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Chapter 3: Pasta, Friends, and Texts

Jess had a good day still lost in the shock of how everything had unfolded and a little guilty and shame of how deseperate and stupid she must of how looked and sounded she was just thankful no one else saw what happened. She was also thankful at how nice and wonderful her was about it. Something about him drove her wild inside there was such a strong pull to him wishing to know him better to find out why she no longer cared after six months she was ready to take the plunge. She missed dating and the thrill of being with someone. It was just different this time it’s more than that she actual strong feelings for this man she’s slowly gotten to know. Lost in the shock still of his confession still running through his ears her face was stuck looking like a full strawberry red.

Unlocking her door and taking a quick shower she trailed to her kitchen to make some food. When Lexi and Eric scared the shit out of her. Drinking sweet teas. “Oh geez! What are you doing here?” Jessie said holding her hand over chest trying to calm it down. “We’re hungry. Besides I heard you had quiet the day and might have some tea time.” “Oh yes she has the tea.” Eric added with a huge smirk. “You could only hear it form two people and one is right here. You damn gossiping pack of hyenas.” Jess said as she finished putting her hair in a messy bun. As she started making Creamy chicken alfredo with broccoli and garlic bread as the salad was prepped this morning.

“So tell me is this the guy you been drooling for since we strutted in this place? Isn’t he the one who has that one friend who has been trying to tug you chain the whole time we’ve been here?” Lexi asked. “Yes actually I believe his name is like Ryker Ryder or Rylo something like that?” Jess said. “It’s actually Ryder and you should hear some of the lines that he tries to use to snag her. He would try to talk about the books that Xavier and Jess would be discussing in line waiting on the food and the boy would get so lost. I finally pulled him aside like last week and told him if he wasn’t going to actually read the shit and educate himself than go on spark notes and get the main basic idea that my sexy ladies is how I got my degree in college.” Eric said as they all laughed deeply. “Awe the poor guy. Girl at least he was trying. “ Lexi said. “He’s a total player Lex besides if I want someone I can’t trust and who going to run around on me I can always hit Dimitri he got that roll pegged. Is it wrong that I’m this excited over a first date?” Jess asked looking at them. “You’ve been feeling this man for months. You know him well enough to know if you like him, which blind people can see you do. You have a right to be excited, nervous and happy.” Eric said holding a hand over hers.

After prepping the plates. “I’m so excited for you. I’ve been on seven dates since we got here and three of them were dogs and four of them we just didn’t connect the way you would hope to. I’m going to live life through this weekend bestie, unless Eric wants to spend some time with me?” “Yes I would love to. All my dates sucked. Like seriously thinking about becoming bi. Good men are lacking. S how are you feeling about the date?” Eric asked.

“Well that’s just it at first I was excited now I’m just nervous it’s been two and a half years since I’ve been on a first date. I don’t know if I know how anymore. Like is offering to pay half the bill like I always do acceptable or offensive? Does he make all the plans or do we do it together? What if we go some where and get allergic reactions or food poisoning? What if we go out and he gets uncomfortable because people are easily scared of him he’s a huge guy, how fast are tongues going to wag the next morning. If wee go on more dates is he going to expect sex? I mean dating is scary because you don’t what that person is carrying. According to Ms. Ellie he hasn’t seen anyone in a very long time what if I let him done or he gets disappointed?” Jessie said looking down at her plate.

“Your putting way to much pressure on this Stop being so hard on yourself. You will get intimate at whatever pace you both feel comfortable at. It’s been awhile for him to so I thin the main goal of this date is just to have a good time in each others company and enjoy yourself. That’s the only expectation you need to have. Play it by ear I bet he’s just as nervous and excited seeing the way he interacted with you today. He’s probably a daddy that’s hot.” Eric said.

“He’s right Jess just relax and let loose. You deserve a nice time with a great guy. Let’s take your mind off it for now and change the subject. So you talk to your folks this week yet?” “Well I text dad every other day if not daily since he discovered Ifunny and seeing as we both have dark, sick, twisted sense of humor constantly send memes to each other or we call and talk for a few in between his lunch breaks sometimes at the shop.” “He still the best mechanic shop in the city?” Eric asked. “Yes sir I’m very proud. My mom is still a secretary in one of the accounting firms an dstill runs in the same friend circle as Dimitri and his friends moms not to mention our ex friends moms.” Jess said.

“Ya I don’t know how your mom has managed to maintain friendships with them. You know they still talk about us like we are still good with them and they try to reach out all the time. Apparently Chloe is still sleeping with anything that moves until and I quote Dimitri opens his to see how much he loves her. That’s what my cousin anyway when his best friend banged her in the club bathroom like two weeks ago.” Lexi said shivering as if she was grossed out.

“Dimitri that dude was a tool. Is your mom still trying to see the error in your way s because that boy has suffered enough? Is she still playing the how much longer are you going to make him suffer and pay card?” Eric asked while using hand gestures.

“Actually eric and some of his friends have thrown themselves into a little hobby that’s quiet popular here. They OD the legal fighting rings now and when they are not in the office they travel see he made partner and had some time open up and that’s what he and his other three friends Mateo Damico, Leo Vitale, and Giovanni Lorenzo do now in there spare time. I hear they have actually gotten pretty good. I also hear that He has not touched or even looked at another woman and gets angry when they touch him. He still got it bad for Jessie and still begs her mom for information. They have convinced themselves and even D’s family they will be married later down the road. However dear ol pop told Dimitri to just go straight to hell.” Lexi said.

“Got to love dad. I don’t see how they can ever think that. You know what’s strange I was over Dimitri rather quickly. I think it’s actually because of Xavier I mean over time that man has put more emotions and butterflies in me than D ever did. I was hurt he lied to me and went behind my back but I should have been more hurt than I was and I wasn’t in the end. I think I had such high expectations for someone who was never really meant to achieve them. I was hurt than but now I think over how fast I was over it maybe I wasn’t as I thought I was. You know?” Jessie said. “Yup I’ve been there before I know exactly what you mean. You know sometimes I think we don’t know how much or how little something means to us until we let it go and get better clarity.” Eric said. While the girls nodded in agreement.

’That is so true and makes sense. At least now you go ta shot at a guy who gives you the feeling of the whole damn zoo.”Lexi sang poorly.” “By the way, by the way does he do things to you body?” Eric sang after. Than grabbing each others hands looking straight at Jessie sang together. “Didn’t know that I was starving til I tasted you.” They all busted out laughing. “That was the last song you heard on the radio wasn’t it.” Jess asked. “Ya it was.” Totally was.” They both said at the same time laughing even more. The night went quickly and they two friends headed out right as it got dark. After cleaning up she got into more comfy clothes to sleep in. Holdin gout her phone wondering how weird it would if she just sent a message to Xavier after the first day of having she really didn’t want to seem any more desperate than she already looked earlier today. Setting her phone down on her bed as she got under the covers.

“Ding.” Her phone lit up. She looked down in her dark room looking at the notification. It was a message from My Man with hearts on each side. Blushing. She opened the message. “Hey I don’t know if it’s weird for me to reaching me out already but I just wanted to see how your day was, if that’s ok?” Xavier asked. Wow normally willing someone to hit you up never works this man can read minds. She thought as she texted back. “Well I am actually in bed now just trying to figure out a way to send you a message without sounding or being weird, and making myself seem even more desperate than I probably looked earlier if we’re being honest with each other.”She sent back.

“I don’t think you seemed desperate today I admire you had more courage than I did to come at me the way you did. I’m beyond flattered and think I’m a lucky man. Would it be too cheesy for me to say I’m really looking forward to Friday?” He sent. Holding a breathe. “No it’s not cheesy because I am too. Honestly the last first date I had was two and a half years ago. I ’m not sure I remember or know what to do you may have to show me.” She sent back. “Well I’m afraid I won’t be of much help since I’ve been off that horse a few years longer than that. Lol. Guess well just have to show each other?” He replied smiling to himself. “I like that. So how was your day?” She asked not being able to contain her smile. “Well I hung out with my friends and worked out for a bit. Came home had a fu conversation with my mom and cousin and now texting a beautiful woman hoping not scare her off so soon. So all in all pretty great. What about you?” He sent laughing at him self.

“Well finished my shift, came home showered. Had my friends scare the life out of me because they didn’t want to cook dinner and now I’m texting someone who’s handsome face gets stuck in my head. Too weird? Let me know if I start weirding you out.” “I don’t think you can. For the record I really like this. I want to stay this honest and open with each other. Just so I don’t sound like a creep later lol.” “Deal sounds great. So I should really get to bed , but it today has been really great for me; and it was all thanks to you. SO Thank you for making my day.” She said with a smile blushing even harder. “You made my whole week so thank you. But I know you gotta be blushing hard sending that last text and picturing that alone makes my night. So thank you.” He sent back. OMG she though to herself how does this man have the power to do this to me? “Sleep well Xavier.” “Sleep well Jessie don’t think about me too hard ;*. He ended with a winking kiss emoji.

She laid there with the biggest smile she’s had for a long time. Her heart full of excitement of the things that are yet to come. This is it she thought to herself. This is the kind of happiness I left for. She dozed off.

He looked at his phone looking at a couple of pictures on his phone he snapped when she wasn’t looking her smile and face glowing as she laughed at whatever her coworkers had said. He drifted off in peace finally of thinking of all the things that just may be a possibility after all. Even if for some reason it doesn’t pan out in the end, tonight just for the night he can grant himself the night to think of what could be wife, kids, home, the one dream he’s still chasing. Just for tonight he can dream of the possibilities.

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