The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 13

Samuel decided both he and kit who is actually Carla to go back to town. When they got to town Samuel saw Selena with her friends and family but what really pissed him off is that she was holding hands with a man that wasn’t him.

Samuel got them both separate rooms and he took off to Selena’s home. Samuel picked the locks and went into her home when Samuel went into her bedroom he went through her dirty laundry and found men’s clothes.

“So, she found somebody else did she, well I’m going to make her regret it. I just have to buy my time,” Samuel said to himself.

Samuel walked around the house until he found a picture of Selena in a bikini at the beach. Samuel decided to leave her a nice present, so he took his eight-inch cock out and masturbated himself until he finally relieved himself all over Selena’s picture. After he was done Samuel put the picture back where it was and he put himself back into his pants and left to go back to his hotel room laughing.

A few hours later Selena, her friends and their family, and her family came home, when they got to the house Andy smelled that person who tried to kidnap Selena when Andy growled loudly.

“Andy, what’s wrong?” Selena asked him concerned.

“That person was here while we were in town,” Andy said with a growl.

“Wait you are telling me Samuel was here,” Max said.

“Yes, his stench is everywhere its a lot stronger inside the house,” Andy said.

“I’ll say because I stinkly remember I locked this door,” Selena said while turning the handle of her house door and it opened easily.

“That son of...” Ralph about to say until Selena and her friends yelled “LANGUAGE!!!” because of the children.

They entered the house, Selena’s friends and their husbands sent the children to the playroom until they check everything out. Selena and Andy went into their bedroom Andy can smell Samuel’s stench all over their room, but what really pissed Andy off was Samuel’s stench was mainly at their dirty laundry basket where both his and Selena’s dirty clothes were in. Andy was about to say something but they heard Selena’s mom Lora scream and they heard both Ralph and Max cursing left and right loudly that it had Selena and Andy running out of their bedroom fast.

“Mom, what happened?” Selena asked while running to her mom.

“Look at the picture when you were at the beach with your roommate Carla and she took a picture of you in a bikini,” Lora said. Selena looked at the picture sure enough there was something on the picture. Andy took a deep breath to calm down but what he smelled made him growl so loud that the house shook, Selena saw that he was about to go wolf so Selena told her family and friends to stay there and she also told her parent’s to get ahold of the detective that is looking for Samuel.

While her parents called the detective who is looking for Samuel, Selena dragged Andy outside and all the way to their favorite place. When they got to their favorite place Andy transformed into his wolf Demon after he was done transforming he went up to Selena ready to be petted.

“Well for being so angry that you almost transform in front of my family and friends that now you are calm and act like a pet dog instead of a big bad wolf who is angry that his mate is in danger,” Selena said with a laugh in her voice, Demon growled viciously and start pacing back and forth in front of Selena. While he was doing that Selena decided to call Carla from her cell phone, after a couple of rings she picked up.

“Hello,” Carla said.

“Hey Carla it’s Selena how are you,” Selena said.

“I’m doing good. how are you?” Carla asked since she can hear growling through the phone.

“Aunasly not good,” Selena said with a scared voice while she watches Demon walking back and forth growling.

“Why? What happened? Carla asked.

“You remember Samuel the guy I told you about right?” Selena asked.

“Yes, What did that creeper do?” Carla asked.

“Well, four nights ago Samuel broke into our house and kidnapped me while I was sleeping, but I was able to get away. Samuel chased after me into the woods, but a wolf helped me get far away from him it turned out the wolf is actually a human that can turn into a wolf,” Selena said.

“Okay, continue,” Carla said while she sat up straight from her motel bed while pretending to be Kit so she can protect Selena.

“The wolf's name is Demon but the man that can turn into a wolf his name is Andy Thomas we talked and everything, it turned out I’m his life mate. We went back to the house to see if Samuel was gone that was after I asked him to move in, he showed me where he had lived and started helping him pack so now he lives with us now,” Selena told Carla.

“Okay, what else,” Carla said relaxed now knowing it was Andy who protected Selena and since she already knew about his big secret.

“Well not only my friends and their family here but so are my parents and Max who asked about you by the way,” Selena told her.

“Oh, really your brother asked about me? But continue let’s not change the subject,” Carla said.

“Well I’m not a virgin anymore, but that is another talk when you come home. When we all went out today Samuel broke into the house, he was in mine and Andy’s bedroom and he didn’t like that so while Andy was growling because of it. Andy gotten a bit louder when he caught Samuel sent near the laundry basket and then my mom screamed so we ran, she told us what happened,” Selena said.

“What happened?” Carla asked while she sat their stiff.

“It turned out Samuel jerked off on the picture of me that you took when we were at the beach that one summer,” Selena said.

“HE DID WHAT!!! I AM GONNA KILL HIM!!!!” Carla yelled angrily into the phone.

“Samuel jerked off on the picture you took of me while we were at the beach that one summer ago and he came all over it, and it sent Andy to growl really loud and angry that the house shook and he was about to shift in front of my friends and family so right now we are at our special spot and Andy is in his wolf form walking back and forth,” Selena said.

“So it’s Andy I am hearing through the phone then,” Carla said.

“Yes, it is,” Selena said.

“Selena, I have to tell you something,” Carla said making up her mind and tell Selena everything about her plan.

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