Chapter 1: A night before Christmas Eve

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Isabella, Olivia, Fiona, Gerry and Bernard are best friends as they have passed out in their exam and graduated in their own fields and, now enjoying their break, with a lot of exciting plans. When suddenly, the four best friends plan a tour to Spain, and then Jacob the horrible ghost captures one of fiona best friend and kills her... Can you guess who the friend is? See where the mystery goes.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

It was a snowy night, as it was December 23, the day before Christmas eve, Fiona was sitting in her room, and seeing Jacob photo, as she finished reading” The incomplete story.”

She suddenly started to feel down, and her eyes were red as if she was about to cry.

When suddenly Olivia comes and knocks at her door

“Fiona, may I come in?′

Fiona quickly got up from her bed and made sure; she was arranging; she answered with a low voice while she was setting.

“Yes, you may come to Olivia.” Fiona was making sure that everything looked clean in her room. Olivia opened her door very slowly without making any noise. Olivia went next to Fiona and smiled at her.

“Is everything alright?” Olivia asked Fiona.

Fiona looked at Olivia and smiled back at her and said.

“Olivia, everything is fine.” Fiona was fair and very long brown hair.

She had brown eyes, and she is lovely.”

Guess what Fiona, Gerry called and asked whether we could have a Christmas eve party tomorrow and then we shall go for a mid-night mass what do you think about that, it will be fun?

“Yeah it is fun, but we should ask Isabella and Bernard if they could come.”

Fiona, they are coming, so don’t worry, alright.”

Olivia stared at Fiona. “Great.

Fiona said.

It was half-past eleven in the night, Olivia was sitting in Fiona room, helping her to clean, when suddenly she sees Fiona crying, Olivia goes next to her and quickly hugs her and asked her.

“Fiona, what happened, is everything fine?”

Fiona could not talk; she was crying hard, as she could not stop.

Olivia was getting worried about Fiona.

She asked Fiona. “Fiona.

“Fiona, please tell me what happened, or shall I call Isabella home?”

Fiona wiped her tears and said. Olivia,

I don’t know why I am missing Jacob a lot. Why, why? Fiona asked.

“Fiona, Your love is true for him, but what can you do now, he is gone so far away from us?”

Olivia said.

“No he has not gone, I feel he is still here with me, inside my room Olivia, I think he is walking around. Olivia.

Olivia was quiet for some time.

Olivia started to worry about Fiona, Olivia was Fiona best friend since school days.

She told Fiona.“Fiona, I shall be right back.”

“Where are you going?” Fiona asked.

“Fiona, I am going to have some water.

“Olivia had to tell her a lie, she went to her room, and quickly grabbed her phone and dialled Isabella number.

Isabella was not answering her phone. Olivia took her phone and went to Fiona room.“Fiona stops crying, shall I call Isabella to come here now?

“No need Olivia”

Fiona’s face looked ashen and dull.

She told Olivia

Fiona then goes and sleep; I need to be alone for some time”

Olivia closed the door and didn’t say a word to Fiona.

Fiona offed her light, and went straight on her bed, taking Jacob photo with her and just hugged his picture saying.

“Why did you leave me and go?”

Olivia was outside hearing what Fiona said when suddenly Olivia phone vibrated, and Olivia saw that Isabella is calling she answered and started to speak very slowly.

“Isabella come home, it’s urgent.“”What happened Olivia, is everything okay?

“No, everything is not okay.”

Alright, I shall be there in 15 minutes.“Olivia felt relieved, and Isabella was coming.

“Isabella lived five blocks away from our place as Olivia went downstairs and was looking outside to see whether Isabella is coming or not.It was snowing hard at 12 in the night. Olivia opened the main gate for Isabella to enter without making a noise. Olivia could not see anything, and it was all misty. She sat down and was waiting. When suddenly Isabella enters.

“What happened Olivia?”

“Oh thank goodness you came, Isabella. I don’t know what happened to Fiona, and she suddenly started to cry”

Isabella and Fiona went and knocked at her room.

“Fiona open the door”

Olivia was shocked to hear Isabella voice.

So she opened her door and Isabella hugged Olivia and asked her.

“What happened Olivia, are you okay?

“Olivia, I feel Jacob is around, I don’t know.”

“Fiona, please take your medicine and sleep, it’s alright late now. We have loads of plans for tomorrow.”

“Isabella, I read “The Invisible Curse, And Jacob wrote how he felt for me and what he wanted to do for our first anniversary, he wanted to propose me, Isabella.”

“Fiona, chill now, please take your medicine”

“Isabella looked at Olivia and did not say a word.

She also looked worried about her.

Olivia went to get Fiona medicines, while Isabella was with Fiona inside.

“Listen, Fiona, don’t spoil this day, it’s Christmas eve, I understand you are missing Jacob on this nice day, but what can we do, now Tom is there, you should be happy”

Fiona Smiled at Isabella, as she saw Olivia coming, she wished.

“Happy Christmas eve to both of you, let’s have a group hug.

“The three hugged each other and made a promise that they will be friends forever. It was late.”

Olivia whispered to Isabella”

Isabella stays the night, and it’s late now. Don’t go home at this time.

“Isabella was happy to spend the time. So Isabella changed into her nightclothes and said

“Good night Olivia have a great night”

Fiona slept in her Red couch, which was huge in her room, and made sure that Isabella Slept in her bed.

“Good night Fiona, if anything I am there for you.

“Good night Isabella and smiled at her as they slept throughout the night.

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