Dangerous Love

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Asher checked his phone for the fourth time today, he was getting restless. Kate was meant to call him hours ago, they were finally going to come to a final decision on their broken relationship and call it quits.

He had been through a lot this past month, one day he woke up happy and in love, only to wake up depressed and lonely the next day. He closed his eyes to the moment he found out.

“Who’s T-shirt is this Kate?

Kate scoffed all whilst looking everywhere but Asher’s eyes. “Yours baby. Whose else would it be?”

“This isn’t mine!”

“Baby. Let’s talk, you’re getting so worked up for no reason.”

“People are talking, I’ve not believed the stupid rumours but now I’m not so sure.”

“You think I would cheat on you? Really, after three years you don’t trust me?” Kate jumped as her phone began to ring, only to have it snatched out of her hand by Asher. He answered and put it to his ear.

“Baby I miss you. Are we meeting tonight?” The deep voice laced with lust made Asher feel sick.

His heart felt like it had been ripped in half. He threw the phone across the room and watched it scatter just as his heart did.

“That answers my question.” He spat through gritted teeth. How could Kate do this to him? He loved her, he gave her everything!

“No wait baby don’t go! It was a mistake!” Kate cried, running after Asher.

“Asher come back!”

“Everything okay Ash?” Daniel asked, pulling Asher from his torturous memories.

“Yeah, sorry I was lost in thought. What were you saying?”

Asher’s best friend gave him a concerned look before passing him some papers.

“I just needed you to approve the blueprint for our latest project.”

“Leave it with me.”

“So your mom was telling my mom that you’ve got yourself a cute maid.” Daniel smirked at his friend who was getting ready to leave the office.

“No wonder your in such a hurry to get home these days.”

“Be quiet Daniel!” Asher waved his friend away before exiting the building.


Fuck! Siena added too many chillies into the thai green curry. She could handle hot food but she wasn’t so sure about the man she lived with. It was too late now, she just had to wait and see what happens.

She heard the door rattle before bracing herself, she knew Asher was going to lay eyes on the box in the hallway. Maybe she could distract him.

“Sir! You’re back.” She blurted, running towards him and standing in front of the box.

“Yes. Hi Siena. Did you have a good day?” He spoke, his brow raised slightly at what she was obviously trying to hide.

“Si.” She grinned, her emerald eyes twinkled up at him as a loose strand of hair fell from her bun.

Asher looked down past her feet and stiffened at the sight of the box. He loudly sighed before ignoring it and walking into the lounge.

“Something smells good.” He admitted, his stomach rumbling.

“I hope you like Thai curry. I’m so sorry sir, but it might be a little spicy.” She warned, biting her bottom lip.

“Don’t worry. I like a little spice.” His words came out slow, his ocean orbs met her own. She felt hot all of a sudden.

Siena ran off to set up the table and soon Asher was sitting and enjoying his dinner. He watched his young maid huffing and puffing over a dirty pan.

“Do you need any help?” He asked, amused by her irritated demeanour. He was scared for that pan.

“Oh no. I got it. Grazie (Thank you).” She threw him her dimples before deciding to let the pan soak in hot water.

“Siena, why were you trying to hide that box earlier?” Asher asked, causing Siena to freeze in place.

“Uh... sorry I may have heard a rumour.” She admitted, her eyes fell down to the kitchen counter.

“Care to enlighten me?” Asher asked.

“That you were engaged sir.”

“Well you heard correctly.” He scoffed, standing up to pour himself a glass of whiskey. Siena caught what he was doing and immediately ran to stop him.

“Allow me sir.” She took the glass from his hand and poured him a rather large shot of whiskey.

Asher wanted to laugh at how inexperienced Siena was with pouring alcohol but he let her continue. After handing him a large neat glass of whiskey, she smiled looking proud of her work.

“Thank you.” His ocean eyes were boring into her. She wasted no time in going back to tidying up the kitchen.

Once Asher had finished his meal, he sat on the couch with his laptop by his side, he spread out the blueprints from earlier onto his coffee table.

Siena watched him study the blueprint before him, he looked so engrossed in what he was doing. She couldn’t help watch him at work, he wrote down many notes on his laptop whilst his full brows furrowed here and there.

“Coffee sir?”

“Sure why not. Thanks Siena.”

Siena smiled before making his coffee, she added a little whipped cream on top for good measure. It was Tia’s favourite, she chuckled to herself remembering their late night coffee chats about boys and sex.

Siena was so deep in thought whilst taking the coffee to Asher that she tripped on the laptop wire and the cup flew towards the table. She shrieked as it splashed all over Asher’s work.

“Oh no. Oh God!” She cried, before running towards the kitchen to pick up a cloth.

Asher stood up in shock, he didn’t want her to feel bad. He could arrange for many copies to come to him, there was no need to fret. His young maid was having none of it, she was dabbing the wet, stained papers with tears in her eyes.

“I'm so sorry.” She sniffled, looking down at the ruined papers.

“Siena, it was an accident. It’s okay!” Asher hesitated before patting her on the shoulder.

“No it’s not okay. I’m so s-.”

“Siena please. I can get more copies, I’ve already got an electronic copy look.” He tilted his laptop screen towards Siena showing the blueprint.

Siena’s bottom lip trembled, she used her apron to wipe her tears away. “Hey.” Asher chuckled before sighing. He wasn’t annoyed, he just felt guilty that Siena was so upset. He found her adorable right now, she was so different to any girl he had ever met.

After she was sure everything was clean, she let out a gentle sigh. “Goodnight sir.” Siena croaked before turning in for the night without waiting to hear for a reply.

Asher watched her hurry off into her room, he couldn’t help but smile at how she acted. She felt so bad over his papers. There’s no way he could ever be angry at her, she was only human after all.


Siena woke up in a bit of a hump the next morning. It was sunday, her day off, though she had been told that she would occasionally have to work on this day.

She looked at the few clothes she owned and settled on a simple burgundy T-shirt with a pair of jeans. After freshening up she made her way out of the bedroom.

To Siena’s surprise, Asher was already up. He was preparing something in the kitchen. She panicked. She should have woken up early and made breakfast for him. She watched him look around the kitchen cupboards, he wore a dark pair of sweatpants with a sky blue T-shirt, resembling his eyes.

“Just in time Siena. Please take a seat.” Asher emitted.

Siena looked on at him for a moment before glancing over to the dining table. Asher had set up a simple breakfast, two cups of coffee sat waiting on the table. Siena blushed.

“What are you doing?”

“Well, I’m trying to cheer you up after last night.” He threw her a grin.

“You really didn’t have to do this. It’s my job to do this.”

“It’s sunday though right? Sunday is your day off is it not?”

“Si. It is sir.” Siena sat at the dining table, she couldn’t hide the smile that stretched upon her face.

She picked up a piece of toast and began spreading some strawberry jam on top. “Thank you.” She whispered before taking a bite.

Asher joined her at the table, watching her indulge in her breakfast. He sipped on his coffee as he read the morning paper. They both sat in a comfortable silence for a while.

Siena noticed that the box in the hallway had been moved, it was nowhere to be seen. She wondered what Asher had done with it. She jumped at the sound of the telephone ringing and rushed over to pick it up.

“Hayden residence.”

“Where’s Asher?” A nasally voice poured through the line. She sounded desperate.

“I will just check for you, can I take your name?”

“Kate. Tell him it’s urgent!”

Siena grimaced at the woman’s name, she knew exactly who it was having seen the words ‘To Asher and Kate’ on the mystery box that arrived yesterday. Putting the phone down she found Asher in his study.

“Sir, there’s a Kate on the phone for you. She says it’s urgent.”

“Tell her I’m not home.” Asher spat through gritted teeth. His smile had dropped and his eyes had become darker.

Without hesitation, Siena picked up the phone again.

“Sorry Kate, you’ve just missed him. He’s out.”

“Fuck! Fine. Tell him I called.”

“Will do.”

“Wait!” There was a pause at the other end of the line. “Who is this?”

“Siena, I am the housemaid.”

“Maid? Why are you addressing me by my name then? I am ma’am to you. Understood?”

Siena rolled her eyes. Cagna! (Bitch). Who did this woman think she was? Siena felt smug that Asher didn’t want to talk to her. She seemed like a horrible piece of work.

“Of course. Sorry ma’am.” The phone cut straight after, Siena let out a deep breath and went to lay down in her room. She picked up her phone and dialled the number to the cottage, she really wanted to hear Tia’s voice.

“Yes?” Aunt Maria’s voice came through.

“Hello Zia, how are you? I wanted to speak to Tia.”

“I am well. Why do you want to speak to Tia?”

“Just want to see how she is.”

“She’s not home.” Siena furrowed her brows, she could clearly hear Tia in the background asking who was on the phone.

Why was aunt Maria keeping her from talking to her cousin? Siena cursed under her breath. Thankfully, Tia grabbed the phone from her mama.

“Siena! Oh my god. I miss you so much!” Tia’s voice brought tears to Siena’s eyes.

“Tia! I miss you so much. You would love it here. You must come and visit me here some time.”

“Oh I will definitely come and visit you sorella (sister).” Tia chuckled before aunt Maria could be heard protesting in the background.

“Just let me talk to her mama.” Tia demanded, but it seemed aunt Maria was having none of it. Siena heard Tia sigh through the line.

“I have to go Siena, you know... Mama.”

“It’s okay Tia. I just wanted to hear your voice. Love you.”

“Love you Siena. Bye.”

The phone went blank before Siena wiped away her fallen tears from her emerald eyes. She stood up to admire the view from her large window.

Siena decided to knock on Asher’s study door to ask if he needed anything, but she found him dressed smartly ready to leave the front door.

“Don’t wait up Siena. I won’t be home until very late, make sure you eat.” He smiled before slipping into a long black coat.

“Oh Siena, I completely forgot to mention that my dry cleaning needs picking up today. Any time before 4. Just call this number from the house phone and the driver will come and pick you up.” He slicked his hair behind his ear and shut the front door behind him.

Siena wasted no time in ringing the number on the card before her, she waited for an answer. After the fourth ring, she heard his deep voice.

“Tesoro? (sweetheart).” A deep voice answered.

“I have a name!” Siena hissed. She heard him chuckle at the other end.

“What can I do for you?”

“I need a lift to the city, if you are busy I can hail a cab. It’s no problem.”

“Busy. For you? Never my tesoro.”

“Stop calling me that!” She heard another chuckle. She felt irritated that this man found amusement in annoying her.

“Give me ten minutes baby.”

“You know what, on second thought leave it. I will go by myself. Thank you!” She slammed the phone down.

Siena slipped into her boots and coat, before heading out of the front door.

“Hey Tony.”

“Hello Miss Romana. I’ve been told to stall you.” He admitted nervously.

“Stall me? Out of my way please. I am not waiting for that idiot.”

Tony moved out of the way without hesitation and watched Siena huff her way out of the automatic doors.

Siena grimaced when she saw a black mercedes pull up outside the building. The window rolled down revealing Alec’s extremely handsome face. She forgot how hot he was, but remembered how annoying he was. She rolled her eyes at him before walking past his car.

“C’mon baby. I’m sorry.” He yelled from behind her.

“Argh.” Siena groaned, trying to hail down a cab. It wasn't long before a cab stopped in front of her. Alec blocked her hand from opening the car door.

“Out of my way Alec!” She tried to move him out of the way but it was like trying to move a telephone box. Alec grinned at her before turning to the cab driver. He seemed to know him, engaging in a conversation about the cabbie's wife and kids.

Siena looked down at her watch, she needed to collect Asher’s dry cleaning before 4. It was 3.10.

“Alec fine! Argh, just drive me.” Siena snapped, before trodding along to his parked car.

Alec skipped ahead of her and opened the door for her to sit in, Siena ignored the passenger door he held open and slid into the back seat.

His sharp silver eyes caught her own through the front mirror, he smiled, shaking his head to himself. Siena bit her lip hoping that the dry cleaners wouldn’t be busy.

Alec wondered about his friend’s young cousin. She was not what he expected at all, he reminded himself to ask Diego about her. Why was she working?

When Alec let Diego know of this job, he didn’t think a young single girl would fill the position. It didn’t sit well with him, but he was happy to keep an eye on this little pocket rocket. He stared at her through the car mirror as her eyes darted around the city streets. Her lips parting as though she had never been anywhere like this.

It wasn’t long before Alec parked up outside the dry cleaners.

“Thank you Alec.” Siena stood out of the car, she nervously fidgeted with her bag before turning back to Alec.

“Fear not baby. I’m waiting right here.” He winked, turning up the stereo in his car and bopping to the music.

Siena shook her head with amusement before walking into the store. After collecting a huge pile of dry cleaning, Alec jumped out and helped her place it into the boot.

“Are you hungry?” Alec asked, buckling his seatbelt.

“No.” Siena answered, but her smile was telling him the opposite.

“I know a place.”

Alec’s car speakerphone began to ring. “Tony you handsome fuck.” Alec yelled, Siena held her hands to her ears. This idiot was so loud, she regretted sitting in the front seat now.

“Is Siena with you?” Tony asked.

“Yes why?”

“Mr Hayden rang here for her, he said he will be coming home for dinner after all.”

“That’s fine Tony. I am coming home now.” Siena interrupted, glancing up at Alec’s frown.

“So what do you talk about with Asher?” Alec asked after hanging up, his voice held a serious tone. She found it strange coming from him.

Siena rolled her eyes. “None of your business.”

“Actually it is my business. I owe it to your cousin to keep an eye on you and make sure that you are okay.”

“Well that doesn’t mean spy on me!”

“I can spy on you and I will!”

“Go to hell Alec!”

“So stubborn for a little girl, hey tesoro?”

“Alec, seriously I’ve never wanted to strangle someone as much as I want to strangle you right now.”

“So you like it rough baby?” Alec grinned, parking the car outside the apartment.

“Argh!” Siena growled, slamming the car door closed.

“I’ll see you soon baby.” Siena heard Alec chuckle. This man completely irritated her. She was definitely going to tell Diego about his behaviour tonight.

She was thankful to be going home to a man who actually had manners, unlike stupido Alec.


Siena watched the linguine dancing around in the steaming bubbling water, she turned off the cooker and drained the pasta in the large sink. She quickly tasted her homemade sauce with her finger. Mmm!

She heard the door rattle before fixing her eager emerald eyes on Asher. He looked so handsome in that black long coat, she could hardly keep her eyes away.

“Good evening Sir.”

“Evening Siena. Sorry, my plans sort of got cancelled. Hope that’s okay?”

“Si. That’s fine. Dinner will be ready in a minute.” Siena smiled, watching Asher shrug out of his coat.

“Did you manage to pick up my dry cleaning okay?”

Siena paused, her face began to heat and she turned bright red. Fuck!

“Yes sir.” She plated Asher’s food before asking to be excused. She ran towards the lobby to find Tony.

“Tony can you please call-.”

“Over there.” Tony interrupted, pointing towards the desk.

Siena’s eyes fell onto the pile of dry cleaning neatly placed behind the desk with a note on top.

Piccolo tesoro testardo (Stubborn little sweetheart)

Siena couldn't help roll her eyes at the note as she picked up the pile of dry cleaning. She gave Tony a slight nod before making her way back up the elevator with a smile on her face.

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