Dangerous Love

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“Sorry sir, she barged past me and I couldn’t exactly stop her in her condition.” Tony apologised, witnessing Asher frozen at the door. His wide eyes fixed on the tall, pregnant woman in front of him.

“Asher, baby?” The woman purred, walking past him into the apartment. Her sharp crystal eyes dancing around at what use to be her home.

“You need to leave Kate.” Asher finally found his voice but it was quiet and unsure. He was in shock.

“Not until we talk.” Kate demanded, taking a seat on the couch.

Asher ran his fingers through his light hair before sighing. He glanced at Kate, the woman he once loved, the woman who broke his heart. Here she was, expecting a baby? Fuck!

“Who was at the door?” Sarah bounced into the room, her eyes fell from Asher to the all too familiar woman sitting on his couch with a smug expression on her face.

“Is this your maid?” Kate asked Asher, ignoring Sarah completely.

Sarah opened her mouth to speak but closed it quickly, looking from Asher to Kate, to Kate’s small bump. Her heart began to race, she felt short of oxygen as Kate turned towards her.

“I’ll have an iced tea. Decaf.” Kate ordered, waving her hand at Sarah.

Sarah looked to Asher, her eyes turning to glass before him. She had to control herself, she couldn’t break down here. Asher didn’t look in the right frame of mind to console her, he could barely console himself right now.

Sarah silently picked up her bag, she held back her tears as she walked past Asher. She felt his hand close around hers to stop her, he shook his head. His eyes closed briefly, and a single tear fell down her cheek as Asher let her hand go. He couldn’t do this right now, he had to sort this mess out with Kate.

Sarah walked out without a word, she pressed the elevator, trying to control her sobs, her heart felt like it had been ripped out of her chest.

What did she expect for getting involved with Asher, him and Kate were still so fresh and now a baby was thrown into the mix.

She wiped away her tears as she hailed down a cab, barely getting the words out to tell the driver her address. She just wanted to curl up in her bed and pretend this was just some nightmare. That every moment with Asher didn't happen.

“You can’t expect me to believe it’s mine.” Asher spoke, his voice low and eyes dark.

“Of course it’s yours Asher.” Kate replied, her tone stern and unwavering. “Deep down you know it’s yours.” She closed her eyes and rubbed her belly.

Asher shook his head. “Maybe you have forgotten that you were fucking someone else behind my back.” He roared. Kate didn’t even flinch as she watched him.

“It’s not his Asher, I can prove it to you. I will prove it you.”

Asher took a deep breath, this couldn’t be happening. Finally when he was forgetting about this woman, she had to come back, like this. He knew that if the baby was his, he would step up. Kate seemed so determined, surely she must have known that Asher was going to make her prove it. She was that sure.

“How far along are you?” He asked, preparing himself for an answer.

“5 months.” Kate admitted, looking into his eyes. “I didn’t even realise until I was past 3 months.” Her tears fell from her eyes. “Please Asher, I’m scared and I don’t know what to do.”

Asher sighed and approached her, he put his hatred aside for the moment. Kate was vulnerable right now, she was on her own.

“Kate. Don’t cry.”

“Oh Asher.” She sobbed, falling into his arms. “I’ve missed you so much.”

Asher stiffened within her embrace but his heart went out to her. Seeing her like this, so broken, it wasn’t nice for him. He had to get to the bottom of this, he had to make sure that this baby wasn’t his. - and if it was, he had to make sure he played his part.

“I can’t say I’ve missed you Kate. You cheated on me and I still don’t know who the fuck with.”

“Why does it matter? That’s over now baby. I’m so sorry.” Kate looked into his eyes. “I love you so much Ash, I’ve always loved you.” She cried.

Asher sighed. “It does matter. I want a name!”



Siena giggled as she ran towards the kitchen wrapped in the bedsheet, Alec had been chasing her. “I’m sorry.” She chuckled breathlessly, regretting splashing water on his face to wake him up. It just happened, one minute she was taking a sip of water and the next she was throwing it on his sleeping face.

Siena climbed up on the kitchen counter, Alec circled her. “Get down tesoro.” He smirked, reaching out for her. Siena shrieked as he managed to grab her, throwing her over his shoulder.

“No please.” She laughed. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.” She shoved her fists into his back before he threw her onto the bed.

Siena leapt up and Alec pulled off the blanket exposing her smooth, bare skin.


“Come here.” His intense grey eyes burning into each and every inch of her delectable body.

Siena wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and lifted herself off the bed, her legs straddling his hard frame. “Happy?” She smiled.

“Oh yes.” He smirked and she could feel just how happy he was, between her legs. She gulped, her body came to life and she straightened her back to reach his lips. She could feel herself growing wetter and impatient as she rocked over his hardness.

Alec moaned into her mouth, spurring Siena on. She loved knowing how she could make him feel. She had the same effect on him as he had on her.

Alec’s lips grazed her neck whilst she felt his hard tip at her entrance. “You’re mine tesoro.” He all but purred, pushing her down around his length. Siena gasped as he filled her, her lips parting whilst she looked into his eyes.

One of Alec’ hand gripped the back of Siena’s neck whilst the other supported the small of her back, slamming in and out of her. “Say it.” He growled in her ear, biting her earlobe.

“I’m... yours.” She moaned, giving herself to him completely. Alec kissed her lips with possessive need as he walked them into the lounge before the fireplace. Siena felt the fur of the rug beneath her, the heat from the flames causing sweat to coat their bodies.

She knew she could never feel this way about another, Alec brought out a side to her that she loved. She felt free with him, she felt like herself. When she thought she lost him, that was the moment she knew she couldn’t lose him. Tia was right, he had stolen her heart.

Siena brought her lips to his, softly pressing against him. Alec mirrored her softness, he had never been soft with a girl before, he had never been this gentle. With Siena he loved being this way, he loved what she did to him. No other girl had this effect on him.

He slammed into her hard but slow, melting into her lips, moving to her soft neck.

“Yes Alec.” She moaned as he chuckled into her neck, cupping her breast in one hand.

She could feel the familiar pressure before her body exploded around him. Alec spun her around so she fell on all fours, he slammed into her again from behind. His skin slapping against her bottom. She felt his hands steady her hips as he fucked her, hard.

“Fuck.” He moaned, before his arm pulled her up against his chest. He pulled her hair to the side, his lips nipping at her neck, his hands squeezing and cupping her breasts as he drew in and out of her from behind.

Siena mewled under his roughness, she loved it. This animalistic side to him excited her, the grunts and feral noises escaping him were enough to floor her. She could feel herself coming undone again, screaming his name as she poured out around him.

Alec slammed into her hard one more time before groaning against her neck, releasing his load. “Fuck Siena.” His raspy voice vibrated in her ear.

An hour later Siena and Alec lay in the same place before the fireplace, snuggled under a thin blanket. His hand stroked her smooth back as she stared into his eyes.



“What happened... after your parents?”

Alec sighed, his eyes darkening before her. “I sat with their bodies, for 3 days.”

Siena gasped, her brows knitting together. “How old were you?”


“Alec, I’m so sorry.” Siena’s eyes glossed over as she moved a strand of hair from his brow.

“I got my revenge tesoro, before I moved here.” His eyes were nearing black as he thought back to the memory.

His body stiffened before Siena rubbed his arm. His face softened as he looked at her. She wanted to bombard him with more questions but didn’t want to upset him.

“You’re so brave.” She whispered, her fingers fumbling between the strands of his dark hair. Alec closed his eyes, relishing under her soft touch.

They lay there for a while, silent, in each other’s arms. It was peaceful. Siena could stay here forever.

Alec groaned as his hand caressed her thigh. “I’m hungry.” He purred, his low, rough voice igniting something in Siena.

She cleared her throat trying to shake out of this daze. “I’ll fix us something.” She smiled, but as she lifted herself to leave, Alec’s large hand pushed her back down.

He spread her legs, kneeling between them. His eyes roaming her naked body before landing back on her face. His tongue darted out, meeting her sensitive buds, gliding down to her navel before she felt him kiss the lips between her legs.

He lifted his face to look at her. “I said... I’m hungry.” He licked his lips before his tongue flicked between her folds.



Siena finally walked into the apartment that evening, Alec had dropped her off. She let out a sigh as she closed the door behind her. It had been a truly magical day with him. She found it hard to leave him and even though he begged her to stay with him, she had a job to do and college to attend tomorrow.

“Asher, I’m back.” She announced as she walked into the apartment. She furrowed her brows as she looked around. The flower vase that use to be on the kitchen counter was scattered on the floor, as well as other things. A picture frame from the lounge had been thrown against the wall, denting and chipping the paint.

Siena gasped, running out of the room. She dialled Asher’s number but he wasn’t picking up. “Tony what the fuck happened up there? Where’s Asher?”

Tony pressed his lips together, he looked worried. “Asher isn’t here Miss Romana. Kate stopped by earlier. That may explain the... mess.” He nodded.

“Kate?” Siena shook her head. “Where’s Sarah?”

“She went home this morning.”

“Tony, why was Kate here?”

“She’s pregnant.” He grimaced.

Siena gasped, she walked back to the apartment, trying to piece everything together. This was bad, was it Ashers? Poor Sarah.

Siena called Sarah straight away. “Siena?” Sarah’s trembling voice answered and shot through Siena’s heart.

“Sarah, I just heard.”

“Yeah.” Sarah choked.

“Is it his?”

“I don’t know, I just left as soon as I could. Is Asher okay?”

“He’s not here. I just got back.” Siena admitted. “Do you want me to come and see you?”

“No, I just really need to be alone right now. God I’m so stupid. I should never have got involved with Asher in the first place.” Sarah cried.

“He cares about you.”

She heard Sarah sigh at the other end. “I gotta go, I can’t talk about this.”

“Okay, I’m here if you need me. Just call me okay?”


Siena tried to call Asher once more, but there was still no answer. She began cleaning the mess in the kitchen and lounge. After she cleared everything up, she showered and sat on the couch. It was a little past ten at night. Where was Asher? Was he with Kate? A part of Siena thought he’d be with Sarah. She wanted to call Alec, but decided against it. Asher might not want everyone to know.

She threw a blanket on herself and flicked through the TV channels, her eyes were growing heavy and she didn’t remember falling asleep.

The sound of her alarm blared around her, she groaned at her stiff neck as she woke on the couch. There was no sign of Asher, he didn’t come home. His bed was empty, untouched. She had no calls or messages from him.

After freshening up she ate a cereal bar before leaving for college.


“You okay girl?” Andy asked, noticing how spaced out Siena was. She snapped out of her trance and looked at him. “Yeah sorry just, tired.”

Andy nodded, he knew there was something up but didn’t push it any further.

Class had been quiet, Siena hardly spoke two words as she worked on her piece. Her mind kept drifting from Alec to Asher to Sarah and of course Kate. Kate cheated on Asher, she was unfaithful to him. This baby could be someone else’s.

Her classes had come and gone in silence, Siena waved off Andy as she checked her phone. Still nothing from Asher. She wondered if he was at home.

She spotted Alec waiting for her, her feet moved on their own as she rushed to him. Her arms fell around him and she hugged him tightly, closing her eyes and melting into him.

“Missed me that much?” He teased, opening the car door for her.

Siena slid in and smiled, resting her head back, she looked out of the window. Alec noticed she was being quiet but she could have just been tired. It had been a long weekend for her, emotionally and physically.

“How was your day?” Alec asked, his eyes concentrating on the road ahead.

“Good, tiring.” Siena sighed, throwing him a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

“Something bothering you tesoro?” Alec glanced towards her.

“Nope. Just tired baby.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek. His musky scent soothing her as she sat back in her seat.

“I’ll call you after work.” Alec spoke, watching Siena walk off to the apartment. Tony ran out just as she stepped in, he gave Alec a weird look before turning to Siena. Alec caught onto this and parked the car, following after them.

“Asher‘s up there. He’s not in a good state.” Tony grimaced.

“Is he okay, is he hurt?” Siena rushed to the elevator and pressed the button, she looked at Alec with concern.

They walked into the apartment and found Asher trying to pick up a broken plate from the kitchen floor. “Asher!” Siena shrieked, running over to him.

“Siena!” Asher cheered, he began laughing as she helped him over to the couch. He was obviously hammered, not even being able to walk straight.

He almost knocked down the reading lamp as she settled him down. When his eyes fell on Alec, Asher’s whole demeanour had changed, throwing Alec a death stare. Alec furrowed his brows at him.

“Alec Marino.” Asher spat, his ocean eyes turning dark as he glared at Alec. He then began to laugh, it was a cold laugh. It didn’t sound right coming from Asher. This wasn't him.

Alec folded his arms and narrowed his eyes as he watched Siena bring Alec a glass of water. “Drink this.” She insisted.

“You’re always taking care of me.” Asher slurred, his hand reaching out to cup Siena’s cheek. Alec’s hands turned to fists beside him, noticing this, Siena stepped away.

She approached Alec. “He’s drunk, he just needs sleep.” She stressed, looking into Alec’s eyes, she could see his body tensing.

“Siena?” Asher called. “Can you take me to my room.” He wasn’t looking at Siena, he was looking straight at Alec. A small smirk playing on his lips.

“Enough!” Alec hissed, grabbing Siena’s arm and pulling her close to him.

“She works for me Alec.” Asher stated, standing up and steadying himself. “Come on Siena, you can help me out of my pants.” He laughed.

Before Alec could step forward, Siena jumped in front of him. “Alec... look at me... look at me!” Alec looked into her eyes, she could see his pupils had turned to slits, she could practically see the smoke coming out of him.

“Please Alec, he’s drunk. He doesn’t know what he’s saying!” She pleaded.

She heard Asher laugh behind her. “I know what I’m saying. She’s my maid Alec, she’s mine.”

Siena saw Alec’s self control snap and within seconds Asher’s neck was between his hand.

“Stop please!” Siena screamed. “Please!” Her tears fell from her wide eyes as she tried to stop what was happening.

Asher sneered at Alec. “Did you enjoy it Alec?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Alec growled, his hand pressing firmly around Asher’s neck.

“Kate!” Asher roared. “You fucked her!”

Alec let go of Asher and stepped back, he was silent for a moment. “What?” Alec grimaced.

“It was you, all along!” Asher spat. He shoved Alec back with his hands.

“You can’t be fucking serious?” Alec yelled.

“Oh yeah? What’s this?” Asher pulled out his phone showing security footage of Alec and Kate kissing in the lobby dated back to three months ago.

“That’s bullshit!” Alec growled, he took Asher’s phone and smashed it across the room past Siena. His eyes fell to Siena, she stood in shock. Paralysed. Like a beautiful, tragic statue, the only thing moving was her tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Siena?” Alec tried to cup her chin to look at him but she snapped, pushing him away from her with disgust. “How could you?” She trembled, her voice low and broken.


“Leave.” She cut him off, her voice unwavering, lacking emotion now. Her glass like eyes looking straight ahead. Not at him.

With a heavy sigh, Alec glared at Asher one last time before walking out of the apartment. Siena let out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding in. Wiping her tears away she approached Asher. “I’m sorry.” She cried before running into her room and slamming the door closed.

Asher rubbed against his raw skin where Alec had strangled him, he somehow made it to the couch where he fell and passed out after a while, the alcohol had consumed him for the night. He was hurt, he was betrayed not just by his ex fiancé, but by someone he actually considered a friend.

Siena leaned back against her door, her hand covering her mouth as she sobbed into the darkness of her room. She fell to the floor as the image of Alec and Kate kissing played in her mind. She gave him everything, she trusted him.

They might not have been together then, but Alec knew that Asher and Kate were engaged. How could he do something like this? - and if Kate was pregnant there was a pretty good chance that this baby was Alec’.

How could he do this?

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