Dangerous Love

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Warning: Mature content in this chapter

“He apparently approached zia, said he would help pay off Mario’s debts if Tia married him.” Diego spoke, his voice low and serious through the line.

“Why would someone offer to do something like that? It doesn’t make any sense.” Siena wondered out loud.

“I have no idea. It’s all quite recent. Aunt Maria seemed happy with the circumstances, despite me warning her of Tia’s feelings. I convinced her to let Tia go back to college until the wedding, hopefully by then we can stop it.” He spoke, his voice laced with determination.

“When I spoke to Tia alone she said she will try to convince the man to change his mind. They will meet at some point.”

“I pray she can change his mind, but I don’t think Zia will leave the two of them alone together.” Siena spoke.

“I know. I may go there on the day he is there and maybe speak to him on my own.”

“Yes please do that Diego. Per favore.” (Please)

“I will try my best, but for now try not to worry yourself. Focus on your work and studies. Leave it to me.”

“Okay fratello (brother). Thank you for everything. Give my love to Charlie and take care of Briana.”

Siena continued with her sketches, the little hope that she had for Tia warmed her heart, for now.

Hopefully by the time any arrangements were made for a wedding, Diego would have come up with a plan or she could always take Alec’s advice and kill the man. She chuckled to herself, Alec was crazy.

Siena texted Sarah to ask how far she was, they were meant to go shopping for a dress to wear to Asher’s birthday gala. Sarah knew what she would be wearing the typical uniform as usual. It was Siena they were going for.

Sarah - I’m outside xoxo

Siena - Coming x x x

The large mall was busy with shoppers rushing in all different directions. Siena and Sarah headed straight for the dress shop, Siena was in heaven.

“So does anyone know who this guy is that wants to marry Tia?”

“Nope. Only my aunt.”

“Gosh, why doesn’t your aunt work? No offence but she’s so hell bent on making you and Tia bear the brunt of things.” Sarah shook her head disapprovingly.

“I don’t know. She’s never worked, she’s always taken care of things at home. My uncle works.”

“Your cousin Mario sucks!”

“Tell me about it.” Siena chuckled, if she didn’t laugh about it, she would certainly be crying.

Siena grazed her fingers against the soft materials along the rack, each piece vibrant and beautiful. She looked over to Sarah who was admiring a dress from further down the rack, Siena suddenly felt really guilty.

The gala was in two days and she felt beyond nervous, a part of her wished that Asher didn’t invite her as his date, as kind as the gesture was.

After roaming many dress stores Siena’s eyes landed on a stunning backless gold evening gown. It was figure hugging and drenched in sequins, making it sparkle and shine from all angles. It was amazing. She wasted no time going to try it on whilst Sarah waited for her.

Sarah sighed as she stared at the dresses around her, her mind was still completely confused over what Asher’s intentions were. She was completely happy for her friend, who was getting to experience the gala not just as a guest but as Asher’s date.

She just couldn’t stop the heavy feeling in the pit of her stomach when she thought of Siena and Asher together, then she would feel sad and guilty for feeling that way in the first place.

Siena appeared from behind the dark curtain, the dress fit her perfect body like a second skin, enhancing each curve. The straps were thin, but extremely elegant. Siena looked and felt like a princess as she did a twirl for Sarah who looked absolutely besotted with her beauty.

“Oh my God. Siena you look so beautiful.” She gushed. “I seriously don’t think I’ve ever seen such a gorgeous dress.”

Siena threw Sarah a warm smile, her dimples shining above the glowing sequins.

“Sarah I think you should pick a dress too. It’s on Asher. I’m sure he won’t mind.”

“You’re funny. There’s no way Asher Hayden is buying me a dress.” Sarah shook her head.

When Siena came back out of the changing room with her dress in hand, she snapped Sarah out of a daydream which was strange. Sarah was hardly ever daydreaming. Something was on her mind, Siena didn’t want to push for any answers. If it was really serious she was sure Sarah would tell her.

On the way back to the apartment Siena felt satisfied with her dress and matching accessories. It actually made her a little more excited for the gala.

“You wanna come up for a while? Asher won’t be home yet. We can watch some TV.” Siena asked, turning to Sarah.

“I don’t know are you sure he won’t be home?”

Siena chuckled. “Well I can’t promise anything but he said he’s working late. Even if he comes home it doesn’t matter.”

Sarah pondered over Siena’s words, she didn’t want to make it obvious that she was trying to avoid Asher.

“Okay. Not for long though.”

Two hours later the girls were giggling like a pair of school girls on the couch watching a funny show.

“I can’t breathe.” Siena managed to laugh out.

The door rattled open and before Sarah noticed she was still trying to contain her laughter.

“Oh my God I’m about to pee myself on Asher’s couch.” Sarah howled. Her face instantly froze when she turned to the door.

Asher stood holding his briefcase, his coat almost falling off his shoulders as though he was taken by surprise. His eyes fixed on Sarah who looked as though she wanted the ground to swallow her up. Her cheeks the same colour as her hair.

“Hey! You’re early.” Siena smiled.

“Hey.” Asher replied, shrugging out of his coat. He pointed to his study and awkwardly walked into it and closed the door.

Sarah immediately shot up, clasping her hands around her face. Siena tried to hold back her laugher but it was all too much, Sarah’s red face was a picture. She laughed into her hands quietly as the tears streamed down her face.

“Shut up.” Sarah chuckled, not being able to control her own smile. She threw a cushion at Siena before picking up her bag.

“I have to go!”

“Where to the bathroom?” Siena replied, biting back another laugh.

Asher walked back out, his shirt was folded at the elbows. Sarah tried to steal her eyes away but it was just so damn hard. Did he know how good looking he was?

“Are you not staying for dinner?” He asked, watching Sarah clutching onto her bag.

“Of course she is.” Siena replied.

“Not this time guys. Sorry I have to um.” She looked into Asher’s ocean eyes before instantly regretting it. She stumbled to find words.

“Uh... do.. something.” She continued.

Asher had a slight smirk on his face as he poured some water in a glass, he put it to his lips and sipped it, not once leaving his eyes off Sarah.

Sarah gulped to herself, before making her way to pick up her jacket. “I’ll see you guys at the gala.” She stated, before walking out of the door.

“Well I’m going to quickly shower before dinner.” Siena announced before retreating to her room.

Sarah pressed the button before her, the door opened but before she could walk in she was pulled back.

Ocean eyes peered into hers with such intensity, she felt a cloud of emotions hit her at once as Asher pinned her against the wall.

There was complete silence, except for the rough sound of the elevator doors closing.

Sarah’s heart was racing, her breathing was fast yet shallow, she was so confused. What was this?

“I can’t.” Asher whispered, his eyes closing softly and then opening again. “I can’t get you out of my head.”

“This needs to stop.” Sarah spoke, her voice low but laced with desire.

“Stop me then.” Asher purred, his thumb slowly brushing against her plush lip before his lips inched closer to hers.

“Stop.” She breathed. “I can’t do this to Siena.”

Asher furrowed his brows before it dawned on him that Sarah thought him and Siena were involved but before he could speak, Sarah stopped him.

“When you ask a girl to be your date, that means something. God! Men are so stupid!” She snapped.

“Sarah I-“

“Save it Asher. Just leave me alone and stop messing with my head.” She sighed before pressing elevator button and walking in.


Siena walked out of the steaming shower feeling fresh and rejuvenated. She tightened her towel around her as she blew out her hair, loving how the warm air brushed her shoulders.

She walked over to her underwear drawer which was by the window when something caught her eye.

“Mi prendi in giro!? (Are you fucking kidding me).” She snapped before throwing off her towel and slipping her coat around her bare body. She buttoned her coat, sneaking out of the apartment. Asher seemed to be in his bedroom, or study.

A tall leggy blonde leaned against Alec’s car, her blue eyes dazzling and alluring as she pulled up one leg from the slit of her dress. Alec stood by her, his lips curved into a smirk, flirting, doing what he does best.

“Oh Alec?” He heard the sweet voice of his tesoro before his eyes met her green jewel like orbs.

Siena was the very picture of sass, with her hands on her hips, a small pout and her brow cocked up. She was excited to test Alec, see what he would do.

The leggy blonde grimaced at the sight of her, her hand fell to Alec’s shoulder to turn him back to look at her but he didn’t budge. He just stood there gazing at Siena, a small smirk playing on his lips.

Alec’s eyes trailed down to her bare legs, her coat barely covering her thighs. When he looked back to her face his eyes had darkened, his strong jaw clenching. Siena knew she had him, this large intimidating man, she had him.

“Alec baby?” The blonde screeched from behind him.

Siena didn’t know what brought her out here, well she did know but she didn’t know why she felt so possessive.

Alec didn’t even flinch at the blonde's call as he strode over to Siena and harshly pulled her behind him into the lobby.

“Tony.” He nodded as he rushed past a very curious looking Tony who sat behind the desk.

Alec almost kicked down the door to the right of the lobby and dragged Siena through. Her heart was racing, fear and excitement seeping through her in waves as she prepared herself for what was to come.

The room was large, dark and empty, nothing but a cobalt carpet lining the floor and an abandoned desk sat in the corner.

“Why do you continue to fuck with me tesoro huh?” His sharp, intense glare awakening Siena.

Alec loosened his tie as he stared down at her, he bit his lip before pulling the tie into his hand, roughly gripping Siena’s hands behind her. She felt the material at her wrists, tightening.

Siena’s lips parted as he turned her around to face him. “Fuck Siena!” He breathed as his lustful eyes admired her tied up before him, he knew she was naked underneath that coat. She was driving him crazy. He just didn’t want to lose control with her.

He pushed her onto the desk before tangling his fingers into her hair, tugging roughly. His lips grazing against her soft, warm neck.

Siena closed her eyes, trying to bite back a moan. Fuck! She knew she was playing with fire, a dangerous game. Something about Alec scared her but ignited something within her, she wanted to let it escape and set the place on fire.

Alec slowly undone her top button before jumping to the next and then the next, his dark eyes not leaving hers once. Siena gasped as she felt the wind upon her chest. The button that Alec playfully hovered over would expose her chest, she bit her lip.

His silver eyes flickered from the button between his fingers to her eyes. He undone it letting her perky breasts fall free, Siena felt his hot breath against her nipple. “Fuck, Alec.” She moaned.

“You try to tease me principessa (princess).” He groaned, taking her soft bud into his mouth whilst cupping her other breast, tugging hard. His hot tongue lapping at her sensitive skin. Siena let out a mewl beneath him.

Alec pulled her up towards him before spinning her around and slamming her against the table. Her backside exposed towards him.

She shuddered as she felt the rough palm of his hand against the soft flesh of her bottom.

“Where’s your boss?” Alec asked, breathless and impatient but rubbing softly against her behind.

“Up...upstairs.” She answered, trembling under his touch.

Siena let out a loud gasp as Alec’s hand met her bottom, the skin slapping sound echoed around the room.

“Wrong answer baby.” He groaned before softly rubbing her now red bottom.

“Alec... fuck!” She cried, biting her lip.

Alec freed Siena’s wrists and pulled her up, her back against his chest. She could feel his hard bulge poking at her red raw bottom through his slacks.

His large hands cupping and tugging at her breasts from behind her as he kissed her neck, her bottom grinding against his hardness.

“Careful Siena.” His voice teased as he bit her earlobe. “Next time.” He used one hand to pull her hair back as she moaned. “I won’t stop myself from fucking you.” His warning and rough voice sent a shiver down her body.

Alec released her and straightened out his shirt before walking out of the room, leaving her a whimpering mess.

Siena felt like she was on fire, she never thought Alec’s touch or his words could make her feel this way. Fuck! She was frightened but she wanted more. She wanted to know how far she could push him.

She realised that Alec was not to be played with, he was not the sort of guy who would make sweet love to you, he was the type that would fuck you hard.


That night Siena lay in bed, her heart fluttering, her mind was all over the place. What on earth was she doing?

She thought of Asher and how he asked her to be his date, could it mean something more than what she thought? She wondered whether Asher had any feelings towards her.

Briana seemed to think Asher was in love with her, could that be true? If that was the case Siena didn’t want to reject him, that would be too cruel especially after everything he did for her. Her heart began to race, she made a big mistake by letting her feelings for Alec get in the way of things.

She needed to stay away from Alec, as hard as that was. The man was like a damn magnet, pulling her towards him. After today she didn’t know if she could resist him any longer, but for Asher she would.

For Asher she would back away from Alec, because he deserved that much from her. She wasn’t Kate, she wasn’t going to hurt him like she did. Even if that meant going against herself.

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