Dangerous Love

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Siena was thankful that things weren’t awkward anymore with Asher, she had thought long and hard about what happened and came to the conclusion that he was just being polite.

Of course he had to understand that Siena couldn’t call him by his name, she was his maid not his roommate.

She took a deep breath before setting up the dining table, Asher was due home any minute.

Since meeting Sarah, Siena wanted to know more about her. She wanted to ask what Sarah was studying and what it was like at the city university. Siena was definitely going to visit there at some point.


Siena gasped before spinning around to meet Asher. “Sir! I didn’t see you there.”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Asher smirked, placing his briefcase on the ground next to the couch.

“How was your day?” He asked.

“It was... fine.” Siena responded, her mind seemed to be somewhere else.

“Something on your mind?”

“Oh no Sir, just... Niente, I mean nothing.” She blurted, before pointing towards the table for Asher to sit down.

“Doesn’t sound like nothing. I’m a good listener.”

Siena bit her lip, watching Asher tuck into his food. She was pleased that he enjoyed everything she had cooked so far. Either he was really good at pretending or he actually loved everything.


“Sir, it’s nothing. Just something to do with studying that’s all.”

“There’s nothing stopping you from studying Siena.”

Siena scoffed at Asher’s words, how could he be so clueless. Clearly he wasn’t aware of how the other side of the world worked, he was too stuck in his own bubble to realise.

“Actually sir, everything is stopping me. There’s my familia, money problems, my new work. The list is endless!” Siena could feel her cheeks heat with irritation.

Asher picked up on Siena’s aggravation, he didn’t realise that he was treading on thin ice.

He could certainly ask his many contacts to look into things, it wouldn’t be hard to get Siena onto the course she wanted.

He wanted to help her, but didn’t want to make any promises right now. He knew it was time to change the subject.

“Siena I wanted to mention that on Friday night I’m having some friends over. You’re more than welcome to join as a friend. Not as a maid.”

“Sir. You know I can’t do that, but I’m more than happy to serve your guests.”

“Thanks Siena. It shouldn’t be a lot of people. Just some old college friends.”

“That should be nice. What would you like me to cook?”

“Nothing. We’ll order pizza.”


Siena slipped out of her clothes, letting her hair fall loosely around her smooth, bare body. The steamy water from the shower splashed against her tired frame, she closed her eyes as she lathered herself.

She still couldn’t believe that she was experiencing these heights of comfort, to be stood under water so hot and powerful.

She really was in another world, but Siena knew that she would give this all up in a heartbeat for just a chance to grab hold of her dream. The sad lump in her throat began to form and she tried to choke back the tears but let them fall in silence.

She wrapped a warm, fluffy towel around her soaked body and walked into the bedroom. She furrowed her brows at the sound of something vibrating before realising that it was her phone. Snatching it from the nightstand she put it to her ear.


“Tesoro, you shouldn’t stand so close to the window.”

“Wha... how... who gave you my number!?” She snapped, looking out of the window to spot a black Mercedes parked outside the building. Idiota!

“I’ve always had your number baby girl.”

“What do you want Alec?”

“Why are you so grumpy?” Alec chuckled. His deep voice was aggravating.

“I’m not grumpy.” Siena sniffled, still trying to recover from her little breakdown.

“Alec.” She sighed. “I’m really not in the mood for games. What do you want?”

“You’ve had a bad day tesoro. Come with me. I’ll cheer you up.”

“Alec it’s ten at night. Hardly the time to go anywhere.”

“Live a little principessa (princess). C’mon I’m waiting.”

“But-“ Siena heard the phone cut before looking out of the window again. She saw the headlights flash twice and couldn’t help the smirk that met her lips.

She felt excited to find out where Alec would take her. Sure he annoyed the hell out of her but something about him made her feel safe.

She threw on a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt before walking out of her door. As she walked past the kitchen she bumped into Asher who caught her before she fell back.

“Are you okay sir? She asked, trying to ignore that his hands were still around her waist. Asher sighed before letting go of her.

“Siena. If you’re not busy I could really do with one of your coffees.” He breathed, rubbing his hand behind his neck.

“Of course! Sit down and I’ll make you some.”

Siena prepared the coffee before pulling out her phone.

Siena: Going to have to take a rain check. Got caught up with something.

She pressed the send button without hesitation.

After making Asher’s coffee, Siena walked over to him carefully and placed it on a marble round coaster.

“Here you are sir.”

“Thank you Siena.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” She asked, looking down at Asher’s stress filled expression.

“No, it’s just the usual shit. Ex fiancé trying to get into my head.” He paused, looking down at his phone.

“You know, I still don’t even know the name of the arsehole she slept with.” He scoffed, biting his lip.

Siena’s heart went out to him, that stupid bitch had really hurt him. She walked over to the couch and sat next to Asher. He turned towards her, his ocean eyes boring into her making her shift in place.

“Were you going somewhere?” Asher’s husky voice asked lowly.

“Oh... no.” She nodded. Asher’s lips curved into a small smirk.

“Do you... have a boyfriend Siena?” He questioned, taking her by surprise as his lips formed a thin line.

Siena wanted to laugh at his question. She was single of course but wondered why he was asking.

“No. I don’t.” She wanted to chuckle and tell him that she’s never had sex either but maybe that was a tad inappropriate.

“That’s so hard for me to believe. Men must throw themselves at you.” Asher admitted, taking a sip of his coffee. Siena felt her cheeks heat, he was being so nice. Were all men this nice?

Asher stared at the green eyed beauty before him, he felt hypnotised by her gaze. Even in the simple clothes she was wearing her beauty shined through. Her eyes twinkled up at him, he leaned in a little closer.

“Thank you sir.”

“I really wish you didn’t have to call me that.” Asher whispered.

“Well if that was the case I wouldn’t be your housemaid and I probably wouldn’t have this job and we’d probably never ever cross paths.” Siena snorted. He just couldn’t give up the whole ‘sir’ thing. There were hard boundaries in place that she knew should never be crossed.

“Anyway, goodnight sir. I hope you feel better soon.” She stood up and smiled at Asher who nodded at her.

Siena closed her bedroom door behind her, she was worried that things were going to start getting awkward between her and her employer. The last thing she wanted was to lose her job.

She looked out of the window to see that Alec’s car was no longer there, she felt a little guilty. Slipping out of her clothes she jumped into bed in her underwear, stretching out her tired body beneath the sheets.

She checked the unopened message on her phone.

Alec: Sweet dreams tesoro.

Siena began to type a reply.

Siena: Sorry

Siena’s eyes drifted slightly before her phone started to vibrate.


“Oh you will be sorry tesoro.”

“I got caught up with my boss.”

“At this time of night?”

“I know how it sounds, he just wanted coffee. No big deal.” She heard Alec sigh at the other end.

“It’s my job Alec.”

“I know.” He paused, his intense voice sent a flutter of butterflies through her.

“So how are you gonna make it up to me?” Alec’s voice became low.

Siena scoffed through the line, Alec couldn’t get enough of annoying her.

“I don’t have to make it up to you!”

“Oh yeah? You’ve bailed on me twice now”

“Well, how do you suggest I make it up to you?” Siena’s voice came out way more seductive than she meant it to. Something about Alec was so alluring, she couldn’t deny he was crazy hot.

Alec stayed quiet for a moment longer, Siena could hear him breathing at the other end. “Let me taste your beautiful lips."

“Alec!” Siena warned, she didn’t hear his usual chuckle after messing with her. Her heart skipped a beat and she bit her bottom lip. Waiting, nervous, excited.

“Will you ever stop messing with me?”

“Who said I’m messing with you?”

“I’m sure Diego will be interested to know that his best friend is the biggest flirt.”

“I’m sure Diego will be interested to know that his cousin is fucking gorgeous.”

Siena scoffed. “Well I’m sure that Diego will be interested to know that his best friend is a pervertito (pervert).” She chuckled.

“Pervertito? He snorted. “You’ve seen nothing yet baby.”

“Good night Alec!” Siena snapped, with a hint of a smile on her face.

“Sweet dreams.” Alec breathed, igniting a fire within Siena. Alec was driving her crazy but she didn’t know if she wanted to kill him or kiss him.


Friday morning had come by quite quickly, Siena’s week had pretty much been the same everyday. She had just waved Asher off before switching on the vacuum. The apartment was spotless, she wanted to roll her eyes at how she had to maintain it daily.

She was excited and a little nervous about the little get together tonight, so she made sure the house was extra clean. Siena planned on serving Asher’s friends some drinks and snacks before retreating to her room for the night. It was best she stayed out of the way.

Siena hadn’t heard from Alec since their last phone conversation. He didn’t call again after and she had way too much pride to call him, even if she wanted to. She knew not to pay too much attention to his flirting, it was harmless. Alec seemed like the type of man to flirt with anything in a skirt.

After Siena organised Asher’s mail, she made herself a cheese sandwich and sat and watched some TV. Bored! It wasn’t hard to see that Siena was growing restless, especially during the day. She would much rather be putting her time into doing something useful. Studying. She sighed out loud into the empty room.

She wondered how Tia was getting on at college, she had tried to call her a few times but aunt Maria would always answer and she never let her talk to her cousin.

Siena had texted Sarah a couple of times and they had put a definite plan in place to meet on Sunday. They were going to have lunch at a cafe and visit the city university, the very thought made Siena grin to herself. She hummed around the house, making sure everything was nice and neat.

Siena double checked that all the beers were in the cooler before going to change. Asher had told her not to wear her uniform and although she protested against it, she eventually decided to wear casual clothes.

After a shower, Siena blew out her hair and slipped into a simple T-shirt with a pair of blue jeans. She applied a little gloss before looking at the time. The guests would be arriving in less than an hour.

She heard a rattle at the door. Asher walked in and shrugged out of his coat. He flicked his hair back as he made eye contact with Siena.

“Woah. Your hair looks nice like that.” Siena heated at his words.

Asher rushed into his room to shower, he couldn’t help think about his young maid. She was so attractive, her curves were beautiful. Her hair fell to her small waist, making her emerald eyes pop.

Siena had the coffee table set up with snacks galore, she admired her handy work picking at one of the chips in the bowl and dipping it into some guacamole. Yum!

Asher made himself comfortable on the couch after switching on some music on his ipod dock. He had worn a grey T-shirt with dark jeans.

The doorbell rang and Siena took a deep breath, why was she so nervous? Serve and go to my room she told herself.

She opened the door to find a man standing before her, tall, muscly with platinum blonde hair. He grinned at her. “You must be Asher’s new maid, I’m Daniel.”

Siena felt her nerves leave her as she shook Daniel’s hand. “Siena.” She smiled.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” He purred, admiring her sweet dimples.

Daniel put down the pack of beers he brought with him on the kitchen counter and went to join Asher on the couch. His eyes fixed onto the green eyed beauty standing in the kitchen.

“You are one lucky bastard.” He admitted to Asher, still eyeing the young maid.

“Stop looking at her, you’ll make her feel uncomfortable!” Asher snapped.

“How the fuck you get any sleep with her in the room next door is beyond me.” Daniel shook his head. “I think I need to get myself a maid.”

“Seriously. Stop looking at her!”

“Why? So you can keep looking at her?” Asher opened his mouth to speak but closed it quickly. He couldn’t say much, he was looking at her the whole time too.

The door went off again and Siena wasted no time in running to open it. She was greeted by a girl named Millie and another guy named Jackson. They walked in smiling, holding a bottle of wine.

“Asher.” Millie sung, embracing him. He hugged her back as though he hadn’t seen her in a very long time.

“I’ve missed you Mil.” He messed up her hair as a joke. “Hey.” She chuckled before sighing. “I’m so sorry about-."

“We’re not discussing she who mustn’t be named tonight!” Daniel quipped from the couch.

The door rang again, and to Siena’s surprise and horror Olivia strode in with another dark haired man.

“Maid.” She hissed, throwing her coat at Siena who almost fell over.

Siena spent the first half of the evening offering drinks and pouring them in. She refilled the bowls with snacks.

“Hey. Siena is it? Come and join us!” Millie yelled from the lounge area. Where the friends all sat, laughed and teased each other.

“Oh no it’s really okay.”

“C’mon Siena.” Daniel stood up and waved her over.

Siena sat on the couch and picked at some chips nervously.

“Why is the maid sitting with us?” Olivia sneered, coming back from the bathroom.

“I have a name. It’s Siena.” Siena snapped, staring daggers at Olivia.


“So Siena.” Daniel purred, parking himself extremely close to her. “Tell me about yourself.”

“There’s really not much to say.” Siena scoffed. “I’m working here right now to help my family and I hope to study after.”

“What do you wish to study?” Millie asked, genuinely curious.


“What does a maid know about fashion?” Olivia snorted.

“Liv, she probably knows way more than you.” Asher intervened.

“Excuse me I need to order the pizza.” Siena stood from the couch and made her way back to the kitchen. She let out a sigh, girls like Olivia needed a good slap. She checked the order list that she wrote earlier on a piece of paper and dialled the pizza place.

After ordering, she retreated to her room. Not long now. Hopefully once the guests finished eating she just had to clear up after them and they would leave.

Siena sat on her bed and looked at her ancient cell phone before dialling a number and putting it to her ear.

“Hello.” A voice answered.


“Siena? Is everything okay?”

“Si... si. I just wanted to see how you were.”

“Oh I’m very well sorella! (Sister!) I’m so sorry I haven’t been in touch. Brianna and I have been so busy. She wants you over for dinner soon.”

“Oh I’d love that! Tell Brianna I can’t wait.”

“How is your work going?”

“Yeah it’s going well fratello (brother). Some days are a little slow.”

“and Mr Hayden is okay?”

“Yeah he’s really nice.”

“Good. Well I will keep in touch and send you the details of when to come for dinner.”

“Okay Diego. Take care.”

“Ciao Siena.”

Siena hung up and hovered on a name in her contact list, she wanted to ring the number so bad but decided against it. Alec is bad news!

The sound of the door interrupted her thoughts before she rushed out to go and answer it. Jackson had beaten her to it with the help of Daniel they placed the many pizza boxes in the kitchen.

Asher was busy in the lounge. Siena pulled out the plates and organised some glasses with many juices in case anyone wanted some.

“So fashion huh?” Daniel asked. Siena stiffened but smiled as she noticed him staring at her.


“You know there are a lot of scholarship programmes at the city university.”

Siena’s eyes lit up at Daniel’s words, he smirked knowing he had her full attention.

“My dad is good friends with the dean. I could-."

“What are you saying?” Siena beamed, her eyes almost watering.

“Well I’m saying we can put in a good word for you. Do me a favour Siena, meet me for dinner tomorrow night and we can discuss this a little better.” He glanced around at his friends in the lounge.

“I... I don’t know.”

“C’mon. Fancy restaurant, dinners on me!”

Siena chuckled she couldn’t contain her excitement. “I have nothing to wear to a fancy restaurant.”

Daniel smirked deeper before all the friends bounced into the kitchen, lunging towards the pizza boxes.

“Here are some plates.” Siena announced, still smiling from the conversation.

“Help yourself to pizza Siena.” Asher insisted, throwing her a lopsided smile.

He had noticed Daniel talking to his maid and waited for himself and his friend to be out of earshot.

“What are you up to Daniel?”

“Wha... nothing! I’m helping her. You know my dad knows the dean of city university.”

“Yeah.” Asher smiled, that’s who he would have gone through to help her in the first place.

“One phone call, I can get her in.”

“Why would you do that Daniel?”

“She’s a sweet girl.” Daniel shrugged, diving into his pizza.


The guests were beginning to leave. Siena had finished clearing up and was on the way to her bedroom before Daniel tugged her arm.

“So nothing to wear you say?”

Siena couldn’t help smile at his question. “No, I’ve never been to a fancy restaurant.”

“Leave it to me. So you agree to join me?” He asked, slipping into his coat.

“I’ll have to check with Asher, but I don’t see any reason not to. I’m so thankful that you’re trying to help me.”

“Come, walk me out.” Daniel demanded.

Siena stood by Daniel in the elevator, she could feel him staring at her through the reflection of the door.

As they walked through the lobby, two sharp silver eyes met hers, scowling at her, watching her every move as she walked towards the entrance with Daniel.

Alec had been chilling out with Tony, he had his feet up on the desk. As soon as he saw Siena with Daniel he stiffened and sat up straight.

Siena ignored his intense gaze and put her focus onto Daniel.

“So tomorrow then.” She stated.

“Yes. I’ll pick you up at eight.” Daniel leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. His hand softly stroked her arm, before walking away.

Siena squealed inside, she couldn’t believe that someone was going to help her follow her dreams. She couldn’t help but smile and skip back along the lobby.

“Not so fast!” Hard arms grabbed her waist, pulling her back.

“Get off me Alec.”

“What the fuck were you doing with Daniel Leaver?”

“None of your fucking business!”

Alec growled before pushing Siena towards the wall, his face mere inches from her own.

“Siena!” He roared. Siena’s eyes widened, her breath hitched as she peered into Alec’s mesmerising eyes. She had never heard him call her by her real name before. It sounded amazing coming from him, even though he was absolutely fuming right now.

“Alec relax! He’s taking me to dinner tomorrow to discuss a place for me at the city university.”

“You’re not going.” He replied, deadpan.

“You can’t stop me.”

Alec slammed his hands either side of Siena, his face showing nothing but anger.

“I said. You’re not. Going.” His low voice was intimidating.

“Fuck you.” Siena spat.

“Daniel Leaver doesn’t want to help you, he wants to fuck you. Open your eyes tesoro!”

Siena broke out of Alec’s hold, her hand reached out and she slapped him across the face.

“It’s seems everyone wants to fuck me isn’t that right Alec?”

Alec rolled his eyes, sure he flirted with Siena but he would never force her into bed. Something Daniel Leaver had a reputation for. Siena huffed before walking away.

“Don’t ruin this for me Alec.” She croaked. Alec’s face softened. He sighed as she walked away from him, he hit his head against the wall.

Ragazza ciottona! (Stubborn girl!)

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