The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 10

Samuel drove back to the motel that he has been staying at so he can think of a plan on what to do because his previous plan that he came up with went down the fucking drain. While he was driving to his motel room he spotted a girl who is hitchhiking to get to the next continent, that’s when he had a plan that would help him practice what he wanted to do to Selena.

“Hey, pretty lady what are you doing out here all alone?” He asked.

“I’m running away from my abusive cheating boyfriend and I’m trying to get home to my family in the next town over.” Kit said.

“Well, I can give you a ride to your folks if that’s alright with you,” Samuel said while in his head he is hashing out a plan to make her his project until he mastered the skills he wants to practice on her and making her change her name to Selena.

“Really that would be great, I really appreciate it.” Kit said, while she tossed her things into his car and hopped in.

“Sure thing little one let us get you home to your folks shall we.” He said and off they went, but what he didn’t notice was that he had Selena’s roommate/ best friend in the care who is posing as a serial rapist for her undercover job in the car, and the town over isn’t for another hundred miles away.

“Hey, do you mind if we can stop at my motel room so I can grab my things and check out of there?” Samuel asked.

" Yeah, no problem.” Kit said.

“Okay thanks,” Samuel said, and he continues driving, when they got to his motel room he got out of his car went into his room packed everything that he brought with him, then he went to the receptionist desk and checked out once he was done he hopped back into his car and started driving off.

Carla was smerking because her plan is in action, and she is playing Samuel like a fiddle. When she got a call from her boss telling her the situation that is going on at Selena’s childhood home town she asked if there was anything she can do, her boss said if they have someone finding him and keep tabs on him it will be great.

When Carla told her boss that he has been in their house while Selena went for a walk in the woods and she also told him the plan she came up with that has her going undercover since they never met before so it will be a great opportunity to get him away from Selena for a while and to keep an eye on him.

“All set?” Kit (Carla) asked while she watches every move he makes.

“Yup let’s hit the road,” Samuel said and started driving.

“How long do you think it will take for us to get there?” asked Kit (Carla).

“Two days probably unless your folks moved without you knowing about it then it will take another two days back,” Samuel said.

“Okay, thanks for telling me,” Kit said.

“You’re welcome mam,” Samuel said.

Two days later

They had gotten to the house she told him about and what do you know the house looks like it hasn’t been lived in for some time now. They got out of the car and started to look around the building.

When they have gotten to the door she knocked but there was no answer so Samuel decided to turn the door nob and it opened. They went inside the house and looked around the place, what Carla didn’t know is that Samuel is forming a plan in his head while looking through the banded house. He was thinking of fixing the place before his plan can even work, but what he doesn’t know is that Kit (Carla) is going to fowl his plans big time because while he is looking around with an evil smile on his face she can tell that he came up with a plan for her best friend/ roommate and this house.

“Well it looks like you were right they did leave without telling me this time,” Kit said to Samuel breaking him from his thoughts that are running through his head.

“Yeah, it’s going to be another two days back to the other town,” Samuel said while looking at the house with an evil glint in his eyes.

They left the place got back into the car and started driving back to the previous town that they were at, to begin with.

“I wonder where they went that they didn’t tell me,” Kit said.

“Who knows it was messed up what they did to you in the first place,” Samuel said.

“Do you think I can stay by your side so my crazy ex doesn’t try anything?” Kit asked although to Carla she was about to get sick to her stomach for just saying that.

“Yeah sure I will keep your crazy ex away from you, that you can count on,” Samuel said.

“Okay thank you,” Kit said although she is now getting nauseous just by saying it and hearing him act all prince charming and everything.

“Your welcome,” was all he said before concentrating on getting back to town so he can watch Selena from a distance until he can get his plan into action.

“So another two days huh, why don’t we stop somewhere to get something to eat and I can also put gas into your car since you did bring me here for me to see my family who left without saying anything,” Kit said while both of their stomach growled in hunger.

“Yeah that would be great thank you,” Samuel said before he pulled into a resteraunt that also had a gas stop next to it. After they hate and put gas in the car they were back on the road again.

Another two days later they where back in town, what he saw next pissed him off real bad and Carla saw the look on his face so she looked out the window and there they where Selena and Andy together holding hands surrounded by her friends and their family and her family as well.

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