The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 12

The next morning Andy opened his eye’s slowly feeling something hot and warm moving up and down his thick shaft, when he opened his eye’s Andy looked down and found Selena giving him one hell of a wake-up call, all Andy could do was gasp and moan as his life depends on it, but for Andy, it felt like he died and gone to heaven. Andy was about to release his semen into Selena’s mouth when they were interrupted by her god-children when they heard their bedroom door open slowly that’s when Selena’s warm mouth left his thick hard shaft and she climbed up next to Andy and covered both their naked body real fast before the door opened wider to reveal her god-children.

AUNTY!!!” The children shouted happily before they ran into the bedroom and started to climb on the bed, all Selena can think about was “Oh dear” while Andy can think was ” Oh shit” they were panicking, but they started to calm down because it looks like the children didn’t notice since they were busy talking on top of each other.

“So where are your parents?” Selena asked nervously.

“Still sleeping.” Delilah’s daughter said Amy said with her soft voice.

“Okay, how about you kid’s going to your playroom so both Andy and I can get ready for the day,” Selena told the children.

“OKAY!!!” The children shouted happily before they got off of the bed and ran to the playroom.

“I’m sorry Andy, I didn’t know this would happen.” Selena apologized, but Andy wasn’t having it since there was nothing for her to apologize about.

“It’s okay, there is nothing for you to apologize to me about, you didn’t know they would wake up early.” Andy told Selena while he pulled her into a hug until he had to whisper into her ear “I’m still hard as fuck.” Selena pushed Andy while laughing, then she decided to climb on top of him than she slammed herself onto his thick shaft, and then she started to ride him slowly at first to get used to his length, and then Selena began to move faster and slammed herself down hard which made him gasp and groan loudly, then he slammed his hips up hard, they started to move in unison. Five minutes later they came together, Selena fell on him, they played they’re catching their breath.

“Are you still hard now?” Selena asked him.

“Hell no, I’m spent,” Andy said.

“Good now let’s get up to take a shower so we can make breakfast, the children must be hungry by now,” Selena told Andy.

They both got off the bed and walked into the bathroom to take a shower, when they got out of the shower Selena and Andy got dressed for the day. Selena and Andy walked out of the bedroom and went into the kitchen, Selena pulled out eggs, bacon, and sausage while Andy mixed three different pancake batter which is chocolate chip, blueberry, and strawberry pancakes.

While Selena and Andy were making breakfast Selena’s friends and their husbands, her parents and her brother woke up from their slumber by the smell of food.

" Well good morning everyone,” Selena said while she continues cooking breakfast.

" Good morning sweetheart. How was your night?” Lora said.

“It was really good,” Selena said. When breakfast was done Andy left the kitchen to get the children.

“So... How was it?” Rosey asked.

“Your girl’s really want to know?” Selena asked.

“YES!!!” Her friends exclaimed loudly.

“Okay, chill. All I’m gonna say for my first time we went at it for four hours straight before we went to bed,” Selena said while laughing at the looks her friends gave her.

“And don’t forget love their children almost caught us while you were giving me one hell of a wake-up call,” Andy said.

“Wait, WHAT!!!” Her friends yelled.

“Yeah, your kids decided to open my bedroom door slowly while I was giving Andy head,” Selena said while scratching the back of her neck.

Her friend’s husbands were laughing at their wives until they stopped when they found out what their children did.

“Children how many times we told you to knock on the door before opening it,” Dominic said.

“All the time,” The children said.

“So why didn’t you do that for aunty Selena and uncle Andy?” Ren asked.

“We forgot,” The children said.

“That is no excuse, you kids are grounded,” Dante said.

“That means no playroom and no outside to play. Do I make myself clear,” Andrew said.

“Now say your to uncle Andy and aunt Selena,” James said.

“Sorry aunt Selena and uncle Andy,” The children said together with their heads down.

“It’s okay sweethearts, but you can’t do that ever again,” Selena said while Andy just nods his head.

“Well since that’s done and over with let’s eat,” Mandy said, they all sat at the table and gather food to eat until Max asked about Carla.

“What about Carla?” Selena asked her brother.

“Well you talked about her, and now that we are here she isn’t,” Max said.

“You just want to know what she looks like. And for your information brother, she had to go out of town for a meeting thank you very much.” Selena said. When breakfast is done everyone pitches in to help clean up the mess.

“So what’s on the agenda for today?” Billy asked.

“I have no clue what’s so ever,” Lora said.

“How about you guys get ready so both Andy and I can show you around Carpathia,” Selena said.

“What would a great idea love it would be easy for them to get around if they are bord out of their minds,” Andy said.

Everyone has gotten ready to go out for the day. Selena and Andy watched their faces in amazement at how beautiful Carpathia is and how nice the people are to everyone.

“Well, no wonder you like living sweetheart it is beautiful here and everyone is nice to one another even us visiting people,” Ralph said.

“Yes, but if I hadn’t stayed I wouldn’t have met Andy and I also would be living in a nightmare right about now,” Selena said. That got everyone quiet for the rest of the trip around Carpathia while Andy is holding Selena close to him and explaining what everything is that they pointed to.

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