Dangerous Love

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“Sorella? (Sister).” Tia whispered, as she turned over in bed.


“You love him don’t you?”

She felt Siena stiffen between the sheets and sigh weakly.

“Tia, I really don’t want to talk about it.”

“-but I think you need to.” Tia spoke softly, her hand rubbing Siena’s arm, comforting her.

“Please.” Siena croaked, a single tear sliding down her flushed cheek.

“Siena all I’m saying is, if you love him, doesn’t he deserve to explain himself?”

“Tia.” Siena warned.

“What you both have is worth-.”

“Worth what?” Siena cut her off. “Where is he?” She sadly chuckled. “How can I let him explain himself when he’s gone!” She wiped away her tears. “I think I’ve got my answer Tia. So please, let’s just drop this.”

“Sorry Siena. I won’t bring this up again.” Tia sighed, her hand now playing with Siena’s hair. She felt terrible for her dear cousin.

Siena wasn’t the type who gave up her heart so easily. Growing up, Tia watched many try and fail miserably at wooing Siena. Tia knew the man who eventually did sweep her cousin off her feet would be special. Tia just saw it once, but the way Alec looked at Siena, was powerful.

Tia turned over, her head was still spinning from the mysterious bill payer tonight. The more she thought about it, the more she thought of how things like this had happened more than once lately. - and how she kept feeling like she is being watched.

Her mind drifted to thoughts of a tall frame, dark thick hair, plush lips, obsidian eyes boring into her before darkness claimed her.


These few days that Siena had spent with Tia were wonderful, they shopped, watched movies, had walks on the coast and ate a different takeaway every night.

It was time to drop Tia back to the station, Siena tried to prick back the tears that kept trying to escape.

“Hey.” Tia smiled at her cousin at the station. “I had an amazing time. I love you sorella.” She jumped into Siena’s arms. Of course this started Siena off, she buried her head into Tia’s shoulder and sobbed.

“You know you can come home if you wanted to. Mama says there’s no need for you to work. Plus your pay checks go to you now.”

Siena shook her head. “I can’t come home Tia... college.” She wiped her tears and tucked Tia’s hair behind her ear. “I might look into renting a small space around here. I need to speak to Asher.”

“Just do what’s best for you.” Tia smiled, her glassy eyes looking to Siena with adoration.

“You better be good! No more random visits to the boss okay?”

“Okay.” Tia chuckled, she picked up her duffle bag and kissed Siena on the cheek before getting onto the train. Siena blew a kiss at Tia and waited, the train left shortly after.

“Excuse me ma’am.” The train attendant smiled at Tia.

“Yes, do you need to see my ticket?” Tia asked.

“No ma’am, you’re sitting in the wrong seat. Please follow me.” Tia furrowed her brows as she followed the attendant, this didn’t happen on her way to see Siena, did she buy the wrong ticket? She tried to fish out her ticket from her bag but by the time she got it out, the attendant was pointing to an empty seat.

Tia’s lips parted, she was in the first class carriage. A large seat and table to herself, was that a TV? “I...” she stumbled for words, but the attendant took her bag and placed it in the compartment next to her seat.

“Enjoy your journey Tiana Rossi.” She nodded before disappearing to the next carriage.

Tia sat back in the extremely comfortable seat, her eyes scanned the empty carriage she was in, seems like she was the only one in here. Peaceful.

She glanced at the ticket in her hand, it definitely wasn’t a first class ticket. Her head fell back on the head rest, she closed her eyes and smiled. Maybe God was giving back, for all the times she had nothing.

All the times she was bullied in school for wearing the same tattered clothes nearly every day, she wasn’t even able to defend herself because her English wasn’t good back then.

“Thank you.” She whispered into the empty silence of the carriage, before the comfort of her seat lulled her to sleep.


Siena threw the keys on the side table before taking off her jacket. Her eyes were a little red and puffy from crying. She took a deep breath before walking into the lounge.

Asher walked out of his room topless, his hair a little messy as he ran his fingers through it. His ocean eyes lazily scanned the room before widening at Siena.

“Were you napping?” She asked.

“Yeah.” He smiled as he switched on the coffee machine. “I’ve not been sleeping so well at night.”

Siena nodded slightly, she sat on the couch and slipped out of her shoes.

“Tia leave okay?”

“Yep.” Siena tried to fight the urge not to cry again. She was really going to miss Tia, and where she had been feeling all alone, Tia filled that void in her heart.

Asher furrowed his brows as he saw Siena’s bottom lip tremble slightly. He rushed over and sat beside her. “Hey?” He spoke quietly.

Siena chuckled, a small tear fell from her eye. “Don’t.” She tried to brush it off with a smile. “I’m just extra sensitive right now.”

Asher leaned in, his arms wrapping around her to comfort her. He stayed silent as she rested her head on his bare shoulder, he could feel her wet cheeks on his skin.



“Maybe I should move out.”

“What?” Their eyes met with intensity.

“You should get yourself a maid that’s worth what you’re paying. I’m going to college and you’re stuck paying-.”

“Siena? Where is this coming from?” He cut her off.

“I just feel bad for you, you can cut my pay.”

“Will you just... shut up.” He chuckled.

Siena’s emerald eyes widened before a smile played on her lips. He had never told her to shut up before.

“You’re not going anywhere. Understood?” He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. “If this is about that time with Alec, I didn’t mean all the stupid shit I said.”

“No it’s not that.” Siena spoke, she had forgiven Asher for his behaviour that night. He was angry and bitter towards Alec.

“Siena please don’t leave. You’re one of my closest friends.”

Siena could hear how genuine his words were, his eyes were focused on her own. He didn’t want her to leave and that made Siena feel warm. She was expecting him to get fed up with paying her for doing the bare minimum.

“Okay.” She smiled before he hugged her tighter. “Put on some clothes!” She laughed.

“It’s not my fault you can’t resist me.” He snorted.

Siena jokingly shoved his arm, she didn’t think before her next words came out.

“What’s happening with Sarah?”

Asher leaned back on the couch and shrugged his shoulders, his ocean eyes danced around the room as he slightly shook his head. “I don’t know. She doesn’t want to be with me.”

“I’m sure that’s not true.”

“Well, I have a text to prove it. She gave up Siena. She gave up on me before I even had the chance to be with her.” He sighed, his head falling back on the cushion.

“She just needs time.” Siena calmly stated.

“No I’m done. I can’t chase someone who doesn’t want to be chased.” He closed his eyes. Why was he fighting this? They had a good thing going.

Siena dropped the subject and stood up to go and shower. Just as she walked into her room Asher called her name, she turned back to face him.

“I’m glad you’re staying.” He smiled, it warmed Siena’s heart, she smiled back before closing her room door.

She picked up her sketchbook and sat on her bed, the sun was setting in the sky, hues of gold glimmered around her room as she opened the book. She scanned the many pages with different outfits and dresses, when her eyes fell to her final sketch, they glossed over.

She stared down at the close up sketch of Alec as her tears escaped her eyes. Her fingers trailed his pencilled lips on the thick paper before she held the book up to her chest. Why did he just leave? She didn’t want him to leave. She wanted him to fight for her.


Siena was enjoying her break, Asher had been working late so she pretty much had the apartment all to herself. Since Asher wanted her as more of a roommate than a maid, she had added a few of her touches to the apartment. Satisfied with her handy work, she admired her decorative touches, especially the beautiful candles she placed around.

She perched herself on the couch and flicked through the channels, eventually she landed on a scary movie. Stretching the blanket around herself she dug into a tub of ice cream.

Covering her eyes at an intense scene she screamed as Asher walked in. “Fuck! You scared me.” She half whispered, half snapped holding her hand to her heart.

“Sorry.” Asher chuckled, he threw down his briefcase and strolled into his room.

After showering he fell to the couch beside Siena and opened his mouth wide so she would feed him some ice cream. She giggled as she fed him and then closed her eyes when something scary flashed on the screen.

“Why are you watching this if you’re that scared.”

I’m not scared.”

“Okay, you’re not scared.” He nodded, sarcasm clear in his response as he watched her pull the blanket over her eyes.

“I’m taking tomorrow off, let’s do something.” Asher insisted, pulling the blanket off her.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Anything.”

Siena pondered for a moment before another jump scare flashed on the screen. She shrieked, almost jumping on Asher. He took the TV remote and switched the channel to something else. “There.” He grinned.

“My hero.” She snorted, enjoying another spoon of ice cream. “Can we go to the theatre? I’ve never been.”

“You’ve never been to a theatre show?”


“Say no more.” Asher smiled, stealing her spoon and taking it into his mouth. “So good.”

They both froze as a steamy sex scene started playing out on the TV, Siena tried to hide her face with embarrassment and Asher smirked at her. She tried to grab the remote from Asher but he stretched it above him, laughing. “Asher!” She giggled, reaching for it.

She propped up on her knees and leaned towards him, adamant to get it off him. Both laughing until she fell onto him and the remote, the TV turned off. His hands reached out to grab her waist as silence fell around the room. He quickly readjusted himself, whilst Siena climbed off the couch. “Uh... well, goodnight Asher.”

Asher smiled, he stood up and pulled his T-shirt above his head, Siena didn’t know why but she couldn’t look away from him. He stopped at his door, turning to face her. “Night Siena.” He spoke, his voice low before walking into his room.

Siena closed her bedroom door, her heart was racing. What the fuck was that? She reminded herself that her and Asher are really good friends, so whatever that was, it was all in her head. It was nothing.


The morning sun shone through the small gap in Asher’s room, his eyes fluttered open and he sighed. He took his phone in his hand and it had become routine to reread a text.

Asher whatever has happened between us, I’ve realised it has been a huge mistake. I think we jumped into things too quick. I’m sorry but I can’t do this anymore. I hope you understand. Sarah xoxo

For some reason no matter how many times he hovered over the delete option, he couldn’t bring himself to get rid of it. He wanted a reminder that Sarah wanted out and if she wanted out this early on, what was the chance that she would stick around with him. He was done getting his heart broken.

The thought of Siena falling on top of him last night played in his head, how her breasts were right in his face. Fuck! He had to stop this, it was wrong to think of her that way. He was her friend, nothing more. Even though she was ridiculously attractive he had to stop this.

His mind drifted to when a blob of ice cream dripped between her cleavage through her tank top, how Siena wiped it with her finger and put it to her mouth. Fuck! Asher stomped out of bed and ran himself a cold shower. This was not good.

After showering, he made a few phone calls to make sure he got good seats to a fairytale show. She would love that, Siena was a Disney fanatic. He was going to make sure she had a good day, they both deserved it.


“Boss he’s here.”

The man looked up at his henchman and grinned. “Send him in.” He placed two glasses on the desk before pouring an expensive, vintage amber liquid into them.

He heard his door open and close, smirking as he sensed the man in his room. He lifted one of the glasses and gave it to him. “Sit down.” He insisted.

The boss sat before his guest behind his desk and watched as the man downed his drink within seconds. No hesitation.

“I could use a man like you.” The boss chuckled.

“You know I don’t do this shit no more.”

The boss poured another round of the amber liquid as he studied his guests face. He saw no emotion, but he saw what he wanted. A hitman, a ruthless hitman.

“You must have heard that I offer more money than anyone else.” The boss boasted.

“I don’t need money.”

The boss laughed. “Everyone needs money amico (friend).”

The man before him downed his next drink and leaned back in his chair. The boss raised his brow at him. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

The guest narrowed his eyes and stared at the boss. “You killed the man who murdered your parents, at just 18 years old.”

“That was a long time ago.”

“You sneaked into his base and slit his throat. Slowly.” The boss nodded with approval.

“How much will it cost to have you work for me?”

“I told you, I don’t do th-.”

“Then what the fuck are you doing here Alec?”

Alec’s darkened eyes stared at the boss for a moment longer before he leaned back in his chair again. “I know you have Daniel Leaver.”

“Do you now?” The boss smirked. “What do you want with him?”

“A confession.” Alec growled lowly.

The boss laughed, cold and calculating. His eyes darkened as he took in Alec’s tense form. “What if I told you I already have his confession?” The boss admitted.

Alec furrowed his brows and watched as the boss took out a dvd from his top drawer. He laughed. “I had that bastard confess each and every sin he’s ever committed.”

The boss played the video of Daniel, his eyes focused on Alec as he watched it. Daniel was beaten to no end, his face unrecognisable. Some of his fingers looked as though they had been chopped off. - but once Alec heard what he wanted to, he shot up from his chair.

“You either hand Daniel over to me, or you give me that dvd.” Alec demanded.

“Know your place Alec. This is my home.” The boss gestured him to sit back down.

“The dvd is yours, but you know what I want.”

Alec closed his eyes to think, his jaw ticking as Siena’s face flashed through his mind.

“Fine.” Alec answered.

The boss chuckled. “Welcome Alec.” He threw the dvd at him before pouring another drink.

“I will be in touch with your first assignment.” The boss sneered.

Alec nodded before leaving the mansion with the dvd in his hand. He had more evidence than he hoped he would find, was it worth what he just signed up for? He wasn’t sure, but he was going to find out.

The boss sat back in his seat and chuckled deeply to himself, he had just bagged himself the most sought out hitman. Alec Marino was a beast, he couldn't wait to use this to his advantage.

"Boss, Miss Rossi has gone clubbing with her college friends."

"Has she now?" The boss smirked.

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