The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 9

Selena and her family waited for their reaction and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!! They were yelling and her friend’s husbands were cursing left and right and making threats, but with all the yelling and cursing the children came running out of their playroom to see what’s going on when the kids saw how their parents looked they ran to there aunt Selena scared and she didn’t like it when her niece’s and nephews are shaking like a leaf because they are scared of their parents.

“OKAY! THAT’S ENOUGH!” Selena yelled, they all turned to her and seen their kids next to her and Andy shaking like a leaf.

“Oh kids we are so you guys had to see us like that, we are angry on your aunty’s behalf that’s all,” Delilah said, the kids slowly calmed down and ran to their parent’s embrace knowing that everything will be alright.

“Until you guys are cooled down and the kids stop being scared because of their parents yelling and cursing so both I and Andy will be taking a walk in the woods so we can spend time together without you guys stalking us, and it will give us time to talk so we can get to know each other,” Selena said, without anyone saying anything she got up from Andy’s lap, and then turn around so Andy can get up after that Selena grabbed his hand and left the house. What they didn’t know was that Samuel was in his car across the street from her house and he is gripping his steering wheel tight with anger all he can think about making her pay to be with someone else ” I’m going to fuck her so bad just to make her regret ever thinking about being with someone else knowing I will claim her as mine.” Samuel whispered to himself. Just by thinking about it, he got a hard-on so he took his “10” inch cock out and started to stroke himself, when he started to see in his mind how he would rape her really rough and hard just to hear her cry out in pain, that only got him harder and making him stroke himself harder, faster and rougher that he came with a loud cry of Selena’s name on his mouth.

Selena and Andy went out for a walk in the woods holding each other’s hands walking side by side of each other, they started asking each other their favorites food, color, and everything that they came up with.

“So I got to ask this because it’s been bugging me since last night that we met. How are you a werewolf/ Carpathian and are there any more of you that I should know about?” Selena asked.

“Well I was born this way, my father was a werewolf and my mom was a Carpathian, they were mortal enemy until they realized that they are soul mates so they mated and I happened to be, and no there isn’t any more I’m the last of my kind from both sides of my family they went extinct.” Andy said, Selena looked at him with a sad look on her face and without thinking she yanked him into a hug and said, ” well at least you both me and my family now.” Andy looked down at her with a smile on his face and hugged her back, she looked up at him with a smile on her face then all of a sudden Andy bend down and kissed Selena with everything that he is feeling, and with passion, he licked her lips asking for entrance she opened her mouth and he slipped his tongue into her mouth just so he can deepen their kiss while their tongue fought for dominance in which Andy won. They kissed until they pulled apart so they can get some air in their lounges, then Andy went for her neck started kissing her and licking her neck before he started nipping at her sensitive side of her neck that Selena started to whimper and moan in pleasure in which he pressed himself to her that she felt his huge bulge in his pants that he lifted her and started to rub his bulge to her pelvic. Andy was rubbing himself fast and leaning against her hard while rubbing himself her that they didn’t know that her mom was standing there until she said ” you know I don’t need to see free porn, and everyone is calmed down now so it’s safe to come back to the house.” They jumped and looked at Lora knowing their moment had ended and Lora was bursting out laughing because of their look since they got caught making out, also that they got so into it that they didn’t even hear her walking up to them.

“Well, I can say you both love each other very much because if you guys didn’t I would all you both a liar since I just witness you both almost stripping each other clothes off while eating each other face,” Lora said while laughing.

“Well, we were getting to know each other and one thing led to another so yeah,” Andy said while he slowly put Selena down back to her feet and held onto her until she can get her balance,

“Well I see you find this predicament funny,” Selena said grossly because she is embarrassed that they got caught by her mom and for the matter of fact that she is a horny ass fuck that she wants to cure her mom out for disturbing them when it was just getting really good.

“Love I can smell your arousal it’s getting stronger by the minute and it smells very good but you have to calm down before I fuck you IN front of your mom right here and right now,” Andy whispered to her.

“I can’t help it I’m really horny and it’s your fault, and I don’t know how to calm my arousal down,” Selena whispered back.

“Think about something else or take a deep breath in and breath out slowly while we are walking back to the house okay,” Andy said.

“Okay, and mom stops laughing as you lost your marble’s,” Selena said, they started walking back to the house.

When they got back to the house the kids attacked their aunt Selena into a huge hug and Lora was still laughing her ass off when they got back to the house.

“Dear, what is so funny?” Ralph asked his wife.

“Yeah, mom because it looks like you had lost your marble’s,” Max said.

“I...C... Caught... S... Selena .. And....A... Andy... Making ….Out... The... Look... On... Their..... Faces... When... I... Spoke..... Out... Saying something..... About... Free... Porn..... HAHAHAHAH.” Lora said while laughing her ass off, that’s when everyone started bursting out laughing while both Selena and Andy blushed so bad that she hid her face in Andy’s muscled covered chest.

“Okay, everyone now that you got your laugh both me and Andy is going to take the kids out back to play while you guys can get lunch ready, come on Andy let’s take the children out back to play. How about those kids?” Selena said and asked the kids.

“Okay love, ” Andy said and kissed her on the lips.

" YAYYYYY, AND EWWWWW NO KISSING AUNTY!!!!!” The kids yelled, Selena burst out laughing at their antics so did Andy and they took the kids out back while holding hands, if anyone looked at them they look like a happily married couple with a bunch of happy children playing.

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