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Chapter 5: The Next Day.

Lexi came in the café taken back by Jessie rocking out to A Reason to Stay by Brett Young. Xavier came in right beside her. Looking at Lexi than turning his head back to her smiling watching her in her happy world. Made his heart smile. “So I take it last night went very well?” Alexia asked him. “Better than I could have hoped for. She’s too good for me. Let’s hope she don’t figure that out. Damn that voice though just goes through you don’t it?” He asked her lost in thought. “It always has.” Lexi said with a smile as they walked closer to the counter. She was still just going along her own little way.

“I really like the way your head fits on my shoulder, I hate the way the morning’s always trying to mess this up. I know. OOOHHH HOLY HELL when did you get here?” Jessie asked holding a hand to her heart. “Oh you know how much we love the free shows. You should really make sure to look around once in awhile.” Lexi said using hand gestures around the store. “I want my coffee and one of those long little strudel things that has like whatever berry type jam thing on one side and the cheese part on the half on he inside.” Lexi said putting a ten dollar bill on the counter. “Keep the change it’s for my encore later.” Lexi winked. “Well thank you so much you grace. What say you babe what can I get you?”

“I want a strawberry mango smoothie thing you gave me that on time, and what ever muffin you got open, and some kisses and you on the side with extra cuddles.” Xavier said with cute smile looking down at her. Making her turn red. She leaned over the counter kissing him good and slow. Cinnamon, blueberry, banana or chocolate muffin?” “The cinnamon please baby.” He said placing another ten on the counter. “I want an encore later too, but I’ll settle for another date if you’re open?” Lexi looked at the two as Jessie handed her food. “I will see you later, call me. Xavier you hurt my girl and they will never find you’re body. Send my greetings to that sexy ass cousin of yours.” “Sure will. But trust when I say that ass is anything but sexy.”

They all laughed as she went out the door. Jessie handing Xavier his stuff. “Seriously though, you want to have dinner with me tonight. I still got to log in some training hours during the day but I have no fights scheduled for two weeks and I was hoping to spend as much time with you as possible. In your down time.” “Dinner would be great IF you let me pay?” “I can promise to think about it.” He said back. “Baby your mine now you can’t mad at me for wanting to spoil ya just a little bit.” “Will you let me do the same?” “Just a little bit.” He said using his finger to measure a small amount.”

“Ok deal. I am off at four it takes me like ten minutes to walk home, and about fifteen maybe twenty minutes to shower so anytime after that I can be ready.” “Alright I’ll get you about 4:45-5. That sound good?” “Perfect.” She purred kissing him sweetly. “Now that’s a sight I can get used to.” Ms. Ellie said smiling at them. “So when did this happen?” She asked. “About six months ago.” He answered with a chuckle. She playfully hit his chest. “Yesterday. Plus six months ago.” Jessie mumbled. Causing the other two to laugh. “Don’t you have training to do or things to lift?” She said walking back to the kitchen going back to work.”

“Ya, ya I’m going. How are you Ms. Ellie it is good to see you he said as she walked around to hug her sweet boy. She loved all five of those boys. “You know me still dancing wild and free. I’m so happy you bagged her up. It’s about damn time. I was starting to wonder if Eric or Noah was starting to be your flavor, but that damn tent you pitch and try to hide everytime Jess would bend over deep in that display case said different.” “MS.ELLIE!!” He said looking back to make sure Jes didn’t hear her. “Oh calm down. I wan you to know I have hired a couple of new people and made Eric and Jessie in charge as shift managers. I figured if she’s with you her and Eric would be gone to your fights often so might as well make sure to have full staff. I also wan you to know I had to hire six people to be able to do all the work She and Eric can do. SO you better be grateful I’m willing to part with them for half the time.” She giggled.

“It’s about time to see you this happy, and with someone who honestly cares for you. I swear you would think you hung the moon as much as you capture her attention and feelings. Hell makes me miss it. Than I meet up with my booty call and I’m good.” She shrugged. “ Ok that’s enough of that I’m to meet the boys I’ll send them your love.” He said as he practically ran out the door. “Did he just leave without saying anything?” Jessie asked a little disappointed. “All I did was talk about my booty call and he high tailed and left like a prude whose tail was on fire.” She said “Oh ok I no longer blame him oh look that cakes aren’t going to decorate themselves. She said turning around and making her way back in the kitchen. Getting ready for the new hires to come in and jump in the system with her.

Xavier came up to the guys in the work out area. “He man how was last night?” Jaxon asked grabbing a drink from his water bottle looking at Axel. “It was great. Dude I didn’t even get home until like 3 am I should be fucking dead but I don’t know I’m more like energetic and… and…” “Giddy?” Ryder asked with a laugh.

“Yes you ass hat I’m giddy. Dude I took her to get tacos at that Mexican place we both like down the street from our place. She is so freaking smart it blows my mind. Did you guys know she is the youngest partner at her firm.” “Your girl’s a lawyer nice.” Jaxon said. “Not my girl yet I’m working my way towards it though we went back to her place and stayed up talking until freaking 3am. It was just it was just so easy to be myself around her though you know?” Axel said in dazy kind of happy look.

“Anyway I’m taking her out again for dinner tonight. Down at the Docks I’m hoping by the 3rd date She’ll be my girl officially. Y’all better wish me luck on that one.” Axel said getting nervous. “Best luck bro. Ryder said. “Naw you got this boy.” “She wanted to me to tell you she send her happy wishes to my sexy cousins ass.” Xaxvier said out of no where.” They all started laughing. “hey laugh all you want I got fine ass woman who called me sexy and gives me the time of day ain’t nothing going to bring me down today.” Axel said.

“What about you man how’d your date go? Ryder asked Xavier. “I had the best time I think I ever had. Axel is right it was just so easy to be yourself. Man the conversation with that woman never end, we can talk about any and everything and have an amazing time. She told me she came her with Lexi who packed their bags the night she found her boyfriend of almost two years cheated on her with one of her old best friends who we ran into on the way out the restaurant. These girls are like crazy brave to just pack up and start over somewhere else like that. I told her what I do and she is nothing but supportive and says she’s actually proud of how hard all of us must have worked to get where we are today.”

“She said that? Seriously?” Axel asked. “Ya she said there is nothing more sexy than when people talk and get all excited and passionate about things that are important to them or they worked hard for, she said it send like a second hand contact happiness.” “Well I believe that too she’s dead on the money there.” Jaxon said. “Ya that’s super hot when you get someone going on what they truly love, and you see that sparkle coming to life flowing out them eyes. It’s hot dude.” Axel added. “Unless it’s about nails, makeup, hair, or shoes I’m down for that.” They all started laughing. Anyway I took her to the romantic little restaurant twenty minutes next town over and even got to dance with her.”

“Hold up you actually danced with her with out her dragging you into it?” “Yup!!” Xavier said proudly with a smile. “What’s that face? Ohh something happened dude did you hook up on the first date” Jaxon asked.” “No dude it wasn’t like that. I got something way better than some damn hook up. I got to kiss her a lot and asked her to be my woman.” Xavier said. The other guys jaws dropped. “On you’re first date dude. You just got this date and what you trying to run her off?” Ryder asked. “Hole up they have had six months prior to this building a foundation so it’s not like their strangers they already had time invested before hand into it? I think it was a shot worth shooting.” Argued back. “Hold up you way to happy? She said yes, didn’t she?”Axel said looking deep on his cousin face who was literally glowing. “She said yes. I am a happily snatched up man boys.”

They slapped him on the back congratulating him on finding his little peace of happiness. Whether or not they thought it was too soon or just right din’t matter they just wanted to be happy for their brother who been waiting along time for this. “Eh where’s Noah? He had a date too last night?” Xavier said. “Well let’s go check the office. It’s Saturday he’s probably running numbers or some shit.” Jax said as they all walked into he office opening the door only to see Eric on his knees sucking on Noah’s working that man over using his hands like he was sucking his soul straight out of his body.

“Wow dude. Lock the door.” Jaxon yelled. “Sorry bro.” “Don’t you dare fucking stop he said looking into eric’s eyes. “Get gone.” He hollers back. As they guuys ran out of their and down the hall. Looking at each other they busted out laughing. “Damn that was fucking crazy.” Xavier said shaking his eyes rubbing his eyes trying to get the image out. “That was weird.” Ryder said. “That was just wow di you see how he was working both those hands twist him off, and doing that thing to the balls while sucking his damn soul out of his body like what the hell is that where the fuck do they teach that shit?” Ryder asked.

“Why you want to take classes, dick sucking 101?” Axel asked and they all laughed. “Hell no but I wouldn’t paying for some girls to learn that shit. Why you laughing at me? Seriously Eric is Lexi and Jessie’s best friend if he knows that shit what do you think them girls can do? Friends tell each other everything when it comes to that shit.” Axel and Xaiver starred at each other. Axel looking up God for the first time in ever I’m praying you right.

They shook it off and went on with their morning. About an hour later Eric came bouncing out of the room. “Hey guys thought I would come and say by before I head out.” Eric said to Axel and Xavier. “I swear I washed up lol.” They laughed. Shaking his hand. “Oh Eric wait this is the rest of our group you know Noah, Axel’s, and mine. This is Ryder James He goes by Pyro.” “Hey man how you doing.” They shook hands. “This is Jaxon Brooks he goes by Blade. “Good to meet you face to face.” Jax joked. “Not going to lie I’m not even sorry.” Eric said with a big happy smile on his face. “OH could you guys go and get him some water he’s going to need it. Catch you guys around. Really nice meeting you.” Eric waved off as he left. They boys looked over each other and got a little worried and curious. Taking three bottles of water they walked back into the office.

They knocked than opened the door. Noah looked like a tornado threw a bus and a big rig right through him. “Dude what the fuck happened to you?” Axel asked. “You ok man?” Xavier asked him. “Fucking Eric happened to me. Dude that man pulled out such a freaking kinky side of me I didn’t even know I had. I lost all control. The things he can fucking do I was hell caught up. I can’t believe that fucking happened. I need water please tell me you got some.” He begged. “Ya here your man told us you going to need while he practically hopped his happy ass out of here.” Jax said. With smug smirk. “I swear to god I’m barely getting my feeling back in my legs. You guys tow are so fucked man.” Noah said sucking the bottle down in minutes.

“What’s that suppose to mean. “Eric said he was curious about something he and the girls were talking about the other night he tried to explain it to me but I guess I was to stupid to understand it he than took upon himself to show me so he can put the theory out of his head if it worked or not. Now look at me. Where the fuck did they come up with this crap. Don’t get me wrong I’m beyond happy, but like seriously where does come from maybe that fucking cosmo magazine or something.” Noah said as he sucked the 3rd bottle down slowly getting up.

“So I take it based on walking in watching you getting blown into next week your date went good?” Xavier asked. “The date went great I took him dancing at this place twenty minutes south and we got to a lot about each other. I’m taking him out again tomorrow. I offered to show hi around today before the lot of you guys would come in but you saw how well that went.” He said with a smug smirk. “So how’d you wank stains come out?” Noah asked looking at them.

“Well I had dinner with my mother. Ryder got laid from some ring bunny in another ring couple towns over. I got another date tonight with Ms. Sexy Lexi, and Xavier has a date with his new girlfriend Jessenia.” Axel said. “Girlfriend, dude aint wasting no time is he?” “Aint wasting no time this boy had six months of time wasted where y’all been.” Ryder asked. “Watching you try but crash and burn.” Xavier said back. Everyone laughing at Ryder. Fuck all of you hope y’all stay flacid. He said walking away. As the kept laughing.

The work out went quick they only stayed about for around three hours in total. Xavier decided to run in and see his mom on the way home. Being such a small town they mainly stuck to walking his parents house was just about five blocks from his anyway and on the way home. Walking in the door he kicked off his shoes. “Mom, dad? You home?” “Ya in the living room son.” His father asked. “What you guys doing?” “Watching Escape Plan. That cute little baker your mom goes and sees gave this your mama said I might like. She was right this pretty good. How you doing boy? Coming back from the ring?” “Ya, hey mom did, ugh Jessenia say anything to you about yesterday?” He asked cautiously.

“You know what son it slipped my mind. We we’re all talking about the new hires they got there training today. We even got to learn some tips from here today I forgot all about it. So how was it?” “How was what, what happened last night. Wait let me pause this and you can tell me what you did.” His father said like did something bad. “Ok what’s going on kiddo?” “I took Jessenia out on a date last night.” Xavier said. “This is the same girl he’s practically stalking for the last couple months right one who gave us this dvd?” “Yes dad, it’s the same girl.” Xavier whinned.

“Well son I’m proud of you. I know how hard that must have been I mean yo haven’t real date since prom right? So big step how do you feel about it.” His dad asked more concerned how the after effects than the actual date. He knew his dad loved him and wanted what was best. “I feel great. I woke up this morning almost scared it didn’t happen. I mean she’s great and wonderful and she took a shot on my ugly mug. Yu know she got so pist and offended wit every side ways glance I got. It was refreshing to have someone put that kind of care and heart into you.” “I’m glad to hear it baby.” His mama said rubbing his hand. He just smiled.

“So do you think you going to see her again?” His dad asked. “Ya actually, we made ourselves official last night, we got another date tonight I should leave soon to get ready for.” His mother squealed so loud the cat ran. “OH MY GOD! I was starting to think that this day would never come. Thank you Jesus. Oh the works of prayer.” “My goodness honey he said he got a girlfriend not getting married. Sorry son.” His dad said shaking his. “It’s cool pop.” “I am excited for you son. I know how much you’ve been needing this I just hope she understands what and incredible guy you are. Never forget that.” “I won’t I just wanted to stop by and see what you guy were doing and come tell mom about Jes before Axel loud ass calls her up and tells her first getting her all riled up.” “I don’t blame you kid now hush up I’m pushing play. “Bye mama.” “Bye baby we are happy for you. I really love her. I will come at you sideways if you hurt her. Be safe love you.” She says as I kiss her on the cheek shaking my head in agreement with her.

Walking home I started thinking about it our families. She knows everything about mine by now. I know of hers. I have no doubt I could get along with her dad, it was her mom that was her hurdle. I mean damn it sounds like her own mother doesn’t even like her but that can’t be true. Maybe there’s more to it than that. I guess I’ll find out later. I do know she’s not going to be happy with her moving on with me. Instead of that numb nuts. A quick shower and I’m off to grab my baby girl and whisk her away somewhere comfortable and relaxing.

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