest gift you could ever receive was truly wasted on you wasn’t it. You are hateful and resentful towards her, because you never wanted her. You wanted Callan, and you wanted your career. You couldn’t have all you wanted and still been seen in a certain way if you were to get an abortions or gave her up you would have lost everything. So instead you just made her life hell because you couldn’t cope with everything you think you missed out on. Is that it?” Marcello asked.

“I love my daughter. I just expect more from her. I don’t regret her. She just never could live up to my standards what am I suppose to do lower the damn bar so she came out as a mediocre basic loose assistant like half the other girls her age in this damn forsaken city? The only right thing she did was get with Dimitri, and than of course that all got blown away to a shit show. I am not the only one to blame for her trust issues, or commitment issues. That’s not all me not everything that is wrong with her and what she held back from your son is all my fault he did over hold that work on his own. He was with her for just about two years. That damn beast was with her technically for what four months and she was just rushing all her things into his home. So don’t you go throwing your damn theories of me being a shitty parent when I am not the only one who has had any influence on her. What about your boys? Your wives hell even yourselves were you all so damn perfect around her also knowing how big of an impact you all have made. She learned a new language in just a few months for you people. You think seriously I am the only to turn her out this way? Really ask yourselves those questions before you stick all that blame on me. Am I really that far out of line that you guys or your own damn kids aren’t plotting something against Xavier and I’m assuming his own cousin to get them out of your way right now, even though you know how much they mean to those girls, and how deeply this will kill them emotionally to the point maybe even mentally breaking them beyond the point of no repair. Leaving Mateo, and Dimitri always knowing they will always be second place to them even their damn ghost? What makes what I did and what you will be doing any damn different?” Lily asked in her evil smirking tone knowing that deep down she struck more nerves and strings than guitar solo at a rock concert.

Every man took a deep breath anger flowing out in waves off of them. “The difference is we never sacrificed our kids into being physically harmed for our own selfish purposes and our kids know we love them. While your kid thinks you’re a useless worthless bitch and cut you out of her life like you don’t exist and soon enough you won’t I think we’re all done listening to the crap coming out of your mouth so let’s get this started.” Armando said. “Is the knife hot?” Dante asked. Yup You all got gloves on?” Vincent asked. Yup. “Marcello you get the knife, Dante you get his pants down, I’ll get the tongues and Armando holds him still.” Taivon said. In a sift motion they had successfully cut off Ians penis. Hearing him scream loudly into his gag which is a ball gag. Tears rolling off the mans face blood dripping off him. Dante decided to take a blade and draw some artwork on him before finishing him off. They turned them together so they were back to back and than made sure to attach them in a kind of weird way so they were connected.

“Open wide Lily it’s time to shut that trap of yours up.” Taivon said as Vincent held her mouth opened as he shoved Ians dick into her mouth. Trying to spit out. Just made them shove it even deeper. “If this dick leaves your mouth well stretch this out to be a week long and we sew and staple your mouth to that mans balls.” Armando promised. Making tears roll down her face. “Look at that boys the ice queen has emotions who knew right after thirty years we finally see an emotion that’s not disappointment, anger, or just being a big bitch.” Marcello announced. “We really need to send Callan a big bottle of alcohol for putting up with this bitch for as long as he did.” Dante said. “Hey we all do things we don’t want to do for our kids. Unfortunately for him it was plugging this wench.” Taivon said. Vincent taking a knife and drawing all over her exposed parts. Only to have Dante to rub salt in it to make sure her body stayed permanently scarred. They were running out of time so they showered them with lighter fluid. Looking at Lily in the face. “Since your such an evil fucking witch we decided you should go in the oldest ways of your people and their followers.” Vincent smirked. “We’re going to burn you at he stake, one of you being the dickless coward you are, and one of you burning and can just a choke a dick.” Taivon added laughing. A couple of men came down. “Ah look the clean up crew ahs arrived. “Burn in hell you crazy bitch.” Armando said as he flicked his match on them as the flames engulfed them in minutes. “You guys make sure to let this go for a while and keep it under control. Than clean this all up when your done. Money will be in your accounts once you text Vincent your done.” Armando said as they all started walking out lighting cigars. For a second.

“It feels so good to be rid of that bitch . I was so done with my family being so disturbed by her and her evil ways to that poor girl.” Taivon said. “I can’t believe I may gave to share grandchildren with that monstrous woman.” Armando said with a shiver going through his body. All the wives were at Armando’s home. Armando’s phone ringing as the boys we’re gathered around their mothers as Dimitri has hi on speaker phone. Armando answered by the third ring. “Hello.” He answered with no emotion. “ Mamma vuole sapere se è fatta.” He said. “Yes son, tell her it is done. We are all heading him home right now. If the other boys want to call their mothers drivers. I will be home soon. This woman will never be able to hurt our girl again make sure your mother sends the email from Lily’s direct email to her boss, than make sure all the other mamas know the story. If those damn pigs come poking around. Be home soon figlio.” He said as he hung up the phone all the guys putting out their cigars. “See you guys soon. We have a baker to go see soon.” Armando said with a smirk only they knew so well.

“Hey baby.” Xavier said coming in with Noah to the shop as she was just walking out of the office all the paper work done. Eric hated it and dubbed her Queen of Office so it was her royal duty to finish all that stuff. “Hey handsome I wasn’t expecting you today.” “I wanted to come and you up the rest of the guys went to get their ladies and we were all going to meet at he diner for dinner is that ok?” “Sure that sounds yummy.” Noah nudge him. “Oh yeah the guys and I have a favor to ask.” “Anything for my favorite guys.” She said leaning on the counter leaning her face and jaw on her hand head tilted waiting for them to continue. “Well one of our friends Bullet, who is actually from linden fighting ring has a birthday party this Saturday and we are all invited to the party out in Pike’s Valley near the lake. He’s is turning thirty-two and he is begging us to have you make his cake, and maybe some little treats also for the party. So basically there is estimated to be about almost one hundred and fifty people if not close two hundred people.” Xavier said scratching the back of his head. “You tell him that Eric and I will be honored to do it. Not only that we will do it for all for free as the whole families gift to him.” “Are you sure baby that’s a lot of product.” Xavier said. “How much is that?” “Around maybe of it was discounted looking around three thousand five hundred dollars full price would be between five and six thousand, for the list of items we will be making and bringing.” She said as she thought it through.

“We can’t put you out like that sweetheart.” Noah said looking at Eric feeling guilty. “Well that sound like tough nuts baby. We got this.” Eric said winking with an wrapped Jessie who had her arm go around his waist to. Xavier and Noah looking lost in love at how cute they really were. They couldn’t believe how much they were almost like the same person business wise. They were just starring in pride at their partners. “Jordan, Parker we’re heading out now. We have a big order this Saturday, and we are going to be going with it. So you guys are ok here?” “Ya were are good there is eight of us closing tonight. When are you having interviews?” “Tomorrow actually. We promise you will be getting more help. We are opening about thirty positions because we are going to have special workers just for catering so about fifteen people will be for catering, and than we will have about ten people for deliveries. The rest of the crew will be here you all will be on rotating shifts, unless you don’t acquire a driver’s license. You will be allowed to go on them just not allowed to drive.” Jessie said.

“That is going to be great. Will we still be on rotating weekends? Yes but some of you may get denied one weekend. Well do our best to work with you, also you guys can always ask each other to cover the shifts it’s just make sure you both send it in writing or you will be responsible for not covering your shift one ditched shift your gone. We have lots of people trying to get on here.” Eric said flatly leaving no room for arguing. “We will take everything on a case by case bases.” He added. “That being said have a good night.” Eric said as they headed out the door to go to the diner. They all parked at the café just five buildings down is there diner. They saw everyone else’s cars already parked in their little parking spaces. Knowing that they have already walked over and are waiting for them.

Walking in the door. The group got all excited. Waving them over after pushing about three tables together to morph in to a giant table. Everyone full of smiles and laughter. “Alright, so since we have everyone gathered around. Xavier and I have come up with what we think is a great idea, and hoping our brides and you guys will to. Since Xavier is getting married to Jessie in about almost four weeks. Lexi and I have chosen to get married the second Saturday in February because you know I can’t have it be that super bowl weekends nope can’t do it.” Axel said everyone laughing. “We thought it may be fun for the bachelor and bachelorette to be combined together both theirs and ours. Just one big party all three sides of family and friends coworkers, our boys from other rings we just thought it would not only save money it would just be more enjoyable celebrating together. None of us guys want any type of stripper and we dan sure don’t want none of y’all to have any. We just wan tot be together. What do you guys think?” Axel said putting his hands in his pocket and shrugging.

“Lexi and Jessie was staring at each other doing that thing where they have whole conversations with nothing but their eyes. Than they looked to everyone else. “We love it.” “Don’t get us wrong you will have your separate bridal showers though.” Xavier said trying to put a plus in there. “I don’t think we care about the bridal showers but it may be better to do them separate.” Jessie said Lexi nodding in agreement the only people they have that changes on their invite lists is their coworkers. “So great we will make sure to find a place big enough and get the same DJ that’s booked for the wedding. We can do the party the weekend before the wedding so no one is to intoxicated for the wedding itself, maybe we can rent out that convention hall in the Hotel in Alton. That’s big enough. We can have like a whole red carpet theme.” Noah said. Everyone loving the idea. The night went on for a long time as they enjoyed each others company and than all went home.

The next morning Xavier and the guys were enjoying their breakfast at their normal spot in the café. When they heard the door bells jingle. “Welcome to Sweet Temptations what can I do for you lovely gentlemen today?” a young woman who was in her first year of college asked happily. “You can get us the Chef.” Armando said sweetly. “Oh um ok. Eric.” “No, no, the other one.” Leo said politely. “Oh ok, sure Jessie. Counters for you.” She said cheerfully. “PAPA’S! Oh and hey guys. Well this is a treat. “Judy anything my Papa’s want is on the house always. As for these guys charge double.” Jessie said pointing to their sons. “Very funny.” Mateo said as she went around hugging everybody getting her forehead kisses. She even allowed Dimitri because she was just caught up in the moment.

“What brings you guys down here to my slice heaven?” Jessie asked starting to be confused. “Well it’s been awhile and we just wanted to see you.” Tony said cheerfully. “You want food don’t you Tony?” She asked. “You know me so well, so now be a lamb and please go get it.” Tony said getting smacked by all five fathers and Gio. “We’ll we are here for the food don’t get us wrong we just wanted some good food with some time with our boys. Thought we’d swing by and check on you and wondered if anyone had reached out to you about your mother yet?” Armando said. This caught her boys from West Wick and Jessies attention. “I know nothing about my mother recent activities and I don’t think I care to know papa Mando.” Jessie said in more of a curious tone.

“Well we don’t blame you and we all understand where your coming from but Jessie she was acting weird she up and quit her job told all the mama’s that she was going to travel around Europe apparently if you were able to get a fresh start with new perspective than she deserved to too, she thought maybe it would change her to be a better person for you. Something about how you deserved more than what you were given. She said she’ll check in later. She’s gone. Her place is emptied and everything. “ Dimitri said looking kind of sad.” “Lily did not get up and leave for me she got up and left because she was cut out of our life and people were starting to leave her be. She would leave rather than deal with owning up to any of the responsibility. I honestly pray to God I never hear form her again.” Jessie said with no emotion. Xavier coming up wrapping his hands around her waist.

“Baby I know that woman has put you through hell, but are sure about all that? I mean really thought it out sure?” Xavier asked as the rest of the guys had gotten up getting ready to leave. Hating the idea of leaving her here, alone, with them. “Ok. Well we are going to head out baby, see you when you get off wait for me I’ll come by swoop you up I’m making us some tortas tonight.” HE said putting his face in her neck making her life. “Asada?” “But of course.” “Don’t forget to get avocado.” “Yes ma’am.” HE said getting one last kiss form her as the rest of the guys came and gave her good bye affection too. Nodding at the other men they took their leave. “You look good Jess.” Dimitri said with that million dollar smile that had the other females in the shop swooning for him. SO did the rest of the guys.

“Thank you. Why don’t you go ahead and give what you would like to eat and I will you get your five teas, papas what will you have? We want the teas too, give us old one’s the one with lemon instead of peach, and the young’uns the hint of peach.” Dante said loudly. “You kids know what we like go get us some food.” Taivon added on. “Baby girl is the cannoli’s fresh? You got some with strawberry too, maybe some chocolate?” Vincent hollered. “Sure do papa Vinny. With three trays full of food. They sat down as Eric smiled at all of them and placed all ten drinks in front of each person and placing straws on the table. “Hey Eric.” “Hey Jimmy, hey listen we need another order by tomorrow Jessie and I got a huge order for this Saturday and I don’t want these guys here to fall short on anything. We will be gone with this order all weekend so we can’t come back to make another order until Monday.” Eric said looking over the sign off list.

“Sounds fun where you guys going this weekend Mateo asked smiling in a friendly way. “Oh one of the fighters in Linden got a big birthday party up in Pikes Valley and he’s good friends with our men so he wants us to do the cake and some other goodies. I tell you after the last couple weeks my girl back there has I can’t wait to get her out and unwind she totally deserves this break. Enjoy you stud muffins and Holler if you need anything.” Eric said walking in the back to confirm some things with Jessie. “I think maybe it’s time to head up to the cabin this weekend guys what do you think?” Leo said with an evil smirk. “I think this weekend maybe a great turning point.” Dimitri said as he stared lustfully at his woman in the back. Time just a little more time.

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