Dangerous Love

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“Alec.” Siena warned, he sat behind her in their large bed. His lips grazing her neck as she touched up everything she needed for her college presentation.

Siena leaned back on his bare chest finally satisfied with her preparations. “You all set baby?” Alec’s low voice vibrated through her body.

“Yes.” She whispered, putting everything in her folder on the side of the bed. “All set.” She smiled, climbing back onto Alec. The heat from his body soothing her nerves as she rested her head on his chest.

“Yours will be the best.” Alec purred in her ear, her body shuddered above him. “Let me calm your nerves.” He smirked.

Alec sat up, his fingers reaching out and pulling the straps of her tank top down. His palms carefully caressing the tense muscles in her shoulders and back. Siena hummed, her eyes closed. Heaven.

“That’s amazing.” She admitted.

Alec skilfully glided his finger down her spine, earning a satisfactory moan from her mouth. His lips grazed her ear as he grew hard behind her.

“Does that feel good?” His raspy voice sent another vibration through her.

“Yes.” She whispered, purposely grinding her bottom on his stiffened length. He groaned in pleasure, his hand reaching her front. He cupped her breast in his hand, loving how perfectly it fit.

He roamed lower, his finger reaching her lace panties before moving them to the side. Siena let out a quiet sigh as her head fell back in pleasure.

His finger rubbed between her wet, sensitive folds. “Look how wet you are.” He growled quietly. His rough finger slipped into her, Siena jolted and moaned under his touch, her hand holding his wrist as it moved back and forth.

“Alec.” She moaned, her legs parting further on their own as she thrust into his finger. “Make love to me.” She whispered.

Alec pushed her down on her front, she could hear him tearing open the foil packet before entering her, his length slamming deeply into her. “Fuck, yes.” She whimpered.

“So fucking tight baby.” Alec groaned under his breath. His face flushed and full of awe as he penetrated her from behind. His large arms gripping onto her waist as he slammed deeper, sweating, grunting.

He pulled her hair back, swearing under his breath. Her delectable body meeting his thrusts, her perfectly round bottom clear in his view. She was his. He was hers.

He felt her body stiffen and stretch as she came undone, releasing more moisture on his still hard cock. This was the girl he could never get enough of. Turning her over, his heated body towered over her as he found her sweet entrance once again, letting her milk him to every last drop.


“God I’m nervous.” Andy grimaced, his hands trembling as he reread his notes.

“You’ll be fine, breath.” Siena smiled, she had everything prepared. A thin dark cloth covered her mannequin, awaiting to be lifted to unveil her masterpiece. She was scared and confident at the same time, but the fire in her heart was winning.

Siena glanced further up the room where Julia sat behind her desk, her hard eyed staring straight ahead. They briefly landed on Siena, giving her a knowing smile. Siena wanted to make her proud, this was her moment.

Siena and Andy sat and watched the students head up to the top of the class one by one. A few fashion experts had come to observe, which made the whole thing a lot more nerve wrecking.

Andy’s name was called and he stumbled to the top of the class. He stood his mannequin proudly before him, showcasing a burst of colours. It was a smart, tailored suit but the colours were beyond this world. There were thick stitching patterns around the seams, making the whole outfit stand out. It was like looking at a rainbow.

Siena couldn’t help smile as she looked at Andy, his bubbly personality shone through has he talked about his piece. He talked of his hardships and coming out to his parents who took it bad at first. They made him wear dull coloured clothes to try and make him look ‘straight’ but Andy fought. He never gave up.

The colours that splattered onto his masterpiece were the colours of pride, the colours of his personality, of his heart.

Siena was on her feet the second it was over, the room resounded with cheers and claps. She pricked away her tears and felt so happy for him as he wiped away his own falling tears.

She took a deep breath as her name was called, it’s like everything slowed down as she walked to the top. Andy helped take her mannequin to the front, and Siena took a few minutes to rearrange.

She placed the big prints of her sketches on easels, silently thanking Alec for getting them printed for her. When she was ready she licked her lips and turned around to her audience.

Her dimples gleamed with her bright smile as she cleared her throat to start. She wore a beautiful sky blue dress for this presentation, her hair was curled and tucked neatly away into a side bun.

“Welcome to my world.” She smiled, earning smiles from a few in the audience.

“What I’m about to show you is a piece of my heart. A big one.” She chuckled.

“My...” She gulped as her eyes danced around and landed on Julia. Julia nodded at her to tell her everything was okay. Siena tried to calm her beating heart.

“My dream is to share with the world, my vision, my work, my passion. I haven’t always had things easy, but I guess no one does. Everyone is fighting a battle, no matter how wealthy or fortunate or powerful you are, we all have inner turmoil. We all suffer as much as we rejoice.” Her emerald eyes scanned her audience intensely.

“I have so much to give, so much to show and my words do me no justice.” She scoffed with a warm smile.

“From where I come from, I have always felt like burden. Like a problem, like an odd piece of a puzzle. - but... I’ve realised that we are so hell bent on fitting in that we don’t realise how amazing we can be if we just stand out. Own it.” Her smile lit up.

“I want to be someone and I will be someone, I will make a difference in this world. My name is Siena Romana and this is me.”

She gleefully slid the material away from her mannequin and everyone gasped in awe. It was a beautiful dress, a piece that faded from black to a deep emerald green, a stunning crushed velvet fabric.

The dress was tight and off the shoulder from the top, it wrapped around the mannequin like a bandage, with small thin rips in some places. As the dress trailed down, it began to flow beautifully. The bottom was free, open and full of ruffles. Glitter beads danced around the bottom edges as it trailed out behind the mannequin.

“From being trapped and feeling like nothing, to following my dreams and reaching for the stars. This, is my story.”

Siena’s determined eyes watched her audience take in her dress, admiring her vision.

The room was quiet for a second longer before palms clashed together, Andy began to whistle and Siena laughed mouthing the words thank you. She felt like a weight had been lifted, and her work was outstanding.

Julia was impressed, beyond impressed. Just as she thought she would be. Siena Romana was going to become a designer, a global sensation, there was no doubt about that. Her vision was was going to come to life. Under Julia’s wings, Siena was going to blossom.

Siena ran into Andy’s arms, both jumping up and down. They had all done well and Siena had learned so much in such a short space of time. - but for her, this was only the beginning.


“Congratulations Siena.” They cheered as four flute glasses clinked together. Asher, Sarah, Alec and Siena sat at the dining table.

“Thank you guys. It couldn’t have gone any better.” Siena grinned, her dimples glowing towards her friends.

“I’m just so thankful that I had the opportunity.” She turned her gaze to Asher who sat smiling beside Sarah. His arm draped over her shoulder. Siena mouthed ‘thank you’ with her hand on her heart. - but instantly earned a ‘what about me’ cough from Alec. Siena faced his dark eyes that held a hint of amusement.

“Thank you.” She smirked, even if she was basically thanking him for beating the crap out of Daniel, he did it for her. Without Alec, it was hard to know if Asher would have retrieved that envelope or not. Maybe he would have, but there was a good chance he wouldn’t have.

“You look beautiful tonight.” Asher purred, sipping on his champagne.

“Thank you.” Sarah winked. She leaned towards his ear and whispered. “I’m not wearing any underwear.”

Asher’s eyes widened for a second before he bit his lip. “Maybe we could skip desert.”

“Desert!” Siena sings, placing down everyone’s plates on the table.

“So Siena, what’s it like living with Alec?”

“Great.” Siena smiled, glancing over at Alec who is devouring his cherry pie. “He got some new security guard job, didn’t you baby?” Alec gave a slight nod whilst leaning back in his chair.

After talking for a little while longer, Asher and Sarah decided it was time to leave. Both hand in hand as they left the house.

“I’m so happy for them.” Siena smiled, leaning into Alec. His arm wrapped around her waist. “Siena about that job-.”

“Oh I almost forgot.” Siena beamed. “I made you something.” She jumped with excitement to retrieve her gift.

She met him back in the lounge with a shirt in her hand, it was navy blue with really intricate silver lines running through it. “I made it for you.” She smiled. Alec took it into his hands and held it up, his lips curving at the corners.

“It’s... I have no words.”

“You can wear it to work.”

Alec nodded, though he hadn’t told Siena what work really was. He had been trying to but with how busy she had been lately, it was difficult. - but it wasn't like he was going to tell her the full extent of what he actually does.

“Thank you tesoro, I love it.” He grinned, watching her dimples glow upon her cheeks.

“Come here.” He smiled, reaching out for her. Siena wrapped her arms around him and sighed. Alec wrapped his fingers under her chin and tilted her head to look up at him. “I love you Siena.”

“I love you Alec.” She whispered.


Asher opened his eyes, he was too exhausted to move his head as he lay in the hospital bed. His eyes darted to the side of the room where he saw Sarah, her smile alone gave him a warm feeling in his heart.

“Asher?” Angela croaked, her eyes red and puffy.

“Mom?” He dryly spoke, as he spotted her sitting next to him. “You’re safe baby.”

Asher furrowed his brows as he looked up at the ceiling. His body was still numb from surgery, he felt an empty feeling inside his stomach but that didn’t effect the full feeling of his heart as he turned back to Sarah who had grabbed his hand.

Sarah nodded as her tears ran down his arm. “They managed to remove it.” She whispered, she laughed as she brought his hand up to her face.

“Will you go away with me?” He asked, catching her by surprise.

“You’re not going anywhere, you’ve just had surgery.” Angela chimed in.

“When I’ve recovered, will you?” His eyes not leaving Sarah. “Just me and you.”

Sarah shook her head, maybe he was high on his medication. He was asking her to go away on vacation and there is no way she would ever decline the offer.

“Of course.” She kissed his hand.

“Good.” He sighed.

Millie, Jackson and Olivia sat with him for the rest of the evening. Talking about their good old days.

Siena and Alec had popped in and out, Siena made sure to bring him homemade soup and snacks that would be easy on his stomach.

“So you really have a thing for maids?” Olivia quipped as she watched Sarah sit by his side.

“No.” Asher smirked. “I have a thing for Sarah.”

“So if I dressed up as a maid, and spoke dirty to you. Would that do nothing for you?” Olivia smirked.

“Liv are you serious?” Millie shook her head.

“What!?” She shrugged. “I was just wondering.” She laughed.

“His girlfriend is right there. Quit being such a bitch.”

“I’m not being a bitch.” Olivia snapped. “I generally wanted to know.” Her eyes fell onto Alec.

“Looks like all the hot guys are taken.” She bit her lip as she eyed his muscular frame. “By maids.”

“Being a maid is a job, not a lifestyle.” Sarah snorted.

“I think I’m going to consider being a maid.” Olivia’s eyes fell to Siena who had just walked in, putting the last tray of cookies down by Asher.

“Way to meet rich men and get a free ride through life.”

Siena’s eyes snapped up to Olivia. “Free ride?”

“Olivia let’s go.” Jackson announced, trying to defuse the situation and get her out of there.

“You heard me.”

Siena scoffed before walking up to Olivia in slow and calculating steps. “It’s not my fault that you’re a boring bitch with no class.” She folded her hands against her chest.

“Don’t try to put us down because you’re so damn insecure. Asher chose Sarah, not because she’s a maid, not because she wants a free ride but because she’s amazing. A million times the woman you will ever be. - and that is why you will end up all alone Olivia.” Siena raised her brow as she turned to Alec briefly.

“- and the next time you ever make eyes at my man, I’ll kill you.”

Alec tried to hide his smirk as he leaned against the far wall. Millie sheepishly looked down as well.

Olivia scoffed, before shaking her head. “Whatever, I’m out of here. Bye Asher.” She swayed her hips as she walked over to him and kissed him slowly on the cheek before walking out out of the room.

Asher’s hospital room had quietened down, Sarah still sat by his side. Siena had fallen asleep in Alec’s arms as they sat on the comfortable armchair near the foot of the bed.

“I better take her home. I’m sure she’ll be back tomorrow with more food.” Alec smirked, looking down at Siena on his chest.

“She’s already made too much.” Asher smiled.

“Try telling her that.” Alec picked her up effortlessly, before leaving the room.

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