The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 14

When Selena heard Carla say that she had to tell her something she felt like she stopped breathing and her world turn into axes.

“What is it?” Selena asked shakenly.

“I knew Samuel broke into the house the first night because I saw him going through your luggage that had your sexy lacey black thong in, well he sniffed it. The reason I knew is that I snuck into the house to surprise you but I saw him instead so I snuck into my room, it seemed he heard my footsteps because he hid in the hall closet, so I went into my room thinking about what to do so I can protect you,” Carla said.

Selena stood there frozen with fear and she shivered with discussion because that is the thing she had on right now.

" OH MY GOD!!!!” Selena yelled so loud it had Demon jump in fright.

“What?” Carla asked concerned.

“I have that thong on right now,” Selena said.

OH MY GOD! When you guys get home throw that away,” Carla said.

“Oh, I will. The question did you know he was going to kidnap me that night?” Selena asked while Demon (Andy) looked at her with concern in his eyes. Selena saw this and patted him on the head as saying that it’s alright.

“Answer to your question is no I didn’t if I did I wouldn’t have left to get my plan into action in which every scenario involves you to get Samuel out of the picture for good,” Carla said.

“Okay, how about you come home real quick so he wouldn’t notice you are gone and explain this plan to me and my family and friends,” Selena said.

“Okay, I will do it when he falls asleep,” Carla said.

" Okay, see you tonight and be safe,” Selena said.

“I will,” Carla said before they hanged up.

After they hanged up Carla sighed thinking what a mess she has gotten herself into, but to her, it’s all going to be worth it in the end.

“Well might as well go for a walk before Samuel decided he needs to have a heart-to-heart chat which makes me nauseous about it,” Carla said to herself.

When Carla opened her motel room she saw Samuel in a very pissed-off mood walking to his motel room, she decided to sneak back into her room and call her boss to update him on the undercover job and her plan as well. Carla took her cell phone out and called her boss, after a few rings her boss detective Richardson who is helping the chief picks up.

“Hello,” Richardson said in a tired voice.

“Boss it’s me,” Carla said.

“So how’s it going?” Richardson asked.

“Good and not so good at the same time,” Carla said her boss sat up from his bed slowly so he doesn’t wake up his wife.

“Why what’s going on over there?” Richardson asked.

“Do you remember how I asked you if I can start to use my vacation days that one summer since all I had ever do was work,” Carla said.

“Yeah, I remember what does that get to do with what’s going on over there?” Richardson asked.

“Well, you remember that one picture I developed when I got back and you asked me about the girl that is the only one in the picture,” Carla said.

“Yeah I remember it’s the picture of your friend and roommate the undefeated volleyball champion Selena Diaz, what does that get to do with all this,” Richardson said with concern in his voice.

“Well, when we got back to town today and he saw her holding hands with my college friend Andy who grew up here in Carpathia. Well, he didn’t take it very well so he got us a motel room that he stayed in before and he just took off, it turned out he went back to the house that Selena and I own and that one picture with Selena in a bikini at the beach, let’s just say he masturbated and came all over the picture before he put it back onto the stand where I put all my pictures.” Carla said.

“Damn, I’m getting my next flight out there so I can get that picture and bag it as evidence,” Richardson said while getting up real quick to get dressed and pack.

“You do know her brother Max is there right,” Carla said.

“Yeah they called earlier and I did tell Max to bag it for evidence but I’m also going to help you with this as well,” Richardson said.

“Poss as his accomplice?” Carla said.

“Exactly as that and after I get off the phone with you I’m gonna call the chief and explain everything, although knowing him he will want the whole team out there to make it work,” Richardson said.

“Well if that’s the case we need to talk to Selena and her family and friends. especially her high school friends because her friend’s husbands became overprotective of her and so is her boyfriend Andy who I went to college with,” Carla said.

“Okay I will be leaving now two to one I will be there with the crew,” Richardson said.

“Roger that boss see you guys soon,” Carla said with gratefulness in her voice.

“No problem,” Richardson said before he hanged up.

After Richardson hanged up he called the chief and explain what’s been going on, the chief was okay with this idea because it more evidence they will have on Samuel to put him away for life, and as both he and Carla predicted the crew is going with him since it’s now an undercover job.

When Carla got off the phone with Richardson she took a deep breath knowing it’s going to be a very long night to sit there and explain everything to them and what she is most excited about is finally to meet Selena’s most talked-about brother Max. Carla laid back down on her bed and fell asleep since it’s going to be a long night for them and it’s going to be one hell of an undercover job she has ever done in her life, but she is going to enjoy bringing down the guy who is trying to harm her friend.

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