Dangerous Love

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Two weeks later...

Siena finished her last class of the semester, she was excited to have a short break. With her fashion piece almost completed, she felt satisfied and free enough to relax in this break.

“We gotta go out tonight.” Andy insisted, his light curly hair bouncing up and down with enthusiasm. Siena half smiled as she packed up her things.

“I have to collect Tia from the station in half an hour, she’s staying for a few days.”

“Well great, bring her out. We’re going to Mercutio’s.” Andy beamed.

“I’ll see, no promises. I’ll see what Tia wants to do.”

Siena rushed to hail a cab. “To the station please.” She stared out of the window, her mind trying to distract herself from going to him.

If she wasn’t busy, his face would flash before her. She had already briefed Tia with what happened over the phone. She just couldn’t wait to see her now and spend time with her, she needed this.

Asher had gone out of town, since that night. Siena didn’t see him the next morning, he left a message with Tony that he was away for a while. Siena had been alone for two weeks in that apartment.

She closed her eyes as the station drew near, she took a deep breath. She was going to forget everything that happened for these few days and just enjoy herself with Tia. “The station ma’am.”

“Thank you.” Siena rushed out and made her way in. Tia’s train had just arrived and people were getting off. Through the rushing crowd, Siena spotted Tia further down. Bumping into people as she strolled through, Siena finally reached her.

“Sorella I’ve missed you!” Tia beamed as she threw herself in Siena’s arms.

“Oh Tia!” Siena choked, tightening their embrace. She needed this time with her cousin, she needed to mend her broken heart.


Sarah had buried herself in her work, taking on extra shifts at the hospital. All she wanted to do was forget about Asher. The last text she sent him was to break up whatever this was before it even started. He didn’t reply to it, or get in contact with her after that. Maybe he was relieved. There was no point of her jumping into this with him, it was too risky, and it was her heart in the firing line.

Even though she missed him more than anything, he let her go. She couldn’t blame him, his mind must have been fucked. - but a small part of her had hoped that he could reassure her instead of disappearing off the face of the earth. She was just glad that this ended before she did anything stupid with him. It was a lesson for her and from now on, the only important thing were her studies.

When Siena told her that it was Alec who had been cheating with Kate, Sarah was shocked and hurt for her friend. They had met for a coffee once in these last two weeks where Siena was quiet, hardly speaking two words and Sarah was trying her best to talk normally. It was no use, they were both hurting and they both needed time.

Siena had invited her to come over to see Tia, but there is no way that Sarah was going to go back into that apartment. There’s no way she was going to risk seeing him again. It was better this way.

“Did you just get back?” Emma asked, concern filling her tone.

“Yep, I needed the practice. I've got exams next semester.” Sarah replied, deadpan.

“You need to relax, I’ve hardly seen you sit down for 2 minutes.”

“I’m fine Em.” Sarah sighed, picking up an apple and walking towards her room.

“You’re not fine!” Emma yelled up the stairs.


“Oh Mio Dio! I can’t believe you actually live here!” Tia gushed, diving down on Siena’s bed. She loved it, so bright and airy.

Siena smiled as she curled her hair, Tia was excited to meet Andy and go out with Siena tonight. “Did you try Sarah again?” Tia asked, now looking through Siena’s wardrobe for something to wear tonight.

“I’m going to call her now.” Siena replied, walking out of the room with her phone to her ear.

“Hey Siena.” Sarah answered.

“Mercutio’s tonight? C’mon it’ll be fun!”

She heard Sarah grumble on the other end before sighing. “Fine, but I’ll meet you guys there.”

“Yes! Can’t wait to see you.” Siena smiled, walking into her room. “Good news, Sarah is coming.”

“That’s great!” Tia smiled. “She needs cheering up just as much as you do.”

Tia held Siena’s shoulder. “I can’t believe one bitch caused so much damage.” She shook her head. Siena almost chuckled, but there was a sadness to it.

“Right what are we wearing? We have to look sexy tonight!”

Siena smiled at her cousin’s enthusiasm, Tia was here for a good time and that is what she was going to get. Siena could try to forget about a certain someone for one evening, he didn’t even deserve to be in her thoughts right now.

She wanted to stop picturing him every time she closed her eyes, his silver gaze, those plush lips. He was a God, a beautiful nightmare. He stole her heart, ripping it from her and crushed between the palms of his hands. She didn’t want to miss him, she didn’t want to want him anymore.

“So Tia.” Siena smirked. “Love life?” She raised her brow, throwing some mascara at her cousin.

“Argh, non-existent.” Tia laughed. “I can’t believe I almost got married.” She cringed at Siena.

“Mama is so different now though, she smiles and hums when she’s cooking. I didn’t think our life could be this way, plus I don’t sleep on a stupido mattress anymore. I have a proper bed.”

“Good, can you believe how we lived?” Siena furrowed her brows. “-and just like that, the debt was scrapped.”

Tia looked lost in thought staring ahead at the wall. Siena continued. “Has anyone even seen this guy? Why would he take pity all of a sudden.”

“Beats me!” Tia gulped, throwing Siena a sheepish smile.

“It doesn’t make any sense. I mean it’s a freakin miracle, but it doesn’t-.” Siena froze as she noticed Tia biting her lip through the reflection of the mirror. “Tia?”

“Yes sorella (sister).” Tia replied quickly, too quickly.

“Spill. Now!”

Tia stumbled for words, she had been wanting to get this off her chest for so long. Siena was the one person she trusted more than anyone.

“Okay, please don’t be mad.” Tia warned, tucking her hair behind her ear as she kneeled on the bed.

“Tia!” Siena yelled, growing impatient.

“I went to see the boss.”

“What do you mean you went to-.” Siena gasped as Tia’s words dawned on her. “Tell me you are joking!” She snapped.

“It was after I met Daniel, he wanted to push the wedding forward and the boss was my only hope.”

Siena fell to the bed in shock. “Do you know how stupid that was Tia, you could have got hurt or worse!”

“I know that now, but he didn’t hurt me.” Tia admitted, a small twinkle in her caramel eyes.

“You don’t think he... dropped the debt because of you?” Siena wondered, her head spinning from this crazy information.

“I... don’t know.” Tia sighed, though in reality she would love to think it was because of her and for a while now she had been thinking to go back there to thank him. That was something she wasn’t going to mention to Siena.

“What was he like?” Siena asked, genuinely curious.

“He was... normal.” Tia tried to sound casual.

“Normal?” Siena couldn’t help the smirk brewing on her lips. Tia’s doe like eyes were dancing around everywhere.

“Yes. I mean he was really scary and his eyes, they were... you know... and his lips were.” Tia drifted off.

“Mio Dio you have the hots for the boss!” Siena half snapped half laughed.

“What? No I don’t!” Tia turned bright red, picking up a cushion and throwing it at Siena.

“This conversation is over!” Tia snapped, stomping into the lounge.

“Oh no it’s not, I want to know what the hell you were thinking going there. Does Zia know? She’ll freakin kill you.”

“No, and you dare tell her. If me going there helped our situation, is that so bad?”

“That’s not the point Tia!” Siena raised her brow. “It was risky.”

“I get that but I’m fine.”

“I can’t believe all it took was for you to barge in there and flutter your eyelashes at him. Men!” Siena scoffed.

“Have you heard from Alec?” Tia asked, realising too late that it was a sour topic.

“No.” Siena replied before she slipped into her tight dress.

“Woah, hot!” Tia shrieked.

“Get into your dress, we’re meeting Andy in 20 minutes!”


Mercutio’s was a trendy cocktail bar in the city, Siena and Tia met Andy outside.

“Girls, you look smokin hot, damn!” He cooed. Siena had worn a tight black dress enhancing her curves, her hair curled and pinned into a low bun. Tia wore a plum dress, tight from the bust but flowing down, her curls fell loosely around her. Both looked gorgeous and as soon as they walked in, most eyes were on them.

They sat around a table and ordered drinks, Andy had a friend with him whose name was Clive. He was a little shy, but Andy said once he gets some drinks down him, he’s a different person.

“Girls!” Sarah’s voice boomed from a few feet away. She looked incredible in a red cocktail dress, her fiery hair was dead straight falling behind her.

Tia and Siena began to wolf whistle at her before Siena hugged her tightly. A hug that they both needed, a hug that said so much more. Sarah greeted the others and hugged Tia before ordering her drink.

“I’m so glad you came.” Siena smiled.

“I had to see you.” Sarah grinned back. The drinks came to the table and Andy made sure to take pictures. Clive ordered shots and the girls kept wondering when he was going to come out of his shell.

Many drinks later the girls were laughing and snorting at everything and anything. Andy had met up with some other friends and was dancing on the dance floor. His moves were one to watch out for, he could twerk anyone to shame. Clive was still uncomfortable, but swayed his hips with his drink in his hand.

Sarah scowled at a man sitting at the bar. “Doesn’t that man look like Asher?” She squinted.

Siena followed her gaze and furrowed her brows with a smile on her face. “Sarah that man’s bald.”

“Oh.” Sarah replied, downing the rest of her drink.

Siena giggled, her dimples glowing under the bright lights. Another man had hovered over to the table, his eyes were on Siena. “You wanna dance?” He asked, his dark hair reminded her of someone but this guy didn’t even come close.

“I really don’t.” She replied. “Girls let’s get more shots!”

“Oh c’mon. You’re so sexy. One dance.”

Siena raised her brow before turning to Tia, who of course was egging her on. “Fine.” Siena rolled her eyes and walked off with the man.

They moved to the music, Andy winked as he spotted her next to them. He nodded his head with approval at the mysterious man dancing with her. “What’s your name?” The man asked, he was tall and lean, wearing a white shirt.

“Siena.” She yelled over the music, swaying her hips.

“Wow, your name is almost as beautiful as you.”

Siena fought the urge to roll her eyes, if she had a penny for every time she heard that line.

“I’m Shane.” He smiled, his hands reaching for Siena’s waist.

She stiffened a little at his touch but the alcohol played its part, she leaned into him and moved her body. Shane’s eyes grew wide as he watched her move, her sensual moves earning looks from many men. A smug grin plastered Shane’s face, he was sure he was envied by many right now.

Siena’s hand reached his shoulder and she smiled, her dimples almost knocking Shane off his feet. She glanced over his body to take him in, when her eyes fell back onto his face she saw Alec. Alec was the one dancing with her, her heart started to race as his breathtaking face smiled at her.

She took a harsh step back, her eyes wide with confusion. “You okay?” Shane asked. Snapping her out of whatever that was. “I have to go.”

She walked off the dance floor, her brows knitting together. Her imagination was getting the better of her, she kept her gaze down. The last thing she wanted was to look at another man, only to see Alec. Her heart was beating fast, it ached as she stumbled back to the table.

Sarah had just downed another drink. “You know what, I am done with drama.” She slurred. “I should have just found myself a hot doctor at the hospital but oh no.” She shook her head. “I had to go after Asher Hayden.”

“He’s hot though.” Tia hiccuped. “I mean these hot men make us weak.”

“Alec is hot.” Siena announced, her voice lazy and low. “I hate him.” She picked up a full shot glass from the middle of the table and chugged it down her throat.

“Men!” Sarah shook her head, scowling at every man around the room.

“Gli uomini sono maiali! (Men are pigs).” Siena snapped, her hooded eyes looking between Tia and Sarah.

“I don’t know what you just said but I fucking agree!” Sarah slurred, holding her glass up to cheers Siena.

Hot pigs.” Tia chimed in, chugging down a shot of her own.

"I'm going to take that summer internship, and I don't ever want to see Alec again." Siena mumbled.

"You just do you girl!" Sarah cheered.

“You know, I’ve always had a thing for villains.” Tia blurted. Siena and Sarah looked at each other with confusion, small smirks playing on their faces.

“Villains?” Sarah repeated.

Tia nodded. “Yep, the bad guys.” She hiccuped.

“Right.” Sarah chuckled.

Tia blew one of her curls out of her face and smiled. Sarah looked at her with admiration. “God your hair is amazing. Are those natural curls?”

“Si. Nightmare to tame though.” She chuckled.

“I’d die to have curls like that.” Sarah gushed, her amber eyes twinkling at Tia.

“You girls are the best.” Siena slurred. “- and I love this song!”

Sarah looked towards the dance floor spotting Andy waving them over. She laughed out loud at his crazy moves before they all joined.

“Looks like Clive found his mojo.” Tia snorted. All there eyes turned to Clive who had taken his top of and was spinning it in the air. They all laughed, danced and let loose. Forgetting all their worries for the moment, life is too short.

Siena closed her eyes and moved her body, the dance floor was dark. Bright lights bouncing off the crowd. Tesoro. Her eyes shot open, she heard his voice. She was sure of it, it wasn’t until she felt her tears drop down her cheeks that she realised she was crying. She quickly wiped her tears and smiled as she looked at her friends.

Tia and Sarah pretended to waltz, laughing in each other’s arms. They had both bonded well in the short time they knew each other and the few times they had met now.

They all scrambled back to the table after what felt like hours. “Fuck, my feet.” Siena moaned.

They slumped down in their seats, all preparing to split the bill. The barmaid walked over smiling. “Your bill has been paid.”

“Huh?” Andy squealed, holding onto his credit card.

“Yes everything has already been paid for.”

“By who!?” Sarah asked, her eyes travelling around the room as if looking for the culprit.

“Thank you for visiting Mercutio’s.” The barmaid smiled, her eyes briefly fell onto Tia before walking away.

“Well shit!” Andy laughed. “Was it the guy Siena was dancing with?”

“I don’t think so.” Siena shrugged.

“Why did she look at Tia like that?” Sarah asked, her brows knitting together as she played with her earring.

Tia thought only she had noticed that look but it was obvious, the barmaid clearly looked at her and smirked. - but why?


“Fuck these fries are good!” Tia yelled in the lobby, her mouth full of hot cheesy fries. The lobby was empty as they walked through, making their way into the apartment.

Tia fell onto the couch laughing, she watched Siena pull out two plates before slipping out of her shoes. She was pleased to read a text from Sarah to let her know she had got home safely.

The sound of the the door rattling startled both girls, Siena’s eyes grew wide as she spotted Asher walk in. Her lips parted to speak but nothing came out.

“Hi Asher.” Tia greeted, she stood up and looked at Siena before walking into her room. “Bye Asher.” She smiled, closing the bedroom door shut behind her.

Siena stood quietly as Asher shrugged out of his coat. “Siena.” He whispered, he slowly approached her.

“Hey.” She spoke, her voice low.

“Firstly, I really need to apologise. I was acting like a dick the last time I saw you.” He admitted, his hand rubbing the back of his neck as his face looked flush from embarrassment.

“It’s okay. You were angry I guess.” Siena replied, picking up her shoes from the floor.

“You look nice. Did you girls go out?”

“Yeah.” She smiled.

Asher nodded. “Look Siena, there’s no easy way to say this to you.”

Siena’s arms fell to her sides as she prepared for whatever was going to come out of his mouth. Asher took a deep breath.

I’m not the father.” He breathed, his intense gaze focusing on Siena.

Siena’s bottom lip trembled but she just nodded, trying to hold herself together. She knew what this meant. Asher inched closer, he sighed as he looked into her glassy eyes.

“Alec left.”

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