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Chapter 27: Letting Go

“Well the bullets were quick and easy to remove there were two of them and it luckily they didn’t it anything no major organ nothing. Both were close to the edge of the body and skin like right about here.” He demonstrated lifting his shirt showing everyone. “SO that was the easy part. Than we went to the CT scans and an MRI, as we waited for the results we cleaned her up looking for any further damage. She took a pretty large slam to the head. It may take her some time to come around when she wakes remembering who you all are. Than again she may wake up fine all memories in tact. She will have bruises everywhere inside and outside of her body. They will heal up quickly I have a special cream to put on she will need about a full week or two of rest and light labor no straining the body. That goes along saying nay other special activities.” Doctor said staring Xavier in his eyes making sure he knew to keep his snake in the cage. Xavier nodded to him.

“Is there any special things I need to do at home? Anything special to look out for? Any special diets or ya know anything like that?” Xavier asked as he took out his phone to the memo section in case he needed to know anything special. “She needs to be able take the medicines with food, it’s just a special antibiotic for ten days just in case. She needs to keep the dressing and bullet wounds clean and changes if it bleeds for a while that’s ok. She can eat whatever makes her comfortable keep it light the first day or three maybe sandwiches or soups things like that easy on the stomach it’s sore as it is. Don’t force feed her if she stops let her stop by day five you can start asking her to eat more but she may feel like she can’t but she can. She will be in a lot of soreness and may even get migraines a lot so I will have some pain killers going along with her, but she can stick to the stronger IB Profins if she prefers those. She is already asking for that just to let you know. She needs the special little creams I prescribed here for her to make her not have all the scars, and it will also keep all those scratches clean. That stays on for five days. That’s it son. She can be released as soon as we get her back into the MRI and CT machines for one finally check EKG says she’s clean. She can leave tonight. The police will be by to talk with her and most likely all of you so hopefully you will all stick around. You can see her now please though keep it about four people at a time in the room. I will leave you be while the nurse leads the way.” Doctor said shaking Callans and Xaviers hand.

“So how about I take you all with me and show you her room which is right next door to another waiting room so you guys can have a place to sit while you wait.” She asks, looking around. They all got their stuff and followed her up the elevator on the second floor and down two different halls. “So who’s first. We are.” Callan said walking straight in. Xavier got up and stopped at the door, looking back. “Dimitri. Come on.” Xavier said looking at him, while he stared back confused. “We all family right?” Xavier asked lifting an eyebrow back to him. Dimitri got up and followed him in whispering to him. “You really think that?” “I have to because she does. Like it or not boy you want to be around we both need to think like her.” Xavier said back without missing a beat. “So you would jump back on that guy for me?” “Yes, I would. I will do anything for her, and anything else important to her.” He said as they came up to her. They both took in a deep breath. She was like a big old blueberry. Blues, grey’s, greenish yellows, and purples that covered all over her body.

“There’s my baby.” Callan said kissing her forehead. The guys sat back and let them have a moment. “Ho ware you feeling.” “I’m really sore because I keep refusing any pain killer other than those IB Profins about 1000mg’s.”She said laughing with her dad. “IF you sure baby girl. I know how much you rather just tough through it. Sometimes I think you would have made a brilliant soldier.” He said laughing deeply at her. Even though he felt his heart was taring to shreds watching his kid laid up in pain for the second time in a hospital bed with no way to help her.

“Daddy I swear I am ok. It was the weirdest thing. I was just walking along and the ground gave way. I tumbled a bit luckily this little fat ass rock broke my fall. Felt like it broke so much more than that.” She said with a light laugh, wincing at the small pain that surged through her that came with it.” Than this crazy suicidal man just popped out of nowhere. The whole placed looked familiar. Than after seeing Dimitri and Gio being there, I realized it was their family cabin up there. How crazy is that? Anyways the strangest shining light caught my eye it reminded me of the day you went hunting for them elks or deers, and it was the same shine that came off your barrel came from that one the strangest thing is it was aiming at Xavier, Marx, and Dimitri I just don’t know who or why I couldn’t see the face. That’s it daddy, that’s all I know.”

“Do you mind if we quote you on that and use that for your statement?” AN officer asked standing in the doorway with his partner. They both were built like those fake stripper cops, who eyes went soft after looking at the battered woman on the bed. “Baby girl I’m going to step out and wait in the hall while you talk to these gentlemen ok baby?” Callan said kissing her forehead. Walking past them on the way out. “Don’t be too long we got a whole football team waiting to see he rout that door.” Callan said pointing his finger at the men, who visibly gulped scared of the man. “Yes sir, we plan to speak to your herd too sir.” The taller one said with a respectable nod.

“Babe, Dimitri, Officers please feel free to come closer. I hope you don’t mind I just don’t really feel like hollering out to you. All four men came closer Xavier came to her left side smiling to her taking a chair next to her. Dimitri taking the chair to her right, both officers down at her feet on both corners of her bed. “So gentlemen is there anything else you need?” Jessie asked with a small smile. “Well we have a few questions. Like did you know that man Marc on a personal level or did you really just meet him.” “I have no idea who he is other than some man who got used by some woman, who used him for his money and probably other things, but when he came here she couldn’t come through. She broke it off with him apparently. Marc said he gave up everything and when he called to try to get it all back, but I guess that was a no go.” Jessie said sadly.

“Do you think you can estimate the other shooters location., from where you saw them or give any other details about what may help lead us in the right direction?” The shorter officer asked. “No I’m sorry everything was a little fuzzy and it was hard just to keep Marc in focus after my head found the rock.” Jessie said holding her temple. “Ok well if you or any of you remember anything we may need to know please give us a call.” The taller officer said as he gave her his card. “Gentlemen we are going to need statements from you as well, before you leave.” He added as he looked at both of them. “We hope you recover well Ms. Alderman and we’re sorry that any of this happened in the first place.” The short one said as they made their way out the door to go speak to the other people in the waiting room one by one while they waited to see Jessie.

One by one every one came to see her and sit with her. Callan and Xavier’s parents left a little early so they could go fill her prescriptions, so she would have them and some little groceries and other supplies she would need when she gets back home. It got to the point where everyone has spoken to the officer and seen Jessie so they had went ahead and went home. Xavier and Dimitri were the only one’s left in the hospital the other Atheo guys had headed to the parking lot. “Mr. Graves we have all the signatures from Jessie there but we need some from you before we can release her to you. IF you could just come with me to the nurses station.” The nurse asked. Xavier got up kissing her on the forehead. You all set baby?” “Yup changed and everything. I’m just going to wait here honey.” Jessie said sitting up on the side of the bed.

“You know what blows my mind. This last year you have saved me three times all by random drunk people. Aren’t you getting sick of having to help me yet? Another thing that blows my mind is when I lived in that city nothing ever happened but when I move and visit the city or apparently close enough to it, bam trouble. I think that place is just some damn omen now.” Jessie said laughing a little because the pain it made to laugh. “I would have to agree with you on that last part. However I would save you a million times over to make sure you were safe. So what are going to do now?” Dimitri asked coming to sit next to her on the bed.

She made room from him. “Well knowing my and Xavier parents everything I need will be at home so I go home and rest up a bit, go to the follow up and the doctor in town to make sure everything is a go for the big day you know there is still about four weeks left that’s a lot of time to recover. I think I can even get back her to get the last dress fitting.” She said getting lost in thought. “You’re still going to push the wedding through after this? You don’t want to take no time to make sure your health is all set up first? I think Xavier would understand putting it on hold for a little longer. I mean is he even comfortable with that? Jess you just got shot twice. You fell down a hill. That man out there is almost as over protective as I am did you stop to wonder how he feels about still pushing through in four weeks?” Dimitri asked her sounding confused turning his body to give her his undivided attention. She turned and mirrored his bodies position the best she could.

“Dimitri, you heard the doctor I’m only down for two weeks, maybe two weeks. I got everything I need to make me better. I feel sore but I feel fine. Yes I fell down a hill. Yes I got shot.” “TWICE!” Dimitri cut her off. “Twice. What am I suppose to do about all that than D? Should I go home and never leave because this whole year I’ve had three bad things happen? Should I stop coming to the city? Should I stop hanging around you guys because what I’ve noticed you guys are always randomly around when these things happen, maybe that’s a sign that your my omen D. Do I just put my life on hold until other people feel like it’s time for me to start living? OR now here’s a crazy thought. I could just pick myself up dust myself off and keep living my life. I can’t just put my life on hold for other people to tell me how much time they believe I need to go back to trying to be myself. Bad things happen everyday, but that does not mean they need to or get to control me. I just have to adjust a little bit as I go. I believe life or fate or whatever force that is greater than us, that leads us right to where we are supposed to be has a plan for all of us. Everything that was suppose to happen has happened, you just can’t let the bumps and hard parts control you.” Jessie said putting her hand on top of his hoping he can understand her point of view knowing he’s just scared for her.”

“Do you ever think that maybe it’s a sign that I have always been there to help you, because maybe I’m the one who’s ultimately suppose to catch you whenever you fall? Maybe there signs that everything we had, maybe that was it. Think about it. Like honestly think about it. All the crazy things that happen maybe that’s your jedi force trying to pull you back to me. Maybe this is the signs you need to pull you in another direction?” D said Laughing with her knowing her love for Star Wars. “D I think it’s crazy you guys just happened to always be there, and sometimes I lay around and get mad that I can never find a connection between all of it. I think it’s a sign that no matter what happens between us, you are suppose to be in my life. Our families are so close and we were great friends before anything else happened between us I think that all these events just proves that in some way shape or from I will always need you guys, and that means you. I just can’t offer anything else but that. I can’t see my life with out being connected to Xavier. There is a reason we didn’t work out D, there’s a reason why I could never push myself to take the next steps with you, and that reason was and always will be Xavier. He gives me hope and the strength I need to be the person I want to be. He gives me the support I need do and be better with my job. He is the person I wish I could be. Like ok look at the first catering party I did for you it was Xavier who pushed me to be a bigger person not to let us get in the way of the career I’ve been killing myself for. Also because he knows who I am deep down and does everything he can to make sure I don’t do things even he knows I will regret later.” She takes a deep breath.

“Look D when I see my life down this road whether it’s an hour or twenty years further on, I don’t see anyone else but him down there waiting to walk it with me. I have never loved anyone or anything as deep to my core as I do him. I’m sorry if that hurts you, but he’s just… Xavier is my person.” She said with a laugh. “Man years later and you still go with Greys Anatomy.” D said with a small tear he was fighting so hard to hold back. “Well yeah, but you get it than. I am never going to have or feel what I have with him, for anyone else. One day your going to find a woman where everything is just going to click into place, where you just look up and realize this is it, this is what I’ve been waiting for. This is what has been missing all along. That will be your person. I can never be that person for you D, but I swear I can and will always be your friend. I will be here for you whenever you need me too, and I will also be the one down your road who will told you I told you once you get there. Trust me D you will get there. You just need to let us go in that way, and you just need time.” Jessie said tapping her hand on his and taking it back.

“As much as I hate to say this. I think. I think your right. I think it’s finally time I let go. I just need you to know and understand that everything that happened to us all the bad I’m just. I’m so sorry. It’s never anything I meant to happen I just wish it could have been me, but after knowing Xavier I guess it’s safe to say I don’t think I’m ever going to beat him whether it’s in the ring, or everything out of it. As hard as it is to walk away from you, I think I can get a little comfort knowing he is not a weak man. I know how much you mean to him. I think hI can even learn a little from him, because deep down I think he is the bigger man than I can be because I don’t think I could ever let another man so in love with my woman be in her life no matter how much I knew she needed him. But I want to be strong like that, to be able to trust like that. To be able to find and believe like that. So this is me letting you go Jess.” Dimitri said tears rolling down his face as he finally understood he would always be second place and could live up to Xavier’s pedestal that Jessie would never take him down on.

“I will be there to see you looking all kinds of crazy beautiful, to that man down the other side of the Aisle, as your dad gives you away for the both of us. I will laugh and smile and I will be happy that your happy. In time I think everything will fade into what you think they were always meant to be. I promise I will let you go. I just love you Jessie and want you to be happy, and I know that you are and I am happy for you and the Beast.” Dimitri said and getting up and putting a kiss to her forehead. “I’m so glad your ok.” He said as he walked out the door only to have Xavier on the outside of the door arms crossed with discharge papers in a hand. Dimitri’s eyes are still watered and glazed over. Xavier stepped straight over to him to stand straight in front of him.

“Is this just another mind game you trying to play on her Moretti? OR do you finally get it Dimitri? Do you finally understand both Jessie, and my side on this twisted side of the fence?” Xavier asked Dimitri feeling a whole new level of anger. “No, Graves. That was it. Everything was left in there in that room. Seriously Xavier I meant everything I said. You don’t have to worry about me coming after her anymore.” Dimitri said letting out a deep choked up sigh. Feeling his heart break in half, the first was stuck in his throat and the other half fell into his stomach. “I’m serious Beast, it’s over, you win.” “I know that this is killing you right now, and hell even I’m sorry to an extent. Jessie’s right though, you will in time find your other half, but it’s not my woman Moretti. If you ever hit on my Jessie again I will end you boy. I don’t think you would survive a third ass whopping. We all need this crap to end, is that seriously going to happen, or do we need to step outside?” Xavier asked in a husky growl.

“No, we’re good. This is it. I was serious, this is me stepping back. I will reel it in, but I am still going to be around. I will be here whenever she needs or want me, but I will not be trying to take her from you anymore. It’s over.” Dimitri said looking at the floor trying to breath. “I ugh glad we got this cleared up, but I really need to go.” Dimitri said. “Dimitri. Thank you again for everything you’ve done. I know we are always going to be weird with each other, but I really do hope we can learn to find common ground. She will always need us both.” Xavier said. “YA, I know. I guess we’ll all get there when we get there.” Dimitri said nodding his head. Walking away until he got into the parking lot where his friends were waiting for him.

“Dude what happened?” Mateo asked. “I ugh I’m letting Jessie go.” Dimitri said tears rolling down his face. “What do you mean you’re letting go?” Toney asked. “How can you let her go ?” Leo asked. “I was talking to her and there will never be a time where I will not come into second place, I can’t go through life knowing I couldn’t be the man she wanted or needed like Xavier can. Than she said something that made me realize I am not the guy she needs. She believes in fate so much and she pointed out that everything connects together, she said she laid awake for awhile she couldn’t figure the connection of the horrible things that have happened.” Dimitri said with a little shaky breath.

“I did though I figured out the connection, I made us go out of our way to be in the exact spots each time those things, happened. The only reasons we were there to get the drunk guy, was because I was trying to find her to score a free moment to make a paly on her instead she got smacked down by a drunkard. The car accident was because we pulled her for a consultant and I was trying to score a lunch date. The third time she randomly got shot because we were trying to make sure I could again get a shot at paly for her. The connection is every time I tried to make her mine she ended up even more hurt than I hurt when she left me. So instead of trying to ruin the happiness she seems to have right now with someone else; I just need to man up and let her go and be happy. Even if it’s not with me.” Dimitri said tears starting to stop falling.

“How could you give up when you’ve been fighting for her for years.” Gio asked looking confused a little while the others just small smiled. “I can’t keep doing this man, it’s like every time I try she get’s hurt. I can’t keep hurting her. You know the hurt comes in many ways it’s mental and emotional for me and physical for her I keep putting us through this she deserves more than that. Deserves more than me, I can’t give her what she’s getting from him, from that damn man up there. That damn man who knows on a different level that I never and will never be able to get on; and that’s ok because I guess that’s just the way it’ suppose to be. It’s time for me to reel it in guys. It’s time to let go of all this damn crazy I got pinted up and let it go, I need to start healing guys.” Dimitri said with defeat in his voice.

“Ok well if this is what you want, than that’s what well do.” Tony said slapping the back of his shoulder. “I don’t know how you feel about this but I found out that shooter wasn’t ours. It was Lily’s who she got from Chloe, this was the last one to accept a hit. According to Lily’s records I’ve gone through this is the last person she has contact with about the whole doing anything to stop Jessie from getting married to the beast. So at least we know this part of the crazy is actually over.” Leo said. “How did you find out about the shooter?” Mateo asked. “We weren’t able to catch the Marc guy, we never said we didn’t catch the other prick.” Tony said. “Ya I have a gift of getting around.” Leo said.

“So is he waiting for us?” Mateo asked. “Nope, he’s been handled and everything been cleaned u.” Tony said. “So what now?” Mateo asked. They all looked up to see Xavier lift Jessie into the truck and buckle her in and they watched them leave together to go home. “Now we just keep on doing everything we’ve been doing. What about you Mateo?” Dimitri asked. “Lexi and I are a magnet, but I guess our pull is over since she’s marrying that other tool. So if in time we ever get another chance I will make sure to take her and never let her go. If, if I was ever to get that chance but I think it’s time to move on D.” Mateo said sadly. “So do you guys want to go on the gifts with me or is that to much?” Tony asked. They just stared at him for a minute. “Well at least we can still enjoy ourselves at their engagement party, that party I suppose to be epic.” Leo said. “Do you think you can go to that party, drink and dance their with her and be totally ok not making a play?” Mateo asked Dimitri. “Do you?” They stared at each other figuring things out in their heads. Getting in the cars they started making their way home still figuring out that question in their head.

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