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Chapter 7: Daddy Callan

Waking up next morning was a feeling out of this world for Xavier. He had never slept so good in his life. Looking down at her as his phone alarm rang. Looking up at him Jes couldn’t help but excited it wasn’t a dream she was waking up to someone who loved her and wanted to be here with her, who could have anyone he wanted but he was here. “Good morning handsome.” She said reaching out touching his face. “Good morning beautiful.” He said rubbing her cheek back. Pulling her into a kiss. “Ok we need to get ready before we just end up staying here all day.” She said pushing away from him stretching. “I’m not finding any down side to that. Except being sore later from all the things I got planned for you.” He said playfully trying to reach and catch her. “As amazing as that would be we got work.” ’You got work I go in whenever I please.” He said with a laugh.

“Oh please you go in to meet up and gossip with the boys like a couple of cluckling hens don’t go lying to me know.” She said laughing. “We do not cluckle or gossip we just have, We just talk. Isn’t you who always say to that kind of crap because it’s like therapeutic or some shit.” He said smiling at her. “Yes it is. I like you guys getting together and doing that though. I do think it’s good for you, all of you. Does not mean I won’t joke on you for it.” She said drabbing her clothes. Without even thinking about or understanding what she was doing she pulled of her night wear and started changing in front of him. His mouth just fell open not being able to look away to any where else but on his angel.

“Is this making you uncomfortable?” She asked clasping her bra together and slipping on her shirt finally being finished. “NO, no I just wasn’t expecting to be able to get lucky to see all that just yet. I love how relaxed you are with me.” Walking up to him. “You got a little drool coming to here.” She said playfully wiping the corner of his mouth only for to catch her finger and suck on it slowly. “Careful now baby, I don’t promise not to take you on that bed and claim every inch of that delicious little body you tease like you just did again.” He warned in a dark husky voice that she loved so much. “Well I am all yours, but I got work right now so here’s looking forward to next time.” She replied bag seductively hitting him through every muscle in his body springing to life. “Damn right.” He said changing quickly from his gym clothes bag he always kept with him. Following her. After locking the door they got into his truck and went to the café.

“Hey baby I know you got things to do so I’m going to run home and change out all these clothes. Did you want me to come back and stay at yours tonight?” “Yeah I would like that. Why don’t you pack some extra things and well set you up when we get home. You want to take my keys? If you get would like to you can go and put them in later today.” She asked starring at him. “You ain’t scarred I won’t snoop through your stuff?” He asked with a smirk. “I figure there’s a fifty-fifty shot but I have nothing ot hide from you Xavier you have my permission to go through everything I have whenever you want. I keep nothing from you I promised you honesty that’s what you deserve and what you’re going to get. Actually if you would like you can make a copy of my key and keep it with you. Lexi and Eric have the spares with them.” “You ok with that?” He asked smiling deeply feeling like he just won the lottery. “Yes I want that just text me later so I know how I’m getting back in later if you aint going to be there I’ll have Eric walk me back to let me in.” “NO baby I’m coming in to swoop you up when you get off what is it three or four today.” “Well it’s almost six so it would be three.” “Ok I’ll beback in an hour to get my fix.” “I know you will.” She said leaning in to kiss him deeply. He stayed and waited until she got in and lock the door behind her with a small wave she got to work.

After going home and collecting his new things he would be keeping over there he noticed he got a text from Axel to come pick him before he went to the café for breakfast so he can eat to before they went to the ring. He packed all his crap sent a text telling him he was coming in ten minutes. Pulling up to his lace he open the door. “Where you at fam, you ready?” He said walking into the living room only to see Lexi’s legs wrapped around Axel’s waist as he was pounding so deep into her she was probably choking. “Wow, sorry.” He said covering his eyes turning around. “Xav, bro what the hell.” Axel hollered. Hovering over her. “Oh geez.” Lexi said. “Dude what are you doing here?” “You text me come get your nasty ass I texted saying I was coming.” Axel said still not looking back. “Well can you please go wait in the truck so we can be coming too?” Lexi asked nicely. “BABE!” Axel said back as that brought Xavier to lean over laughing.” Hell naw bro I’m out see you there.” “See you there.” He hollered back and went straight back to smashing his lips on hers causing her to moan in the little ways he that drove him wild.

Xavier was laughing in the truck. Getting another text from Noah to come grab him for breakfast at the café. Eric had already got there and he was missing him already. Xavier laughed to himself at how whipped and wrapped Noah is already. Realizing that was true for him and Axel too. Pulling into the café they got out to see their busy bees dancing around to Posion. “This is the best part of the day I swear. Just look at them.” Noah said with a happy daze in his eyes. “It’s one of them but ain’t the best.” Xavier said. As they went up to the counter they were thrown off by how quickly they were passing it song lyrics back and forth until they heard Lexi holler in.

“Now you know1 Yo Sick Blow… “ Lexi finished only for Jessie to holler at her. “It’s drivin me out of my mind. That’s why it’s hard for me to find. Can’t get it out of my head.” Than in unison. “Miss her, kiss, love her. That girl is poision.” They stopped only to bust out laughing hard causing all us guys to just laugh at them. Their happiness when they vibing off each other in the morning was like something they did just to get themselves in sync for the day to start.

“I still can’t believe you guys don’t do karaoke. Why don’t we go next weekend. Like a triple date. If Jaxon, and Ryder don’t have anything better to do maybe a little family outing?” Noah asked. “Family outing?” Eric asked. “Well ya bro. You guys with us and they are family. So that puts you in that mix man.” Axel said standing behind Lexi his hands on her waist kissing the back of her head as she rolls it back to him.” “Awe that’s one of the sweetest things I hear all day. What can we get for you guys?” Jessie said.

“Me first so I’m not late. I want a ice blended turtle mocha and acouple scones whatever you got back there that’s ready enough for a couple people at work too please I’m going to be nice today.” “Awe well aren’t you sweet? You trying to lighten the blow for something?” Eric asked raising his eyebrow while he made her drink. As Jess gave her a box of scones. “Well I might have to be telling some of these other sexiest colleagues who think they walk on water they are going on a four hour car ride to visit a potential client.” “Do you really have the power to do that?” Noah asked. “I’m the main partner yes I do.” She sang happily. They all laughed as she said her good byes.

“Well gentlemen? What does your taste buds fancy?” “What do you recommend?” Axel asked. “Depends on the flavors or drink you have in mind?” She answered. “OK I want the same drink Lexi got, with three of them beignets.” Axel said Eric got started. “Can I please get a sweet tea with a blend of peach in there like you did the other day. With Two of those strawberry filled cream puffs right there he pointed at the display case.” Sure she said starting the tea while Eric handed over Axels drink and pastries. “Hey baby while you’re doing teas I want a sweet tea too please. With the apple cinnamon muffin and a beignet too.” They all dropped more than they should have on the counter. “Don’t even think about handing us over that change either” Noah warned her and Eric. “MM yes sir daddy sir!” Eric saluted him. Making Noah wink back. “Here you go baby.” She said leaning over the counter giving him a sweet kiss. “Hollar before you leave.” “I will.”

“Alright so next week we got another ring from another town coming through from one of the bigger cities What was called I think it was Atheo, either Atheo or ugh that one on the other side Lolten. I just wan tot give you guys a heads up. I was talking to Eric and he said that Jessie ex has four or five friends who are in the circuit so if it’s from Atheo there could be a good chance he’ll be on the roster and coming to town so until we know for sure let’s keep it quiet and if it is them than we just gove them a small heads up. Apparently he’s some business guy who made partner in his firm coule months back got some free time on his hands and his friends got him into this to help him out of some type of depression because he’s still convinced a certain ex girlfriend will find her way back.” Noah said in between bites starring at Xavier. “You didn’t hear that from Eric did you.” Axel said as he was reading Noah’s facial features. “I heard it from some of the other guys from the last town that came through the ring. Said the guy is like a machine he goes by Reaper. Their whole group is the Italian group that’s making a good name for themselves lately.” Noah said back.

“Well that can’t be doing that great if I’ve never heard of them. SO they aint in our status or anything.’ Xavier said. “Ok until we know for sure we stay quite.” Nodding along. Just than the front door opened with a delivery guy dropping off flour, sugar, and some other dry ingredients. “Hey Jessie.” “Oh, hey Dalton go ahead and wheel that back you need some help putting it away?” She asked Dalton was a middle aged man about 47 strong as an ox who was good friends with Ms. Ellie. He made sure to put everything away when he delivered. “Nope I actually got two helping hands, or one helping hands and one annoying mouth.” He said shaking his head. “Boss made you tak e his nephew again? She asked. “Don’t get me started. Come on Jimmy wheel yours in back too this will be quick.” “Hey Jes. Hey Eric.” Another man about her age called out. “Hey Jimmy.” Eric and Jes said same time. “I’m going to help them anyway what’s it take like ten minutes. Eric said walking in back. The guys were watching the interaction. Until the door opened again.

Jess got done wiping and cleaning the machines so she was checking off the order sheets for whatever else she will need to get on the order form to hand back to Dalton as he leaves. With all the cake orders and list of things to make next week she was adding together in her head. When the last load got brought in. A tall dark skinned man came walking up looking her up and down pissing the guys off. “Good morning beautiful.” He said in a way that made her cringe visible. “Good morning Trey.” She answered back not looking up. “So I see you got a lot of amazing looking things on the menu coming up, any chance I can get you off it?” He said starring at her intently. “Oh we got the results off that back it was not good. Feel free to take the order to the back.” She said still not looking up. “Come on now, no need to be mean. Let me get your number I promise you’ll have a good time.” He tried again. “No thank you, they waiting for you in back though. If you actually plan on doing some work today other than harass your clients.” She said still not looking at him or giving him the time of day. Jimmy walking up to take the last of the ten bags of dry ingredients. “Trey back off she don’t want your lazy ass. Now move so we get this done and leave. Jessie ignore his tired ass I’m sorry.” “Looking up and giving Jimmy a soft happy smile. “Thanks Jimmy.” Looking back down doing her work.

“Come Jes just one date? Give me one good reason why not.” “I’ll give you a couple. I have a boyfriend, I don’t like you and your not a nice person Trey.” She said signing her name at the bottom of the page than looking up at him. “He don’t have to know.” Trey said as Jess looked at him like he grew two heads.

“That’s it.” Xavier said to his friends as they all stood up throwing their trash away. “Is this guy bothering you baby?” Xavier said standing closer to Jess behind the counter. “Yes baby he is. Trey I think you need to go wait for Dalton and Jimmy out in the truck. Please don’t hit on me again I don’t like it. It makes me and my man here uncomfortable.” “You’re with the Beast.” Trey asked shocked. “Ya she is when a woman says no you need to back your desperate ass down. Or there could be some problems do you understand what I’m telling you?” Xavier asked. “Yes, ugh Jes I’m sorry I’ll be outside.” Trey said as he tripped over himself to the door. “You don’t have to look that smug.” She said kissing him deeply. “Oh please Jessie that dude man look like he was going to piss all over himself that was great. I love watching you guys by the way me and my friends go all the time. I’m Jimmy.” Jimmy said with a huge smile shaking all their hands. “Thank you for speaking up for her Jimmy.” Xavier said when Dalton came out grabbing the paper from her. “Ya that DBAG ain’t nothing but a huge tool he going to get sued hard for sexual harassment any day now. You be amazed at how some of these chicks actual go for it though gross as hell.” Dalton said shaking his head.

“Well he learned today though didn’t he. Dalton said laughing himself out the door as they left. “We out to see you later by babe.” Noah yelled. “Bye, call me later.” “Alright.” Noah said as he and Axel both hugged Jessie by with a kiss to the forehead. “I got my crap in the car and I’ll make sure to get those copies of our keys done before I pick you up. Have a good day. You know you can call me when people like that bother you.” “I know but I’m ok I promise. Thank you I’ll see you at three.” She said as she kissed him good bye.

Once they walked in they ran into Jaxon and Ryder. “Hey man I tried to swing by your place last night but you never came to the door?” Jaxon said. “Oh what did you need I wanted to borrow couple tools but it’s alright I’ll get them later. Where were you at?” Jaxon asked curiously. Normally Xavier was a homebody and didn’t care for going out at night too much. He didn’t like people always starring at his daily reminder of being scarred, if that wasn’t the case he was huge in height and muscle. The question caught the guys attention and they all waited for an answer.

“I slept over at Jess’s place.” He looked everywhere but the guy’s faces, taking a deep breath, knowing they were going to make a big deal out of it. “Dude, seriously that’s a big step for you.” Axel said. “Wait when you say you slept over does that mean you finally got some or you actually just slept over there?” Ryder asked. Getting smacked hard in the head by both Noah and Jaxon. “I just slept you damn pervert.We decided last night that we were going to start leaving our stuff at each other’s places and I gotta make some copy of our keys when I leave here today.” Xavier said looking up at them finally. “She’s letting you have a key to her place? That’s huge dude how do you feel about it?” Ryder asked with a little concern. They all worried about him because they knew how much this meant to him. “I’m actually excited I didn’t honestly think anyone would ever get to this place with me but she’s so different.” They nodded their heads smiling.

“Y’all don’t get it well maybe you three do you guys got to this place what a week ago?” He asked Axel who blushed down. “And you what the next damn day after your first date?” He asked Noah who also turned red. “She told me that everything about us felt right, and that’s she so happy, and how I mean a lot to her. She unloaded a lot of feelings on me last night it seriously caught me off guard.” “What’d you do?” Noah asked with a raised eyebrow. “It was like she took everything my heart feels and was saying them to me. I just told her I loved her.” He said smiling as he remembered hearing her say the words back to him. They guys stood there in shock.

“You told her you loved her? What she say?” Jax questioned scratching the back of his head. “Jessie said she loved me.” He said with a big smile all the guys clapping him on the back happy for him he was finally getting a piece of what he’s always wanted. “Soounds like you guys had a great night.” Ryder said. “It was almost perfect until her mother called.” Xavier said looking down voce dropping. “Eric says she’s crazy.” Noah said. “Lexi said she fucked up, actually if you take her phone her caller id picture is the devil.” Axel added. “What did the she devil say?” Jaxon asked a little mad his friend deflated so quickly.

“Well she is still mad at Jessie because she just up an d moved with no warning. Coming from a parents point of view I can honestly accept the hurt there ya know.” The guys all nodded. “Damn though she basically insulted her in every aspect of her life it was hard to hear. She told her how she wasted all that time in college to get adegree in food just to give up her success in Ms.Ellie hole in the wall café. SO of course that pist both of us off. Than she wen ton about how she left her ex Dimitri. That’s what she was mainly pist about the whole conversation was about how Jessie needs to leave my sorry ass because I’m just a boy and go running and crawling back to her ex because he’s a changed man and since she so close to the other family she tried playing that card too. Basically that whole damn city is convinced that Jessie is going to be marrying this prick at some point and that she’s wasting her time and life here. I’ve never wanted to smack a woman so much in my whole life. Jessie stood her ground though I’m a proud man.” Xavier said.

“You should be she is one strong savage I’ll tell you that say what you want about her but when you start talking about someone she either respects or care for man that kitten got claws.” Axel said. All of them laughing. “I know that’s right.” Jaxon shaking his head. “It’s got to be hard for her you know, having two parents like that we all know how close she is with her dad, but her mom damn it’s hurtful to watch how she does Jes.” Ryder said. They all looked down. “Lexi’s mom died when she was born, she’s close with her dad though who is also a lawyer and will be in town in two months he’s actually in Canada right now. SO hope you all wish me luck.” Axel said getting a little nervous. “Eric’s parents and mine love us so much they even get together now for dinner themselves. They going on a cruise actually next week for two weeks.” Noah said proudly.

“Can I help you sir?” The heard one of the helping hands ask a man who was built tall and strong who looked lost. They guys looked up and watched him. “I’m looking for some man who gets called the Beast.” He said flatly. Xavier go tup and walked to him. “I’m Beast. What can I do for you?” He asked politely and curiously holding his hand out to shake the mans hand.” “I believe we have a girl in common.” He said shaking it. “Callan Alderan.” The man said. Xaiver heart dropped a little. Jessie favorite person in the whole world besides him, her dad was standing right in front of him. As the other guys mouths just hung open. “Yes sir I believe we do. My name is Xavier Graves.” He said taking his hand back. “Pleasure to meet you son. Take a breathe I ain’t here to hurt ya or no crap like that.” He said laughing at him. Taking a breathe to relax a little. “They going to close their mouths or is that your fly traps.” HE asked looking back at the guys.

They quickly just walked up and introduced themselves. “I heard a lot about all of you from Jes she thinks very highly of you. That itself is a real good impression because she does not accept people lightly into her life. I just ask you don’t make her regret it.” He said with a warning. “Yes sir.” Was mumbled all around. “Don’t call me sir either. It’s Cal or Callan, hell you can even call me dad. The way my baby goes on about you I feel like I know you all already.” He said with a chuckle. They all smiled brightly at him. “Appreciate that Cal.” Xavier said trying not to push his luck. “So is there a place I can talk to you or we just going to stand around here all day?” “No we got a dressing room in the back if you wanna follow me.” The guys happily followed. “Opening the door about to close it behind Callan the rest of the guys just followed right in getting comfortable in the many seats they had their including the couch.

“I apologize for my family here they have no boundaries small town and them being nosey assholes and everything. Xavier said scratching the back of his head.” Earning himself plenty of groans and little things thrown at him. He dodged most of it and sat across Jessies dad. “So not to sound rude or anything but what brings you to the Devil’s Ring?” Xavier asked. “Well I thought it was pretty obvious I came to talk to you.” He said with a chuckle. “Jessie told me a shit ton about you boy I figured it was a ways past breakfast so you would be here and not at the café where you I bet you go just to keep an eye out for her. Plus damn my girl can cook.” He said proudly, with all the guys mumbling in agreement.

“I talked to my wife last night after she so kindly yelled at me about a conversation she had with our daughter. Which ended up with me sleeping in a guest room but by choice not because she’s completely buck ass crazy.” He said in an irritated tone. “Look Lily she means well she honestly does. She just doesn’t get it. I keep trying ot tell her she needs to back off and just let Jessenia make her own choices and be happy. Hell you guys are grown ass adults now you should be making your own mistakes, or whatever it is you want to be doing. As long as you’re owning up to your actions and faults. As long as you guys are safe and truly happy you don’t need us telling you what to do or how to do it anymore. I know you guy swill still come to us as parents for advice but that’s as far as it goes. Lily, Jessies mom doesn’t understand her only role now is just to be there and be supportive. I wanted to come and apologize for everything she said last night.”

“How do you know I heard what she said last night?” Xavier asked. “Oh well Jessie said she was going to give you a key to her place a couple days ago I just figured you were probably there. Were you?” “Ya actually I was. We actually are switching keys today and talked it all out last night so that was a little short lived.” Xavier said sadly. “Ya that’d be about right. I don’t know what’s going on with Lily anymore. She is just so invested in that little fucking twat Dimitri convinced that he’s what’s best for Jessie but he’s not. I know Dimitri has changed I’ve seen it with my own eyes I know that boy has paid his dues. I never want him back with my daughter though he had his shot and that’s that. He is no where near the man she needs. After listening to be baby talk to me about you the last almost seven months I actually think that man is you.”

Xavier spit out his drink a little bit at the shock of his words. “She’s talked to you about me this whole time.” “Yup. We tell each other everything. Except sex stuff keep that crap away from me, but she tells me everything. After hearing all this crap she talks about you I noticed she never talked about Dimitri like this. So I figured I come down and see what kind of man you really are for a couple of times and see for myself.” “Well ugh ya ok that sounds fine. Is it weird if I say I’m a little flattered and nervous.” He asked rubbing one arm up and down the other. They other guys laughed hard at him. “I don’t know why they laughing they haven’t past any tests yet either. You think I aint close to Eric and Lexi or their parents?” He said looking at the other two who visibly gulped. “That’s the thing about a family you don’t have to impress one man you gotta impress three.” He said looking at all five of them. “You got me and Lexi’s dad left there son.” He said pointing at Noah. Who was blushing. “You the one who kept hitting on Jessie aren’t you?” He asked looking at Ryder. “Ugh ya I’m sorry. You gotta understand though she’s an incredible woman had to take a shot.” “Take that shot all you want son but you ain’t never going to hit anything no offense seizing you up you never stood a chance. Your game is weak and lacking might want to changing that up.” Everyone laughed as Ryder only nodded at him in agreement.

“So how about I take you out to lunch and get to know each other one on one and than maybe the weekend after next you me and your daddy go fishing, bowling or something?” “I think he’d be open than. Thank you Cal. I know a little place about five buildings down if you up for Chinese.” “Hell ya I’m starving. You twats going to join in too or you gong to actually get a work out going here?” They all laughed but let them go off on their own. They loved Jessies dad it was like a more out spoken guy version of Jessie it was clear how much and highly they thought of each other. It was sad how it hurt both of them about how her own mother belittles anything jessie actually loves. After about a good hour and a half. Callan even went to get the copies made with Xavier.

“I had a great time with you Beast. I knew Jessie be right on about you. You understand I wasn’t trying to bust your nuts right son? It’s just that’s my whole world over there in that bakery. One of my few reason for breathing. I swear she’s the only thing I ever did right. I just want to make sure she is ok is all.” He said looking at Xavier to get his point across. “I don’t take any offense or nothing like that Cal, I understand. I know how important you are to her too though. So I hope you can understand why I want this to go at least ok if not well.” He said. “I think were good. I really like you especially over that numb nuts she had before. “I ain’t one to pry but your face I noticed that goes a lot further down than just that. You know when I was younger I volunteered down at the fire station. One night I went in and almost didn’t get out there was a five year old kid stuck in a doorframe near their living she was just so close you know for a second I thought I could almost see Jessenia. Burned my whole left chest to get to her but she’s still breathing today. My point is these scars are not a curse. They are a blessing. I’d rather wear this everyday than have the alternative. It’s not a weakness, it’s a strength.” He said patting him on the back. “That is something we both agree on there Callan.” Xavier said smiling deep. Every where they went people were either in love with his fame for the Beast he was or scared shitless by being the Beast and his appearance.

“Well thanks for the kicks I gotta get going back to that damn shrew for the night so she could nag my ear off about why I am here. I’ll call you for not this weekend but the next.” They waved off. As he got to the café Noah came up to him. “I wanted to tell you this before Jess and Eric came out. The roster for this weekend is for Lolten. But the one set up for next week is Atheo and quoting ol da there the fucking twat and his crew is on it. So do we tell her now or later?” “I’ll tell her after we have dinner tonight.” Xavier said. “Hey ready to go?” “Beyond ready baby.” “Anything intresting happen today?” She asked as he lifted her into his truck buckling her in. Walking around. Let’s grab you some food baby we got some things to talk about. He said as they drove to her house starting the next step they’ve been waiting for.

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