Dangerous Love

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Alec tossed and turned in bed that night, fuck now he had touched her, he could never imagine touching anyone else. He was testing her just as much as she was testing him.

Siena is who he craved, the girl was a goddess. He was getting hard just thinking of her soft flesh beneath his palm. How he had to use every ounce of his willpower to pull himself away from her delectable body.

The crazy thing about it was that she knew he was hers. She knew she had Alec at her beck and call, she knew he would fall at her feet and he didn’t know how to feel about that.

He had never felt this way about a girl before, not ever. Sure he loved to fuck around but he never caught feelings. Siena was different, she acted tough and she could handle him but there was hidden innocence within her that had the power to make him crumble. She was young but he knew she didn’t believe in fairytales, she had a lot to learn but there’s so much she already knew.

Alec was no Prince Charming, far from it, his rough upbringing played a part in that with dark secrets that would haunt him forever. He lost his parents in front of his very eyes, something that will forever remain with him. In his mind, heart and soul.


“Now you will all be taken to the venue in the mini bus parked outside. Today you’ve been assigned different, more smart uniforms so you blend in a little.” The head maid announced, looking towards the twenty maids lined up in the kitchen.

Sarah was hardly listening, her mind was elsewhere as she stared out of the large window behind the sink.

“There will be no tardiness tonight ladies, I want you prim and proper. We can’t afford any accidents on the expensive clothes guests will be wearing. Do I make myself clear... Sarah?”

Sarah wondered if Asher ever climbed the bright green tree in the back of the garden, she wanted to chuckle imagining him as a little boy.


It wasn’t hard to imagine him as a little boy, there were pictures of him growing up all around this house like a shrine.

“Sarah!?” Sarah shot her head forward after feeling a nudge from the girl next to her.

“Sorry. Yes ma’am.” She blurted, not entirely sure what she was agreeing to.

With one hard glare from the head maid, she continued handing out the uniforms but clutched onto Sarah’s as she held it out to her.

“Do not let me down Sarah.” She quipped before letting go.

Sarah slouched down her shoulders when the head maid left the room. God what was this, the military?

The uniform was a black longer tight dress that came past her knees, with matching ballet style shoes. Nothing special.

She took a photo of it and smirked as she sent it to Siena.

Siena - They’re actually nice x x x

Sarah - Seriously? lol xoxo

Siena - Yes x x x

Just as Sarah was about to reply, Siena messaged her a photo. Sarah wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. It was Asher sitting at his dining table with a ridiculous blue party hat on his head, a massive full plate of breakfast in front of him and a huge cake covered in blue frosting. No doubt baked by Siena. Asher had a lopsided smile on his face.

Sarah felt to hold her heart, what was happening to her. She blinked back the few tears in her eyes and started to reply.

Sarah - Oh my God. That is brilliant! xoxo

Siena - I know right? It took a lot of convincing to get that hat on him x x

Sarah - Well tell him happy birthday from me xoxo.

Sarah hesitated before hitting the send button, she then picked up her bag and headed home. All the servers were to meet at this house at 4pm to set off for the venue.


“Sarah says happy birthday.” Siena chuckled, watching Asher nearly choke on a sausage.

“Oh. Uh tell her thanks.” He finally replied with a sheepish smile. “You know you didn’t have to do all this Siena.”

“Shush. It was all my pleasure sir.”

“Argh don’t call me that.” Asher cocked up his brow.

“Yes sir, sorry sir.” Siena chuckled before going into her room to get his birthday card.

Asher took time to admire the cake when she was gone, so many little details were on the frosting. It was a deep blue colour with intricate lines and measurements. He shook his head at his young maid with delight and disbelief. The cake was designed like a blueprint.

Siena had gone through so much effort to wake up extra early, decorate the dining table, prepare breakfast and bake this incredible cake.

He recalled being attacked by Siena with a party hat and a hug as soon as he walked out of his room. He had to admit, Kate never did this for him. Sure she would leave him an extremely expensive gift but it was pretty meaningless when he thought about it now.

“Here you go.” Siena smiled, holding out a card.

“You didn’t have to buy me a card silly.” He shook his head whilst opening the envelope.

“I didn’t buy it.” She replied, her eyes twinkling with excitement as she watched him open it.

Asher almost gasped, the card was handmade. A beautiful, detailed nonchalant sketch of Asher from head to toe sat in the middle, blobs of vibrant colour splattered around the thick paper. His eyes were mesmerised by her talent. She had even sketched his brown leather briefcase.

“How did you...” He trailed off, his eyes still admiring the sketch before him. He had never seen anything like it. He read the cute birthday greeting inside the card before glancing back up to Siena.

“I don’t know what to say. Wow.” He breathed as he stood and inched closer to her. “Thank you.”

His arms fell around her as he held her, embracing her. “I should be thanking you Asher, you-“

Siena’s words were caught in her breath as the door flew open and Angela walked in. Siena immediately threw herself away from Asher. Fuck!

Angela’s eyes narrowed as she took in what she saw before her eyes fell onto the sheepish looking maid who seconds ago had her arms around her son. She wasn’t in uniform, she was in a pair of tight shorts and a T-shirt.

“Hey Mom.” Asher blurted, walking towards her.

Angela snatched her hard eyes away from Siena before smiling at her son. “Happy birthday angel.” She sung, taking him in her arms. “I had to see you before the big event.”

Her eyes danced over the decorated dining table, she furrowed her brows at the food and cake then turned her sight back on Siena.

“I suppose this is your doing?”

Siena nodded, she was pretty sure she was sweating right now. Was she going to be in trouble?

“This is actually really sweet.” Angela spoke low, as if to herself.

“Join us mom, there’s enough.” Asher insisted.

“No I can’t sweetie, I have a lot to do. It seems you are well looked after here.” Her eyes remained on her son’s young maid.

“Be sure to come to the gala as our guest Siena.” She demanded behind her as she walked towards the door.

“Actually mom she’s my date for tonight.” Asher smiled, looking back at Siena.

“Asher dear, a word?” Angela stood outside the elevator as Asher shut the apartment door.

“Asher what are you doing?” She asked but her voice was soft.

“She's my friend mom. I told you.”

Angela sighed. “Asher. I’ve warned you before.”

“It’s fine mom.”

“What will people say?”

“I don’t care what people say.”

“You may not, but have you thought of your maid and how she may feel?”

“Siena can handle herself.”

“I just hope you know what you’re doing son.” Her warm hand met Alec’s cheek. “Clearly you two are trying to hide some strange relationship.”

“It’s not like that mom.”

“No?” She smirked, she clearly didn’t believe her son. “I’ll see you later sweetie. I love you.”

Siena hid under the blanket on the couch, her cheeks were a crazy shade of red. She just hoped that Asher wasn’t getting into trouble because of her. She was more than prepared to not go to the gala.

“Siena?” His soft voice called out. She felt the couch weigh down beside her.

“Everything is fine.” He announced, pulling down the blanket.

“Did I get you in trouble?” Siena asked, her green eyes the only thing in view above the blanket.

“No.” He chuckled. Siena sighed, pulling the blanket further down.

“That was a close call, I may have to start wearing my uniform again.” She insisted, she couldn’t afford to lose her job. After all, it was Mrs Hayden who hired her, there’s no doubt that she could fire her too.

“No uniforms.” Asher smirked, his ocean eyes full of adoration.

“Asher?” Siena whispered. “How can someone be so nice?”

Asher pulled the blanket over himself and joined Siena. “I could say the same about you.” His smile was warm and cute.

He reached out for her hand under the blanket, stroking it reassuringly. Siena stiffened at the contact but she couldn’t bring herself to take her hand away. Her heart began to race as her mind went into overdrive.

As much as she didn’t want to admit it, she did have feelings for Asher, but they were buried deep within her. How she felt when she first laid eyes on him, that was forgotten for now. Hidden.

Asher made her feel safe and secure but she didn’t feel that passion and burning need inside her like she felt for someone else. With Asher she knew she could be happy, really happy. If he wanted Siena, she would give him a chance. Whatever this was between them, it was strange but not impossible.

It had been a couple of months since Kate had broken his heart, she was sure that Asher needed security and comfort. Siena knew that she could provide that for him. If that’s what he wanted.

Asher walked into his room and sat on his bed, he just wanted Siena to feel reassured that everything was okay. She had nothing to worry about, especially regarding tonight. The gala.

It was clear to him now that Siena was his close friend, he cared about her a lot. In the small time they got to know each other, they clicked straight away.

He felt guilty to think that maybe, just maybe he asked the wrong girl to be his date, but Siena was his friend so it wasn’t a big deal to him, he would be honoured to have a girl like her by his side tonight.

He fell back onto his bed, wondering if he didn’t find out about Kate’s affair. Would she still be with him now, deceiving him every chance she got?

It was drawing nearer to late afternoon as Siena decided to start getting ready, jumping into the shower. She was nervous now, oh so nervous. What were people going to think? Were they going to get the wrong idea? Did she really care what they thought?

After curling her hair, she brushed out her curls and watched as the beautiful thick waves fell behind her. Using a stunning large diamanté clip that she bought with Sarah, she pinned her hair to the side.

She threw on a large pair of statement earrings, falling towards her shoulders, they matched her diamanté clip. Her emerald eyes twinkling as she studied herself in the mirror.

She carefully applied some makeup, going for a smokey eye look, a small amount of blusher and a dark nude lipstick. She was almost ready, just had to slip into her dress, thankfully she could climb into it feet first so her hair and makeup wouldn’t get ruined.

“Siena?” Asher knocked, startling her as she rushed into her dress.

“Wait. Just getting into my dress.”

“Okay, sorry I was just going to ask how long you were going to be.”

“I’m ready.” She breathed. “You can come in.”

Asher pulled down the handle and froze at the door, his lips parted as he looked at the girl who was his date for the evening.

“Fucking hell.” He chuckled, he couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked. He had no doubt that people would think he had some famous celebrity or supermodel on his arm.

“You look incredible. I think you’re going to put the birthday boy to shame.” He cooed.

Siena giggled as she tied the straps on her stilettos, she sat at the edge of her bed. Her eyes flickered over to Asher, he looked so smart and handsome in his black tux. His ocean eyes were bold and piercing as he watched her.

“There’s no way I could put you to shame, you look hot.” She winked, standing up at her new height thanks to the heels. She picked up her matching clutch bag, as she picked up her phone she saw that she had two messages and three missed calls, she knew who they were from but she was trying to avoid him, especially tonight. Tonight was about Asher.

She threw the phone into her bag and joined Asher in the lounge, he held up a glass of champagne and passed one to her. They both clinked glasses before downing the drink.

“You’re a bad influence.” She smirked.

“Me? Never.” Asher put his hand to his heart with an innocent look on his face before they walked out of the apartment.

“Siena go and sit in the car, I just need to discuss something with Tony.” Asher insisted, making his way to the desk. Mathew was also guarding the lobby today.

Siena wasted no time walking out of the front door, but her breath hitched as she met eyes with him. His intense stare could bring her to her knees but she maintained her courage. His silver sharp eyes falling from her face to the length of her dress.

She noticed he was in a tux, a small ear piece hanging off his ear. he looked so good it actually hurt. She wanted to touch him, to claim him, to wipe that confused, curious look from his stoic face.

He remained quiet as he watched her, she sat into the car, relishing in the heat before catching his eyes in the front mirror. Those eyes, they were weapons.

She recalled yesterday the way she had felt with him, the way he left her wanting more. The way her bottom still ached from his touch as she sat on it, like he had marked her there.

Finally she snatched her gaze from him and looked out of the window. It didn’t feel awkward, usually she would at least greet him, but if eyes could speak. They both had already said a lot to each other.

Alec sat up front, he had to admit it to himself, he was fucking speechless. The way Siena’s hips moved in that dress, the way the light bounced off each curve, enhancing that beautiful backside. The one he wanted to touch again, but his stunning tesoro was avoiding him. Why?

Asher joined Siena a second later. That’s why. Tony also joined them and sat at the front with Alec. Siena furrowed her brows, why was Tony coming? She didn’t want to sound rude by asking.

“Happy Birthday Mr Hayden.” Alec spoke, his deep voice vibrating through the car.

“Thanks Alec, just wanna get this night over it.” He chuckled.

Alec’s eyes met Siena’s again, he bit his lip trying to contain the urge to steal her away. Leave Asher dateless, take her somewhere far. He hated that Asher was actually a good guy, he had no excuse to do such a thing.

The sun had set, leaving hues of pink and violet painted across the indigo sky. Twenty minutes later they parked up outside the venue, it was a huge mansion. Guests were scattered around the building, some walking in, some hanging around outside.

Siena watched in awe, these people were dressed to impress. She admired the jewellery, dresses and unique styles as they stepped out of the car. The breeze whipped against her exposed skin. She took a deep breath, her heart was racing.

She felt Asher’s warm hand at the small of her back as they walked in together. Tony and Alec walked behind them. Siena couldn’t help turn her head, her green eyes searching for Alec, she gulped has he smirked and winked at her, sensing her nerves. She already felt better, what was she so nervous about in the first place?

Millie and Jackson were the first to run over, their eyes in shock as they admired Siena and her dress. Jackson smacked Asher on the back as they both wished him for his big day.

Siena noticed that Alec and Tony had vanished, where had they gone? Why did they even come in?

“Oh look at you. My son!” Angela cooed over Asher, this time Asher’s Dad was beside her.

“and who is this beauty.” Mr Hayden purred, taking Siena’s hand to his lip. He looked just like Asher, with a few lines of wisdom sketched onto his face.

Siena blushed. “Hello Mr and Mrs Hayden.” She smiled.

Sarah hid far in the back, she sighed as she watched Asher and Siena being approached by all the guests. They literally had a crowd around them.

“Who’s the bimbo? One of the server girls asked, narrowing her eyes at Siena.

“That’s Siena!” Sarah snorted. “You met her at Mrs Hayden’s tea party.”

“Shut the... what!?” The girl laughed, she was in shock. “Well I guess there’s hope for all of us.” She shook her head in disbelief before walking away.

“Yeah” Sarah sighed, looking towards Asher as he smiled at the guests around him. She was proud of Siena, the girl looked confident, stunning like a movie star.

Sarah picked up a tray of champagne glasses and headed towards the guests carefully. She made it her mission to avoid Asher, even if that meant dodging Siena all night. It was just better that way.

“You’re doing great.” Asher whispered in Siena’s ear. To the world they looked like the perfect couple. Nearly every guest wanted to know about Siena. Who was she? Where did she come from?

“So how do you both know each other?” A friend of the family asked.

“She’s my dear friend.” Asher smiled, winking at Siena.

“Friend?” A nasally voice screeched, appearing through the crowd. “More like his maid.” She announced, cocking up her brow.

“Olivia you have the craziest sense of humour.” Another guest blurted, before they all burst into laughter. Olivia fixed her eyes on Siena, throwing her a devious smirk.

Siena ignored her and threw her arms around Asher, she knew Olivia was a jealous bitch. “Shall we go and take a seat?” Siena asked, making sure her lips almost grazed Asher’s ear.

They walked off but not before Siena threw a fox like smirk straight back at Olivia who looked as though she wanted to kill someone.

The main room was beautiful, tall ceilings and wonderful decor. Angela had done a fantastic job planning the whole event right down to the tiniest detail.

Asher glanced around the room until his eyes fell onto a familiar redhead, she was serving some of the guests that were standing around. Her fiery hair was up in a neat bun exposing the small studs in her ears. She was beautiful, her amber eyes gleaming as she smiled.

Siena stood up as she spotted Sarah but just as she took a step to approach her, all hell broke loose.

A deafening sound boomed across the room, the chandeliers fell and crashed onto the marble floor. Drinks and bottles on tables smashed and scattered into pieces.

Guests screamed and shrieked before falling to the ground, taking cover behind and under tables as three masked men dressed in black came into view. All holding what looked like firearms, aiming at the innocent people fearing for their lives.

“Everybody shut the fuck up!”

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