Dangerous Love

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Siena had finished putting away the last dish before she retreated to her bedroom. She stared out of her large window, taking in the breathtaking view.

Stripping out of her clothes she freshened up and threw on her pyjamas before jumping into her cosy, fluffy bed. She wondered why Asher had come home early when he was supposed to be out till late.


The next morning after breakfast, Asher said his goodbyes and left for work. Siena began to dust around the apartment. She was interrupted by the sound of the house phone.

“Hayden residence.”

“Siena? It’s Angela speaking.”

“Oh hello Angela. How are you?”

“Very well thank you. How have you settled in?”

“I’ve settled in just great.”

“Good, the reason I’ve called is because I need to borrow you for today. I have a tea party later and one of my maids has called in sick.”


“Yes. Tony will give you the address, it’s not far.”

After Siena put down the phone she felt a little nervous. She had been a waitress before so she was good with people, but not for upper class people.

Siena had even been a bartender before but was horrendous at the job, she was fired after just one day. She wanted to chuckle at the memory.

She slipped into her coat and decided to wear some comfortable flat shoes. Her hair was already tied back into a ponytail. She applied a little gloss to her full lips and made her way to the lobby.

“Miss Romana.”

“Hey Tony, don’t you ever get a day off?” Siena teased walking past him towards the entrance.

“No days off I’m afraid. Here’s the address you need.” She took the piece of paper from him before stepping out into the cold. The chill was more than she could take, her thin coat was no match for the icy air. Siena shuddered before hailing a cab.


Within ten minutes the car pulled up outside a large townhouse, surrounded by acres of land. She breathed in the fresh air around her, gawking at the view.

The townhouse was beautiful, with blue shutters and huge flower baskets hanging next to each window. There was a porch that went around the huge house.

Before Siena could knock, the door opened rather abruptly.

“The new maid I see. Come!” An older rounder woman gestured for her to follow.

Siena glanced at the spotless floorboards beneath her before admiring the many lavish paintings around the walls. She smiled when she spotted a photo of young Asher, she could tell it was him standing between his mum and dad.

They stopped in a large kitchen where four other maids stood in a line.

“Join them please.” The older lady demanded, who Siena could only assume was the head maid. Siena smiled awkwardly, standing beside a girl who looked a little older than herself.

“Today your job is to serve Mrs Hayden’s guests. You must act prim and proper. Remember you are handling hot beverages, so must be ever so careful when walking around. Do I make myself clear Sarah?”

The girl next to Siena shifted uncomfortably. “Yes madam. So sorry about last time.”

“Hmm.” The older maid narrowed her eyes at the redhead.

“You. New maid, what’s your name?”

“Siena, madam.” Siena gulped, the older maid scared her. She had quite an overpowering energy.

“So you’re Mr Hayden’s housemaid.” She raised her brow at Siena, whilst all the other girls shot their eyes towards her.

“Yes madam.”

“Well today is going to be different to your normal duties. Do you all understand what you have to do?” Siena didn’t like the way the older maid enunciated the word ‘normal’.

“Yes madam.” All the maids replied before scattering around the large kitchen.

“Hi, I’m Sarah!” Sarah beamed, almost knocking into Siena.

“Siena.” Siena smiled, throwing Sarah her dimples.

Sarah was tall and slender, she had sharp features with fiery red hair which was placed into a low bun.

The maids held a tray each, some were filled with sandwiches, others with quiches and many more hors d’oeuvres. They were to take these out first before coming back and then serving the trays holding deserts. Everything looked so mouthwatering, Siena’s stomach rumbled.

Sarah put her hands out to pick up a delicate china teapot. It had intricate cobalt details painted onto it.

“Stop right there Sarah!” The older maid yelled, Sarah almost knocked the teapot over as she spun around.

“You should know better by now Sarah, swap with Siena please.”

Siena passed Sarah her tray of sandwiches, and in return had to pick up the teapot. She took a deep breath and kept her hands as steady as she could.

Siena followed the maids out of the kitchen. They all gracefully scattered around the dining area where an extremely long table sat in the middle of the room, holding at least twenty guests.

Siena’s twinkling eyes danced around the large room, falling on each and every well groomed lady sitting up as straight as the chair’s themselves. She spotted Angela straight away who caught her eye.

Angela smiled at the young maid who she had hired for her son. She was surprised that she hadn’t heard a peep out of her son yet about the matter, especially after how much he protested against needing a maid.

“Is that Asher’s maid?” Angela’s best friend and neighbour Natalie asked with curious eyes as she stared at the green eyed beauty.

“Yes. That’s her.” Angela replied, earning a raised brow from Natalie.

“What?” Angela asked, facing her friend.

Careful Angela, these young girls don’t waste a second pouncing on rich men. Let alone Asher who is young and vulnerable, it’s only been a month since Kate.”

“Shush Natalie, I know what I’m doing. She seems like a sensible girl.”

“Well she looks like she belongs in one of those dirty adult magazines to me.”


“It’s true. Look at her cleavage in that uniform. It’s like she wants to be noticed. Must I remind you why my ex husband is my ex husband?”

“Natalie for goodness sake.”

Angela and Natalie stopped talking as soon as Siena stood beside them with a heartwarming smile, she offered to pour tea in their empty teacups. Siena admired the china cups that matched the teapot she was holding.

“Thank you Siena.”

“Yes thank you darling.” Natalie screeched. Siena stiffened at her voice, she knew it didn’t sound sincere. After nodding politely, she moved on.

“You’re telling me that your son isn’t going to pine over this girl living under his roof?” Natalie continued, taking a sip of her tea.

“Oh good heavens Natalie even if he is, what’s the harm? It will help him get over the vulture that broke his heart.” Angela lowered herself in her chair, looking rather sheepish.

“No way! Surely you didn’t hire this girl to seduce your son to get over Kate. What’s wrong with you?” Natalie scowled at her friend, glancing around her and making sure no one was listening.

“Of course I didn’t. I just don’t want him suffering all by himself in that house!” Angela snapped.

“He doesn’t have to be alone. Didn’t you tell him to consider dating Olivia?”

“No offence Natalie but he isn’t going to date your daughter. They’ve grown up together, he sees her more as a sister.”

“That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. She certainly doesn’t see him as a brother!” Natalie flipped her blonde hair before her eyes shot up to Sarah inching towards her.

“Oh no! That stupid redhead is coming over. She ruined my Versace pantsuit last time.”

Angela sighed at her friend’s whining, throwing Sarah a smile whilst her friend stared daggers at the redhead.


Siena was exhausted, she lost count of how many times the maids had gone back forth from the kitchen to the dining area.

“That’s it for today.” The older maid announced. “You may help yourself to any of the leftovers once this kitchen is spotless.”

The maids wasted no time in cleaning the kitchen and then picking up the plastic plates provided and piling food onto them.

Siena picked a bit of everything and went to stand next to Sarah who was trying to wipe a big stain of chocolate sauce from her uniform.

“Hey, and I thought I was clumsy.” Siena chuckled. “Here let me help you, do you have any baking soda around here?”

“In that cupboard.” Sarah pointed in front of her.

After making a little paste with the powder, Siena began to rub it onto the stain on Sarah’s chest.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome! So do you live here?” Siena asked curiously.

“Oh God no. I work here part time, I’m studying down at the city university. The Hayden's pay really well, so this is a perfect job for me on the side.” Siena nodded with amazement, everything Sarah just said was music to her ears. Oh how she would love to work part time whilst taking a textiles course.

“So... what’s it like working for Asher? The last time I saw him I literally tripped up on his shoe.”

Siena burst into laughter. “Well if it makes you feel any better I spilt coffee all over his paperwork the other night.” Sarah’s eyes widened and she started to laugh.

“We should totally hang out on your day off. What are you doing this Sunday?”

“Nothing.” Siena excitedly replied.

“How about lunch in the city, I know some great places that are dirt cheap!”

“That sounds awesome.” Siena was so happy she finally made a friend to hang out with.

A sound of someone clearing their voice interrupted the enthusiastic girls. Siena looked up to find Asher standing by the kitchen door, awkwardly fidgeting.

He looked like a fish out of water. His ash golden hair was smoothed back behind his ears, he straightened out his long raven coat.

“Hey, Siena I had to come and collect something. Just wanted to ask if you’d like a lift back home?”

Siena blushed as she felt all eyes on her. God knows what all these other maids were thinking right now.

“Si. I mean yes. Thank you. Give me a minute to collect my things.” Asher smiled. “I’ll be in the car.”

“Here’s my number.” Sarah passed Siena a napkin with her number written on top. “Thanks. Bye.”

Siena eyed up the sophisticated McLaren parked outside. It had an all black matte body, she thought it looked like the bat-mobile. She opened the door and sat inside, relishing in the comfort of the leather seat.

“Hey.” Asher smiled.

“Hey.” Siena met his ocean eyes, his hair looked golden in the setting sun.

They were startled by a knock at Asher’s window, he rolled it down to find a dark haired girl with raven hair.

“Hey stranger.” Her voice was laced with a seductive undertone. Siena wanted to roll her eyes.

“Hi Liv. We were just leaving.” Asher announced, trying to sound polite.

Olivia’s dark eyes pierced into Siena’s who immediately faced the other way. Fuck!

“Is that...” Olivia paused. “Is that your maid?” She sniggered.

Asher didn’t answer. “Actually yes I am. Is there a problem with that?” Siena snapped.

“Woah. So much attitude for a servant. You’re clearly spoiling her Asher.” Olivia spoke, her eyes fixed on Siena the whole time.

Asher started the car. “I’ll see you around Liv.”


After a silent car journey home, Siena waved at Tony as they past him to get into the elevator. Siena couldn’t help feel the heat from the close proximity between her and Asher, she could smell his cologne as though she was wearing it herself.

“What can I make you for dinner?” Siena asked as they walked through the front door.

“I already ate, did you?” Siena nodded at Asher’s question. She was so full, the food had been a delight. It almost made her exhaustion feel worth it.

“Well, goodnight sir.”

“Siena you don’t have to call me that.” He spoke, stopping her in her tracks.


Sir. A little formal don’t you think?” Asher stepped closer to Siena.

“I... have to.”

“Why?” Asher stood still before her, towering over her.

“You know why.” She whispered. “Goodnight.” She said before running towards her room and shutting her door. She let out a deep breath whilst she felt her heart racing.


Why the fuck did he have to say that? Asher threw his coat against the wall. Stupid man. He knew he made her feel uncomfortable and that wasn’t his intention, he may have just got a little carried away. Maybe he could go and apologise, or wait until morning.

Asher changed into his sweatpants and poured himself a strong whiskey, he didn’t know what was wrong with him. Daniel had set him up on yet another date yesterday and Asher cancelled last minute. He couldn’t do it, he wasn’t ready to open himself up again.

Something about Siena enticed him, or it may be the fact that he hadn’t been with a woman since Kate.

He knocked back the shot of whiskey and poured himself another. He didn’t want to think about Kate or his broken heart, he didn’t want to think about the sexy maid living under his roof. After drinking away his worries, Asher fell asleep on the couch.

He woke up at 5.00am, still lying on the couch except he had a blanket covering his body. He groaned at his slight headache and glanced up towards the kitchen, he could see Siena in her element. The delicious scent of pancakes lingered in the air, making his stomach roar to life.

He stretched his arms high and smiled at Siena who smiled back at him. He instantly felt better about last night. She didn’t hold anything against him, it was stupid. It wasn’t like he was going to do anything.

After freshening up, he helped himself to the stack of pancakes piled up on the dining table.

Asher licked his lips with approval. He heard a sweet chuckle from Siena whilst she approached the table. “and everyone thinks you’re the one spoiling me.” She teased.

“You’re right. Perhaps Liv should see who’s spoiling who!” Asher nodded, smiling at Siena as she joined him at the table.


Asher parked up in his usual spot outside his place of work. Daniel greeted him at the entrance.

“Have all the preparations been made for the meeting?” Asher asked, his face stoic and serious.

“Yep. We’re ready for you.”

After a lengthy meeting with Asher’s team, he had a lot of new details to overlook for a new building site. He was excited to get started on this.

“You need to chill out Ash.” Daniel insisted, watching his friend hard at work already.

“Seriously let’s go out, we gotta do something. We need to get you laid.” Daniel threw Asher a toothy grin.

“No. Thank you.” Asher responded, spreading out the large papers on his desk. Asher was not in the mood to go out to bars and clubs. He didn’t see the point of having meaningless sex with random girls.

“Well why don’t we do something at yours. Invite the gang? C’mon man it’s been too long. You can’t let Kate ruin everything.”

Asher looked at his best friend, maybe a night in with friends wouldn’t hurt. “Well, we could have a few beers and watch the game at mine on Friday night?”

“Sounds awesome. I’m there. I’ll call everyone.”

“Yeah, well let them know it'll be a quiet one. Nothing crazy.” Asher demanded.

“You got it.”

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