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The One Who Found Her

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Andy Thomas thought there was nothing left in his life he didn't even want to live, he thought there was nothing to fight to stay alive until he found Selena Diaz who was kidnapped from her cabin in Carpathia, where she shared with her roommate and best friend Carla who was out with her co-workers partying. Selena was kidnapped from her bed by her brother's ruthless friend Samuel who wanted Selena ever since she was in 9th grade. Now she is 24 years old athlete, she got away from him and ran into the woods where a legendary Rougarou and half Carpathian Andy Thomas found her lying down in the bed of flowers crying because of what happened, but Andy was in his wolf form when he approaches her, he is happy because he finally found his life mate.

Romance / Action
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Selena never thought it would happen to her, but it did her brother best friend Samuel had kidnapped her in the middle of the night when she was fast asleep after the big volleyball tournament that she and her team had ever played since they won the game, what she didn’t realize was that her brother best friend was there watching them play and beating the competition with all their might and they won with Selena amazing reflexes they won the game. But here is how it all started and how Selena and her lifemate found each other and fell in love with one another.

It all started when Selena was 15 years old and she was in 9th grade when she joined the girl’s volleyball team the Canaries fighter for William fighter high, what they didn’t know was that they have gotten a very great player in their mist when Selena started playing the first game she blocked every chance the competition tries to get the ball on the other end, but instead she block the ball or use her super reflexes to get the ball on the competition side. One that first game her brother best friend Samuel Jones watched with fascination that he started to become obsessed with Selena that he can’t get her out of his mind at all so he needs to come up with a plan to always be near her every single day until she graduates from high school, but Selena doesn’t understand that her life will never be the same again.

3 years have past and Selena was playing the last volleyball game but this is different this is the championship game and they are on their last quarter of the game and time was running out so the competition serves a really mean and high serve they thought nobody can reach that high but they are wrong Selena made the jump and slammed her hand really hard on the ball sending it flying back to the other team side, they couldn’t hit the ball so the ball touch the ground, that made the girl’s Canaries fighter won the championship. There were sponsors there who wanted Selena on the scholarship so she picked the one that is at Carpathia because that was her dream to go to that college, when she excepted that college the other sponsors went to her other teammates “what a special day like today” Selena thought in her head. When she was looking around she saw her brother Max best friend Samuel standing there watching her and only her, she noticed that throughout four years of high school that he came to watch her play but he mainly been staring in a creepy way even he is always at the house so she always finds an excuse to leave the house when he was about to show up, she thanks god about having friends who notice the same thing that Selena is seeing.

When her friends showed up they notice Samuel immediately that they surround Selena making sure that she is out of his eyesight.

“OK, now he is getting more and more creeps every time,” Susan said.

" Yeah I know he also goes to my house all the time, when my brother tells me that Samuel is on his way I come up with excuses to get out of the house, that’s how I’ve been hanging out with you guys all the time when you ask me if I want to join use at the mall or where ever,” Selena said.

" That would explain why you always agree so fast and why you are always out of breath when you show up,” Mandy said. All the others shook their head yeah at the same time.

" Well, I don’t blame her, like come on he is stalking her every chance he can get. Well, you can’t blame her since she is super hot and all, with all that long and wavy Sapphire-Black hair and sky blue eyes that will change any color, depends on her mood or what she wears.” Rosey said. The others agree.

" But what does it have to do with anything about him stalking me, but I also get the feeling that he is obsessed with me, it really is scary all the time you know,” Selena said to her friends and they all agree with it.

" So what college did you chose?” asked Alexis.

" The same college I told you I will be going to.” She said.

" To Carpathia college huh, well at least it’s far away from the obsess freak,” Delilah said.

" OK, you guys let’s go before I snap at him,” Selena said.

" Yeah let’s go he’s giving me the willy’s,” Martha said, and they left.

A couple of weeks later it was graduation and Selena was at the top of all her classes, she was an honors student with a 7.10 GPA their ever was, after she made her speech and everything the graduation ceremony ended and her parents is throwing her graduation and a farewell party because the next day she leaves for Carpathia to start her own life when the party ended her friends slept over to hang out with Selena one last time.

" So how is it gonna be to be free from that stalker who by the way is staying here as we speak,” Nevada said.

" I can’t do anything about it you guys he is Max’s best friend so I can’t do anything about it.” She said. They all agree and came up with a plan to protect Selena until she is on the plane to Carpathia.

The next morning they ate their breakfast and then they started loading Selena things into the car because pretty much all of her stuff was already shipped off to her new place which she bought a cabin that is a walking distance from her school and when she wants to go for a run or her daily walks she got the forest when they got to the airport her flight was called and she hugged her friends and family, and she rushed to the airstrip and got on the plane and waited to take off. When she got to Carpathia and then to her cabin she decided to unpack and then go shopping for food and she put her food away, when she got done putting the food away she went to the college to sign in and get her schedule for the marking period and this is how Selena life started.

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