Dangerous Love

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The bright stars twinkled across the clear indigo sky, the night was cold and breezy.

Sarah sat in the back seat of the car staring out at the obsidian scenery, they were all silent as they travelled to Siena’s village.

Sarah had her hand on Siena’s as they sat in the back together, she felt so upset for her friend. - but what was more scary, was the thought of Daniel getting his claws on Tia. She shuddered as she thought of him, how conniving and evil he was.

Daniel put on the act of a saint around people, but made himself known to the help. Her mind couldn’t help throw her back to that memory, the one she wanted to forget.

“Sarah, your job tonight is to maintain the pool house where Asher and his friends will be. Come back here to collect drinks and snacks for the guests.” The head maid demanded.

“Yes ma’am.” Sarah replied, though her voice was quiet. This was her first job since being hired as one of the main servers for the Hayden family. She wanted to impress them, this job paid well and it was perfect to pay for college.

Sarah stepped through to the pool house to start cleaning it before the guests were going to arrive. Angela walked in and gave her some brief instructions. Asher was staying over at his parents house that weekend.

Her eyes took in the huge room before her, a lounge area, a massive cinema screen. She wanted to roll her eyes at the expensive rugs and furniture. Different world.

As she polished the glass doors, her eyes froze on who she could only assume was Asher Hayden. His ash blonde hair shone golden in the summer sun as he walked towards a lounging chair, a towel thrown over his broad shoulder. His athletic, toned body walked with grace towards the side of the pool. His navy trunks clung onto his muscular legs.

Sarah’s heart almost skipped a beat, he was absolutely drop dead gorgeous. She let out a breath causing it to mist against the glass before her. Quickly wiping it away, she heard a nasally sound coming from the same direction.

Out stepped a leggy supermodel, at least that’s who Sarah thought she was. Her dirt blonde hair fell to her shoulders, curling away from her angular face. The summer sun was scorching high as the woman dipped her manicured toe into the water before swaying over to Asher.

She bent down as he sunbathed and kissed his lips, handing him some lotion. He slid his sunglasses on top of his head and applied the thick cream along her smooth back.

Sarah felt like she was imposing on an intimate moment and stepped away from the door before continuing her work.

The evening was busy, the supermodel like girl had left and men flooded the pool house. All cheering and being loud. Sarah served them with a smile on her face, some noticed her and some didn’t. Asher being one of the ones that didn’t.

Asher happily took drinks from her, not once looking into her eyes. Even when their hands touched accidentally, he still didn’t look or notice her. - but she noticed him, she noticed the affect he had on her.

One of his friends, Daniel, seemed really nice. Though he kept making eyes at Sarah all night, winking and smiling, silently telling her he noticed her. - as the night drew nearer to the end, the men parted ways.

The pool house got quieter until it was only Asher and Daniel left. Sarah watched Daniel lift a very drunk Asher up from the couch.

“I’m... gonna ask Kate to marry me.” Asher slurred.

“That’s great bud, let’s get you to bed.” Daniel chuckled. Sarah thought he was such a good friend, taking care of him.

She let out a deep sigh as the silence surrounded her, she could tidy up the mess in peace now. Just as she picked up the last set of glasses and placed them on a tray, she heard the door open and shut, the lock clicking in place.

Sarah spun around to spot Daniel, but the warm smile he had a while ago had disappeared, replaced by a smirk laced with desire.

She gulped as she looked past him to the locked door. “No one should disturb us.” He whispered.

“D...did you forget something?” Sarah asked, but her voice was weak. She had a bad feeling in her gut.

“Actually I did.” Daniel replied, his dark eyes focused on her.

“Excuse me.” Sarah spoke deadpan as she tried to pass him.

“Where are you going?” He growled, his hand gripping her arm.

“Get off me!” She yelled. “I’ll scream for help.”

“No one will hear you beautiful.” He scoffed. “Why don’t you make this easy for us.”

“No please. Get off me.” Sarah tried to push him away, she could feel the pull at her arm, forcing her into the bedroom on the right.

“You know what maid? I think I saw you stealing.” Daniel quipped, a sly smirk forming on his face as he unzipped his pants.

“You saw wrong. I didn’t steal anything!” She snapped, he was lying.

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. If you tell anyone about this special moment of ours. You can kiss your job goodbye.” He stated, cupping her chin with his hand.

Daniel grabbed Sarah, throwing his lips onto hers. She could taste the alcohol on his tongue. She managed to push him back and free her hand before it met his cheek.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” She spat.

Daniel held his stinging cheek, nodding with a dark look on his face. “You’re gonna regret that maid.”

Sarah winced in pain as he grabbed her arm with force, pushing her onto the large bed. The only light shining in was the one from the pool outside. She could see the reflection of the water on Daniel’s devil like face as he climbed on top of her.

“Fuck you!” She screamed.

“Oh you will maid.” He laughed.

With all her might Sarah swung up her knee to meet between his legs. Daniel groaned as he fell to the side. “Fuck!” He growled.

Sarah ran towards the front door at full speed, her heart racing as her trembling fingers managed to unlock the door and make a run for it. She ran until she was standing outside the house. She stopped for a second to catch her breath before running down the road.

Sarah gasped as she woke up from her nightmare, she wished it was just a nightmare. The car had hit a bump causing her to wake. Asher turned his head to her and furrowed his brows.

“You okay?” He asked, his voice laced with concern.

Sarah could feel her heart racing just as it was that same night. She regretted not telling anyone about Daniel, maybe if she had. He wouldn’t be in the position to do what he’s doing right now.

“I made a huge a mistake.” Sarah cried, her tears falling free as Asher noticed her shaking hand.

“Alec stop the car.” Asher demanded.

Siena woke from the voices and nodded to Sarah to ask if she was okay. Sarah nodded back before Siena swapped seats with Asher.

Siena looked out of the window, thinking about Tia as Alec stroked her leg. She turned to look into his silver eyes shining back at her.

Asher grabbed Sarah, and her head fell to his chest. Alec started the car again and after a moments silence, Sarah looked into Asher’s eyes.

“Daniel.” She croaked.


“I tried to forget.” She closed her eyes, letting another tear fall. “Do you remember your party in the pool house?”

“I think so, fuck you were there weren’t you?” Asher remembered with a guilty look on his face.

“So was Daniel. He tried to rape me that night.”

Sarah felt Asher’s body stiffen beneath her as she shuddered. He tightened his hold around her as she finally let the memory fall free after caging it in for so many years.

“I should have said something then, but he said he would tell everyone I stole from the house.”

“Hey. It’s okay. You’re okay.” Asher breathed, kissing the top of her head. “I can’t believe he was my friend. I feel ashamed that I didn’t see what he was up to. I'm so sorry.” Asher whispered. “and now he’s after Tia and I know it’s to seek revenge on Siena.”

Siena heard everything, her tears were silently escaping her as she thought of what her friend had been through. Alec stiffened when he heard that Daniel was after revenge and he regretted not killing him when he had the chance.

“I’m going to kill him.” Siena whispered, her tone serious.

Alec looked at her with adoration before turning back to the road, she could say the very word and he would end the man’s pathetic life in a second. For her he would. He didn’t care what the consequences were, that fucker had caused too many tears upon Siena’s face.

“We have to save Tia.” Sarah demanded, her eyes full of fear as she stared at Asher. He nodded his head and held her close.

“We will.”

The car stopped outside Siena’s old cottage and she bounced out to run towards the door. Her uncles old car wasn’t parked outside and Siena began to panic.

It was nearing on two in the morning but she didn’t care as she knocked frantically at the front door, she was going to demand answers from her Zia. She was going to tell her who she was getting her daughter married off to.

There was no answer at the door, Alec had jumped the back of the fence.

“Where the hell are they?” Siena yelled.

“I don’t know. Maybe call Diego.” Sarah suggested, her concerned filled eyes met Siena’s before she looked through the small front windows of the cottage.

“They’re not here.” Alec stated, jumping back over. “It’s empty.”

“Fuck.” Asher growled.

Siena sighed as she walked back to the car shaking her head. She called Diego straight away.


“They’re not home!”

“I know, I am trying to find out where they have gone.” Diego replied, he sounded exhausted. “I will call you when I know.”

“Okay.” Siena crocked, her eyes dropping to the ground.

She felt the warmth of Alec’s arms around her body and she fell into his warm embrace. “She is my sister Alec, if that man lays a finger on her-"

“He won’t.” Alec cut her off. “We’ve still got time. We’ll find her.”

The car pulled up outside a bed and breakfast before they all scrambled out.

Sarah wanted to cringe at the loud walls, screaming an unflattering pink. Everything was the same sickening floral pattern, even the furniture.

“Real romantic.” Asher smirked, walking past her to check in at the reception. She couldn't help smile.

Alec and Siena walked into their room which was interconnected with Asher’s and Sarah’s. She sat on the bed and sighed.

“I can’t believe Zia would do this to her.” She spoke, so quietly. As if talking to herself.

Alec sat next to her. “Asher tried to call Daniel, he even tried to call his father but there was no answer.”

“Can you believe the lengths someone would go to for revenge? Over something so stupid. It doesn’t make any sense.” Siena stated, her eyes fixed on Alec who was now staring straight ahead, his jaw ticking.

He sighed before rubbing the back of his neck. “This may be my fault tesoro.”

Siena’s eyes widened as she looked at Alec suspiciously. “How?”

“I may have visited him on the night he blackmailed you.”


“He fucking deserved it.”

Siena shook her head. “I can’t believe you Alec. It had nothing to do with you! Asher had it all under control, he got me-" Siena paused suddenly, her eyes dancing around as if trying to work something out.

“It was you.” She whispered. “You got the university papers off him. Didn’t you?” Her lips parted as she gawked at Alec.

He nodded, his sharp eyes studying her every move as she stood up and paced around the room.

“Alec. You had no right!” She snapped. “How could you do something so stupid?”

“Oh so it’s okay if Asher gave you those papers but not me? How does that work?” Alec asked, standing up and folding his arms together.

“Asher wouldn’t have gone there like a fucking hitman, he would have handled the situation properly!”

“Properly? Oh yeah. I should have sat and had a cup of tea with the fucker. Hell, we could have discussed how he was planning on fucking you whilst we braided each other’s hair right?”

“Va via! (Go away).” Siena snapped.

“Fine!” Alec growled, slamming the door behind him. He mumbled under his breath as he walked out of the bed and breakfast. When he reached the icy cold outside, he dialled Diego’s number.

“What can you tell me brother?”

“My contact is Daniel’s driver. He’s reluctant to tell me where they are. Only said it was taking place tomorrow, midday.”

“C’mon Diego. Just tell him to spit it out! Give me his number!”

“No way. I’ve nearly got him to crack, involving you would only scare him off.”

“Let me know when you find out.” Alec sighed. He slumped himself down on the edge of a short wall facing the car park.

No matter how annoyed or angry Siena was at him, he didn’t regret what he did. Daniel Leaver deserved all of it. What he did may or may not have played a part in Daniel’s revenge. Asher kicked Daniel out of his work, that must have played some part too.

It pissed him off that Daniel couldn’t come for him or Asher but he had to go for Siena, revenge on her when none of this was her fault. She was innocent in all this.

Sarah stood back from the wall and turned to face Asher. “I think Alec stormed out.” She shrugged.

“Should we tell them that the whole floor could hear them?” Asher asked, a hint of a smile on his face.

Sarah shook her head as she joined him on the bed. “Do you think we’ll find Tia?”

“I hope so.” Asher replied, ruffling his fingers in his hair.

Sarah watched him make himself comfortable on the large floral bed, he threw the many unnecessary cushions to the floor.

“You really loved her didn’t you?” She asked, realising she spoke out her thoughts.

Asher stiffened and sighed, knowing exactly who she was talking about. “I did.” He replied, not looking at her.

“She didn’t deserve you.” Sarah whispered. Asher’s ocean eyes fell to her own. “Are you gonna join me, or just sit there?” He smiled.

Sarah jumped in with him. “How have we shared a bed twice now and not even kissed?” She snorted.

“I’m sure we can rectify that problem.” Asher smirked.

“No Mr Hayden.” She turned over, facing away from him, hiding her smile. “Not here. This room is creepy as hell.”

She almost melted as she heard Asher laugh beside her before she felt his arm around her waist and his warm chest press against her back.

“Try to sleep angel.”


Siena tossed in bed whilst she waited for Alec to return, the guilt had eaten away at her. She sent Alec away after everything he did for her. She didn’t even thank him for defending her.

She contemplated going to look for him, but looked out of the window instead. Where was he? He must have known she didn’t mean it.

Siena sat by the window sill, looking out. The sun was creeping up, casting hues of pink. Her legs were bent up towards her chest, her arms and head resting on her knees as she waited for him.

After a few minutes Alec walked in, his hair windswept, his eyes searching for Siena. She ran towards him and pounced up on him as if her life depended on it. Alec caught her and looked into her emerald eyes. “I’m sorry.” She whispered, her lips brushing against his.

Alec met her lips hungrily, devouring her sweetness. His tongue exploring her mouth as he lowered her onto the bed. His large body towering over her as she pulled him closer to her.

Siena managed to throw off her top, Alec unhooked her bra and planted kisses along her bare chest. Siena moaned in pleasure, his hot lips exploring her hard mounds beneath him. He teased, sucked, nipped and kissed her. “Alec.” She moaned. “Fuck I want you.” Her nails digging into his shoulders.

Alec groaned between her breasts, the vibration causing her to shudder beneath him. He lifted his head and kissed her lips. “Siena?”

“Hmm?” She breathed.

“I know where Tia is getting married.” Alec admitted, his lips travelling up to her neck, planting soft kisses.

“Alec!” Siena yelled before she pushed him off her. She rolled her eyes as he smirked at her, watching her put her clothes back on in a rush. “Idiota!” She snapped, narrowing her eyes at him.

“Relax, there’s not much we can do but wait outside the building until they show up.”

“Well let’s go. Now!”


Tia woke up at the hotel Daniel had booked for her and her parents, a short drive away from their village. The wedding was to take place at a small registry office.

When Tia had got back from the boss’s house the other night, her mama had locked her in her room. She didn’t question where she had been. Tia was only let out before being told they were staying in a hotel for the night.

She wasn’t told anything else, not even when she pleaded with her mama and papa. The hurt that she felt had taken its toll, the people she was meant to trust the most were her parents and they had really let her down. Whether they believed they were doing the right thing or not, they were out of order.

She couldn’t stop thinking about the cruel boss and how he waved her away without even a flinch of remorse. She had hoped that he would come to some kind of agreement with her or at least take pity on their family situation. He must have really hated Mario, for him to bestow such suffering upon his family.

It was a breezy but sunny morning, Maria had placed a plain off white dress on the bed but was nowhere to be seen. Tia ran towards the window and looked out towards the forest that surrounded the hotel.

Her eyes narrowed as she saw a black sedan pull up outside, out stepped the man who wanted to marry her. His platinum blonde hair almost looking white in the bright sun.

“Good you’re up.” Maria beamed as she walked into the room. “Get dressed, we haven’t got long.”

Tia stared at the dress before glancing back at her mama. “I will do as you say mama.”

“Good.” Maria replied. Tia’s eyes darkened as she spoke her next words.

“-but I will never forgive you.”

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