Dangerous Love

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Siena’s lips parted as she stared out at the view before her. Alec had parked the car a few seconds ago outside a sophisticated cabin. It wasn’t far from Asher’s apartment but far from the highway, the busy streets, cars. It was peaceful here, serene.

“You live here?” Siena spoke as she stumbled out of the car. The cabin was surrounded by tall trees, the sun fighting its way through the gaps.

“Yes.” Alec replied, unlocking the front door and waiting for Siena to walk in.

It was beautiful, not too big and not too small. Where Asher’s apartment was light, Alec’s was dark and mysterious. A lot of blacks and greys and a lot of wood, Siena loved it. The smell of cedar invaded her nose mixed with Alec’s muskiness.

She sighed as she took in her surroundings, Alec watched her look around as her fingers traced over the furniture. Alec had money, that much was clear, but he never gave that impression.

Siena studied Alec’s cigar collection whilst he started up the fire place. The warmth and cackling sound of the flames soon radiated around the room. Alec’s home was cosy, she could see herself snuggled on his couch with a cup of coco.

“I love it.” She whispered as she breathed in the warm air. Alec stood in his kitchen, it was large and homely. Beautiful pebbled coloured cupboards with oak handles.

Siena helped herself to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water, watching Alec pull out a bottle of wine from the fancy rack in the corner and two glasses.

“Are you hungry tesoro?”

“Nope, still full from McDonald’s.” Siena smiled, taking the glass of red wine from Alec. “Thanks.”

“You must be tired.” He asked.

“Mmm no, not really.” Siena’s lips curved slightly before she sipped her wine. “I need to shower but thanks to you, I have nothing to wear.”

Alec stalked closer to her, cupping her chin to look into her eyes. “Like I said, you don’t need clothes.” Siena rolled her eyes, but the smirk Alec was throwing her had her knees buckling.

Alec’s bedroom reeked of masculinity, black silk bed sheets on a king sized bed. Black wardrobes and a lavish dark rug upon the thick wooden floor. His en-suite marble shower could fit a family of four, Siena’s eyes wandered around.

She turned to face Alec. “Nice room.” Her eyes flicking from him to his bed. She bit her lip as he inched closer, her heart racing.

Alec brushed the pad of his thumb across her lower lip, Siena’s lips parted. She threw her arms around his neck and leaned up on her tiptoes to kiss him, gasping when he lifted her in his arms against him.

He walked into the en-suite and turned on the shower, the steaming water fell onto them as their lips met with need. Siena felt her shirt fly off her before Alec dropped to his knees and unbuttoned her jeans dragging them off her. She giggled as they got stuck on her feet whilst Alec mumbled under his breath.

Siena lifted Alec’s shirt over his head and he helped himself out of his sweatpants. He flipped Siena around, kissing her neck. She moaned at his touch, her bra fell to the wet tiles. She turned around and straddled him again. Their bodies colliding, heated under the hot water.

Siena licked Alec’s jaw and giggled as he furrowed his brows. She loved messing with him, she loved being with him, his touch, the feel of his lips on hers, she could never tire of it.

Alec stretched the waistband of her pink panties, letting it snap back onto her soft skin. Siena moaned into his mouth. He slowly lowered to his knees again, looking up into her eyes as he ripped off the pink material with one pull. Siena took a deep breath as she looked down at him.

His lips hovered above her navel, grazing her hot skin. Siena gulped as her body came to life under his touch. His eyes not leaving hers whilst he worshipped her body beneath her. His hands holding her waist in place as his lips kissed her inner thigh and landed between her legs.

Siena moaned into the steam as he spread her legs, lifting one of her legs above his shoulder before he sucked on her sensitive clit. His tongue flicking back and forth at an unforgivable pace.

“Alec, oh God.” She whimpered, her fingers tugging at his hair. She had never felt anything like this before. She had never been touched like this before. Sure she had explored her own body from time to time and got bored easy but this.

Alec knew what he was doing, he had clearly mastered the art that is a woman’s body. His hands, his lips, his tongue all played their part. Siena knew she was no match for him in bed and she knew she would have to eventually tell him that she was a virgin.

“Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to taste you?” Alec breathed beneath her, Siena moaned, her eyes closed briefly before landing back on Alec and his tongue.

“You taste so sweet tesoro.” He groaned. Siena could feel the pressure building, she needed a release. Alec was driving her insane.


She felt his large finger at the tip of her entrance as he devoured her clit, pushing his finger inside her. Siena moaned louder.

Her knees were going to give out at any moment, Siena held onto the wall for support. Her heel digging into Alec’s back as he continued to fuck her with his tongue and finger. “Alec, fuck!”

“That’s it baby, come for me.” He ordered, his tongue lapping against her sensitive flesh.

Siena came undone above him, on his finger. The sensation sending stars dancing around her head. Never had she felt something so intense, so deep. Alec licked at her juices, tasting every last drop of her intense orgasm.

Her heart rate had skyrocketed as she tried to control her panting. Alec stood up and towered over her. Siena took in his smooth torso, each rippling muscle under the water had her wanting him even more. She was still shaking, her knees trembling.

“Voglio te. (I want you).” Siena whispered, still dazed out from what just happened.

She pulled down Alec’s boxer shorts, her breath hitched as she stared at his cock. How the fuck was that going to fit? Alec chuckled under his breath at her wide eyes. “It will fit tesoro.” He stated, reading her mind. His dark eyes laced with desire as he stared at her.

He swooped her up in his arms and walked towards his bed, biting his lip as he looked at her face. Siena smiled at him, her dimples gleaming under the dim lights. Both were still dripping wet as Alec lowered Siena onto his bed.

He had fantasised about this very moment for a long time, having his tesoro here with him in his bed was more than he could handle. He had to have her. Now.

Siena trembled under him as their lips met hungrily, passionately. She could feel his length, hard and wet at the tip grazing against her inner thigh.

Alec kissed her neck before travelling to her breasts, taking one in his mouth, pinching the other. He loved how responsive she was to him, each touch had her back arching toward him.

Siena looked into his eyes before touching his lips with her fingers, she gulped as she tried to catch her breath.


“Yes baby?”

“I’m-.” She swallowed and licked her lips. “I’m a virgin.” Her eyes dancing around his face, studying his expression. She was nervous but she was willing to go all the way with him. Alec breathed out, his eyes darkening.

He pressed his forehead against hers. “We don’t have to.” He nodded, his awe filled expression was driving her crazy.

“I want to.”

Alec stared at her with adoration, he kissed her pink lips, travelling down to her neck.

Reaching for his drawer, he pulled out a foil packet. Ripping it open with his teeth, he slipped the contents around his length. His eyes on Siena the whole time.

She took in a shaky breath as she prepared herself for him, he smiled down at her. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll go slow.” He nodded, kissing her lips slowly.

She gasped as she felt his tip at her entrance, her fingers dug into his arms as he inched into her. Alec’s lips parted and he clenched his eyes shut. Fuck! It took all his willpower, trying not to lose control as he carefully pushed himself into her.

Siena winced at the pain of Alec filling her, she could see how hard he was trying to be gentle but he was huge. It was going to hurt no matter what. He swore under his breath as he filled her completely, his head fell to her neck before he slowly pulled out.

Siena whimpered as the pain began to subside being replaced by pure heat, pure pleasure. “Faster!” She breathed, clawing into his back.

He smirked down at her, her blissful expression was everything he dreamt it would be and more. He quickened his pace, slamming in and out of her tightness. She screamed in pleasure, moaning, whimpering.

“You’re mine Alec.” She moaned breathlessly before he flipped her over on top of him.

She moved on top of him, claiming him, taking his length as deep as she could. Her head falling back in pleasure. This felt so good, so right.

Alec flipped her over again, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. He slowed down, his lips meeting hers. “You’re so beautiful Siena.” He smirked as he teased her.

“Alec, you drive me crazy.” She admitted, impatiently, breathlessly. He had slowed down to toy with her.

“You’re the one that drives me crazy. What was that stunt you pulled in the car?”

“What!?” She snapped. Alec smirked, biting her earlobe. Completely slowing down his pace. Siena whined beneath him, moving her body to try to create some friction.

“You licked your lips at me tesoro?”

“Fuck!” She moaned. She heard his deep raspy laugh vibrate against her ear. “I hate you.” She whispered, her chest heaving beneath him.

“Do you?” His low voice asked, taking her breast into his mouth, tugging her soft bud between his teeth.

She mewled at the contact, this was torture. “Alec, please.” She begged, her fingers tugging at his wet hair. She gasped as he slammed into her mercilessly.

She crashed her lips into his, whimpering as he bit her bottom lip whilst his hips rocked back and forth with speed.

Siena relished in the sensation, the pressure in her core was at boiling point as the tears rolled down her cheeks. “A...Alec!” She moaned as she erupted around him. He released his own load at the sound of his name coming out of her plush lips, he groaned into her neck.

Both lay there breathless, panting, sweating and exhausted. Alec pulled out slowly before pulling up the blankets and wrapping Siena in his arms.

Her eyes felt heavy whilst Alec switched off the dim lamp. He pulled her close against his chest and wrapped his arm around her, planting a soft kiss on her shoulder. Siena felt the blanket fall onto her and her eyes closed as she smiled into the night, succumbing into sleep.


Sarah stepped out of Asher’s shower, her wet hair falling behind her. She threw on Asher’s T-shirt before drying her hair with the towel.

Asher sat up in bed, he wore nothing but boxer shorts, smirking at Sarah in his T-shirt.

“Come here.” He ordered. Sarah smiled as she bounced over to the bed joining Asher.

“What a day.” She sighed as her head fell onto the plush pillow. “God I love this bed.” She giggled.

“I said, come here.” Asher smirked as he pulled her on top of him. Sarah straddled him, she suddenly felt nervous.

“Woah, muscles.” She grinned as her hands playfully stroked his abs. “You must work out a lot.” She bit her lip before continuing. “I hate working out, the last time I stepped foot in a gym, I fell off the treadmill.”

Asher chuckled under his breath at Sarah but not because she fell off a treadmill, but because she was clearly nervous. Her rambling was proof of that, he cocked his head to the side as he listened.

“Or was it the cross-trainer?” She pondered. “It might have been a cross-.”

Sarah’s words were caught in her breath as she felt Asher’s soft lips against her own. She closed her eyes and melted into him. She felt the sparks fly around them as he deepened the kiss. It was slow but hard as she tasted him, exploring his mouth.

Asher’s lips were perfect, Sarah felt as though she was dreaming. This had to be a dream, she was kissing Asher Hayden in his bed, with his T-shirt on.

The butterflies danced around in her belly as Asher kissed her deeper, lowering her down beside him. He hovered above her, their lips not parting. Could a moment be so perfect?

Sarah broke the kiss before it went any further, she knew she wouldn’t be able to control herself and she wanted to take things slow with Asher.

“You’re so perfect.” He purred as Sarah’s head fell onto his chest.

They played with each other’s hands in the dark, the moonlight gleamed in through the gap in the curtain as they lay there.

“I want to take you on a date.” Asher stated.

Sarah laughed. “A date?”

“Yes, I want to spoil you Sarah.”

“You don’t have to spoil me.” Sarah shook her head, her fingers tracing his jawline.

“but I want to.” Asher purred.

“Where would you take me?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” He chuckled.

“Okay.” Sarah squealed, the excitement was seeping through her. Even once her eyes were closed, all she could see was his deep blue eyes.

In his arms she admitted it to herself secretly, she had been in love with Asher Hayden from the first moment she ever laid eyes on him. She wiped away a tear as she silently thanked god for giving him to her. She held him tighter and kissed his cheek once more before succumbing into sleep.

Asher and Sarah slept well into the afternoon, both had been so exhausted and needed the rest. Sarah’s eyes fluttered open first and she stared at Asher, a strand of his hair had fallen above his brow. She swiped it back and kissed him.

“Sarah.” He whispered, still sleepy. He was adorable. Sarah smiled as she watched him sleep, she stretched out in his large bed. Her feet hit the floorboards and she went to freshen up.

Sarah knew her way around Asher’s kitchen, she pulled out all she needed to make a big breakfast. Putting on the radio, she swayed her hips to the music as she began cooking. It had been a long time since she had felt this happy.

“Nice moves.” Asher purred, startling Sarah. She spun around to face him. He had messy bed hair, his eyes looked even bluer and of course he was topless. She bit her lip, almost daydreaming towards his body.

“Earth to Sarah.” He chuckled, leaning towards her. His hand cupped her cheek, his thumb brushing against her lip.

“Good morning.” He breathed, his eyes darkening as he glared at her. Sarah almost dropped the spatula in her hand, Asher made her nervous.

“Good morning.” She whispered before Asher’s lips were on her own. She felt his large hand pull the spatula from her before lifting her on top of the counter, not breaking the kiss.

His hands swiped up under her T-shirt, caressing her soft skin. She shuddered at his touch, moaning into his mouth. Asher’s ocean eyes bored into her own before he lifted the T-shirt above her head. “So beautiful.” He whispered, kissing her lips again.

He lifted her, wrapping her legs around him, walking back towards the bedroom. “Asher. Breakfast!” She snorted.

“Fuck breakfast.” He smirked, lowering her down before him. She reached out to cover her exposed chest.

“Don’t hide from me Sarah.” He ordered, his ocean eyes laced with pure desire as he snatched her hands away from her chest. Pinning them above her head.

“Look how perfect you are.” His gaze flicking between her eyes to her breasts.

Sarah’s cheeks heated under his intense glare, she couldn’t even cover her face. Why did Asher have such an effect on her? She felt like her body was on fire, every inch of it.

“Why are you so shy?” He chuckled, the deep sound of his voice melting Sarah to mush.

“Stop looking at me like that.” Sarah breathed, pressing her lips together as she tried to control herself.

“Like what?” He asked. Sarah smirked up at him before the sound of the front door echoed around the room.

“Hold that thought.” Asher winked, releasing her. Sarah jumped up and began looking for her clothes in a hurry. Asher laughed and shook his head as he made his way out.

His smile disappeared upon opening the door, his body stiffened and his lips parted in shock. His eyes darkened as he took in the woman before him.

“What do you want?”

“Let me in baby, we need to talk.”

Asher went to close the door on her but she stopped him.

“Are you sure you want to do that Asher?” She asked, her perfectly manicured hand pressing against her heaped belly. Asher’s eyes widened as he looked towards her growing bump, to her familiar eyes.

“Now you see why we really needed to talk.”

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