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Chapter 28: You Got Something To Tell Us?

The invites were all received and everything was all set. The only thing left was to pick up her dress in Atheo the day before the wedding the girls were going to make a big day of it getting their nails done at the store next door so Niki could lay back and enjoy herself too, Eric was excited to get a well deserved pedicure the guys insisted on going since nothing seemed to be going right in that town lately. The good news was the garment bags were black and non see through so as long as Xavier didn’t see the dress Jessie was happy to agree to making a nice day out of something special.

It was the day of the combined parties and everyone was starting to get ready the girls held up in the master bathroom since it was the biggest. Eric and the guys were getting ready in the ones closer to the living room they were mainly just watching T.V. The guys were dressed all in matching dark washed jeans and just simple dark grey shirts that all hugged their muscles in all the right ways. Even Eric was matching the guys it’s crazy how big his build has gotten all this time with Noah he has gotten half the size as the rest which is still impressive.

“Come chickies get a move on, get those sexy asses out here.” Eric hollered to them. The door opened and four hearts stopped once those high heels stopped clicking. “We’re ready, we’re ready. Geez, it’s not like we took that long any way it was only about twenty-five minutes.” Kiley said. “Can any of you curl and do hair four women in twenty-five minutes?” Niki asked with attitude that dared anyone to argue with her. “What’s wrong with them. Babe? Babe? Guy’s you alright?” Jessie asked them. “I think we broke them?” Lexi said making everyone laugh at them. “What did you say something honey.” Xavier said as the other guys mumbled something along the same lines. Making their women, Noah, and Eric.

Once they got to the reserved part of the hotel. They realized it was a complete red carpet set up. “Wow Eric you really wen tall out for this?” Axel said with a deep smile everyone loved it there was even a phototgrapher to take your picture at the end with fun little props. “Well it’s for the four of you and I just wanted you to be happy, and let loose with great friends for your last hoorah.” Eric said proudly. “Well everything looks wonderful.” Lexi said hugging him closely. “Let’s get inside and start enjoying ourselves.” Jaxon said a hand wrapped around Niki waist both excited to let loose tonight.

The guys were not big fans of the way other men looked at their partners, even Noah got jealous of the way some men were looking at Eric. The only thing is the girls and Eric either didn’t notice or just didn’t care they were to busy talking to other friends or people coming to congratulate them or try to talk to talk to them. Over the last couple months they have been the best in their careers and just being with famous men did not slow that down however it did push them into more work. All the other fighters who hung around the guys all their significant others or even themselves somehow needed a piece of or from them it was exhausting but luckily tonight every get it fun, the only shop talk was just about how it was going and how they loved or adored them and their work. The guys made a strong point to try to keep tonight light and breezy as this was their day off to celebrate four special people to all those they invited.

“Damn girls you know there are just times I think you just want to get killed when you come out looking like that I mean look at these dudes behind you serious looking like they going to blow a vein or two.” Tony said coming up hugging Jessie and Lexi nodding his head to the rest of the girls. The rest of the Atheo clan right behind him repeating the gesture. “You look other worldly beautiful tonight.” Dimitri whispered in her ear. Kissing the top of her and Lexi’s head. Looing up to Axel and Xavier. “I don’t think either of us have ever properly congratulated you guys on ringing these amazing women up. Congratulations you tow are extremely lucky men, just some personal advice don’t blow it.” Dimitri said reaching his hand to shake to both Axel and Xavier who accepted respectfully. “Nobody deserves them. Not you, not us, not anyone but I guess they could have always done worse.” Mateo said shaking their hands too. “That’s one of the nicest compliments your ever going to get out of his sour puss take it and run boys.” Leo said laughing shaking their hands too.

“I think it would be a true crime if we didn’t get you lovely ladies on the dance floor just once tonight, what do you say we ditch your cavemen just for one song, and you honor us with at least just one spin on the dance floor?” Gio asked reaching out for Niki’s hand. The girls looking at their guys. “Are you going to blow a fuse if we go out there?” Kiley asked all the guys. “No, baby we’ll all be fine and ok. We know you now who’s taking you home tonight , just behave yourself now. Go ahead but be warned we coming for our turn real quick.” Ryder said to all of them. Gio took Niki, Tony took Kiley, Mateo took Lexi, Dimitri took Jessie. “Are you seriously going to leave me hanging?” Leo asked Eric. “I just didn’t think I was in your category.” Eric said with a laugh. “Why?” Leo asked confused. “Your straight. Right?” Noah asked. “No dude I’m bisexual. SO what do you say you let me spin your adorable little ass on that dance floor. Just one song, unless you can keep up that is?” Leo said with a smirk. “Well bring it on Joker.” Eric said heading with him out to the dance floor. “You know what I’m way to shocked at that confession I aint even mad.” Noah said looking around. “For real bro did not ever see that coming.” Axel said as they all were looking at each other than just shrugged and sat back and watched to make sure those pricks were behaving themselves. No matter how much they hated anyone else but them wrapped around their partners, tonight would have to be an exception seeing as so many friends and even some family were here all trying to take their turns.

“You know, from my point of view, it was never suppose to be like this. It would be so different had I been blessed to have gotten you. You are my whole I did everything right. I gave you support, I gave you strength, I was always there for you no matter what. I gave you love, hell I gave you all of me in every possible way. Did you ever tell him or Jessie how many times we actually slept together?” Mateo asked in a hurtful voice. “They both know everything it was not a good night when the topic of us came up with Axel, I almost thought he would leave. It took him a little bit to realize that he wasn’t no damn saint either. The only difference between his past and mine is apparently those girls meant nothing to him, but you’ll always mean something to me. I just can’t give you what you need. I also just can’t throw our friendship away. I know that’s selfish and you have every right to never speak to me again and I will respect that. I will always be here though if you ever need me, you know that right?” Lexi said looking at him sadly.

“I’m not going to cut you out of my life Alexia. I came to the conclusion that I deserve better than this from you. I gave you everything I had to offer, it somehow just wasn’t enough for you and you ran. You left me without one word after I took my heart out and gave it to you, you just dropped it and ran. I deserve better than Lex after everything we had together. I mean was any of it real or just a game to you?” Mateo asked needing to know, needing to finally have his answers. “It was an always will be real. I will always love you. I just… I’m just not in love with you. We could have been so happy lost in love but it wouldn’t be right I would always still have that feeling of something missing something bigger than the both of us, and that’s because it would be Axel, and the other person your meant to be with. Your story is going to be so much bigger than you ever thought possible once you meet that person who gives what Axel gives me, who makes you feel what he does and you will find it. I can’t wait to be dancing at your wedding when you do.” Lexi said rubbing his cheek.

“It’s just hard for me to let you go. I held on for so long all because I didn’t know how, but I am getting there. I found my own self value without you Alexia what you did with us was shitty. I understand why you did it, you just could have gone about it so much better. I am so happy you have found your happiness, and I wish you nothing but the best. I think it’s best if I got some space away form you though so after Jessie’s wedding I am going to Italy help start up a couple of our businesses there. I wan you to know I forgive you what you’ve done to me, but I will need some space because my heart can’t forget. You destroyed me Lexi, you knew how much you meant to me and you let me feel that way all the way up to the point were you left me alone out of nowhere, you always had power over me, you knew it, and you abused the hell out of it. Thank you for the memories and showing me how much more I am going to need for the next girl to be. I need a strong women too Alexia you couldn’t be that for me, but I know there is someone out there who won’t make the same mistakes, and won’t use me the way you did. Congratulations seriously.” Mateo said kissing her forehead both their eyes full of tears refusing to fall. He turned and walked away leaving her there in sadness, guilt and hurt, just like she had done almost a full year ago.

Axel came swooping up and taking her in a dance in his arms. “Hey you ok? What that little asshole say to you?” Axel said getting defensive. “Nothing I didn’t deserve to hear. He was right, and had good reason for everything he said to me. No matter how much it hurt to hear, or remember, everything he said, needed to be said let it go baby we’re good. Everything’s fine.” Lexi said as she happily laid her head onto Axel’s chest. “You sure you ok with all this? Are you sure this right here is what you want? I will understand if you follow him out that door Lexi, I just need to know you in this with no regrets.” Axel said looking down at her. “I’m in this. I don’t regret anything. I am where I am suppose to be. I love you Axel I want this.” She said as she pulled him in closer to hold him tighter. “Me too. I love you Alexia.” Axel said resting his forehead to hers. “I love you to Axel.” She said enjoying their moment.

“I never thought I would be here right now in this moment with you. I always though I would be on the receiving end of catching you in this type of way. I never thought I wouldn’t be the guy you would be walking to at the end of that flower cover aisle in that special dress I couldn’t help but want to tare off you later.” Dimitri said making them both laugh a little. “In my heart it feels wrong to see you be in love or happy or be given to anyone else that’s not me. You are so damn high on my pedestal I swear it’s like you’re never going to come down. It kills me to see you with him, to know I can never have you like that again. Not to be able to hold you close to me, come cuddle up next to you on bad days where your love would make it better. To not be able to kiss you or see you or even make love to you ever again it kills me that everything we had is gone. I know it’s all my fault, I know my mistakes, I know what deep down for you something was missing and you weren’t happy. I was willing to follow you here eventually. I just wish in so many ways it could have been to be able to give you everything it is you needed and wanted. What we had was real, and strong. It just rips my heart out though that it couldn’t be enough for you. That I couldn’t be enough for you.” Dimitri said taking a deep breathe. Tear slowly running down his face.

“I laid awake thinking the other night how much it hurt to know we won’t be playfully running around our home in a baking war like we use to. We wont be cuddled up on the couch watching our shows, you won’t be yelling at me in Italian when your mad like you used. That you learned just to teach our future kids. I will never see grow in your beautiful belly. All of our once dreams that building up my whole world just shattered to the ground. Everything we planned and were hoping for eventually in the future gone, just a memory of the past, as you make other ones for your future with another man, who actually gets to have it as a reality it’s hurts so damn much. I just wan you to be happy, I want you to be loved, I want you to know how much you mean to me, and if that over there is what you want. If that’s the air you will have to feel like you can breath each and every day than I want you to have that. I love you Jessenia and in the end even if it’s not with me I need you to be happy and loved. I am so sorry for all the hurt you have went through because of me, and the craziness that happened in the last year. I know you did everything you could for us. I just wish I was better for you, but every day I am going to try to be better so the next time if I ever get sent another angel I won’t fuck it up as badly as I did with you.” Dimitri said looking into her eyes deeply hoping she knew the importance of every word he said.

“You are going to do great things and I am happy to be able to see them. You will end up with someone amazing, and I am happy to be able to watch you go through all this with her. You are a great guy, and I am happy to watch you and the rest of the guys get better each day. I want to say I’m sorry for how things worked out, but that would be a lie. Honestly that was beyond my control. I am sorry it has caused so much hurt from both of us especially you. You know when I got here I thought it would take me awhile to get over everything, but when I saw Xavier, getting to know him. Everything felt right, I was over you in almost a blink of an eye, because my heart was so caught up in that man over there who at the time was in front of me and I was wondering this. This right here is what I’ve been missing. It’s like my heart and soul recognized him knowing this man is going to be important to me before my head ever could. I don’t want you thinking though that meant you weren’t special or important to me though. You are very special to me Dimitri, just in different ways. I do love you though just not the way I do him. You will get there though.” Jessie said rubbing her hand on his cheek. He took her hand and held it there for a second.

“Day after your wedding the guys and I have to go to Italy and help start up a couple of business’s but we will be done and back in time to see Lexi walk down the aisle too. My mom loved your bridal shower by the way. Even though I am sorry for the awkwardness for what it caused you and your future mother in law.” Dimitri said trying to lighten to the mood. “Seems I am not the only having trouble letting us go.” Dimitri said sadly looking up to her. “I understand if they stopped seeing me and stopped talking to me I know that others are still hurting too.” “No, don’t say that it’s not your fault. They understand it’s just something that time ahs to fix and it will. We will all get there. I know we will. We may not have been strong enough to stay together in one way , but I have faith we are in other ways. I will always be just a call away for you Jessie. Dimitri said kissing her forehead. Xavier standing next to them. “Ready to give her up yet?” Xavier asked playfully. “Never, but I guess if it’s to someone string enough to handle her, I can step back.” Dimitri said looking into Xaviers eyes so he knows the truth to those words. “You ok? Did he bother you or cross a line?” Xavier asked getting worried. “He was a perfect gentlemen clearing the air one last time. Everything is perfect Xavier and I have you to thank for it. I don’t know if I ever properly thanked you for everything you’ve done for me, but I just want you to know how much I love you and how much I appreciate it. “Well I would do anything for you and of course world domination.” Xavier said in an amused tone. “How do you plan to dominate the world?” “It’s simple I can actually get it done tonight or any other night.” “How is that?” She asked confused. “Well it helps when I got the whole world her in my arms in front of me for starters.” He said putting his face into her neck nibbling a little bit. Making her laugh out. The night went on in nothing but perfection good friends, good, food and drinks. Everything finally felt on track.

The next morning Jessie was picking up around the house. Xavier and the guys including Eric were at the gym and were going to be watching the game and one of each others houses so just in case she was picking up if the guys were to come and make a bigger mess. The door opened up and she could hear the girls coming through the front door. “Hey fam.” Jessie said as the girls all stood in front of her with a seriously look and a plastic bag. “What’s going on?” “Well we decided to do a little group activity and we want you to be apart of it, but you can’t tell anyone not even Eric.” Lexi said. “Ok. What is it?” “Nikki pulled out four pregnancy tests and held them up to her. “Are you serious? Who thinks there pregnant?” Jessie asked curiously. “Well the last couple months you noticed how we all synced together? Did you notice were all over a week late?” Kiley asked. Jessies face fell. “Give me the test there’s a bathroom for everyone meet me in the hall bathroom and will all compare the results on the table take the black marker and put your guys first initial of their man’s first name so Lexi is A, Niki is J, Kiley is R and I’m X. They all took the marker opening their tests and marking them. Walking away they each did their tasks taking the trash and throwing it in the same bag so no one would find out about it after capping off their tests the came out and put in the hall bathroom close to the living room. All waiting the five minutes for the results.

Jessie phone alarm went off and they all got up and looked down at their tests there it was. Two negatives, and two positives. They all were conflicted on how to feel about it. Looking at each other they went into a group hug. “No matter what comes of this we are in this together.” Kiley said. They all nodding in agreement trying not to cry. Placing the test up over the toilet on the towel rack for a minute. “Let’s just place these her for a second and go sit down let us all just settle in the information for a moment. Than we can start calling the OBGYN’s office for an appointments. As they sat down for about five minutes they were staring to feel the emotions of the results set in. It wasn’t until the sound of the front door opening and the guys laughter coming through the door. “Hey babe since we got the biggest T.V we going to watch the game here. Woah are you guys ok?” Xavier asked as all the guys looked worried. “Did you guys watch another movie that has you reaching for the tissues again you said you wait for me?” Eric said sadly. “Sorry just couldn’t help it no everything is fine.” Lexi said as all the girls rubbed their face greeting their men with a kiss. They all walked into the kitchen as Jaxon Noah and Ryder walked their way to the living room to get things started. Everything was actually peaceful until they heard him.

“GIRLS!” They heard Noah call out while everyone came into the living room. “Anyone got something to tell us?” Noah asked holding the four tests. They guys face dropped as they looked at the girls. “Who’s are they?” Ryder asked. “Ok so here’s the thing. We all actually sync together on our periods we all start at the same time. Except we all noticed that we are a week late last night so we came here this morning to take some tests just to be sure or to rule it out because you know how stress or trauma can skip your period so we just trying to make sure.” Niki said. “So we all took one.” Jessie said looking at Xavier all the guys had their hearts in their throat. “Two are positive.” Jaxon said looking closer at them. “So who’s is who’s?” Xavier asked looking at the girls. Each girl came up to Noah and taking them looking at them they grabbed their test. Knowing they have to come clean.

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