Dangerous Love

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Another wave of scattering glass broke out across the room.

“I said shut the fuck up!” The guttural voice of one of the men demanded. Most of the guests had quietened down, only weak cries of fear and faint whimpering could be heard amongst the many tables.

“Nobody move!” The men roared as they scattered around the room, targeting the men and women. Thankfully there were no children at this event.

Siena’s wide eyes met Asher’s as he gestured her to stay quiet, she pricked back the tears of fear as she witnessed everyone else in the same position, ducking down and praying. She watched the men snatching jewellery from every woman, rings and watches from the men.

This was a jewellery heist, this venue was specifically targeted because it was known that it would hold tons of wealthy guests, drenched head to toe in their finest riches.

Sarah had been cut on her arm by a shard of glass, she applied pressure to the wound with a napkin cloth in her pocket. She may have had over a years experience in nursing, but the shock had made her mind go blank.

She shivered on the hard marble floor as one of the masked men stepped past her, his black boot causing a gush of wind upon her face.

He found Angela, dragging her up by her hair. She cried as the barrel of the gun pointed towards her. Asher shot up, anger and fear in his eyes. He didn’t care what happened to him right now, his Mom was in trouble. Just as he stepped forward one of the other men pointed his gun at him, Asher froze and closed his eyes.

Angela was stripped off her family heirloom, an extremely rare and exclusive diamond set. These disgusting men had really hit the jackpot. Angela let out a harrowing scream as she saw the gun being pointed at her only son. The horror in her eyes heightening with each second as the tears streamed down her face.

The man pushed Angela back down but as he turned to continue his task, he was knocked to the ground. His gun disarmed and taken.

“Asher please get down.” Siena whispered, trying to pull at his ankle. The masked man barricading Asher caught eyes with her and approached her, violently searching her body for jewellery. His gloved hands groping her, toying with her.

Most of the guests had started to panic and were rushing out of the building, sirens could be heard surrounding the area. The masked men were losing control of the situation.

The man knew he needed a hostage but before he picked up Siena from the ground, he was taken down and disarmed. Siena screamed as she felt herself being pulled up but she saw the face of her saviour. Alec violently pushed her towards Tony, he dragged Asher and shoved him to the exit.

Siena watched as Alec grabbed the man on the floor, breaking his arm. He was fast, merciless and lethal, in every way. A look on his face that she never thought she would see.

“Please Miss Romana you have to leave now!” Tony yelled, but Siena couldn’t take her eyes off Alec.

Her breath hitched and she gasped, her voice barely coming out of her frightened body. “Alec!” She screamed as the third gunman aimed his gun at him. Alec froze, staring at the barrel of the gun. Siena tried to run to him, but Asher and Tony dragged her back. “No Alec!” She screamed, her tears bursting through her eyes.

Just as they got out of the building, the sound of a gunshot from inside the mansion pierced the air, tearing through her heart. Alec! She tried to bolt back in but was held back by Asher, she fell into his arms howling in pain.

Sarah ran over, her glossy eyes wide and full of fear. She searched Asher’s shocked eyes before stroking Siena’s hair trying to comfort and calm her down.

“Alec.” Siena whimpered hoarsely. “Go and get him!” She yelled. “I’ll go and get him.” She cried, her mascara running down her cheeks as she broke out of Asher’s hold. “Tony restrain her!” Asher commanded.

Tony stopped her, dragging her back. “Please Miss Romana!” - but Siena was having none of it. She poked Tony in the chest with her finger. “You were suppose to be his friend! Why didn’t you help him?” Her hard eyes pleading for an answer.

Tony dragged her further away. He could see how distraught she was. “Siena please!” He begged, using her name for the first time. Siena fell to the ground, helpless, shocked and confused.

“You’re hurt.” Asher spoke, noticing Sarah’s cut.

“It’s just a flesh wound.” She whispered, her voice shaking and weak.

“We need to get you checked.” He insisted before dragging her to one of the many ambulances parked nearby.

Sarah sat at the edge of a van being checked by a paramedic, Asher watching. He knew Tony had Siena under control. Luckily none of the guests were seriously harmed.

Angela and Mr Hayden found Asher, both with haunting looks on their faces. Angela reached out and slapped Asher across the face. “You never! Ever! Pull a stunt like that. You stupid boy.” Her voice cracking, her tears unleashing.

Mr Hayden tried to console her but she wrapped her arms around Asher desperately, shivering to herself, she could have lost everything tonight. Her son.

Armed forces were clearing the perimeter, cars were leaving the mansion in a hurry. Tony dragged Siena and sat her in the car, Asher followed with Sarah. The silence was deafening, eerie as all that could be heard were Siena’s sniffles.

Sarah held her hand. “Hey hon, it's okay.” Siena wasn’t listening, she looked out at the starry sky. Her feelings were all too clear, her heart was ripping out of her chest as she thought of losing Alec.

Asher sighed, they were all in shock. The night had turned into a living nightmare. It could have been so much worse. He glanced at Sarah who was comforting Siena. He thought of Kate, would she care that he almost died tonight?

They all walked towards the apartment, Mathew ran out securing Asher as he walked in. Sarah and Asher waited for the elevator but Siena froze in the centre of the lobby.

Tony tried to pull her, but she didn’t budge. Asher strode towards her. “C’mon.” He demanded, his exhausting eyes pleading with her.

“No!” She yelled, her lip trembling.

“Sir. Please go up to your room. I will handle Siena.” Tony insisted. Asher sighed before nodding slightly.

“I’m not leaving her.” Sarah stated. “Tony needs to speak with her.” Asher replied, pulling her into the elevator.

Tony watched Siena, the girl was broken. He felt terrible.

“Siena Alec is not the family driver, he is their bodyguard.” He announced, watching her look up to face him.

“Alec Marino is a trained assassin, he can disarm anyone within seconds.”

Siena let out a breath, none of this was calming her shivering state, none of this was soothing her nerves.

“The man is as deadly as it gets. - and the Alec I know has always laughed in the face of death.” Tony inched closer to her. He hoped Alec wasn’t playing one of his pranks, he knew that Alec would have no doubt disarmed the last gunman easily.

“Alec is fine Miss Rom-“

“No. I refuse to believe that. He had a gun pointing at his head Tony. I saw it, I heard it go off.” She choked.

“Siena you have to-“

“No. Leave me alone.” She whimpered, her eyes falling to the front door before she ran out in a hurry. Tony gave her a minute before following, he knew she needed time.

Alec where the fuck are you?


Asher passed Sarah a cup of coffee, joining her on the couch. Both silent and in a state of shock.

“Do you think she’ll be okay? Sarah asked, thinking of her friend.

“I just realised that she’s always thought Alec is just our driver.” Asher stated. “She doesn’t know he’s undercover security. Hopefully Alec will inform her.”

“Poor thing.” Sarah whispered. “I thought she knew.”

“I guess she’ll need time, she’s in shock. How’s your arm?”

“It’s fine, I didn’t even feel it. The adrenaline.” Sarah chuckled.

Asher shook his head, mirroring her smile. “What a fucking night.”

“At least Alec and his team managed to stop them.” Sarah breathed, taking a sip of coffee. “Good coffee, thanks.” She smiled.

“You’re welcome.”

Asher answered his ringing phone whilst staring at Sarah. “Tony?”

“Sir, Siena has ran away. She’s at the coast and she’s okay. She just needs time to herself. I am watching her.”

“Shall I come and get her?” Asher asked, concern filling his voice.

“No sir, I will keep an eye on her. Alec should be here soon.”

“Okay. Thanks Tony.”

Asher sighed as he hung up. “Siena ran off to the coast. She wants to be alone.”

Sarah stood up. “We have to go and get her Asher, the poor girl must be freezing.”

“I know, but there’s nothing we can do to help her right now. Tony is watching her.”

Sarah felt the guilt seep through her as she ran to the window, trying to catch a glimpse of her friend. She knew Asher was right, running after her would only make her run further away. They just had to hope Alec turned up soon.

“I think you should stay here tonight.” Asher insisted. “You can use my shower, I’ll give you some clean clothes.”

“Thank you.” Sarah whispered, she was covered in dirt and blood from her wound. Now that it had been bandaged she just needed to feel clean and fresh.

After showering she stepped out into Asher’s room, admiring it. It was neat, a four poster bed sat towards the far end. A TV and an armchair to the side. Huge wardrobes taking over one side of the wall.

Her eyes fell onto the bed where Asher had placed some sweats for her to wear. She wanted to laugh, he could have easily picked some of Siena’s clothes for her but he picked his own.

Sarah joined Asher in the lounge, he tried to bite back a laugh. She was drowning in his clothes, they were really baggy but she looked comfortable. She had to roll the sweatpants at the waist a couple of times to get it to fit.

She let out a sigh of relief as she fell to the couch. Asher got up to go and shower. He had been getting updates from Tony that Siena was still in the same place.


The waves danced before Siena as she looked out towards the darkness. The cold breeze whipped at her skin, she felt numb but still shivered against the harsh winds.

She threw of her shoes, digging her aching feet into the sand, the small pebbles poking between her toes. There’s no way Alec could survive what she saw, how was that possible? She shuddered at the thought. She hated Tony for implanting hope into her heart, but hope is what she had.

She took in the air around her, breathing heavy breaths to calm herself. She closed her eyes as the sound of the waves drowned out the earth shattering sound of the gunshot that kept replaying in her head.

“Tesoro?” Her heart began to race.

She turned around and her breath hitched, Alec stood a few feet away. His hands in his pockets, a small cut to his eyebrow that trickled down his face but other than that he looked unharmed. He looked perfect.

Siena felt anger, pure anger that he didn’t even have the decency to tell her what he was. Who he was.

“Vaffanculo!” (Fuck off). She spat, turning away from him and walking in the other direction.

“Stupido uomo.” (Stupid man). She hissed to herself, her feet moving fast on the rough sand beneath her.

“Where are you going baby?” Alec's lips curved at the corners.

“Argh.” She groaned, as she stepped into the cold water.

Her brow cocked up as she watched Alec’s smirk drop from his face to a look of panic. Good, serves him right.

He flew in after her, dragging her to him in one swift motion.

“No get off me! Ti odio (I hate you).” She snapped, trying to pull away from him.

“Siena?” His voice shattered her into a million pieces. She looked into his silver eyes, her lip trembling before she fell into his warm arms.

He lifted her head and cupped her chin towards him. “Mi odi? (Do you hate me?) His rough voice asked, his lips hovering above hers.

Siena threw her arms around his neck like a tigress trapping her prey, her lips crashed into Alec‘s. He pulled up her dress to her waist so he could lift her up, her legs straddling his hard body.

A kiss of fire, such heat, such passion. Their tongues swirling and exploring each other. Breathless, impatient, with need. It was all there.

She pulled at his hair, earning a groan from his mouth as it vibrated into hers. Alec bit Siena’s bottom lip, she moaned as he broke the kiss to admire her flustered state. She was sure her lip was bleeding with how hard he bit her, she was sure her lips would bruise from that kiss.

She gasped for air, panting, staring into Alec’s eyes. He was here before her. Was it a dream?

He put her down slowly and threw his blazer around her, he reached out for her hand and walked back towards the apartment.


“Argh turn it off.” Sarah groaned, as Asher had his eyes on the TV. Scenes of the mansion from a bird’s eye view kept popping up on the news channel with many headlines about the night. He switched it off before turning to Sarah.

Sarah was almost asleep, her feet comfortable on the couch as she leaned back. “I’ll sleep here tonight, have you got a blanket?” Sarah yawned, stretching herself out.

Asher smirked before wrapping his arms around her. “Woah hey, what the hell are you doing?” She snapped.

“Relax, I’m taking you to my bed. I’ll sleep here.” He smiled, watching her turn red.

“I can walk there you know.” She narrowed her eyes, a hint of a smirk playing on her lips. She looked at the incredibly large bed before turning to Asher. “I don’t mind you joining me, if Siena is okay with it?”

Asher shook his head. “Siena and I aren’t together.”

“Which side is your side?” Sarah asked, glancing from the bed to his intense eyes.

“The whole bed is my side.” His lips curved into a smirk.

Sarah fell into the sheets and made herself comfortable, sighing with bliss as her head hit the plush pillow.

Asher left her in his room, he had to make sure Siena got home safe before jumping into bed. As hard as that was for him, he wanted to bite his fist as he thought of Sarah in his bed.

Asher answered the door to Tony.

“Sir, Alec is with Siena. He told me to inform you that she is fine. He will bring her home.”

“Thank you. I’m glad he’s alright.”

“Yes sir.” Tony nodded, before leaving through the elevator.


"Yes sir?"

"Go get some rest."

Asher wasted no time rushing to his bedroom, the moonlight illuminated into the room through a gap in the curtain. Asher stripped out of his T-shirt and climbed into bed.

Sarah mumbled as she switched position, turning to face him. Her eyes closed and peaceful, she winced at the pain in her arm but her eyes remained closed.

Asher drew his nose towards her hair, sprawled out onto the pillow. He inhaled her intoxicating scent before burying his head closer to her.

“Asher?” She whispered, her sleepy soft voice spurring something inside him. He felt her fingers behind his neck, soft and warm.

He groaned as he relished under her touch, almost making the whole night seem like nothing but a distant nightmare. This moment right here was all worth it.

“I’m right here.” He spoke, his voice hoarse and laced with desire. “Siena is fine, she’s with Alec.”

Sarah hummed lazily with relief and Asher stiffened as her other hand stroked his bare chest. He tried to hide the hardness that stretched out in his pants. “You’re naked.” She giggled, feeling the hard indents of his abs.

He held her tight kissing her head before sleep consumed them both. Despite everything it was a happy birthday indeed.


Alec waited on Siena’s bed before she walked out of the steaming shower in her towel. She glanced at him before making her way to the dressing table to comb through her wet hair.

She threw Alec a spare towel and pointed to the bathroom, watching a smirk form on his lips. She had rejected his idea of sharing a shower. She was going to make him suffer.

Alec stopped and caught her curious eyes in the mirror. He unbuttoned his shirt, letting it fall to the ground. Siena found herself turning around. Fuck! His body was a weapon, a hard gleaming weapon. Each rippling indent, each arch and groove of his muscles had her clenching her thighs together.

Even the scars along his body sent a shiver through her, this man was deadly, he was dangerous and he was fucking gorgeous.

Alec threw down his pants, Siena’s eyes dropped to his boxer shorts. Fottimi! (Fuck me). An absolute God stood before her. He gave her one last glare before turning into the bathroom, Siena almost followed after him.

He walked out to his tesoro applying moisturiser to her legs, what the fuck was she trying to do to him? Her eyes flickered over to his bare torso, the towel covering his lower portion.

She put her moisturiser back onto her dressing table before switching off the lamp. Darkness fell around the room before she felt her towel being snatched away from her body. Alec grabbed her bottom and lifted her onto him, her soft skin on his, driving him crazy. They found each other’s lips hungrily, desperately.

Siena moaned whilst her head fell back in pure bliss as Alec planted light kisses down her neck before lowering her onto the bed.

“Go to sleep tesoro.”

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